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Pictured above: Lai Xiaomin committed the equivalent of US$100 million in financial crimes. His face was blown off with bullet in the back of the head. How many Western private, military and public crooks deserve the same treatment? You’d need a supercomputer to count them all.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff








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Hello everybody, this is Jeff J. Brown, China Rising Radio Sinoland, and the founder of Seek Truth from Facts Foundation.

After seeing the West pile on Russia for their supposedly fake election, the presidential election, which Putin won in a landslide, just thinking of how putrid and disgusting Western corruption is, the United States is an embarrassment to anybody who is a citizen, including me.

It’s a disgusting sewer.  then Europe is a cesspool. All the European countries are just revolting in their corruption.

then you have Transparency International Index, which supposedly ranks countries by how clean they are, how corrupt they are. Of course, they list all of the European, Western countries up at the top, they put countries like China down at the bottom. It is like inverting reality on its head.

I have been writing a long time about corruption in the West, I am leaving a link in this article so that you can see where I have written a number of articles about it.

I have also reported about China going after corrupt leaders, corrupt party members, corrupt businesspeople, et cetera, left and right.

I began collecting headlines recently in the South China Morning Post about how, especially since Xi Jinping was elected president in 2013, how the Chinese are absolutely destroying corruption at all levels.

Corruption is a problem in every society, including China, especially in the West. Mao Zedong had six or seven campaigns against corruption. They all failed. One of the big reasons that the people demanded the Cultural Revolution was to get rid of all of the corruption at every level, which it did, because by the end of the Cultural Revolution, there was no corruption left in China. Not to mention the 85% of the people who were peasants finally got an education after 5,000 years.

But anyway, it’s been a big problem.  it continued to be a problem after Mao, under Deng, under Jiang, under Hu. Deng, Jiang, Hu tried to control corruption, but it was not consistent, not long-lasting enough.

Now Xi Jinping has promised the people of his country, China, that he will keep the pedal to the metal on cleaning up corruption for the betterment of the people.

So, I’m just going to read you these 30 headlines, it’s just unbelievable. Can you imagine this happening in the United States or in Europe? No, I can’t either. Or in Canada, Australia, New Zeal? No, I can’t. So here we go.

1.China’s top corruption watchdog puts belt and road projects, rural strategy in the cross hairs

  • CCDI to deepen campaign targeting ‘unhealthy practices and corruption’ in rural revitalisation and seek better integrity in belt and road projects
  • In this year’s work report, graft buster also says it will focus on political security and improve supervision of the regions and across departments

Comments: the CCDI is the corruption investigation department, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection


2. China’s corruption watchdog zeroes in on cadres’ fake business investments

  • CCDI says it is taking aim at officials who take bribes in the guise of dividends from private equity stakes
  • It cites the case of a former China Development Bank official jailed last year for taking millions in illicit payments


3. China’s war on corruption doubles punishment for bribery as tough new rules take effect

  • Revisions to criminal law increase prison terms to 10 years for private sector representatives found guilty of offering bribes
  • Repeat offenders face life in prison, as authorities move to clearly define bribery violations


4. Former Chinese defence minister Li Shangfu removed from Central Military Commission as downfall gathers pace

  • Li was abruptly dismissed last year for reasons that have not been made public and his name has now been removed from the members of the top command body
  • Last year also saw a number of senior PLA generals being removed from their positions, including the leadership of the Rocket Force


Comments: this is like removing the Secretary of Defense in the United States. How many generals in NATO have been fired recently for corruption? None.

5. China’s former foreign minister Qin Gang resigns from legislature after long absence from public view

  • Statement from NPC Standing Committee meeting says Qin was not dismissed or expelled and his resignation had been accepted by the Tianjin People’s Congress
  • Announcement comes on the same day that former defence minister Li Shangfu’s removal from top command body is confirmed


Comments: Qin Gang had a love baby in Washington when he was the Chinese ambassador to the United States. I wrote an article about this. He had a love baby with a famous Hong Kong television reporter. That’s why he was removed from being foreign minister.

That’s like removing Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State in the United States for having an affair. So, you see if that ever happens.

6. ‘Voice of China’ echoes Xi Jinping’s ‘self-revolution’ call to double down against corruption

  • China Media Group chief says the state broadcaster will spread Xi’s message about the crackdown to audiences at home and abroad
  • It will also strengthen the training and management of ‘key positions and key personnel’


Comments: this just goes to show you that corruption cannot be done from only high levels. All the people need to be involved, all the people need to be reporting any problems that they find at work, in their neighborhoods, etc.

7. More than 340 in corruption net as China’s top prosecutors double down on tackling financial crime

  • Number of people charged with corruption or dereliction of duty last year rose nearly 35 per cent from 2022, Supreme People’s Procuratorate says
  • Prosecutors working to prevent and defuse economic and financial risks to support long-term growth of the economy, according to article on SPP website


Comments: can you imagine the countries in the West going after any bank anywhere? The Chinese have gone after the banks like hunting dogs. Even though the banks are public, even though they’re people owned, they are still going after them in attack mode. SPP is the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. That’s a hard word to pronounce!

8. China revamps discipline inspection rules to ensure Xi Jinping’s instructions are carried out

  • Under revised regulations, the ‘fundamental task’ for anti-corruption investigators is to safeguard Xi’s ‘core status’, authority and leadership
  • The Communist Party wants to make sure cases in which local governments ignore the Chinese leader’s directives ‘do not happen again’, analyst says


Comments: the people have given Xi Jinping a mandate to crush corruption and fraud at every level, private, public, military, he is doing it, he is not stopping. Of course, the people love Xi Jinping. They are glad that he extended into a third term.

He is like Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon Bonaparte during the French revolution or Charles de Gaulle during the World War Two for the French.

The people in China look upon him the same way that Americans and French looked upon their leaders in times of need. For China right now, they are wiping out corruption, they have been now for over 10 years.

9. Chinese nuclear fuel engineer Li Guangchang caught in anti-corruption net targeting ‘high-risk’ areas

  • Li, former nuclear fuel director at China National Nuclear Corporation, is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, CCDI says
  • Communist Party’s top corruption watchdog says he is undergoing disciplinary inspection and supervision, but website post offers no details


10. China to expel prominent scientist Wang Xiaojun from top body as corruption probe keeps sights on PLA Rocket Force

  • Wang Xiaojun led development of Long March 7 rockets used to resupply Tiangong space station and launch satellites
  • Decision follows regular meeting chaired by CPPCC chairman and Politburo Standing Committee member Wang Huning


Comments: the CPPCC is the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. There’s the legislature, then the CPPCC is under the executive. It’s like a massive executive branch.

It’s all explained in detail in my books, The China Trilogy (https://www.amazon.com/stores/Jeff-J.-Brown/author/B00TX0TDDI).

11. China claims ‘biggest corruption in statistical sphere’ amid fake data crackdown

  • China’s push against data fabrication has been ‘greatly strengthened’ after the practice was added to the Communist Party’s disciplinary regulations last month
  • Severely harmful fraudulent statistics ‘damages the credibility of the party and government’, according to the statistics bureau


Comments: thus, they’re going after fake data. We all know that inflation, employment, GDP, all of this is just total lies in the West. There’s a famous website. I can’t remember the guy’s name right now, but he basically says double everything towards the worst. Like in the United States, our unemployment is twice as bad as it is. Our inflation is twice as bad as it is. The GDP is half as what it’s supposed to be, et cetera.

But the Chinese are going after it. They want honest numbers.

12. China’s anti-corruption watchdog says 110,000 Communist Party officials faced disciplinary action last year

  • The 2023 disciplinary drive targeted tens of thousands of officials who did not perform their duties properly as well as those who received money and gifts
  • The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party’s enforcement agency, warned officials to stick to the rules in the run-up to Lunar New Year


Comments: this is on top of, since going back to 2013, when Xi was elected president, this now is well over 5 million people in China have been disciplined in one form or another, fined, imprisoned, kicked out of the party, losing control of their companies, even shot, as you’ll see later, etc., etc., etc.

13. China’s military graft-busters told to ‘scrutinise the key few’ powerful officials

  • General He Weidong calls for more discipline and better oversight in efforts to root out corruption
  • His remarks follow a purge of nine PLA generals from the country’s top legislature last month


Comments: just imagine that happening in the West. Can’t do it, can you?

14. China’s corruption watchdog pledges focus on finance, medical graft, disloyalty

  • Infrastructure added to list of priorities for 2024, along with renewed focus on loyalty to Xi within the ruling party’s membership
  • The CCDI communique issued after its work meeting also reveals an addition to Xi’s doctrine that calls for ‘self-revolution’


Comments: this upsets a lot of Westerners. But again, when you had FDR attacking the Great Depression, when you had Abraham Lincoln fighting the Civil War, when you had Napoleon trying to keep the European royalty and England from destroying the French Revolution, when you had Charles de Gaulle, who saved France from during World War II. The people need to rally around their leader, so the Chinese are doing something that is no different than what has been done throughout history. We can even say that about Putin. The Russians are rallying around Putin, with the NATO war on Russia in Ukraine.

Self-Revolution: that’s really something that Westerners can’t even imagine, trying to actually improve themselves for the betterment of the people and the country.

15. Corruption ‘everywhere’ in Chinese football, ex-head of governing body says in TV confession

  • Former Chinese Football Association boss Chen Xuyuan made the admission in a documentary aired on state television
  • It also featured former national team boss and English Premier League player Li Tie admitting to match-fixing to boost his coaching career


Comments: why can’t the Chinese get into the World Cup? Well, because they have been afflicted with terrible, terrible corruption, they’re trying to get it cleaned up.

16. Xi Jinping tells China’s corruption hunters to show no mercy in ‘severe and complex’ battle

  • As the anti-corruption campaign enters its 11th year, the Chinese leader calls for ‘heavier punishments’ and a focus on ‘high-risk’ areas
  • Finance, pharmaceuticals, state-owned businesses and infrastructure are among the sectors in the party watchdog’s sights in 2024


Comments: Xi Jinping is kicking ass and taking names. A number of his confidants and a number of people aligned with Xi Jinping have all gone down. Nobody has any favoritism.

17. China food security: agricultural corruption crackdown ‘far-reaching’, state broadcaster says

  • Second episode of a four-part documentary series by state broadcaster CCTV addresses corruption, including wrongdoing related to China’s food security
  • Episode, which aired on Sunday, highlights 1,011 cases of corruption and 1,367 officials being disciplined in the northernmost Heilongjiang province


Comments: Heilongjiang is the province that butts up to Eastern Russia.

So, they use the TV, have all these programs to keep the people informed, to let them know what’s going on. That way, if someone in your area sees corruption in the agricultural sphere, you can go report it to the CCDI. They have a website you can go on, you can report any corruption that you see, private, public, or military.

18. China’s corruption busters shame city boss for wasting US$21 billion on vanity projects that failed and ran up heavy debts

  • The case of a former Guizhou official who left a city at risk of default for spending large sums in the hope of impressing his bosses featured on prime-time TV
  • The programme suggests that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the country’s graft watchdog, will target the misuse of public funds this year


Comments: Guizhou is so beautiful. Read my book, 44 Days. I traveled across Guizhou. It’s just unbelievably beautiful (https://www.amazon.com/stores/Jeff-J.-Brown/author/B00TX0TDDI).

The Chinese are watching all this, seeing all this, getting involved.

19. In China’s Jilin City, a giant billboard stands as a monument to how corrupt officials fall

  • CCTV series highlights how advertising screen owned by son became source of illicit income for ex-Communist Party boss of Jilin City
  • Zhang Xiaopei, who was expelled from the party in June, is alleged to have accepted ‘tens of millions of yuan’ in bribes


Comments: Jilin City is the capital of Shandong, the home of Confucius. It’s that thumb that sticks out into the Pacific off the coast of China.

Again, entire series are reporting to the people about corruption so that they can be on top of it.

He’s going down.

20. ‘No one is safe’: China purges record number of senior officials in 2023, with more ‘tigers’ likely to fall

  • Post’s tally shows anti-corruption watchdog detained a record 45 high-ranking officials last year, the most since corruption crackdown was launched in 2013
  • Investigators no longer follow previous unspoken rule that retired officials are off limits, expert says


Comments: Xi had a famous quote, in 2013, he said, we cannot just go after the flies, you know, the house flies. We have to go after the tigers too. Boy, have they. It’s unbelievable.

That was the problem during the Deng, Jiang and Hu Eras, they would go after, do some anti-corruption stuff, but they wouldn’t keep it up. Since Xi has been elected in 2013, he just keeps putting the pedal to the metal, more and more, getting the country cleaned up.

 You wonder why their economy is doing so well? Well, that’s one of the reasons.

So even if you retired, they’re coming after you, buddy.

21. Beijing strips 3 aerospace-defence executives of political titles as China cracks down on corruption in crucial sector

  • State media reports top political advisory body decides to revoke seats of executives from three major companies
  • Meanwhile, Hu Wenming, former party chief and chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined US$700,000


Comments: These could be private or public.

How many Western politicians and business criminals, all of them criminals, how many of them are getting serious prison time? They’re not even getting fined. It’s just a criminal enterprise in the West, no one cares, no one, everybody just accepts it. It’s normal. It’s been that way for 3,000 years. Greeks, Roman, Roman Catholic Church, monarchies, colonialism, imperialism, just on and on.

22. Chinese banker jailed for life in US$483 million corruption case, largest ever in country’s history

  • ‘Significant damage’ inflicted through fraudulent loans, misappropriated repayments and the siphoning of bank funds to other accounts, court says
  • Xu Guojun, former head of a Bank of China branch in Guangdong province, had been on the run for 20 years until his extradition from the US


Comments: that’s almost half a billion. Largest ever in country’s history. Of course, the West has had many more that are even bigger than that.

Thank you, Uncle Sam, for sending him back to China.

His is so big, he might get the death sentence. You will see some below. The big ones often get a bullet in the back of the head.

23. China’s former railway head sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption

  • Court finds Sheng Guangzu guilty of taking bribes totalling 63.8 million yuan (US$8.9 million) from 2004 to 2022
  • Sheng, who retired in 2016 after overseeing the railway ministry’s transition to China Railway Corporation, was arrested in 2022


Comments: now, the last ones are death sentences for corruption.


24. Ex-Chinese official, securities regulator sentenced to death for corruption

  • Tong Daochi was handed down the sentence, with a two-year reprieve, for bribery and insider trading
  • He was a senior official in Hainan and is also the former vice head of the CSRC’s issuance department


Comments: CSRC is the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

By the way, how do people get executed in China? Well, 99% of them get a PLA, People’s Liberation Army bullet right in the back of the head, right there, right there. Nice big fat one. Maybe it’s even dumb-dumb bullet.

Anyway, it blows the face off of the criminal, so that way when they give the body to the family to have it cremated, the family can understand the shame that has been brought upon them for what their relative did, their crimes. Therefore, it is not a nice way to die.

25. Former top Chinese anti-graft inspector gets suspended death sentence for corruption

  • Dong Hong took about US$73 million in bribes over two decades, court says
  • Verdict the latest in a string of corruption cases decided in recent weeks


Comments: Of course, suspended means they can always invoke the death sentence it again.

They’re just cleaning the country up.

26. China’s quick execution of former top banker shows Beijing is dead serious about quelling corruption

  • A legal procedure that usually goes on for months or even years was wrapped up in less than four weeks, from start of the trial to former top banker’s death
  • Lai Xiaomin’s swift execution sends the sternest of warnings in matters concerning corruption and financial risks


27. Chinese provincial chief given suspended death sentence for role in major corruption scandal

  • Former Shaanxi party boss Zhao Zhengyong was found guilty of accepting more than US$100m in bribes
  • Officials in province ignored orders from President Xi Jinping to tear down illegal villas in Qinling Mountains


Comments: It’s in my second book. It’s in China Rising. We were teaching at a school in Beijing in 2010, 2011, they were building illegal apartments behind the school, to the west of the school. One day they surrounded them with cops, they brought in bulldozers and bulldozed them all down. I’ve got pictures of it, everything. That’s in China Rising. That is an amazing story (https://www.amazon.com/stores/Jeff-J.-Brown/author/B00TX0TDDI).

 28. China’s disgraced PLA general Gu Junshan given suspended death sentence for corruption

His arrest marked the start of the military’s graft crackdown that toppled ‘tiger’ Xu Caihou


29. Chinese court gives Hangzhou Communist Party chief Zhou Jiangyong suspended death sentence for bribery

  • The corrupt official’s sentence for taking the equivalent of US$25 million in backhanders is likely to be commuted to life imprisonment
  • The former head of the e-commerce hub is the most senior official in Zhejiang province to be snared by the fight against corruption


Comments: again, these are suspended sentences. They’re still in purgatory. They can always be given back or re-invoked the death sentence if they’re not repentant or don’t give the information that they want.

Wouldn’t you like Jamie Dimon, Biden, all these others, Bush, the Clintons, all these crooks, Macron, Sunak, Scholtz,  all these other crooks all across the West; they should go to jail for life imprisonment too.

30. Ex-chairman of China Huarong Asset Management sentenced to death for bribery

  • Lai Xiaomin, 58, was convicted of accepting US$277 million in bribes, corruption and bigamy
  • He is now the second senior Chinese official awaiting execution for graft


Closing comments: So, there you have it, folks.

While the West wallows in just the most grotesque, obscene sewage, cesspools, corruption, criminality, mafia, gangsterism, in North America, all across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China is really working hard.

 I think even after Xi Jinping finally leaves office, I think that he will make sure that there is a legacy for this to continue, to continue forever.


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