Patrice Greanville sends 21 salvos to save your soul!

11-May — Major Kong Waves His Hat
11-May — “Report from Donbas.”
10-May — WW2 – 70th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism
10-May — Israel’s Brutal Rafah Invasion, Interview with Student Protestors, and Much More
10-May — Truth-Seekers versus Lie-Seekers
10-May — Student Protests: In Their Own Words
10-May — Weaponizing Antisemitism
10-May — The tail doesn’t wag the dog: Joti Brar explains Israel’s place in the Empire
9-May — Empire Managers Explain Why This New Protest Movement Scares Them
9-May — U.S. empire is now falling apart.
9-May — On Campus Gaza Protests, Media Let Police Tell the Story—Even When They’re Wrong
9-May — Internaut Indrajit Samarajiva has a few things to tell you, and you better listen
9-May — Media Scorn Gaza Protesters for Recognizing Corporate Reporters Aren’t Their Friends
9-May — Update on Ukraine: Kerch Bridge, Foreign Troops, and much more
7-May — The Destruction Of Gaza SHOULD Be Radicalizing People
7-May — LAPD’s Failure to Protect Peaceful Protesters at UCLA from Right-Wing Mob Shows Real Priorities
7-May — Russia issues military ultimatum to UK
6-May — “Have You No Sense of Decency?”
5-May — The Enemy Is Among Us?
5-May — CBS pulls out all the stops to prop up Israel’s accusations.


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