Jeff J. Brown’s work on Seek Truth From Facts, 15-31 May 2024

2024/5/1514 fab posts from Dr. Kwan Lee. Where else but China Writers’ Group! Apologies to Kwan for getting backed up. I’m exploring the wild lands of Northern Guangdong, along the Hunan border. YOWZER!
2024/5/15Ben Tóth’s topical outline 14 May
2024/5/15China Writers just LOVE Wednesdays: Amarynth Flower, Matt Ehret, Gerald Thierren and Jeff J. Brown are here to make your day! All the best from UNESCO World Heritage Park Danxia Mountain, in the middle of nowhere in Guangdong Province…
2024/5/15Magnus wows you with downloadable images, Cynthia covers royal dope, Ben’s outline and Jeff on imperial canaries in the gold mine. Greetings from the little Sino-Snow White who made our day!
2024/5/15Peter Koenig: The WHO Health Tyranny – or NOT?
2024/5/16Peter Koenig: BREAKING – Slovak Prime Minister Shot and Gravely Injured. PM Declared Slovakia will NOT sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty and Revise IHR
2024/5/16It’s a China Writers’ Thursday: Pepe, Peter, Matt and Jeff. Have at it! Below: I chatted with these Yao village citizens in the mountains of Northern Guangdong Province. They wanted me to tell the reason they are happy is because the Axis of Resistance is WINNING!
2024/5/16Patrice Greanville sends 21 salvos to save your soul! Pictured above: a magnificent traditional picture framing and Chinese culture shop in Shenzhen, where we spent several hours talking to the owners, drinking tea, wafting incense, trying different essential oils and traditional snacks. We’ve had worse days…
2024/5/17China Writers’ Friday: Godfree Roberts, Dr. T.P. Wilkinson, Cynthia Chung and Jeff J. Brown. Pictured above: a nursing mother cat savoring a brief repose, by taking advantage of an ice cream freezer, in hot, humid Shenzhen. It’s only May and gets steam-bath hot in July-August. I lived here for three years, 2016-2019, so can testify! Jeff
2024/5/18China Writers’ Saturday, posted from Guangdong, China: Dr. Kwan Lee, Eric Arnow, Amarynth Flower and Jeff J. Brown. Pictured above: Chinese were into cosplay long before it became a fad in the West with Harry Potter. These women in Shenzhen are with us at a Korean restaurant, getting all dressed up in traditional garb. They don’t just get their pictures taken. They go out and walk on the streets to show off and have fun. Chinese Han, Tang, Song, Ming, Qing Dynasty and minority tribe cosplay for men, women and children is also very popular. Notice these are not youngsters. Older Chinese love cultural cosplay too!
2024/5/18Ben’s hot-off-the-press talking point outline!
2024/5/18More great China Writers’ context and analysis from Billy Bob+Ben, Matt, Gerald and Jeff. Pictured: where else but in Sinoland? Lianzhou, Guangdong (广东连州) is a small town of 550,000 people, that most Chinese have never heard of. Yet it has two iconic Tang Dynasty (7th-10th) cultural sites. One is the 50-meter-tall Huiguang Tower (慧光塔), built in 638AD, Buddhist influences. It leans, like Pisa, Italy. It is constructed of red brick and mortar, stucco façade, with Buddhist influences. It has been gracing China for almost 1,400 years! Around back in a cubby hole at the base is a plaque explaining that it was repaired by the People’s Liberation Army in 1959. On the streets of China with Jeff.
2024/5/191-2-3 CWG: Cynthia Chung, Matt Ehret and Jeff J. Brown. Pictured: these are part of a calligraphy collection at the Lianzhou, Guangdong Cultural Center (广东连州文化馆). What is so special about it is the Chinese characters are not written, but are three-dimensional. What is even more spectacular is that they are not carved, but are pieces of roots and branches found in nature, that are the shapes of the words needed. They are simply sanded, stained and mounted to create the texts. The long text is by Mao Zedong, done in his unique writing style. I was totally blown away at how much patience and dedication it took to search for the desired wood/root pieces. Can you imagine? Simply breathtaking! Jeff
2024/5/19Dr. Kwan Lee goes all out for China Writer fans! Six for Sunday… Pictured: China’s High Speed Rail (HSR) being laid ABOVE a river and the city of Meizhou, Guangdong Province (广东梅州). These raised (7-storey-tall) buttresses are everywhere in China. Out of 45,000km of HSR in-country, I’ve seen estimates that 1/4, over 10,000km are above ground. In spite of the added cost, Baba Beijing does this to leave agricultural land, nature zones, towns and cities unperturbed as possible. In environmentally sensitive areas, they do hesitate to build 20-30km of raised rail a-stretch to protect the migration of wild animals or endangered species. It blows the mind. On the right is the “Red Flag Responsibility Zone” team, proudly sporting the communist hammer and sickle, making sure the job is done safely and honestly. You can see it on the buttress in the lower lefthand corner. Jeff – on the streets and roads with the people of Sinoland.
2024/5/19Patrice Greanville lays out 18 great posts to finish out your weekend. China Writers’ Group: your one-stop brain shop for understanding our reality behind the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine headlines!
2024/5/20Putin and Xi say goodbye to the West and shout WELCOME to Eurasia and humanity’s Global Majority. 500 years of imperial-colonial rape and plunder and coming to an end!
2024/5/20China Writers’ Group Amarynth x2, Jeff with a super important triple-guest submission, along with Gerald and Matt, to start your week.
2024/5/21Ruby Tuesday with China Writers’ Group: Caren Black, Dr. Kwan Lee, Eric Arnow and Jeff J. Brown.
2024/5/22China Writers Jeff J. Brown (with a cultural intro), Billy Bob/Greanville Post, Pepe Escobar, Matt Ehret & Cynthia Chung, and Gerald Therrien on this blessed Wednesday.
2024/5/23WEF’s Klaus Schwab Steps Back – What Does it Mean?
2024/5/23Iran – A Mysterious Helicopter Crash or Martyrdom-Killing President Ebrahim Raisi, and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, Both Ardent Supporters and Committed Defenders of Palestine and of Palestinian Rights
2024/5/23CWG’s Magnus S. Kjærgaard, Dr. Kwan Lee and Peter Koenig, plus a guest article by Brett Redmayne-Titley.
2024/5/25China Writers’ member Frans Vandenbosch does Godfree Roberts, Dr. Kwan Lee offers a two-fer and Jeff J. Brown has an “on the streets” anecdote to compare socioeconomic systems.
2024/5/27China Writers Pepe Escobar on Iran’s Raisi (RIP), Dr. T.P. Wilkinson philosophizes, Gerald Therrien goes all Mao, and Jeff J. Brown compares Chinese and Western 5G.
2024/5/27Dr. Kwan Lee with a fab four. Need I say more?
2024/5/28Chinese scientists must be patriots and have spiritual support. Seek not money, not fame, but SERVE THE PEOPLE!
2024/5/29Ben Tóth’s talking point outline is a “must print out” reference!
2024/5/29Amir Khan, Pepe Escobar, Dr. T.P. Wilkinson and Cynthia Chung for a Wednesday China Writers’ Group.
2024/5/29Breaking – WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is Dead – for Now
2024/5/29IRAN – the Qods News Agency: The Way to a New Palestine
2024/5/29China Writers Ben Tóth+Billy Bob, Matt Ehret, Peter Koenig with a double and guest writer Jay Janson on The Greanville Post for your reading pleasure.
2024/5/30Two by Amarynth Flower, Don Hank’s guest post, Pepe Escobar on the West’s Worldwide Wehrmacht and Jeff J. Brown on 5,000 years of Chinese governance.
2024/5/31Eric Arnow goes to Russia, Gerald Therrien does the USA, Japan & China; Matt Ehret breaks history and Jeff J. Brown goes back to Africa, where he lived and worked for 10 years.
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