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Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff








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Note before starting: Sam reached out to me and I was immediately interested in knowing more, since there are not many Americans who decide to pull up stakes and move to Russia. He sent me photos of him and his wife. We planned a video interview, but on second thought he prefers to stay anonymous. Thus, over a number of days Sam answered my questions via WhatsApp.

I do not agree with everything Sam says, but I never censor or edit my guests. His life story and points of view are enthralling and definitely worth reading. They broke the mold when they made Sam! Enjoy a fascinating mini-autobiography of an American Jew in Russia, often in steam-of-consciousness style!


Jeff J. Brown: Interview questions for pen name “Sam”

1.    Please tell us a little bit about your life and how it got you to live in Russia.

2.    What attracted you to Russia?

3.    What has surprised you about living in Russia?

4.    What have you found to be true that you expected before moving there?

5.    Are you learning Russian? If so, how are you faring? Is it as difficult as they say it is?

6.    Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.

7.    Have you traveled around Russia? What are your impressions?

8.    Do you go back to the USA? Do friends and family visit you in Russia?

9.    Are you getting Russian citizenship?

10.   What are your future plans in Russia?

Also, what alias do you want to be called?

Sam: Hello brother. I just received your message, at 17:50 Moscow. I will begin to formulate the answers to the best of my ability before bedtime. I may check in with you to let you know how it’s going; if it’s not yet done by then. Thanks, brother. Have a great evening

  1. Please tell us a little bit about your life and how it got you to live in Russia.

My life was very strange and unusual. No one would guess that I would move to Russia. It doesn’t logically follow from anything other than the obvious; of which I was unaware at the time. Russia was a fluke I knew almost nothing about Russia, in early 2016/when the idea of moving here presented itself to me (out of the blue). I didn’t think about it; I just embraced the idea and began preparing to relocate. I did no research. I think I read a few books, related to the Soviet Union, but I don’t remember. Maybe one or two biographies, or histories. I could look it up. I have the records somewhere. You could say it was my fate, without attaching any Esoterica to it; although it’s probably 100% esoteric.

  1. What has surprised you about living in Russia?

No real surprises. No big surprises.

I got distracted.

I had no expectations.

  1. Are you learning Russian? If so, how are you faring? Is it as difficult as they say it is?

Not “learning” Russian.

  1. What attracted you to Russia?

Arrived with a “plan” to find a girlfriend, and move to a less expensive city for a year during which time my Girlfriend would teach me Russian. Then I’d return to Moscow and proceed. (With what? No idea.)

Things just happen. I “let things happen”.

I got into the habit of looking for a girlfriend, and thus got distracted. Didn’t follow through. Lifetime habit is embodied in my 22-year effort to stop drinking alcohol.

I learn a little about Russian and language in general while not learning Russian. My rationale for not learning it has evolved. At some point, it became a principle, of not learning Russian in order to avoid subsequently being charged with succumbing to indoctrination and propaganda.

It’s kind of like being a deaf-mute in Russia who doesn’t know Russian sign language. I know what I see; although I also understand that you can’t trust any of your senses. and that nature plays tricks on our eyes, as it plays tricks on our other senses; and on our brains (and our hearts).

Incidentally, I do go out of my way to communicate with deaf-mutes. In fact, I have dated (and laid with) a couple of them. they are disproportionately people of faith. they are beautiful people, who of course have a very different understanding of our shared reality. several of your questions could be entire shows in themselves. my observations (everywhere) of so-called “handicapped people are definitely worth a show; sometimes, somewhere. I’ll tell you something Jeff that I’ve never mentioned to anyone thus far: I have never met a single truly handicapped person anywhere in the world who collected benefits from the government for being handicapped not a single one. Furthermore, every single person in America I ever knew who collected government benefits for some kind of disability did not need that welfare. None of them actually had a true disability. and almost every single one of them was more than capable of providing for themselves. that is to say, all but one of them was intellectually superior to the average American, who obviously doesn’t collect disability benefits. most of them were alcoholics. that was supposedly their handicap: that they couldn’t stop drinking. so, the government gave them alcohol money. and I’ll just Clarify: the exception to that rule was a woman on SSI (or something). Welfare was given to this woman because she didn’t speak English. but she didn’t have a handicap. She was a political refugee from a foreign country. she didn’t bother to learn English, and for this reason, she was given welfare. she’s the only one I ever met on “disability” who wasn’t intellectually superior to the average American, who doesn’t collect any such benefits. This is illustrative and indicative of the American government. it’s a Ponzi scheme and a holocaust. it’s a party that’s going to end in the foreseeable future. The problem is that the people responsible for all this may understand that the party is almost over and that someone’s going to have to pay the bill. and the check may be signed with their blood. So, what do they do? They may end up trying to kill us, or committing collective suicide, and taking everybody else down with them.

One of the methods they’ve been using for a long time is a distraction, which is probably at least in part what the whole environmental movement is about, along with many other such movements. most aspects of Marxism are used (in part) as such distractions.

I’m sorry about the typos and other errors.

Is Russian difficult? Difficult-in this context-is obviously a relative term. It’s obviously more difficult for a French speaker to learn Russian than it is for a Czech, a Slovak, or a Pole.

Obviously verbal IQ is a factor. There are many factors. When I joined the army (’94) they were teaching 27 or 28 foreign languages, broken down into three different groups, based on the difficulty of learning the languages in each of the three groups. Russian was in the highest group, along with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Those were the most difficult languages the army was teaching to Americans at that time. I think this situation still obtains, with army languages.

Russian is obviously an Indo-European language, but not all native European languages are. Anyone familiar with any major European language meaning Greek, Latin (Romance), or Germanic, immediately recognizes how European the Russian language is, because of the plethora of common words.

The other Language group in Europe is Celtic, which I can usually recognize I hear it or see it. But I’ve only learned a few Celtic words in my whole life, at best; so, I can’t say if any of the Celtic languages share this trait I just described about Russian.

There are some strange characteristics and anomalies compared to the other languages I have learned, or with which I am familiar; all of which are Western European.

I can tell you that Russian is easier to learn than English and Chinese; because those are the two most difficult languages. It’s probably easier (for Europids) than most or all East Asian languages. I know almost nothing about Japanese and Korean, but I assume they have a lot in common with Chinese. This is probably more true about Koreans than about Japanese. I think that the Koreans branched out from the Chinese and that the Japanese subsequently branched out from the Koreans. And I assume this is reflected in their respective languages. But again, I know almost nothing about those languages.

I don’t know how much you want to talk about (the) language, but I’ll give you an example of the anomalies. In English, we have singular and plural. You have one of something, or you have more than one. So, you have one car, or you have two (or more) cars. In Russian, the noun itself changes and is determined by the number of items you’re talking about. So, let’s say car is one of those words. I do not know if this applies to all nouns. You have one car, or you have two cars. Car and cars are two different words. But in Russian, if it’s more than five cars, there’s a third word; it’s not “car” or “cars”; sometimes it’s a totally different word, which doesn’t perforce sound anything like the other words, for the same noun. I just used the translator app to illustrate. (Their word for translator sounds like “perevochik”.) One car is машина (machine). Four cars are машины (machini, with a funny sound towards the end). I think this is like some (or all) Romance languages, in which I (as in English), the last letter is changed to pluralize. In English, we add an S. In Italian, for example-depending on the last letter of a given noun-you change it to an I or do an E, which indicates plural. The original A, E or O indicates singular.

8 cars is машин (machine). Sometimes WhatsApp lets me edit, and sometimes it doesn’t.

One car is машина (machina; sounds like ma-shi-na). Four cars are машины (machini; sounds like ma-shee-nee). Eight cars is машин. This is where it can get tricky, because of that little penultimate character in (four) cars (машины) that looks like a lowercase b. It’s a silent character that does strange things to its neighbors aurally.

I picked another word at random, but it’s a word that makes a lot of Americans pucker up.

So, let’s take the word day. 1 день (day).2 дня (days). 8 дней (days). Do you see how the noun “day” has three different words (versions) in Russian, determined by the number preceding the noun?

I will try to wrap up the Language question. Some people can be fluent in ten languages in their first 10 years on earth; while others- possibly even with the same general IQ-might spend their entire lives struggling to master (or even just to learn) a second language.

Language is obviously one of the most fascinating and compelling aspects of anthropology.

  1. Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.

I don’t remember if I was ever interviewed before, like this. So, these are my initial responses, which aren’t necessarily aimed at you; because I know you’re familiar with some of the ideas I’m presenting.

Obviously, the “West” does not speak with one voice. In fact, the word “West”-in this context- has very little meaning, anymore; like so many words that “have been” (they) disfigured, during the course of our lifetimes. (Start paying attention to the names of people in the first few pages of modern English language dictionaries. The art isn’t even of European origin. I’m not saying that Africoids and Mongoloids can’t master the English language. I’m referencing who’s in charge of the English language these days, and more particularly what they do to it; and why. If the West spoke in one voice, it would not use a European language; if you can smell what I’m stepping in. If you’re picking up what I’m laying down. The second language in the American justice system used to be Latin; for reasons that are obvious to any educated person. This no longer obtains. The second language among “American” lawyers and judges is now a non-European language (with origins likely in Northeast Anatolia). Every American who listens to the news has heard of the language in question. I would guess that at least half of all Americans are familiar with one or more words in this language. I’m not wont to kvetch or to schlep. I’m no schmutz. I think the human body has something like 60 orifices. When I hear words like this, one of my sphincters puckers up. Can you smell what I’m stepping in?

I’m multitasking. But Girl just left for work.

I guess I can think about some things I noticed some differences, but I don’t want to hand out things about which people in the “West” can kvetch. Some conspicuous differences come with flipsides and corollaries. One notices cleanliness and hygiene.

Between you and me, the Russians are highly superstitious.

Also, between you and me: the flipside to the hygiene is that while the streets and the people in the streets are very clean and hygienic; sometimes when you go into their homes, you think of the worst kind of ghettos, in South Central Los Angeles, or East Oakland.

For public consumption is the level of civilization Western Europeans achieved in the 19th century, but subsequently abandoned before you and I were born. These aspects of Western Civilization were sustained in Eastern Europe, I presume because of the way in which the Iron Curtain sort of froze many aspects of human life, including various aspects of culture; at least in some ways. So, ladies and gentlemen still behave as such. Many men here still behave like our fathers did; like I always did to a lesser degree than I do here. Men here (everywhere in the West) open doors and move chairs around, taking coats off, and putting them back on girls, etc. A date took me to the Hard Rock Cafe here in 2016, in Moscow; I think there’s only one in Moscow, on Old Arbat. When I handed my jacket to the coat check, he gave me the evil eye, and said “Ladies first.” I was new here. I hadn’t removed my companion’s coat, which I should’ve done. I should’ve handed him her coat, probably before even removing my own. Those two words he uttered to me were priceless. I was a slightly different person, after that moment.

  1. Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.

As I was trying to say: the “West” does not say, or think things about Russia. Too many Americans think what they’re supposed to think. They essentially think what they are told (to think).

I mentioned to someone recently the survey that I took mostly around 2010. I asked scores of Americans if they knew what their values were.

Only two Americans knew what their values were, and they rattled them off immediately. Of course, they were the same values that our parents and their parents embraced and espoused, 50 and 75, 100 years ago; which of course were the same values that their parents and grandparents-and great grandparents embraced and espoused, 200 years ago.

I took this survey in a major metropolitan, deep blue, coastal region. The people I surveyed were all in my inner circle. I had known most of them for decades if not my whole lifetime.

What I found compelling about the survey was their initial response to a question no one ever asked them, for which they were unprepared. The question made them nervous, uncomfortable, and sometimes even resentful.

Probably not a single one of those people I surveyed identified or voted as a Republican; at least not since the 80s.

I would guess that maybe half of them were born and raised in (somewhat) traditional homes.

I was born in ’66. A lot of these people have the same kind of background that I do, in broad and general terms.

“American Values”, to the extent that such a phrase has any meaning, have changed dramatically during our lives. So, the values with which my parents were both raised… Those values were abandoned, in the 70s and 80s; resulting from the Cultural Revolution (war) which began in the early to mid-60s.

Of course, this revolution was not natural and organic. It was extremely well planned, decades in the making. To some people, it seems like happenstance. And while one of its basic elements is chaos… I’ve recently heard more than one person refer to the Democrats as the Party of Chaos. Of course, this is an apt description. But it’s nothing new, and it results from the nature of those who have controlled the Democratic Party since FDR came to office in 1933.

If anyone is interested in exploring the subject regarding the spiritual condition of those who’ve controlled the democratic party since 1933, I would refer them to the great theologian and scholar in South Bend, Indiana, E. Michael Jones. I assume this subject is explained in his book “Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality”. I’ve not yet read that book, but I look forward to doing so ASAP, along with others. If I live long enough, I will (ideally) read all of his books. I’ve also not kept up with his podcast, but I highly recommend it. It’s called Culture Wars. I think there are at least two podcasts with that name: but he’s the “only” E. Michael Jones. His magazine is excellent; but I never carved out the time to slog through the entire thing, month after month; year after year. Despite the fact that the vast majority of material produced these days isn’t just worthless; it is of negative value, like the Covid vaccine. I don’t know how anyone at any time in human history has ever been bored; there’s so much to do, to see, to hear, and to learn. if I lived 1000 years, I wouldn’t be able to read everything worth reading. And I’m just talking about no percent of what’s ever been published.

I have to go play husband for a little while, but I will be back.

I need to (briefly) come back to this case at some point: “…Welfare was given to this woman because she didn’t speak English. but she didn’t have a handicap. She was a political refugee from a foreign country. she didn’t bother to learn English, and for this reason, she was given welfare.”

“The other Language group in Europe is Celtic”

notes for later

I’ll paint furniture now, and then come back to review.

I need to clarify that when I use the phrase “Western Values”, I don’t mean to imply that East Asians (or others) don’t share any or all of those values.

I want to explain the exception; the woman on SSI (or whatever kind of welfare she was collecting). And there is an important anthropological aspect that I’m going to share, assuming you don’t extrapolate and jump to false conclusions.

The short version is that she came from Cambodia after that country was destroyed by Marxism (Judaism).

She came with her son, who was also Cambodian (Khmer), having been born to this woman, and her Khmer husband. The son’s name was Billy.

You know how horrible white people, Christians, and heterosexuals are. Of course, some of them are bankers; another horrible group.

There was a man in Silicon Valley who owned a bank. I forget his name and the name of the bank. I don’t remember if he was Jew or Gentile. He sponsored 200 families, from Cambodia; most of whom remained and settled in the Silicon Valley area. Others wandered off, to different parts as far away as Arizona.

I don’t remember if it was 200 individuals or 200 families. He probably sponsored 200 individuals; and each of them ultimately brought their families over, member by member, as they were able.

This man Billy was one of those individuals. Another family was named Ly (sounds like Lee). Michille Ly was 18 years old when she arrived in San Jose at the end of the 70s or maybe in 1980. She got a job at a Jack-in-the-Box. None of these people spoke English, upon arrival. Michille’s dad owned an airline company. It was the largest airline in the country. He was rich. He had 11 kids. They had a nice big home in Phnom Penh, and a nice country home out in the country.

The Marxists killed that businessman and half his children. The survivors ended up in San Jose. One of those survivors is Michille. In the second half of the 80s, Michelle had learned enough English to be crawling her way up the organizational chart or ladder in Silicon Valley, and she met Billy one day when she was in his office buying insurance, I don’t remember what kind.

I am compelled-apropos of nothing point out that we’re talking about very traditional people here. The reason I’m thinking about this is that at least one of the women I met in this community probably never had a job, in America. But by the time I met her, in 1997 she was pretty old. She didn’t know any English. But she had five children there. She was the wife of the airline magnate, so she had a support network and no compelling need to get a job.

She was Michille’s mom. Michille married Billy. The woman on welfare was Billy’s mom.

I apologize for this digression, so I will try to wrap it up quickly.

It has nothing to do with our little project; but it has everything to do with anthropology, which is my obsession. Billy was Khmer. Michelle and her family are Chinese. Billy’s mom is on welfare; Michelle’s mom was never on welfare. This is not a coincidence, because if you look at any number of Cambodians-or other Southeast Asians-anywhere in America, you will see that there is a higher number of them on welfare than there is within the Chinese community in the same town. I just remembered that you’re probably a Chinese scholar.

Do you speak Chinese?

(Jeff: yes).

I knew all of these people because I was (also) engaged to Michille once upon a time, in the last century. Ironically, all my other fiancés were green card, fiancés. And while Michele still speaks far from perfect English, with a very heavy accent; she is the only American citizen to whom I was ever engaged.

In other words: at 57 years old, I was never engaged to an American.

…never engaged or married to an American.

I have only been married one time.

  1.      Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.

Isn’t it ironic, what the “West” (Jew) is saying, about Russia; and their efforts to arrange another major blood bath, with its rivers and oceans of blood, as they have done on previous occasions?

One of the ironies is that it was these same people (monsters) arranging for the bloodbath who turned Russia into what it became; what it was, until VVP came along.

The Jew doesn’t really care about democracy, any more than it cared about communism. At this point, these ideas too have become just more distractions, as I mentioned earlier.

I am simplifying, of course.

The point that I am trying to make is that… Do you know who Naomi Wolf is? She is an example of the growing herd of Jews who recently switched sides. I assume you know who Rockwell is that is directly or indirectly how I discovered you. Naomi Wolf is one of two* women whose articles routinely appear in Lew’s daily montage of news analysis. Instead of figuring out how to correct the preceding, there are probably other women whose articles routinely appear. But Wolf is one of two women who seem out of place at LRC.

The other woman is Caitlin Johnstone.

I know that these women mean well. But to me, they are political carpet baggers. And while acknowledging that it’s a complicated subject, I don’t hide my resentment.

Michael “Savage” (Weinstein) was among the first high-profile Jews to switch teams. He and I have a bit of a history together, in the Bay Area; going back to 1988.

I guess one of the reasons I resent all these Jews who spent the first half of their careers destroying Western Civilization, and now they spend their time moaning about the destruction of Western Civilization… The reason I resent it is because none of them identify the perpetrators, which-in some cases-includes these carpet baggers themselves, right?

Naomi Wolf is an example.

She used to work for Al Gore, as an example.

To put it very simply: they were all Democrats, promoting the destruction of Western values. And now they make money pretending to defend and promote Western Values. It’s a lot worse than the civil servants and Chile who would dig a hole in the morning, and then fill it up in the afternoon.

It’s more analogous to the fascist American contractors who earn a lot of money destroying places like Iraq and Afghanistan; and then once that conflict has been abandoned, they earn a lot more money by rebuilding those countries they just finished destroying.

This description actually applies to a lot of politicians and other operators in America’s capital. I have never one time voted for a Democrat. But as soon as I was able to start judging American politicians; the only metrics I was able to use were measuring how little damage they did: how few people they killed; and how much money they squandered, destroying America and much of the world. In this way, I opine Jimmy Carter to be, not the best; but the least destructive president, of my lifetime.

Perhaps his biggest mistake was the Department of Education.

Of course, the adversary had already taken over the system, so that by the time I entered grade school in the early 70s; public schools in Marin County-which is and has been the fifth wealthiest county in America for a long time… the public schools there were just essentially daycare centers and parking lots; a safe place to park your kids during the day, while parents were BOTH at work, or at the gym, or wherever.

Of course, public schools are no longer even a safe place to park your kids. In the 70s and 80s, I learned nothing at public schools. Now the kids are even worse off, because they are indoctrinated, and their mushy, broken brains are poisoned with the most psychotic Jewish propaganda.

Which brings me back to

  1. Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.

Those kids-my classmates-whose brains were mushy and broken by the 80s, are now in charge; and their brains are mushier and more dysfunctional than they were 30 and 40 and 50 years ago.

The Jewish teachers, labor organizers, Marxists, socialists, communists, and all the other sick hate-filled bloodthirsty Jewish monsters who ran the public schools in the 70s… They had children, and that’s who spewed out every kind of sewage, projectile vomit, and diarrhea, from the glass toilet, the radio, the papers, the magazines, and the Internet of course they also control. It’s war for peace; war for democracy; war for this; war for that. Its war is good for the economy. It’s the Jewish war for Jewish control. War is Jewish diplomacy, and they will say and do whatever they feel they need to say and do in order to conquer the handful of countries they don’t already control, which of course includes China, Russia, and a few little protectorates. Thank God lots of people are finally waking up and smelling the coffee, and reading the writing on the wall. But it took way too long. As I may have told you: I figured this out after approximately 13 months of daily news consumption, resulting in my epiphany, which occurred late in ’92.

Studying this subject has essentially been my full-time activity ever since then.

For the record, most of my best friends have always been (and still are) Jews. I was with a Jewish woman for 12 years. I was with her when I had my epiphany. My wife has a lot of Jewish ancestry, from the Pale (of Settlement). She did not know that until I told her. Technically, I am a Jew.

Thus, theoretically, I have, maybe insight?

But the fact of the matter is that my own relationship(s) with the Jewish community contributes little to what I know about the subject.

I never did and I never will come to the subject as a Jew, or from that perspective.

I’m not one of these people who believes that membership in a group implies more or better understanding thereof.

Nor do I believe that such membership entitles one, in any way, for the first time, I just realized how this can be complicated in a way I never thought about before.

You live in France. You’re from Oklahoma. If someone from Oklahoma, Arizona, Hiroshima, or Saint Petersburg-or Johannesburg wanted to learn about French people, would that person be better off asking a French person to explain French people; or would he be better off asking a German, or a Spaniard, or an Italian?

It depends on what you want to know, and whence you want to know it.

You’re going to hear different versions, and you’re going to learn different things.

Ask a fish what it’s like to swim around in the water.

Ask a Chinese person what the food is like in China.

You’ll probably get a much better-more instructive and edifying answer, from someone who lives in Arkansas (who’s been to China).

Ask a Jew to tell you about his or her community. What is he or she going to tell you? Are they going to tell you how wonderful they are; or are they going to tell you how horrible they are?

  1. Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.

Where did the great majority of “American Jews” come from? The Pale of Settlement, directly or indirectly.

Why did they leave the Pale-all of which was in the Russian Empire; and why did they go to America?

The answer to the first question is that they were vomited out of Russia like they have been vomited out of every single European country. Although some of the records aren’t so easily found.

You know the old saying that if a guy gets kicked out of one bar, it might be the bartender. But if a man has been kicked out of every bar in town…

The largest number of these vomitus Jews in America came directly or indirectly from the Ukraine.

There are two meanings to “directly or indirectly”, in this case. In one sense, they themselves were vomited out of the Ukraine; two examples are Michael Malice, and Scott Horton’s wife: Larisa Alexandrovna.

The other sense of “directly or indirectly” refers to the ancestors of the American Jews who are arranging and savoring this bloodbath. So, Michael Malice and Larisa both talked about (essentially) their hatred for Ukrainians. They themselves were born and raised in the Ukraine. In other cases, it’s the parents or grandparents or whatever of the bloodthirsty, hate-filled warmongers who are arranging, funding, and enjoying this bloodbath, because Jews hate Ukrainians more than they hate Russians and Germans. I may have told you that already.

The Marxists publicly dispensed with the truth a long time ago.

It has no intrinsic or inherent value.

This began with the “means to an end” idea, and it snowballed.

A little bit like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

It began with “We will tell a harmless, little white lie, for the greater good; in order to achieve or accomplish a worthy goal.

One of the problems is that we never (all) agreed that their goals were worthy.

It must be pointed out that they shouldn’t have to lie in order to achieve a worthy goal.

I’m sorry Jeff. I understand you may not have time to read all this. I am very Celtic; I use circumlocution. But not by choice. Feel free to corral me, if my pursuit of all these rabbits is of no interest or benefit to you. Feel free to tell me so.

I wander so far off subjects (all day long) that I forget where I was, at any given point. I was talking about Jimmy Carter. So, the Jews derailed the American educational system, which in some ways may have been the best in the Western World, by the time my parents or grandparents were in grade school, and even in university. But the adversary derailed all that to the point where they are now graduating people with multiple Ivy League degrees who publicly acknowledge their ability to distinguish men from women, and boys from girls.

Ketanji Brown Jackson.

By the way, the handful of people I have asked about the quality of Russian education have told me that it is among the best in the West.

I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but I would not be surprised for the reasons stated above, regarding the Iron Curtain, and some of its effects on, let’s call it the development or evolution of Western Civilization.

Here is one succinct answer to your question: (6.       Tell us some of the lies the West is saying about Russia and its people.) It was the Jews who turned Russia into a dictatorship. There were 10,000 Bolsheviks in Moscow, in 1917; 3000 of them were Jewish. The leadership was almost exclusively Jewish. According to at least one source: only two of the leaders were Gentiles (both Armenians), but their wives were both Jewish.

The first Politburo was 71% Jewish, not including Stalin-who was probably Jewish.

If you include Stalin, then it was something like 85 or 90% Jewish.

Lenin was a Jew. Marx was of course a fucking Kike. Of course, they changed their names, which is one of the many reasons to be suspicious of Stalin.

So, the grotesque Jews imposed a dictatorship upon Russia, and now they Kvetch all day, every day, about Russia being a dictatorship.

Which of course it is not.

I’m sure it moans and menstruates a lot about oligarchs; as if America is not largely controlled by what are essentially oligarchs (which are mostly Jewish).

It moans and menstruates about Russia interfering in foreign elections; a crime which they themselves (in America) have committed more than all other countries combined.

Brother, there is no hurry whatsoever. I understand busy. I understand it very well. You can do this whenever, and however you want to do it.

That being said, I will continue in the same vein, and you can decide what will come of it.

At some point, I should do a spoken interview, for various reasons; including the discipline, and the need for practice.

How many listeners do you have? As a radio guy, I understand the complexity of this question. My station had an audience of approximately 13,000 people. But at any given time during the day, the actual number of people listening was closer to 700. So, do you know approximately how many people listen to each of your shows? The second question is how many people total, have heard you? These are obviously two different numbers; the second number being much larger than the first.

How many friends, associates, colleagues, etc. do you have in your own network who produce podcasts, or write articles that are published at someone else’s outlet?

How long have you been podcasting and/or contributing articles?

It moans and menstruates about Russia making war; again, as if America doesn’t make more (Jewish) war than all the other countries combined. The difference is the nature of said wars. I can only think of three military conflicts since the Jewish system was abandoned here: that would be Chechnya; Georgia; and the Ukraine which were defensive.

Jews control the West, beginning with the government and the media, which are essentially one and the same entity.

WW2 essentially resulted from Jews losing control of Germany.

Of course, there were other aspects.

In Nuremberg, in ’46 and ’47, you had four Jewish countries (or national entities): America; England; France; and the USSR, sitting on the bench, trying Germany’s only Gentile entity for four particular crimes. Of course, these crimes were ex post facto; and all four Jewish entities were equally guilty of these 4 crimes.

It’s the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. What VVP is doing in the Ukraine right now is very similar to what Adolf Hitler did in the years leading up to WWII.

Bohemia and Danzig (Gdansk) are perfect examples.

I surveyed the inhabitants of Crimea two years after it reverted back to Russian rule. Not a single person I spoke with preferred Ukrainian rule over Russian rule. I may have told you about this, including my Jewish hostess, whose hatred for both countries was about the same. She also lived In Israel, where she lived for a while. She hated everything and everyone, except her cat.

I probably don’t need to tell you about what the Jews were doing to the Russians in Eastern Ukraine beginning that same year: 2014.

And you are probably familiar with the Minsk Agreements, and how Jewish all that was.

If I were given the choice between the spoken interview and the written interview; I would choose the former, given that by that time, you’ll already understand how my conditions affect my communication.

But it might require more effort and control on your part, to keep me focused, and engineer your questions in a way that I can more easily try to answer them with more brevity.

Brevity is obviously not my strength.

I don’t just use stereotypes all day long; I also reinforce them.

There’s an old saying in Poland: “The Jew cries out in pain as he repeatedly punches you in the face.” This is kind of what they’re doing in the Western Media, among other things.

Like the rulers and their thought leaders in Washington DC, kicking Americans in the stomach and the face, while insisting that they love them. Tough love, I guess.

It’s for your own good.

Trust us.

Does it (the Jew) ever speak fondly about the countries from which it was expelled-usually on multiple occasions? 23 times from Germany; officially 200 times from the Russian Empire; unofficially 2000 times. I’m pretty sure I gave you those statistics before.

Is it (the Jew) behaving any differently than it always has? No.

I don’t know what media you consume, or how much, but I have always monitored Jewish media since 1991, and they have been moaning all day every day about the “rise in antisemitism”.

They actually moaned this week about the idea that they might have to actually spend money repairing the damage they have done in the Gaza Strip; as if someone else should pay for it. Because of course, the Jews should not have to pay for anything. They are entitled; to anything and everything they want.

“And they have been moaning all day every day about the “rise in antisemitism”… by which I mean since October 7.

We’re always “moaning” about (their) Jewish behavior. That’s what they say.

  1. Have you traveled around Russia? What are your impressions?
  2. Do you go back to the USA? Do friends and family visit you in Russia?
  3. Are you getting Russian citizenship?
  4. What are your future plans in Russia?

The Russian Cities I’ve stayed in, thus far, include Moscow; Sevastopol; Saint Petersburg (10 times); Sochi (18 times); Zelenograd; Lobnya; Mytishchi; Kaluga; Adler; Simferopol; Kerch; Kaliningrad; Barnaul; Novosibirsk; Solnechnogorsk; Klin; Tver; Sergiyev Posad; Tula; Ryazan; Kazan; Vladimir; Vyborg; Kraskovo; Shilovo; Penza; Samara; Ufa; Ekaterinburg; Omsk; Kemerovo; Chelyabinsk; Perm; Tomsk; Krasnoyarsk; Nizhneudinsk; Irkutsk; Ulan Ude; Gremyachinsk; Kuchugury; Petra; Nabereznye Chelny; Cheboksary; Tambov; Saratov; Volgograd; Astrakhan; Makhachkala; Vladikavkaz; Stavropol; Krasnodar; Primorsky; Feodosya; Yalta; Anapa; Rostov on Don; Khokholskiy; Voronezh; Bryansk; Smolensk; Pskov; Veliky Novgorod; Toropets; Ust-Dolyssy; Demidov; Novomikhaylovskiy; Botovka; Suzdal; Ivanovo; Kostroma; Vologda; Cherepovets; Rybinks; Yaroslavl; Kalyazin; Kolomna; Pereslavl; Rostov; Podolsk; Serpukhov; Stupino; Bataysk; Malyy Akhun; Krasnaya Polyana; Tuapse; Gelendzikh; Novorossiysk; Sennoy; Yeysk; Liskinskiy; Kupavna; Domodedovo; Zhavoronki; Ulyanovsk; Skopin; Reutov; Balashika; Orlowskiy; Nizhniy Mamon, and Stepankovo. 100 Russian cities, in all. This list hasn’t changed since September of 2021, after which point all my nights away from home were in other Eurasian countries. I may have stayed in other Russian cities before that, but I don’t always keep good records. I’ve definitely been to and through many others; but these are the Russian cities in which I have spent at least one night, usually more; and I’ve been to many of them more than once.

I love Russia with all my heart. I will elaborate and answer questions 7-10 tomorrow, in detail. I don’t really have plans. I don’t plan to go to the United States. I spent one afternoon with a friend in Peter. But she’s from Russia. I met and dated her on my island before coming here.

I have not thought about citizenship.

I plan on moving to China.

If that happens, I have no idea how long it would last; possibly forever. But ideally, I would spend the rest of my life headquartered in these two countries.

I stopped speaking to my older brother and our mother shortly after leaving California, in 2011. I stopped speaking to my younger brother in early 2008.

My dad was an angel and my best man friend. He died in the first days of March 2022.

He was a physician, like my wife.

Good night brother.

My tourist visa requires that I leave the country every six months. We’re talking about Vladivostok in June, during which trip we would go back to China for I’m not sure how long.

Hello brother. I did other things today. I hope your day and your week were great.

I’ll try to answer your last three questions tomorrow

I’m sorry. I should have looked at my last messages to you from last night.

I said I’d answer your questions today. I normally do what I say I’ll do. Please forgive me. Have a great weekend

I guess I answered them last night; briefly. Tomorrow I will elaborate.


Good night

Oh boy. My memory is taking another deep dive. Please forgive me, for not following through on my promises. it is very out of character for me. it is partly a result of transitioning to a new office, which involves a new routine as well. So I associate you with my laptop and my office and my desk, at which I have not been spending Any time for the last few days. today was a very busy day. we were out all day. it was an interesting day. but I will put it on my calendar again. I think I did, but I must not have looked at the Calendar, or it’s not syncing again, or something. in any event, I don’t mean to be fabricating excuses. but I Never got the sense that you were in a hurry, or this would not have happened.

My calendar on my devices doesn’t always sync. but that was not the problem, because I did not put it on my laptop. but I will do that right now, on both devices.

Good morning, dear man. Yes, I’ve flown and driven all over the parts of Russia circled in the above map.

Above and below

I really love Russia. Obviously, because of the location of Russia on the globe northern location-the terrain and topography are much less diverse than in China or America. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have driven through 49 states, and I hitchhiked through the 50th. so, I’ve been to all 50 United States, and to 40 countries. Russia is my favorite country in the world, so far; and I don’t expect with the exception of China to love another country more. this is clearly not based on terrain et cetera. it’s spiritual and emotional and ideological and political, and there are other ingredients.

I don’t think I will love China more because of my Western ethos and aesthetic. architecture plays a huge role, as does artwork in the fine arts. I don’t think I’ll ever get back into literature, in which I immersed myself in the late 80s and early 90s. so that element probably won’t play a role. I don’t read plays or poetry. but I read most of the best books written (in the Western world) in my early 20s. I read most of the classics. my relationship with theatre is mixed and complicated, by which I mean live theatre. my relationship with movies is very healthy, meaning I do not watch movies. I probably watched 1000 Hollywood movies. but in my case, they weren’t spread out and distributed evenly over the course of my lifetime, like with most Americans. It’s another rabbit to chase; another story I’m sure doesn’t interest you. but I stopped watching movies in 2004 because they were too Jewish. my life was not enriched or improved by Hollywood movies. they were pretty disgusting. occasionally I watch them from a distance, without sound, on airplanes. I will listen to music or books or articles or something while watching a neighbor’s movie on the back of someone else’s Airplane seat. they are so absurd and ridiculous. it’s unbelievable that people pay for and squander their precious time watching such psychotic nonsense.

the movies are indicative and illustrative of the psychotic relationship Americans have with our shared reality, to the extent that we have a shared reality. Americans are utterly detached from the “facts on the ground”, as the gay Jewish journalists are wont to say.

Obviously there’s been a propagandistic element to the movies, probably from the beginning. you may be aware of the role Hollywood played in the construction of the Holocaust.

I’m not saying it didn’t happen.

I celebrated Purim yesterday, at the central Chabad synagogue and Jewish community center, for almost two hours. It was very interesting. It took a long time to get past security, which is the same as at the airport; and there was a heavy police presence outside the building. people looked at me funny. people look at me funny because I wear a kilt. but I also wear a toothbrush (mustache), and two crucifixes hang around my neck. orthodox men wear a crucifix inside their shirts. most Russians have never seen a kilt; and most human beings haven’t seen a man wearing a toothbrush (mustache), ever. so, I was detained by security. but the irony is that no one batted an eye at my toothbrush, which I came prepared to shave off for the event. I had clippers and a razor in my shoulder bag. I would even have let them do it, if it gave them some kind of pleasure. in any event, nobody said a word, or even looked funny, at my mustache. but of course, everybody looks at me funny because of the kilt. I haven’t worn pants in years. people were very kind and friendly. It was a positive experience. it’s a seven-story building I think; at least six. I went to every floor and looked at everything. I sat in a service for about 20 minutes. not my first Jewish service. I attended a synagogue in West Petaluma for, let’s see; from September 2009 until we left California in May 2011. I went to the local synagogue over 100 times for Shabbat services; Adult education was basically a book club; I met one-on-one with the Rabbi every Thursday morning for an hour, for six months; and I participated in Talmud studies on Sunday mornings. it was all part of my research on Judaica. I have a Hasidic friend here I met three or four years ago. he invited me. we correspond. He’d been Urging me to come there for a long time, but they wouldn’t let me in with the kilt until yesterday.

In case I haven’t made the disclaimer: most of my best friends are always were-Jews. technically, I am a Jew (because that time at the California synagogue was part of a conversion process). my wife has a lot of Jewish Blood. I think I mentioned at least some of this before. I’ve dated at least 31 women who told me they were Jewish, and many more who didn’t tell me or didn’t even know.

My number two squeeze in Russia is a “completed” Jew. My wife is a complete Jew. But my wife did not know she was Jewish until I informed her of this.

One of my genealogist cousins believes that we have a certain Jewish ancestor who would be mine, K married M, who is a suspect. M gave birth to my mom’s mom’s mom. I could go on in excruciating detail. In any event, I know the suspect in question; his name was C. He was born in Litchfield, England, in the 1820s, and arrived in San Francisco on January 1, 1850. he is the suspected Jewish grandfather. his wife’s name was Green. She obviously may have been Jewish. she was also born in Litchfield, in the early 1820s.

My mom and my two brothers behave like Jews, but that’s more cultural. it’s a Bay Area thing. there are 50 billion (300 thousand plus) Jews in the San Francisco Bay area.

There are more than 1 million Jews in California (officially). you may not be aware of this, but Jewish populations are typically under by a large margin for various reasons I could explain. it’s baked into their religion. they are forbidden from participating in surveys for reasons that may be obvious.

  1.      Have you traveled around Russia? What are your impressions?
  2.     Do you go back to the USA? Do friends and family visit you in Russia?
  3.     Are you getting Russian citizenship?
  4.    What are your future plans in Russia?

One element I’m in love with here is the fact that the Iron Curtain preserved a lot of things, it was one day during my first trip to Sochi in December 2017 when I realized that people had been walking down the path, I was on for tens of thousands of years. I have an interesting and glorious relationship with the past. I love old school. I love so many aspects of old school. one thing in particular I’m talking about is 19th-century culture, including artwork; all of the arts, including architecture, literature, and the fine arts. I like that phase of Western civilization, which is really when it kind of peaked out, in many ways you probably understand. So, you still have a lot of really old-fashioned, School-literally 19th century costumes, dress, manners, and culture, here in Russia outside of the cities, which are big and modern. very big, and very modern. Russia is “urbanized”, so most people live in big cities, which are also like the Jewish community lot bigger than the official numbers would indicate, for more reasons that I could explain.

I love Russia with all my heart. of course, I could write a book about it, but that’s not what you want.

I realized about a week before leaving Seattle that I might never go back to America again. and I realized within months of arriving here that I might not be safe there, or anywhere outside of the Sino-Russian sphere, which is my safe zone; because the political actors cannot easily reach me there.

Needless to say, it’s very inconvenient. the simplest reason is to go and get things that aren’t so easily obtained here. the biggest reason is that I can make a lot of money in America, very easily, very quickly; at any time or place. I could fly there and spend a week or a month or a summer, or however much time I wanted to go there, however often I wanted to go there. I could go to any city, and make money. I don’t have any money here. I haven’t had any money since November 2022, because of the conflict. I don’t need a lot of money. I’ve always had everything I needed, like right now. life is good. I’m not complaining. I have a beautiful, glorious wife who loves me very much, and she pays all the bills. but I like working and earning money, et cetera. I don’t have a work permit here, yet.

I’ve always made friends quickly and easily, including real friends. I bond quickly with people. but America is Jewish. Jews destroy everything and everyone in their path. so, most of the friends I’ve collected over 57 years have been destroyed, culturally; spiritually; politically, and in all those ways that affect friendships, people, and civilizations. I maintain friendships with a very small, well; I stay in touch with people, as an anthropologist. I keep tabs on and remain in touch with people going back to my childhood. but the number of real friends that I have now is down to the number of real friends the average American has. whereas once upon a time, for most of my life, I had many true friends.

  1. Are you getting Russian citizenship?
  2. What are your future plans in Russia?

I have not made much of an effort, oh citizenship; no. like I said: I don’t think about citizenship. I need a residence permit, so I can work here; Partly to help fund whatever the government is funding at a given time. the government here is not perfect. there’s a lot of waste, like in America. but it’s not comparable. you can’t compare the amount of waste here to the amount of waste in America. in any event, I essentially trust Vladimir Putin with my life. I would say I trust him more than 99%. the Russian government is much better than the American government. so, I would like to contribute income taxes to that effort.

I generally don’t make plans. I don’t have a plan. I probably have a mission, but I don’t know what it is. I am waiting to find out. I am quietly, slowly, gradually preparing for whatever task is assigned. I would like to help end the war. I’m not talking about the conflict in the Ukraine. I’m talking about the Jewish war on Gentile, which has been going on for 3300 years.

It’s a war that came to my attention around November of 1992, and I have been studying it ever since. As I probably told you: this has essentially been a full-time activity, for 31.5 years.

Whoops. Typo above: “…Jewish populations are typically under by a large margin for various reasons I could explain. it’s baked into their religion. they are forbidden from participating in censuses.”

We can do a live interview on any subject or subjects you like; just without video.

I have lots of real names. that’s not important. it would make sense to use one of my names or some variation thereof. my middle name is G. here is G. or G. My legal name is Shmuel (Samuel). Sam would work.

All done I guess.

Sam is fine.

Thanks B.

Hello brother. There is no hurry whatsoever. I encourage you to put our project aside and address whatever higher priorities you have right now.

Take your time. Try to relax. Enjoy your trip. Exactly. Where will you go in China? We are probably going back in June and July from Vladivostok.


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