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China, North Korea and the upcoming international sanctions-China Rising Radio Sinoland 16.3.10

  China feels the same way, but has to be a little more subtle about it. A North Korean propaganda poster.     Listen and/or read here: [dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are a number of ways to look at the ongoing situation between China, North Korea and the upcoming international sanctions being debated by the United Nations Security…

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Jeff J. Brown on Press TV- North Korean Satellite Launch Concerns 16.2.7

Everything the US has been doing in Asia since 1949, from Tibet, to Taiwan, to the Korean and Vietnam Wars, is all about containing China and trying to overthrow the Communist Party of China. Concerning the recent satellite launch, being a fraternal Marxist-Leninist-Communist country, the Chinese understand the North Koreans better than any other country,…

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