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60 Seconds over Sinoland: largest engineering project in history will create a Chinese desert oasis as big as a country.

By Jeff J. Brown                       Pictured above: China will transform 200,000km2 of its desert into lush agricultural lands, as much territory as the US state of Nebraska or the European country of Belarus. Just another day in communist-socialist Sinoland. Ho-hum.    Do your friends, family…

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Part 16 of 44 Days Beijing Radio AM774 Interview with Bruce Connolly

Pictured above: in the huge covered, outdoor market in Chishui, a dentist sets up shop and performs a wide variety of dental needs and operations, for all the world to see. Open wide! Photo from the book, 44 Days Backpacking in China, by Jeff J. Brown. Listen to Jeff talk about some of the travel…

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