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Massive “China Rising Radio Sinoland China Tech Database” is celebrating its one-year anniversary 190402

                                      By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: like a hyperbolic curve, China Tech’s advances are turning into a 21st century tsunami of innovation, invention, science, research and development. Keeping up with all the news has become a…

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China’s Science-Technology + Research-Development: the US better wake up! China Rising Radio Sinoland with John V. Walsh 160601

  Pictured above is one of China’s Tianhe supercomputers, the world’s fastest. You read that right, China, not the United States or Europe. Image by baidu.com Crosslinked with The Greanville Post, which added extra information and visuals: http://www.greanvillepost.com/2016/06/01/chinas-advances-in-science-technology-starting-to-surpass-the-west/ Note: if you cannot access SoundCloud, go to the very bottom of this page, where you can…

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