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David Rovics is a gifted, anti-empire singer-songwriter, whose voice needs to be heard by China Rising Radio Sinoland fans. Today’s interview with him is penetrating, very enlightening and at times funny.

Host Jeff J. Brown loves Mr. Rovics’ music and admires and respects his message. He hopes you will check him out. To help in that endeavor, he picked seven of David’s songs, each one covering a particular theme or subject, as points of conversation.

Here are the songs:

Assata http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/assata/

Egyptian Rag http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/egyptian-rag/

Landlord http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/landlord-2/

Sugihara http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/sugihara-2/

What Do You Call It http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/what-do-you-call-it/

Up the Provos http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/up-the-provos-2/

Judy http://www.davidrovics.com/songbook/judy/

The interview can be heard here:

If you cannot access SoundCloud, listen to the interview or download it as a podcast, at the very bottom of this page.

To learn more about David, here are his websites, plus the promised link to the Al-Jazeera documentary:

His main website: www.davidrovics.com

His SoundCloud station: https://soundcloud.com/davidrovics

To buy David’s music: https://davidrovics.bandcamp.com/

His Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Rovics

The Al-Jazeera documentary “Al-Nakba”, about the Palestinian genocide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FML0wzJ6A. Parts 2, 3, 4 and a panel discussion as #5 follow.

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