Bombshell: mainstream TV journo admits 9/11’s WTC 7 collapsed from controlled demolition. 60 Seconds over Sinoland 191009


By Jeff J. Brown


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Once in a while, a mainstream journalist intentionally speaks the truth or innocently blurts it out, either way which is of course immediately flushed down the Orwellian Memory Hole. Tucker Carlson at Fox News has courageously done this a few times recently, but of course it is seen once and then disappeared.

In the innocent comment department, CNBC Anchor Ron Insana just admitted that 9/11’s WTC Building 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition. He was there that day, so was an eyewitness. You can see the clip and explanation here,

I just wrote about how much WTC7 changed my life’s course and arc of awareness, for the better,

Which is well worth taking few minutes to read/watch/listen to.

Psychopathic, elite, global capitalist (apologies for the triple tautology) Larry Silverstein, who made many billions of dollars in insurance claims on all three WTC buildings that were destroyed by the deep state, even admitted it in a – of course, long-buried – interview,

Once you put on the “Truth Sunglasses” portrayed in John Carpenter’s must-watch, anti-imperial, sci-fi movie classic, “They Live” (, you step out of “The Matrix”( , which is another wonderful, anti-dystopian-elite allegory. As I explained in my article referenced above, the truth shall set you free!

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