Is SARS-COV-2 isolated in a test tube? Is it more deadly than seasonal flu? A fascinating dialogue to help you find the answers, with A/V intro. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210205


By Jeff J. Brown

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Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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 Email exchange between Caren, J. and me


From me, 

 Looks like it’s true that Covid has never been isolated. 

Larger context of the Dr Wu Zunyou segment regarding failure to isolate…  


From Caren, 

Who besides Dr Wu Zunyou is claiming this?  What papers have been written?  And, how does this help current patients or the public?  If this person (from UCLA, part of a group also working in China) is correct, why the elaborate charade in China? Does that not imply that China is working with the Western deep state? If the virus can be created (and a very similar one could be/was created in 2015, then why can this virus not be isolated?

I respect you, Jeff, and your research, but am having trouble wrapping my head around this one, at least right now.

Best, Caren 


From me, 

 Hi, Caren, 

Thank you for your concern and I fully understand the cognitive dissonance. As a co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the curator of its Global Online Library (BWTC-GOL –, this is a subject I continue to study a lot. 

China is the most bioweapon (BW) and etymological weapon (EW) attacked country in modern history, going back to the Japanese in the 1930-1940s (Unit 731), by the Unit-731-adopting Americans in 1950s Korea, Harvard illegally collecting uncounted, many millions of Chinese lung DNA samples in the 1990s, SARS in the 2000s, repeated avian and swine flu attacks since then, and Covid in the 2010s. The only other country that comes even close is Cuba, both ongoing. As well, China’s global intelligence service (MSS) surely has thick files on Western BW-EW and chemical weapon (CW) attacks on countries around the world and the West’s own citizens, going back to World War I.  

Therefore, all in-country BW-EW-CW incidents are assumed to be foreign attacks. Baba Beijing immediately goes into a war footing and plans China’s society and economy as such, even if it turns out to not be deadly, nor from the outside. The same goes for any important industrial “accident”, like 2015’s Tianjin Port explosion. 

The leadership is not going to publicly admit any false alerts, as it would be a loss of face and in any case, it’s great practice for the next real outside sabotage around the corner. Nor is it going to admit any real foreign attacks, as the people would demand an appropriate response. This would mean a hot war, which Baba Beijing wants to avoid like the plague (pun intended), to keep the people safe and prosperous.  

If Baba doesn’t make a bellicose response, it would lose face and the Heavenly Mandate to govern, whereby the people would rise up and demand a new government. This would surely be fueled by billions of dollars of Western color revolution money to replace the CPC with a balkanizing, Yelstinesque puppet regime, which would be terrible for the people as well.  

CRRS is full of posts on all the above ( I hope you can now understand more clearly China’s very sage and prudent crisis-event modus operandi.  

We cannot blame Baba Beijing for taking long-term care of its citizens and economy, with its massive Covid response, while it is being used as a Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) sledgehammer example by the West’s Covid-Great Reset Plandemic, to transform all global capitalist countries into technofeudal, fascist police states.  

Tellingly, which countries are surviving and thriving in the Plandemic? All the communist-socialist-anti-imperialist (CSAI) peoples. 

China is doing what it must to protect its people, ongoing. This, while Eurangloland’s kakocratic, trillionaire dictatorship is working overtime to control all non-CSAI countries, their human resources and natural resources. 

 In Sino-Solidarity, Jeff 


From Caren, 

Hi, Jeff,

Thank you for your response! 

 Every single time I’ve read an article saying SARS-CoV-2 is no more deadly than seasonal flu, there have been no mathematical backups.  If someone ever demonstrates such a claim mathematically – verified numbers, operations – I will accept the new statistics.  I’ve quadruple-checked the ones I’ve been using:

Seasonal flu US = .3% mortality rate 2017-18 was the worst year in a decade for seasonal flu, so this is one of the higher morality rates. This is just US. It seems quite difficult to calculate the number of presented flu cases worldwide and to project the total number of global cases.

COVID-19 US = 3% (actually 2.7%) mortality rate 

I used the US numbers rather than global, again, so as to compare US to US.  However, global deaths to completed cases is the same: just under 3%.

Closed cases is the only way you can check mortality accurately until the pandemic is over. Then total cases will = closed cases. In an ongoing epidemic, these are two different numbers.

This USA Today article, Fact check: COVID-19 is deadlier than the 1918 Spanish flu and seasonal influenza, is not the smoothest writing and contains at least one error:

Every year, 3 million to 5 million people globally contract the seasonal flu, resulting in about 290,000 to 650,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.

Every year, ten times that number “contract the flu” in the US alone. The actual WHO quote is, “Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 290 000 to 650 000 respiratory deaths.”  Contracting the flu is a far cry from severe illness, meaning hospitalization. The 290,000 – 650,000 figure is a 2017 update to prior figures of 250,000 – 500,000.

The problem lies with fuzzy math and applies-and-oranges comparisons. If 10 children all wear blue sweaters in the same class of 30 in a school of 300 students, either we can say 1/3 of that class wore blue sweaters or 3.4% of the school (1/30) wore blue. Too often, what we see are headlines saying “One-third of the school’s students wore blue.” The headline mixes apples with oranges and is simply not true. 

To further complicate matters, the CDC defines mortality rate as, “The mortality rate is the number of people who died…divided by the total number of people in the population. [In] an ongoing outbreak, the mortality rate can change daily.”

But, mortality rate is more a measure of transmission, of the likelihood of getting a disease, and that can change from one area (or country) to the next, depending on healthcare policies and demographics.

Worldometers go into great detail to explain how their data are collected – from the WHO, the CDC, and many others – and analyzed.

Worldometers compares total deaths against total completed cases. This is a measure of how likely someone is to die if they contract a particular disease. Data must be drawn from cases that have had a definite outcome – they’re “closed” or “completed”. Using cases that are incomplete skews the data because there is no way to know how incomplete cases will turn out in the end.

The point is:  The numbers are definitely not the point.   Anyone who contracts COVID-19 runs a greater risk than death:  lifelong recurrence, and/or ongoing destruction of organs, and/or inability to ever fully recover (already well documented).  So, I see disputes over numbers or masks as counterproductive – actually helping what you term the “BLPM”.

Jeff, you and I know the BLPM have loosed this on the world by making it worse in seemingly every possible way – from degrading healthcare, purposefully not replacing crucial medical supplies and PPE for over a decade in advance, broadcasting confusing and conflicting public guidance designed to extend the outbreak as long as possible while stairstepping the economy down toward collapse. 

And if, rather than reacting to what appear to be blunders, poor leadership, happenstance, if we stop and think about it, do a little research – as we both have – those “explanations” for what’s been happening are too convenient, too “pat”. Your “BLPM” by definition lies and exudes propaganda. But, the BLPM are also the most informed and practiced people on the planet. They have run the pandemic scenario six ways from Sunday. They are well aware what can happen. 

Viewing events from their zero-sum standpoint and keeping in mind the technique kit they’ve been using around the world for the past three decades, I see a logic in what they’ve been doing. They know resources are declining and extreme weather events, increasing.  They know food and water will become huge issues in just a few years with 8 billion people.  We know that despite popular assumptions, the BLPM’s loyalty is to itself, not to the countries from which it springs. So… 

It seems they’ve made their decision and it’s a completely predictable one. Globally, there have been a number of countries they wanted to collapse, for a variety of reasons to their advantage – reasons well documented by Matthew Blum, Dan Kovalik, Larry Romanoff, Max Blumenthal and many others. To this end they’ve stirred unrest within these countries – often beginning before a major election – causing the government to collapse and the country to splinter, often by ethnicity (also called balkanization, due to where BLPM began practicing). 

 This is meant to kill as many as possible while collapsing costly Western society – no longer the useful, inexpensive workforce it once was and quite reliant on social programs.  That’s why the BLPM have seeded masks and lockdowns (and numbers) as “Issues”, creating mass confusion and push-back against the very measures that could save lives by stopping the spread.  That’s why the vaccines are touted as the only cure, while inexpensive traditional preventative and early treatment medicines are panned and banned. And, we’ve both seen how the disease and the vaccines can carry many “extra surprises” down the road, which I won’t go into here. You’re well versed.  

The BLPM have done everything possible to increase both the spread of disease and the divisions in Western society, to balkanize society into easily controlled conflict-ridden pieces.  More assassinations of crucial leaders may be expected and probably blamed on “the people” or more lone gunmen. The goal is a vastly reduced population and all remaining global resources firmly under control of the BLPM. 

 I don’t believe the Western world can be awakened. It is being firmly woked, which is the opposite. Your column is so important now outside the West.  My opinion/assessment. 

Stay safe and well, good friend, Caren 


 Reply from another colleague, J., 

What in the world, Jeff!? This is prepos disinformation, and easily countered. The quote by Dr. Yu Zunyou was in reference to isolating the virus in particular samples in Wuhan, looking for the origin of the virus. He was not saying they have never been able to isolate the virus. I seriously question your motivation for perpetuating the falsehood that there is no Covid-19 virus.  

Here is exactly what Dr. Yu Zunyou has to say on the subject of isolating the virus, as he described in a speech on Dec. 8, 2020 at Beijing Forum 2020, Beijing University (bold added for emphasis): 

On January 3, China reported the epidemic to the World Health Organization and other countries around the world. At that time, it was still named as a pneumonia of unknown etiology. On January 7, China isolated the virus strain and identified it as a novel coronavirus. On January 9, the diagnostic reagents were shipped to Wuhan for diagnostics. On January 12, China shared the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus strain with the World Health Organization. On January 20, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was included on the list of National Notifiable Communicable Diseases. On January 23, Wuhan was locked down…. 

It only took around three weeks from the discovery of the epidemic to the lockdown of Wuhan. What were our important discoveries? First of allit only took a week to isolate the virus after we identified the epidemic. This was the shortest time on record for scientists to recognize a new infectious disease. It only took a few days from the isolation of pathogens to the creation of diagnostic reagents for clinical diagnosis. This was also a record-breaking short time in history. 

Ignorant material, such as the writings of Christine Massey about isolating the virus in some kind of “sterile” medium with no other genetic components only reveals a total misunderstanding of how the isolation and identification of viral materials has historically developed and is currently assessed. Any reader of this email can educate themselves by reading this comprehensive 2007 article on the subject from Clinical Microbiology Review.


From me, 

Thanks, J., 

There’s so much cognitive dissonance, that’s it’s enough to drive me crazy. Why did Yu Zunyou say the opposite in his recent CNBC interview? I think the info war is part of the plan to keep everybody divided.  

Just because I send something, doesn’t mean I endorse it. I’m trying to share info and when it is totally snuffed by the BLPM, my bullshit meter goes up. Like 9/11, election fraud, the Plandemic and mRNA vaccines, why the total suppression?  

It’s not a good sign.  

Peace, Jeff 


…In closing, I’m still seeking answers and looking at a lot of different information. As we go to press, I read the following, which seems to refine the definition of what “isolated virus” means in clinical terms. There is evidently more than one, 


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