Huawei continues to be the perfect allegory for why the West’s desperate efforts to destroy the Chinese nation are doomed to fail: the latest reports. China Tech News Flash! #103 / China Rising Radio Sinoland 210503


By Jeff J. Brown


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Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, China Rising Radio Sinoland and China Tech News Flash!

Just wanted to give you an update: when we finally got our shipment back from Thailand, where we were hoping to retire, but moved back to France to take care of my wife’s family’s ancestral home and also her mother’s in a nursing home nearby. So we retired here permanently in cold and northern France. I just got my nice, big Rode-NT USB mic fixed here locally. So that’s going to be added back to where it used to be.  

And then I got my computer, which was unfortunately a little bit broken in the shipment from Thailand. I got it fixed and I’m going to pick it up next week. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be back with the green screen for China Tech News Flash! and important China Rising Radio Sinoland articles. 

First off, audio visual fans, you really need to get to the CRRS, the China Rising Radio Sinoland page for all the links, because there’s just pages of links. 

I do want to point out that my daughter does work at Huawei. She was first in Germany in HR, Human Resources and is now in France, where she is the admin assistant at two of the company’s top research centers here, including the new €200 million Lagrange Center for Mathematics. In addition to everything else about the allegory of Huawei, I do have a family connection and have learned a lot from her about why she enjoys working there so much. 

This post is entitled,  

Huawei continues to be the perfect allegory for why the West’s desperate efforts to destroy the Chinese nation are doomed to fail: the latest reports. China Tech News Flash! #103 / China Rising Radio Sinoland 210503  

Before we get started, my two recent posts are a great primer, also based on living and working in China for sixteen years, 

Jeff J. Brown reviews, “Huawei Stories: Pioneers”, by Tian Tao and Yin Zhifeng… After reading this book, is it any wonder that Huawei is the global leader in ICT? China Rising Radio Sinoland 210423 

This one talks about Huawei’s work in France and the Lagrange Center, with photos, 

Invited to Huawei’s “Protecting IP-Driving Innovation 2021 White Paper Forum”, here is my analysis and what you need to know for your (ICT – Information, Communication and Technology) future. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210320  

And since Huawei  is the perfect allegory and metaphor for China, its governance and people, especially vis-à-vis the West, I created a Huawei Online Resource Collection. This even has Chinese articles. And the link is here, 

Huawei Online Resource Collection. By: China Rising Radio Sinoland and China Tech News Flash! / 华为在线资源收集。 崛起中的中国的常客和中国科技新闻快讯!写的  


My Report 

The West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) tsunami against Huawei and China are part and parcel of the same MSM psychological warfare, since Eurangloland (NATO, EU, Five Eyes, Israel) can’t compete openly and honestly on a level playing field. 

And there are these tech websites. They all have dishonest, distorted, blatantly propagandistic articles. They also do some good reportsI mean, there’s no doubt about itthey do. When it comes to China, the reporting becomes dishonest and distorted and very propagandistic and antiChina. These include websites like Totaltel, Telecoms, Light Reading and Total Telecom; as if it’s perfectly normal for the West to declare war as a business plan on China – as I have reported before – actually the United States, but in tandem with vassal Europe. What it is doing against companies like Huawei and against China was exactly what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did to get Japan to attack the United States, so that the United States could get into World War Two to boost the economy, because the economy was really, really flagging. What is going on, is historically way more for a country to respond with a hot war, but that’s not something the Chinese are ready to do. 

All right, let’s go. It’s just I just want to run through quickly about ten of the articles from these websites that just love to come out with these snarky, insulting, threatening, chest beating articles against Huawei and everybody else in China 

Huawei dishonesty continues to argues that people who call Harmony operating system   

That’s their new cross platform for computers, phones, cars, consumer electronics, everything. That’s their new operating system, 

just an Android skin, have no idea about software. 

You know, Linux was the original operating system, but now there’s all kinds of different Linuxes out there that are not the same. Huawei started out with Android, but then they have changed it so much that it’s not even recognizably Android, just as there are now at least four or five Linux systems that, yes, they started out with Linux, but they’re now their own unique systems. 

Huawei is proving as hard to stop as movie supervillian 

Huawei is short on answers to chip crunch as growth stalls. 

Well, yeah, because the United States has completely shut down their ability to purchase chips outside of China. What do you expect?  

Starved of chipsHuawei pivots to cars and software.  

Well, you would, too, if your smartphone business is going to take a big hit. Of course they did. They’re diversifying.  

Huawei gives another thumbs-down to Open RAN – or so it says! Open Radio Access Network (RAN) is the China Syndrome!  

You know, the reference to the movie, with, I think it was Jane Fondaabout the nuclear power plant meltdown. They use these emotive trigger words to elicit negative impressions in your head. 

Why would Huawei want to cooperate with Open RAN? I’m sure it would cooperate with Open RAN if they were treated equally like Ericsson and Nokia and not have war declared on it. You have to read the whole article. Ericsson and Nokia not wild about Open RAN either, but they want to give you the impression that it’s Huawei that’s trying to diss Open RAN. 


Huawei navigates US sanctions to make a profit in 2020. 

Which they did, of course, never questioning the the logic of why are the sanctions even in place? And of course, the reason is that they can’t compete against Huawei. This has nothing to do with – I will report later – has nothing to do with national security. It’s just the inability to compete on a level playing field. 

Huawei will play no part in in the UK’s 5G future. 

And another one, 

German security law may tighten the screws on Huawei.  

And then here’s a couple of more that I discussed in the white paper piece I just told you about. I mean, this was blatantly racist in this article, 

Nokia will cut up to 10,000 more jobs after Huawei gained 16,000 positions. 

But they basically – this article – they basically said we can’t trust Huawei‘s numbers because they’re Chinese, can’t trust the Chinese, which is just blatantly racist. And I talk about that in my work following that white paper.  

This was the BLPM meme they propagated around the world, 

Huawei too begin charging phone makers for 5G patents. 

As if other companies don’t charge for their patents and as I pointed out in the article, it’s so darn cheap, it’s irrelevant. Huawei does not make very much money off of them, I think it’s three billion (dollars) a year. It’s insignificant, but they give you the impression that iHuawei that charges for its patents. Butso does Samsung. So does LG. So does everybody else. So does Apple, so does Google, if they have patents they want to charge for. Of course they do. 

And so, these totally dishonest, distorting psychological warfare soldiers, they are all very, very happy because finally, after all this time, after being totally deprived of chips for the last couple of years, the big announcement came out 

Revenues fell 16.5% to $23.5 billion in the first quarter of 2021 for Huawei.  

Of course, it was all almost all in smartphones overseas. And I reported a lot about this on China Tech News Flash!!  

There is a quote from Eric Xu, Huaweis rotating chairman. I’ve also written about this, how they rotate chairmen, they rotate CEOs. Just unbelievable. 

2021 will be another challenging year for us, but it’s also the year that our future development strategy will begin to take shape,” said Eric Xu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman. “We thank our customers and partners for their ongoing trust. No matter what challenges come our way, we will continue to maintain our business resilience. Not just to survive, but do so sustainably. As always, we will remain focused on the needs of our customers and keep delivering practical business value. 

His quote, you could go back to that quote. Everywhere where you see “us”, you could replace “us”, “we”, “Huawei”, you could replace that with China. “Twenty-twenty-one , another challenging year for China”. You just go back and replace them. This just goes to show you… And customers would be citizens, diplomatic partners, the Belt and Road Initiative, you know, in terms of delivering practical business value,  

This is a total allegory of China and Baba Beijing (the leadership).  

This is what the Westerners and probably most people around the world do not understand, is that an outside attack on Huawei, ZTE and any other Chinese business is looked upon by the people as an attack on them. Chinese citizens are patriots, first. 

I can go on and read in Chinese in the national press and the social media, they are full of,  

We’ve got to show support for  

And then just plug it in Huawei, ZTE, any of them, be it an airline. Whatever. High speed train company, automobile company, mining company, shipping company. The Chinese are ready to back to the hilt their businesses if they feel like there is an attack from the outside.  

And it goes both ways. The companies in China, an attack on them is an attack on China and the Chinese people.  

And this goes back to Mao Zedong Thought, I mean, you can go back and read what he wrote. This is exactly how the Chinese, not only the people, but the business, the government – their mission, and their business and their governance with the outside world.  

All right. I have in another file which I went through. I pulled out all the Huawei ones and I still have like nine pages of China Tech News Flash! hyperlinks to report on. I mean, I just cannot keep up. But you know, there were so many about Huawei because Huawei is, you know, in the gun scope of the West. And so there’s a lot of information out there about Huawei.  

When times are good, the pay is better, when times are tough. The 200,000 employee owners of Huawei step up to help out.  

And so there’s an article here, 

Huawei seeks to raise fresh funds from the employees... 

Because they’re the owners there. You can’t buy Huawei stock. It’s the world’s largest employee owned company.  

Amid US trade sanctions. 

This one was interesting, 

Fake, dumb, and poor’ – Huawei exec unloads on China 5G 

Ryan Ding, the head of Huawei’s carrier business, has tipped a bucket of ice water on China’s 5G. 

China might have the world’s biggest rollout and the largest number of customers, but compared to other countries – in particular South Korea – he says China’s 5G is “fake, dumb and poor.” 

Well, that was not meant for the outside world. That was meant for Huawei’s employees. To get them fired up, Now, Huawei’s employees will be motivated to show their patriotism by working bigger, better, faster and cheaper ( 

 The book that I reviewed up above describes this and is just unbelievable.  

Let’s look at China domestically. Huawei is mopping up stakes in domestic chip suppliers.
Of course, if Trump and now Biden are going to deprive Huawei of being able to buy chips to run its business, they’re going to start looking domestically. So, they’ve been buying interests in various chip companies in China.  

Here’s another article.  

China has reached about 96 percent of its target to build 500,000 base stations.  

Of course, many of those, if not most of them, will be Huawei. So, as the West continues to try to destroy Huawei internationally, those 500,000 towers will provide a lot of the service revenue for Huawei domestically.  

Here’s an interesting one. This is something that’s very, very Chinese, very Confucian, very Daoist, very, very Buddhist, 

China Tech Veterans Launch Domestic Replacement Fund amid U.S. sanctions.  

In other words, Chinese businesses and perceived competitors work together for the greater good, especially when the chips are down, and pardon that pun. They will actually help each other to make sure that the pie stays big.  

China’s Manhattan Microchip Project,  

New Shanghai plant reportedly to rid Huawei of dependency on foreign chips in light of U.S. sanctions. 

 will report later on about this. Trust me, China will be producing its own chips within the next few years.  

Here’s another one.  

Huawei and China Mobile 

My phone company, 

Pitch Network Smarts Together. 

Called Intelligent Connectivity. Huawei and the three big phone companies work together to increase customer satisfaction and lower costs for everybody. 


Huawei launches Go Global Alliance to boost Chinese gaming tech firms and using Harmony operating system platforms.  


Huawei updates pedal maps with a major upgrade rivaling Google Maps in a bid for tech self-sufficiency. 

Kenya hails Huawei’s role in boosting youth ICT skills.  

Brazil trialling 5g agriculture with Huawei tech.

Huawei is all over Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania. Read that book review I did about how they got established in African and other parts of the world. It’s just unbelievable.  

Here’s another one. 

Huawei sets out stall for 5.5G. 

To connect the world, calling for new standards to support high speed uplinks, drones and hundreds of billions of connections. Again, looking out globally across the world.  

And why is everybody wanting a Huawei? Here’s another article, 

Huawei is still top dog in the global telecoms market.  

If you go back (on China Tech News Flash!), I have a chart that shows Huawei’s global revenue compared to ICT companies, Samsung and Nokia and Ericsson. I mean, it’s just several magnitudes greater than the competition.  

And it’s not just Huawei, it the U.S. war on China Tech.  

Here’s another headline,  

Chinese firms accused of posing a national threat. 

U.S. banning sanctioning embargoing Huawei, ZTE, which is also another ICT company, US banning, sanctioning an embargoing Huawei Technologies Co (ICT), ZTE Corp (ICT), Hytera Communications Corp (walkie-talkies, radios, comm equip), Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co (CCTVs) and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. (CCTVs), SenseTime, the world’s most valuable artificial intelligence startup (at least before the ban), the large AI company Megvii, and facial recognition firm Yitu Technologies were among those put on the Entity List, where they cannot have any relationship with the United States and of course, then the United States extorts the rest of the world to not do business with them. 

Also listed were voice recognition company iFlytek, cybersecurity group Meiya Pico and nanotech firm Yixin Science and Technology, plus tens more. 

Now, USA just banned six supercomputer companies, including Sugon and microprocessor designer Hygon. Which I also reported on. In fact, my very first China Tech News Flash! is about the fact that China is now more and more dominating supercomputing globally, 

Why are they banning all these companies. Because they can’t compete, it’s just all there is to it, they’ve got bigger, better, faster, cheaper software and hardware. And this is this whole idea of, you know, where the West, especially the United States, has literally declared war on China and the Chinese people and all of their businesses.  

The Chinese will continue to thrive and prosper because Mao Zedong and his Mao Zedong Thought inspires them. Remember, he was the one that came up with the plan called the Third Front, where they they moved huge amounts of industry and manufacturing into the interior of the country, because there – I mean, it was really, really serious with the United States threatening to wipe out China with atomic bombs back in the nineteen fifties – Mao said,  

Go ahead. America’s atom bombs are just a paper tiger. If you do, we will just move everybody to the to the other half of the country and we’ll still survive. 

Of course, that was used as propaganda that, “Oh, Mao, doesn’t care if half his people get wiped out. That’s not what he said. He said if the US bombs with A-bombs, we are not going to cave in. We’re just going to move west, start over and rebuild. Not only that, but during the Mao Era, there was I mean, they went from strength to strength in tech and ag and manufacturing and everything else.  

Here’s another one.  

China Deploys Sun Zi‘s The Art of War to win the chip war. 

I reported on this several times this year (here paraphrasing the article) 

With or without a sanctions juggernaut, China simply won’t be expelled from the global semiconductor market. Beijing has a plan to become the indispensable tech core of East Asia, linking ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Northeast Asia and even both Koreas. And we can’t forget that in the next few years. Made in China 2025, which I’ve reported on several times, remains in effect. The Chinese will be manufacturing the necessary equipment to produce fivenanometer chips as good as or even better than what’s being made in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. And that is absolutely true.  

Not only that, but all of the Chinese companies are are backed and supported by Baba Beijing. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that their one hundred core industries, including ICT, are not going to be destroyed by outside declarations of war. 

Here’s a couple of articles.  

China slams U.S. Bullying Tech Firms, unveils data security.  

So they now are coming out with their own data security regulations and architecture to compete against the United States.  

Here’s the other one.  

China urges neighbors 

Again, ASEAN, East Asia, etc.,  

 to back its data security idea, not the U.S.  

It’s hard for the West to compete against that kind of integrated, patriotic, harmonious, let’sgrowthepie, not try to each have the entire pie. Very, very Confucian. Daoist and Buddhist. 
In the U.S. nothing to say, except the Commerce Department has their entity list.  

Commerce Department adds nine Chinese entities related to human rights.  

Commerce Department adds 24 Chinese companies.  

Commerce Department adds 11Chinese entities Implicated in human rights violations.  

 U.S. sanctions Chinese companies for South China Sea island building.  

Go ahead!  

U.S. Department of Commerce adds to Chinese organizations to its entity list. 

Commerce Department further restricts Huawei access to U.S. technology.  

U.S. Undersecretary of State says there really is no future with Huawei.  

Here’s a good one.  

Exdiplomat reveals how Trump administration managed to persuade EU states to ditch Huawei 5G. 

will tell you how. It’s the imperial toolbox: blackmail, bribery and extortion. Nothing’s changed. 

Then, here we go, 

Huawei being banned in the U.S. by the Joe Biden administration. 

It now puts new limits on Huawei. This, even after Trump actually lifted a couple. 

Pompeo expresses confidence that Western telecom providers will effectively compete with Huawei.  

Well, this is of course the former Secretary of State for Trump, given what you all have done, maybeI’m not even sure that you will be able to compete in spite of everything that you have done, to try to destroy Huawei and China.  

More chip makers apply for U.S. licenses to sell to Huawei.  

As sanctions kick in, Intel gets U.S. licenses to supply some products.  

White House reportedly invokes at least one Intel license to sell to Huawei.  

That was Joe Biden. Biden takes it back. Petty domestic one-upsmanship between Democrat Russia haters and Republican China haters. 

The United Kingdom, loyal Anglo-Saxon Siamese twin to the United States. 

The U.K. plans to rip out Huawei’s 4G, install new 4G, nonHuawei, and then try to find nonChinese 5G suppliers – billions of pounds that will be added to Britain’s customers. And that’s not even capitalism. It’s not free trade. It’s desperate imperialism.  

Here are some of the headlines.  

UK’s postHuawei 5G landscape needs new suppliers.  

This task force, they can’t find anybody to replace Huawei, at the scale that they need for national 5G.  

UK‘s Huawei 5G network replacement may cost the economy £182 billion and £163 billion in GDP as Britain loses 5G lead 

What kind of government would do something like this? I mean, this is nuts.  

UK to lose 100 billion in economic gains, 350,000 potential jobs over 10 years due to Huawei being replaced 

OK, go ahead, a drop in the bucket UK – £250 million aide to replace Huawei in 5G plan, but will lose billions in the long run.  

And then, 

BT and Vodafone balk at the prospect of removing Huawei from UK networks. 

Because, they don’t have anything to replace them with!  

And then, Lord Browne, who used to be the CEO of BT, came out and said in an interview (paraphrasing), 

There is nothing that we cannot verify with Huawei. We know they are not spying on us. We can control all the back doors. We can control everything.  

And he’s the former CEO of BT British Telecom, one of the biggest global behemoths. And in fact, I think he knows what he’s talking about. And so he even came out and said that there’s nothing to worry about. 

This doesn’t really get published. This was on a minor website. It doesn’t get published on the front page of the Financial Times or the Independent or the other major papers. 
Since 2015, the UK began to scrutinize Huawei, now the fifth Huawei security evaluation report. It continues to confirm no evidence of Huawei backdoor activities. 

This the BLPM sensors. This information, it’s really hard to see. In fact, this is from the UK government. It’s a UK government website. And as I reported, Ren Zhengfei, the founder and former CEO of Huawei, offered to provide every algorithm, everything to Western companies. Of course, they would have to pay for it because its licensed. 
So, they can see exactly what they’re getting. But again, they can’t compete. And so they came up with this phony national security lie, the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.  

In spite of all this, you know, especially since Huawei got its start in Europe working with BT, if you see the book review above, why, 

Huawei is not giving up on U.K. 5G just yet. 

There are a lot of companies that would just say,  

To heck with youwe’ll go someplace else.  

But that’s not the way Chinese businesses work, with their Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist mentality. 

OK, let’s move to France.  

As I reported in my white paper article above, Huawei loves to work with the French because their education system cranks out well-trained blue collar and educated white collar workers, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). They’ve got some of the best engineering schools in the world.  

And here we go,  

Huawei to build network equipment factory in France as E.U. battles for tech policy on Chinese.  

So, they just built the Lagrange Center for Mathematics. They continue to have like, six research centers in France. Now they’re going to do manufacturing in France, in spite of everything being done to try to destroy them and the Chinese nation.  

Germany, even though they are threatening to pull out Huawei in-country, 

Berlin, plans to back Deutsche Telekom China 5G bid as U.S. pressures E.U. in trade and tech war.  

So, you know, they’re sitting there threatening to pull out Huawei from Germany, but they’re going to go ahead and try to do business in China. I mean, you have to choose war or cooperation. Funny enough, the Chinese would let them have an opportunity in any case. 

These articles in the press, like “France is going to let Huawei and ZTE do this”, and then two weeks later, oh, France is going to stop their plans. This is because of the imperial toolbox. As soon as a Western empire vassal state comes out with something favorable to say, announces that they’re going to continue to work, et cetera, what does Washington do? They send their goons over to Brussels and Paris and Berlin and London and they pull out their imperial toolbox – blackmail, bribery and extortion. And then the headlines change.  

Sweden has really become a battleground.  

Huawei makes a stand against Sweden’s 5G ban.  


Huawei appeals Sweden ban 

Sweden halts 5G auction after court allows Huawei to build 5G network.  

And then, of course, Ericsson is one of the best ICT companies in the world, they’re Swedish.  

And so here you have the chief executive of Ericsson coming out and saying, 

Europe risks falling behind again in 5G rollout amid Swedish Huawei ban.  

So, here you have the CEO of one of Sweden’s flagship high-tech companies saying we need to work with Huawei. And then when that didn’t really help – and by the way, I’m finding these on alternative media, Sputnik and R.T. and elsewhere, because I don’t know how much of this is actually being reported and fully explained in the Big Lie propaganda machine, 

(Swedish) Ericsson threatens to leave Sweden unwilling to lose the Chinese market over Huawei ban 

So the CEO, apparently what he said about 5G fell on deaf ears. Again, the imperial toolbox, blackmail, bribery, extortion in the halls of government. He is basically saying Swedish Ericsson will leave Sweden if Sweden bans Huawei 

Is this capitalism? Is this free markets? Is this, you know, open trade? Fair trade? Unbelievable.  

I know people who work for Ericsson in China and Ericsson is making very good money there. And so they’re making a lot more money in China than they ever could in Sweden. 

Australia. Loyal, bootlicking imperial vassal, Australia. They cannot stop shooting themselves in the head with everything from agriculture to mining to trade, letting the US build bases and whatever else is going on to threaten China, sending ships to the South China Sea.  

China offers to help Australia with 6G. 

Here again, 6G, you know, the West can’t even get 5G going well and and China is already working on 6G, which I’ve reported on several times.  

But Down Under keeps committing high tech suicide as a partner, being one of the Five Eyes, you know, the Anglo-Saxon countries, to spy all over the world. Yet, China is still offering to help the Australians. Will they take it, or keep doing the stupidest things to satisfy the United States’ demands? 

Australian Cold War on Huawei to cost one hundred million dollars and 1000 jobs amid Canberra’s 5G ban to support the US China trade war.  

I say they’ll commit suicide. 

Software: basically what’s going to happen is that until Huawei can get the chips they need, they’re going to become like Apple, and they will become a bigger, better, faster, cheaper Apple. They’re going to move into applications and they’re going to move into laptops in a big way. And consumer electronics and smartphones, just like Apple does. 

EMUI is Huawei’s Android Drive mobile phone operating system developed by Huawei. It is used in the company’s smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, my old Huawei Nova2i that I bought in Vietnam, that has a cracked screen, they will not get that low to get the new EMI 11, Version 11, because it’s just too old.  

Because I my Huawei 40 Plus Pro that we bought in Thailand before we left, got stolen here in France. And in fact I’ve already decided I’m going to get a newer Huawei phone, probably not a P4Pro, because they’re much more expensive, but maybe a P30 from China – with the Huawei Harmony operating system to test it.  

So anyway,  

EMUI 11 users exceed one hundred million.  

The next stop is Harmony operating system. So what they’re going to do is they’re going to get as many phones – they’ve gone back – I think they got back to about Huawei 5 or 4. Unfortunately, “2”, I don’t think they are going to do so. Then people can convert their phones for free from the Android based operating system to the Huawei operating system. In fact, I’m so upset with Windows right now. They have screwed me over so badly. I think I’m going to get the Harmony operating system for my laptop that I’m using right now to ditch Microsoft Windows 10. 

Huawei’s app gallery rivals Google and Apple with 530 million users major growth in 2020, despite US trade bans. 

They have spent millions of dollars in India, working with app developers there to stock the Huawei Store. When I was using my P40, there was only one program that I could not find that would not work without having Google Play. And that was quite a while ago. Now, when they come out with their Harmony operating system, I am sure there’s going to be more even more applications. Thus now, of course, Huawei is becoming like Apple. You know, let’s let’s do applications and also software.  

Huawei turns to AI pig farming to bring home the bacon.  

So they’re using their artificial intelligence and their software, big data, everything else to work with pig farmers. 

Huawei launches a powerful A.I. processor, the Ascend 910.  

That’s just in software.  

Now, let’s get to cars. This is really interesting.  

A couple of years ago, Ren Zhengfei said,  

Oh, we’ll never do cars.  

But that was before the West declared war on China and on Huawei and all the other companies in China. And if you don’t know, China is the world’s biggest car market. That includes Western Cadillac, in the United States, Buick, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Peugeot, they’re all there, Citroën, Renault, they’re all there.  

And so, whatever happens in China in terms of automobiles will undoubtedly, for these, Western companies, whatever technology they adopt in China, will undoubtedly come back home to Europe and North America. 

Huawei signs 18 carmakers to drive 5G adoption.  

So now 18 carmakers, and I can guarantee you that includes the Western ones, because they don’t want the Chinese carmakers to have a technical advantage. And they’re in the biggest car market in the world, and are adopting Huawei’s 5G for connected vehicles. 

Huawei pivots to China’s smart car market.  

And so, again, they weren’t planning on it. But they’re adaptable. They move fast. And you’ll see here below that they have moved very, very fast in the last year. 

Huawei shifts focus to its connected car business.  

This is the connected cars, where the car will be using Harmony operating system and will be plugged in to satellites and GPS and your home and the Internet of Things and eventually self-driving cars.  

This is really, really interesting. Huawei starts selling smart cars and flagship stores across China to offset smartphone losses.  

Of course, those smartphone losses are outside of China. So, you go into a Huawei store in China, you buy your new P40 or P50, and the salesperson says,  

Hey, while you’re here, why don’t you buy an electric car?  


So they have come out with the new S5F model and it has been jointly launched by the Shenzhen based tech giant and carmaker SERES. Xiaomi is actually investing like 10 billion dollars to come out with their own car. Huawei has opted to just put a billion into this project and work with this Shenzhen company. Of course, for those of you who don’t know, I lived in Shenzhen for three years before moving to Thailand in hopes of retiring there and then now in France.

5G with Harmony operating system to seamlessly connect car to all Huawei devices.  

 No other company has been able to do this. Not Apple, not Google, not Microsoft, not Samsung. Nobody has been able to seamlessly connect, across platforms, with one operating system. When I get my Huawei phone and eventually my laptop with which I’m talking to you, I can even, you know, connect what my daughter gave me – a Huawei watch because they gave it to her in Dusseldorf when she transferred and she thought it was a little bit too masculine.  So she gave it to me and I’ll be able to hook all these things together with Huawei.  

They’re also going into self-driving cars. Their self-driving car is better than Tesla’s. 

Get a load of this 

Huawei sold 3000 driverless cars in two days using a navigation system far superior than Tesla.  

So, take that Elon Musk 

I’ve reported about him too

All right. I hope you all enjoyed this. I can sit there and write about this all day. Thus, instead of doing a lot of short ones, I thought I’d do one big, long one to show you all where Huawei is and that it is an allegory for the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation, for the Chinese government, for Baba Beijing.  

There’s nothing to stop them. They are not going to be stopped no matter what the West does, how desperately the West tries to crush them, declare war on them. It’s not going to happen.  Even if there’s a hot war with Mao Zedong, they’ll just move. They’ll still adapt. They’ll survive.  

And the West may not.  

This is Jeff. Thank you very much. Have a great day. China Rising Radio Sinoland and China Tech News Flash! signing out.  

Please make a contribution to all of my hard work. Thank you.  


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