WTA bends over, grabs it ankles for Western empire, in support of the Big Lie Propaganda Machine fake news about Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211205


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Chinese superstar tennis player during her 30-minute interview with IOC President Thomas Bach.


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We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do. – Karl Rove

My predictions about the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) actions concerning Chinese superstar Peng Shuai came true, which I analyzed in a recent post here. Short and sweet (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2021/11/19/womens-tennis-association-and-the-west-will-make-a-mess-of-peng-shuais-disappearance-as-usual-china-rising-radio-sinoland-211119/). As expected, WTA bent all the forward, pulling down their proverbial tennis knickers and grabbing their ankles for Western empire: they are stopping all cooperation with China, since they cannot “verify” Peng’s safety and whereabouts (https://sputniknews.com/20211201/womens-tennis-association-suspends-tournaments-in-china-due-to-situation-with-peng-shuai-1091183142.html). Crusader for “Western moral values” WTA Chairman and CEO Steve Simon said on 1 December,

With the full support of the WTA Board of Directors, I am announcing the immediate suspension of all WTA tournaments in China, including Hong Kong. In good conscience, I don’t see how I can ask our athletes to compete there when Peng Shuai is not allowed to communicate freely and has seemingly been pressured to contradict her allegation of sexual assault.

This, even though as of today, 5 December he has exchanged three emails with Peng, claiming, these messages are “100% orchestrated” and this was to be “fully expected.” (https://tennishead.net/steve-simon-claims-emails-with-peng-shuai-have-been-100-orchestrated/). Really? The Western arrogance of moral superiority and racist hubris knows no bounds, and Sinophobia and rabid anti-communism-socialism are at the top of the imperial list.

What about Simon’s replies to Peng? Were they vetted and orchestrated by the West’s deep state Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM)? Ten-to-one they were. Uncle Sam & Co. own virtually all “internationally recognized” organizations to attack their enemies, including sports, for which China (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2020/05/30/racism-bias-at-the-court-of-arbitration-for-sports-to-reach-its-sun-yang-decision-by-rick-sterling-sports-integrity-initiative/) and Russia (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2021/08/05/irina-crutcher-boykos-running-blog-in-english-critical-articles-comments-and-analysis-about-the-ussr-and-russia-now-on-china-rising-radio-sinoland/) always pay the imperial price.

On 20 November, Peng was shown having dinner with friends in Beijing (https://twitter.com/shen_shiwei/status/1462093082426368004).

On 21 November, Peng had a 30-minute interview with International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, where he concurred that she appears to be doing fine (https://www.rt.com/sport/540906-peng-shuai-ioc-video-bach/). Peng Shuai thanked the IOC for its concern about her wellbeing.

She explained that she is safe and well, living at her home in Beijing, but would like to have her privacy respected at this time. She prefers to spend her time with friends and family right now…

Nevertheless, she will continue to be involved in tennis.

So much so, that on 21 November, Peng attended an event at the National Tennis Center, signing large-sized tennis balls, at the opening ceremony of Junior Tennis Challenger Final (https://twitter.com/qingqingparis/status/1462230482863542277). She has since then participated in the opening ceremony of a teenager tennis match final in Beijing (https://twitter.com/HuXijin_GT/status/1462223089119338498).

Since then, the IOC has been vilified by the BLPM for daring to suggest that Peng is not in danger, while interviewing her a second time on 2 December (https://www.insider.com/ioc-claims-second-call-peng-shuai-rising-criticism-approach-2021-12) saying,

We share the same concern as many other people and organizations about the well-being and safety of Peng Shuai. This is why, just yesterday [Wednesday], an IOC team held another video call with her. We have offered her wide-ranging support, will stay in regular touch with her, and have already agreed on a personal meeting in January.

For all this, the IOC is accused of appeasing those evil Sino-commie-socialists (https://www.insider.com/olympic-official-dismisses-peng-shuai-criticism-brags-over-contact-2021-12). Maybe the US Congress should gin up more McCarthy trials.

Seriously ask yourself, what is Peng supposed to do, pass a rape test kit by Anthony Mengele Fauci?

Nevertheless, it likely goes much deeper-state than that, since it appears the whole #WhereIsPengShuai campaign is a well-worn CIA inspired psychological operation (psyops), a.k.a, BLPM fake news, which is standard operating procedure, as explained in this interview (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2019/07/02/douglas-valentine-on-china-rising-radio-sinoland-the-cia-is-global-capitalisms-secret-gangster-army-190702/).

As I did more research and thought back, Peng reminds me more and more about the BLPM campaign to boycott the 2008 Olympics. In March of that year, five months before their start – what a coincidence – Tibet had a spat of riots, providing the catalyst for the “civilized West” to make a global stand against the “Butchers of Beijing”. It was gaining the predicted vassal steam, when in May China was hit with one of the worst earthquakes in its modern history, Wenchuan, causing the death of 70,000 souls. Worldwide sympathy poured forth and the Western boycott petered out.

I traveled on the Tibetan Plateau and through Wenchuan, writing much about all this and more in The China Trilogy (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2018/06/30/praise-for-the-china-trilogy-the-votes-are-in-it-r-o-c-k-s-what-are-you-waiting-for/). Without repeating pages of research, trust me, those Tibetan “riots” were 100%, Grade-A CIA black ops, a false flag timed to discredit Baba Beijing (my wry name for China’s patriarchal governance) for the Games and I also discuss many more examples to make it abundantly clear.

With Peng Shuai, it is eerily similar, happening four months before the Beijing Olympics in February 2022. Like 2008, the BLPM is saturating the global media with Peng-Olympic tie-ins, citing only a couple examples,

Peng Shuai: will sponsor Adidas speak out on sexual assault allegation and ensuing controversy? The dilemma sportswear brands face as China’s Winter Olympics nears (https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/fashion-beauty/article/3158137/peng-shuai-will-sponsor-adidas-speak-out-sexual-assault

What’s Going on With China’s Missing Tennis Star? Peng Shuai’s disappearance has mobilized the international community—and puts China’s Olympic dreams under even more scrutiny (https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/11/19/peng-shuai-chinese-missing-tennis-star-beijing-olympics/).

The day after the New York Times’ (NYT) “scoop”, 3 November article about Peng’s alleged rape, there were suddenly thousands of similarly synchronized, brownshirt, jackboot headlines and articles. Coincidence? It is how the BLPM brainwashes most of humanity.

Should we be surprised that this “big story” got started at NYT, which is one of the BLPM’s great harlot pimps. NYT is not only an anagram for CIA (just joking), it is Deep State Central (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/03/world/asia/china-metoo-peng-shuai-zhang-gaoli.html).

You see, we have to take the NYT’s word for the whole ball of yarn, since they are the only “original” source of Peng Shuai’s alleged Weibo posting, where she was supposedly raped. This was even confirmed by another BLPM faithful, the US’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS),

Unverified post from Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, taken down from Weibo within minutes, in which she claims (again unverified) that she was assaulted by former Vice premier Zhang Gaoli, before willingly becoming his mistress. Highest public #MeToo allegation in China


Notice I highlighted twice that all this is unverified.

Even worse, but in this supposed post, NYT/CIA twisted into BLPM #MeToo projectile vomit, claiming Peng wrote she was sexually assaulted, i.e., raped. Not true. Writing fake letters, forging signatures and these days – creating thousands of bogus, robot Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with a few clicks – is Psyops 101. Assuming the post was actually put on her Weibo account, NOWHERE does she say she was raped.

What is written is that for years, they were lovers, the romance was broken off and three years ago they met again, whereupon her lover begged her to have sex one more time, and she reluctantly agreed. The post stated,

Taking into consideration the affection I had for you seven years ago, I agreed… yes, we had sex.

That is not rape. What it is, is an old, lingering, complicated relationship, which Peng supposedly regrets. That is all.

Furthermore, saying,

I was very afraid. I did not expect this to happen… That afternoon I didn’t agree, and I kept crying… I was terrified and anxious…

Is also not rape. I can personally testify that in my earlier life, messy relationships can cause fear, surprises, reluctance, tears, being terrified and anxious.

In closing, if it is true that Peng Shuai had this romance with a married man, starting in 2011, was subsequently broken off, only to be rekindled three years ago; and now she realized that it could go nowhere and it was no longer for her, well, that happens – a lot in fact.

You know what I think? I think it’s possible Peng Shuai was in love once with this married guy, and if true, now she regrets it. And that is all.

As Frank Sinatra sang, That’s Life. I had a number of sob stories in my earlier days and I’m sure many, if not most of us have as well. Let’s close out with one the best sob songs ever, downloaded just for all of us,

Below is the full translation into English of the alleged post offered by the NYT (https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/qmn69a/full_translation_of_peng_shuais_weibo_post/).

I know I cannot explain this clearly, and even if I say it, it won’t matter, but I still want to let it out. I am a hypocrite. I admit I am not a good woman, and am in fact, a very, very bad woman. About three years ago, Zhang Gaoli vice president, you retired. You asked Dr. Liu at the Tianjin Tennis Centre to contact me, and asked me with play tennis with you at Kang Ming Hotel in Beijing. After we finished playing tennis, you and your wife Kang Jie brought me to your home. Then you took me into your room. Like what happened ten years ago in Tianjin, you wanted to have sex with me.

That afternoon I was very afraid. I did not expect this to happen – someone helped guard outside (translator note: not very clear what she’s trying to say here), because nobody would believe that a wife would allow this. About seven years ago, we had sex. Then later on after you got promoted to be a member of the Politburo Standing Committee in Beijing, you never contacted me again. I used to bury everything inside me. After all, if you didn’t want to take any responsibility, why did you come back for me, and brought me to your home to have sex? It is true that I don’t have evidence. It is also not possible to leave evidence. Later on, you kept denying, but it is true that you were attracted to me first, otherwise I couldn’t have been able to come into contact with you.

That afternoon I didn’t agree, and I kept crying. I had dinner with you and auntie Kang Jie together. You said the universe is very, very big. The earth is merely a speck of sand in the universe, and us human beings are smaller than even a speck of sand. You said a lot more than that, and the purpose was basically to persuade me to drop my guard. After dinner, I was still not willing to have sex. You said you hated me. You said in those seven years, you never forgot about me, and you will treat me well etc… I was terrified and anxious. Taking into consideration the affection I had for you seven years ago, I agreed… yes, we had sex.

Romantic attraction is such a complicated thing that explain it clearly. From that day on, I renewed my love for you. Throughout my time with you after that, purely based on our interactions, you were a very good person, and you treated me well. We talking about recent history, as well as ancient eras. You educated me on so many topics, and we had discussions about economics, politics. We never ran out of things to talk about. We played chess, sang, played table tennis, played pool and also played tennis together. We always had endless fun. It was as if our personalities fit perfectly together.

I left home early (translator note: professional athletes in China frequently leave their families at a very early age to train full-time). On the inside, I am extremely deprived of love. In the middle of all of this, I never thought I was a good woman. I hated myself, I hated why I came to this world. You told me you loved me, very, very much, and you said you hope in the next life, we can meet each other around the age of twenty, or eighteen. You said you were lonely. You pitied yourself for being alone. We had endless things to talk about, never ran out of topics. You said in your position, it is impossible to divorce. If we met in Shandong (translator note: a province of China, of less political significance than Beijing), you would have been able to divorce, but not now. I thought I would just accompany you quietly, not making any noise.

At the beginning, everything was fine. But as time goes on, things started to change gradually. There was so much unfairness and humiliation. Every time you asked me to go to your home, behind your back your wife said so many ugly and hurtful things to me. All kinds of jeer and mockery. I said I like to eat duck tongue. Auntie Kang Jie would go, “ew so disgusting”. In the winter when Beijing had poor air quality due to smog, auntie Kang Jie would say, “it is because you live in the countryside. We don’t feel that at all here”. Things like that, she said so much of them. When you were with me, she never said those things. It is similar to when we were together. When we were together alone, you acted one way, but when there were other people nearby, you would act another way.

I have told you this before, hearing those things made me feel very hurt and humiliated deep down. Since the first day when I knew you, I have never used a cent of your money, neither have I ever used you to obtain any benefits for myself, but this thing called reputation, is so important. Everything that has happened, I deserve it. I have brought everything upon myself.

From the beginning to the end, you told me to keep our relationship a secret, and most importantly of all, I was to never tell your mom we were having sexual relationships. Because it was her who drives me to the Church of the Saviour (translator note: a church in Beijing) every time, and then I would have to change to your car to be able to get into the gated apartment complex. She thought I was always just at your place to play Mahjong or poker. We were always just transparent individuals in each others lives. Your wife was like the queen in The Legend of Zhen Huan (translator note: a very popular show about power struggle within an ancient Chinese royal family), while words couldn’t describe how embarrassed I felt.

There were so many times where I thought, am I still a human? I thought I was a soulless creature, faking, faking everyday, which one is the real me? I shouldn’t have come to this world, but I don’t have the courage to die.

I really want to just live simply, but things turned out different than what I wanted. On the 30th, we argued very badly. You said on the afternoon on the 2nd, we would go to your home to slowly talk it out. Today at noon, you called to say you are busy, denied everything, made excuse to say we would talk another day… and just like this, you disappeared again, just like seven years ago.

You played with me, and dumped me when you are done with me. You said there were no transactions between us. Yes, that is true, our affection towards each other had nothing to do with money or power. But I have a hard time finding closure for, and coming to terms with our three year long relationship. You were always scared I would secretly bring a recording device, and leave evidence. That’s right, other than me, I do not have any evidence to prove what happened, no audio recording, no video taping. The only thing I have is memory from my own messed up self.

For someone as prominent as yourself, I know you said you are not afraid. But it doesn’t matter if I’m hitting a rock with an egg, or being a moth that flies towards the flame, I am telling the truth about what happened between us. With your intelligence and wits I am sure you will either deny it, or blame it on me, or you could simply play it cool. You always say you hope your mother in heaven could bless you. I am a bad woman who doesn’t deserve to be a mother, but you are a father with both boy and girl. I have asked you this before, would you have done the same even to your adopted daughter? Do you still have the courage to face your mother after what you have done in your lifetime? We sure all like to pretend we are virtuous…


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