Spot-on, perceptive observations of a young Korean: North+South, China, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and more, CONTINUED. China Rising Radio Sinoland 221113


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: DPRK on the left, ROK on the right.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Note before starting,

AROK and I continue to dialogue. This is the second installment. If you missed the first one, here it is,

Spot-on, perceptive observations of a young Korean: North+South, China, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and more. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220927


Dialogue continued:

AROK: The US military, despite overwhelming firepower superiority, was forced into a stalemate by ragtag PVA and KPA wielding WW1 and WW2 era rifles and no air support. And began shooting, burning, bombing, and even sexually assaulting civilians, southern or northern. The survivors were not allowed to tell their stories for decades, because the Park Chung Hee Administration would not allow criticism of the US, his benefactor.

Either the above facts are not widely known by the ROK public, or they are, and people don’t give a shit. I don’t know which. Either way, it’s inexcusable considering none of this info is classified and it’s all up there for anyone to see.

Jeff: Park, along with Chiang Kai-Shek in Taiwan, was one of Uncle Sam’s most loved psychopath dictators. Totally ruthless with the people.

AROK: Mr. Brown. Out of curiosity, how much do you know about Korean history in general?

Are you aware that during the Joseon Dynasty (the last dynasty of Korea), the same family ruled the kingdom for 500 years and that all its kings were direct descendants of its founder, Lee Sung-Kae.

If a person studies the history of Joseon, he will quickly come to understand the mindset of the DPRK and how it closely paralleled those of the Confucian scholars who courageously resisted and fought for Korean national identity in the face of aggressive and militaristic foreign powers who knowingly or unknowingly sought to destroy more than 2000 years of Confucian and Buddhist wisdom of our country.

Jeff: It would be interesting to read Korean history from North Korea. I learned much about Chinese history by reading their books.

AROK: Try reading Korea’s Place in the Sun by Bruce Cumings. No. I didn’t (find online the Korean language version of the ISCR). I will tomorrow once I finish chapter 10 of X’s book. It’s 20 chapters long and 686 pages, but I have already read 11 books on Korean History and the DPRK this year, so I can go through it pretty fast.

Indoctrinated and brainwashed into seeing our northern brothers as enemies due to decades of anti-DPRK, anti-China, anti-Communist, and pro-American/pro-Western propaganda, the average ROK citizen is tragically deceived as to the comprehensive historical causes of the Korean War and why the peninsula is where it is today. And the whore media is complicit.

The ROK media is trash. It acknowledged that people as young as 18 died from the vaccine’s side effects, but then didn’t call for an immediate halt to vaccinations or even call for a formal investigation as to the origins of COVID.

So, you acknowledge that the vaccine has lethal side effects that killed healthy young people, yet continue to promote it.

Fuck you guys.

Jeff: I learned about Korean history with A.B. Abrams’, James Bradley’s and Wilfred Burchett’s books, doing extensive research and writing about Asia, China, the Korean War and bioweapons, but on Korea specifically is not extensive knowledge. I have not read Bruce Cumings’ and I.F. Stone’s books, which would help.

REALLY hope you can find the ISCR in Korean. It would be great to have all five languages versions available for free for all of humanity…

AROK: Sick of seeing people being lied to and believing those lies.

Jeff: The West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) is a powerful thing.

AROK: Mr. Brown,

The impression I am getting is that the Russian Military is the strongest in the world by a large margin, surpassing the United States and China not just in the number of nuclear weapons but the methods of delivering said weapons

Do you share that sentiment?

Jeff: Yes, I agree that Russia’s and China’s militaries are superior to NATO’s. However, I think it is a tossup between the Bear and Panda.

Russia has the edge in nuclear arms and probably air force. China has a much better navy and is further along in space war. They are both about the same in missile technology.

Another advantage: Russia and China would be fighting defensive wars close to home. NATO has to deal with very long supply chain issues.

AROK: What about the soldiers themselves?

The DPRK seems to have the most brutal training for its special forces who have been filmed performing superhuman feats the US Special Forces cannot imitate.

Jeff: I would say on the whole, since Xi took over the Chinese Military Commission, that their soldiers are more battle ready than Russia’s. But with Ukraine, that could have changed/be changing.

AROK: Meanwhile, the US Military continues to shrink despite spending 800 billion USD on the DOD budget.

Jeff: The main goal of NATO is to enrich the West’s Military Industrial Complex and imperially control the world’s natural and human resources.

It has very little to do with “defending our borders”.

AROK: Unlike Biden, this deranged bitch Kamala Harris doesn’t have the convenient excuse of old age.

She’s really THAT stupid.

During the 2020 election, she forgot what city she was in and said over 220 million people died in the last few months of COVID.

Last time I checked, the USA still has 330 million people.

Jeff: Western leaders are dwarf kakocrats. “Kako/caco” comes from the word root meaning feces. For 3,000 years, Westerners have suffered terribly, 99% of the time, being ruled by tyrannical shit leaders. Outside rare exceptions like Louis IX (Saint Louis), Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle and John Kennedy, it has been nonstop aristocratic, authoritarian, cruel, criminal and corrupt oppression.

AROK: Biden twice said he got to the Senate anywhere from 120-180 years ago.

Biden said 200 million people will have died of COVID by the time he finished a speech

Biden said 150 million Americans died of gun violence since 2007. But the population of the country is still 330 million.

Biden said his tax credit plan will add 720 million women into the workforce.

Biden said the US has 350 million people (off by 20 million).

Someone flunked math class in K-12.

AROK: The Soviet Union’s Red Army defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe in the Great Patriotic War. This is what convinces me that Russia has the most powerful army in the world. This is a feat that the US Military can’t even begin to match.

Considering the US Military’s track record of consistently attacking and failing to win wars against small countries, I don’t like American chances of overcoming Russia, China, Iran, or DPRK in a war.

In the Korean War, the KPA and PLA soldiers themselves were superior in tactics, morale, motivation, and discipline to the US and ROK forces. American inability to defeat what (from their view) were 3rd rate ragtag peasants with no air support caused the US military to brutally bomb, pillage, plunder, and rape the Korean countryside with impunity.

AROK: The US cannot fight DPRK without triggering Russian and/or Chinese intervention since they will not allow the US to bomb an ally.

Jeff: China and DPRK still have the Mutual Defense Treaty in force since 1961. An attack on the North would mean going to war with the PRC.

AROK: The odds are not good for the ROK. I’d like to say we’d win. But I don’t like the odds.

The ROKA, while smaller than that of DPRK and PRC, still has a sizeable active-duty force at around 550,000 men. All able-bodied ROK citizens do 1.5-3 years of mandatory military training by law. I think it will hold out for a while against the KPA but ultimately lose or suffer such losses that it will not be able to successfully oust the Pyongyang government and unify the peninsula by force.

The KPA is larger and has more tanks, artillery, and soldiers. I do not know whether it or the ROK has the better weapons.

The DPRK has the advantage in the opening stages of a war due to the proximity between Seoul and the DMZ and the fact that Seoul is on the open, indefensible Western plain stretching all the way up to Sineuiju in the DPRK near China.

Victor Cha said that when a single artillery shot is fired, Seoul citizens have up to 45 seconds warning-time. Just one artillery shell. Imagine tens or hundreds of thousands hitting Seoul all at once. That’s without using a single nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon. If the KPA uses nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons on Seoul in the beginning stages of the war, the death toll will be even higher.

That’s the only thing stopping even the most hawkish of ROK conservatives from openly calling for a war against the DPRK. And that’s why President Yoon should never have said he would launch a preemptive strike on the DPRK.

The DPRK has the advantage in the beginning stages of a war. It does not have to strike first. It has no incentive to.

The ROK, on the other hand, has to not only take out the nuclear missile before it launches, but also has to knock out the artillery fortifications facing Seoul from the north. So, even a limited strike would escalate. The DPRK has said it will launch a full-scale war if “even a blade of grass is disturbed by a millimeter.”

Your average young man in the ROK has little interest in military service and isn’t as patriotic as his northern brother, who serves anywhere from 5-10 years in his country’s military. All DPRK men have a guaranteed job in the military for the first 10 years of life. If they are STEM university students in Pyongyang, they can get a shorter enlistment.

Besides having a larger military, DPRK is also strict about who gets into the armed forces. Only children from families with clean backgrounds may enter. If the father or grandfather is a worker, a party member, a soldier, or war veteran- the son or grandson is qualified for service.

If your family had people who were Japanese collaborators, southern relatives, rich landowners, criminals, or enemies of the state in some other way, you will not be allowed to serve. You will be relegated to somewhere far from the capital.

Some might call it unfair that the children and grandchildren are punished for the crimes of the father or grandfather. But that’s how things were in the Joseon Dynasty. If your father committed a crime against the king, his children and grandchildren were not permitted to hold important positions in government office

Jeff: Not to mention that the 1961 DRPK-China Mutual Defense Treaty would mean taking on China at the same time. Russia also borders the North. The USSR helped them extensively on the back lines and with its air force. Would Russia allow the USA to defeat DPRK and plant nuclear weapons on its Korean border?

AROK: The same applies for Iran. Russia is Iran’s ally. A destabilized Iran or a Pro-American government in Tehran spells trouble for Russia since Iran, like Afghanistan, is also directly below the Muslim ex-Soviet nations of Central Asia.

Michel Chossudovsky wrote a detailed article showing why its geographically and logistically impossible for the US to even invade Iran, much less defeat it, in a conventional war.

If it uses nuclear weapons, Russia will likely strike back.

Based on what I’ve read in X’s, the ONLY reason the US did not follow up in its threats to drastically escalate and spread the Korean War to Taiwan and hit China from multiple angles with nuclear weapons is the Soviet Union positioning missiles in Manchuria to strike Korea if the US attacked China.

This means that Iran or DPRK can’t be defeated by the US, Israel, Japan, or ROK without incurring intervention from Russia or China.

Jeff: Why do Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah have some of the best missile and tunnel technology in the world? Because DPRK trains and helps them. The West wants to paint the North as some backward, starving hovel. In fact, it has some very advanced technology that it shares with NATO’s enemies.

AROK: Andrei Martynov’s book Disintegration.

This guy is a former Soviet Naval Officer and basically makes the exact same observations as Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts regarding the total socioeconomic, military, and moral collapse of the collective West into a totalitarian third world hellhole.

Never has a civilization set itself up for a collapse as unprecedented as that of United States and Europe.

Trillions spent on pointless wars against countries whose crimes were to oppose the liberal world order’s tyranny (Libya comes to mind), depleted militaries of men who don’t want to fight, crushed by debt, overwhelmed by waves of illegal immigration from the third world from Muslim countries that hate the West, erasure of its history, prioritization of political correctness and feminism over meritocracy, wholesale rejection of nearly 2000 years of Christian wisdom, legalization of perversion, and the utter blasphemy of the sacred institution that used to be called marriage.

Perhaps the West REALLY does deserve to be destroyed.

I can’t make a stronger case for it.

The Bible does talk God utterly burning and ravaging the city of Babylon with fire and tormenting its inhabitants mercilessly. When Babylon finally dies, the blood of God’s people is found in her.

Who else could be Babylon but the United States and the collective NATO empire that comprises it.

The ROK and Japan must wake up, throw off the yoke of their American masters, and reembrace their Asian brothers in the DPRK and China.

Jeff: When an empire collapses, it goes into denial of the reality surrounding it, its leaders become more and more delusional and take increasingly desperate measures to overcome the inevitable. Britain planned and perpetrated WWI to destroy Germany; along with France, they then pushed humanity into WWII to conquer communist USSR and keep Germany in ruin.

Joseph Tainter explains this in his masterpiece, “The Collapse of Complex Societies”.

The USA simply took over the mantel of Western empire from Britain and the other European colonialists and is now experiencing with the Roman, Persian, Mongol and Indian empires all faced. China has had six societal collapses.

AROK: How to become president according to Joe Biden

  1. Forget the position you are running for
  2. creepily whisper
  3. scream and shout gibberish incoherently
  4. ignore questions. if they ask hard questions, tell them to vote for someone else
  5. insult your opponent
  6. constantly spew wrong facts
  7. forget the names of people you worked with for years
  8. lie constantly
  9. call your opponent a liar when he correctly calls you out on said lies and misstatements on your part
  10. make random creepy sexual comments towards women
  11. refuse to tell people who they should vote for you
  12. tell them they don’t deserve to know what you will do
  13. spout what you are about to do when you become president because your voters are stupid enough to act surprised when you actually do it (like killing the oil pipeline)
  14. When you finally become president, brag to everybody watching that the election was rigged so you’d get the job regardless of how botched your campaign was.

And that!

Is how you become president. According to Joe Biden himself.

Jeff: For 3,000 years, the West’s 99% have suffered the most heinous, grotesque kakocrats, almost all of them puppets and dwarves.

Jeff: Fyi…

AROK: I read it. What about it?

Jeff: What it shows is that the USA is not even a reliable “ally” to the South. Their war materiel is outdated and not maintained. I suspect that ROK’s national military hardware is better than Uncle Sam’s.

AROK: I also sent an email to X (I’m on chapter 13 of his book). He has not responded so far.

I’ve been sending a lot of emails as of late because I’ve been reading the news (both mainstream and alternative) and two PDF books on the subject as of late. And I increasingly feel hopeless and powerless to do anything about the situation as a person on the street.

Why can’t people, not just elected representatives of nations, but just people in general it seems (especially in the so-called “liberal democracies”) sit down and discuss things with a cool head?

Putin and Lavrov come to mind regarding politicians who are actual statesmen who put their nation first as opposed to snake oil salesmen, front-men, puppets, and influence peddlers.

If you had the chance to watch The Untold History of the US, it will reveal that the US blew multiple chances to achieve lasting peace with their Russian peers (and by extension, the Korean War).

John F Kennedy tried. Jimmy Carter tried. To some extent, Reagan tried. Donald Trump definitely tried.

They all failed because the Washington Deep State is too insane and genocidally evil for any one man to defeat.

Kennedy was but a man standing against Lucifer and all the demons and fallen angels of Hell.

Jeff: X likes to stay in the background. You may never get a response.

AROK: Zelensky is calling for a preemptive strike against Russia. Joe Biden has a challenger in the batshit insanity department. I’m currently on Chapter 17 of X’s book on the DPRK.

Jeff: I read two of his.

AROK: There is that book and one on Syria, but I haven’t read that one. Book A does say that KPA Officers equipped and trained the Syrian Military and Hezbollah. And also helped Libya, Egypt, and Iran.

Jeff: DPRK is helping both Iran and Hezbollah with advanced missile and tunnel technology.

AROK: And also provided tunnelling expertise to Viet Cong guerillas.

Jeff: True. His books are well-researched.

AROK: Makes me wonder why he isn’t particularly well-known. Not even a Wikipedia article. No interview on YouTube or a website. Nothing. Been trying to get the word out to friends and family without much success.

Jeff: He is secretive. No picture or biography.

AROK: The ROK mainstream media lies a lot. There is a “fake” DPRK documentary called Propaganda by Slavko Martinov and Mike Keller. Guest starring a ROK man living in New Zealand who masquerades as a psychology professor at Pyongyang university. “Fake” as in it really isn’t funded by Pyongyang nor commissioned by President Kim Jong-Il. Though it claimed to be in the intro. It’s not even so much about DPRK or Socialism.

But a BRUTAL expose of Western imperialism, capitalism, the global financial system, poverty, war, drugs, violence, sex, and the Babylonian nature of Western imperialism in general. It was so convincingly made that ROK authorities interrogated Slavko and asked him if he was a spy. It’s on YouTube too. The documentary is extremely hard-hitting and pulls no punches. It’s a wakeup call to humanity.

At its core, Capitalism is nothing more than an endless pursuit of money, fame, glory, power, drugs, and sex. Once it has finished raping the earth of its resources, it will kill itself as there is nothing more to consume and destroy. It will certainly be the death of all mankind if we don’t wake up to it.

Jeff: All true about capitalism. It’s satanic. What is the YouTube link to this documentary?

AROK: Here it is!

Jeff: Thanks…

AROK: The Joseon Dynasty lasted 500 years. I sometimes seriously doubt if ROK will last 100 years in its current form. It’s wealthier than the imperial Korean dynasties of the past, but there is no strong moral ideological foundation holding the structure together.

Jeff: Elliott, it’s dinnertime here. Going to have to say until tomorrow. Cheers.

AROK: Alright. Sick fucks. The lot of them… Ciao.

Jeff: Good night.

AROK: Any kind of revolution is acceptable. Just not one of workers. In capitalism, that is. The end game plan of these deranged whores is the extermination of 90% of mankind by war and man-made pandemics and the enslavement of the rest. Look at Klaus Schwab. This shithead is absolutely fucked in the head. He literally wrote a book boasting about how great it would be to kill 90% of the human race because they are “useless” eaters. European elite families have a long-documented history of occultic worship. He isn’t the first. Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Transhumanism, COVID, all this is connected. It’s all a demonic deception on a worldwide scale.

People like Fauci are Nazi criminals who should be hauled before a Nuremberg style trial and tried for crimes against humanity. This sick piece of shit is so confident he will never get what is coming to him that he casually boasts that he cooked up COVID in his kitchen. People like Fauci and Schwab are proof positive that the political elite of Western civilization are run by literal devils.

Jeff: Hi Elliott, I am working on posting an interview. Please keep writing your thoughts and I’ll do another written one with you. All good stuff. Thanks,

AROK: I contacted you in the first place because I need someone who know much more about these things in-depth. I talk about them with my dad, but he only knows so much. He only knows what I’ve told him. I’m trying unsuccessfully to decouple and unplug people from the mainstream corporate media. I believe you can help me. Obama actually admitted that if he had a 3rd term presidency, he wants someone to stand in for him while he gives instructions through an earpiece from his basement. Holy Hell, people. The Devil has just announced himself to the world.

Joe Biden repeatedly admitting that he isn’t allowed to have press conferences. Having pre-written answers and cheat sheets and teleprompters. Admitting he doesn’t need voters to elect him but that he needs them after he is elected. Admitting he has put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Making creepy unsettling comments towards underaged children. “I was 30. She was 12. We got a lot done.” No doubt at least some people in the highest echelons of power in the West are into pedophilia. That’s why they murdered Epstein. His admissions would have taken down entire countries. And all this is on the internet for the whole fucking planet to see. Yet people are still deceived.

Jeff: I am enjoying the dialogue. It’s nice to see young Koreans who care more about the fate of humanity than K-Pop, bulgogi and soju. Everything I’ve read and researched points to the upper echelons of Western power being infested with Satanism and pedophilia. However, I don’t think they killed Epstein. More likely, he was radically changed with plastic surgery, given a new identity and allowed to live in some isolated place, where they can keep an eye on him. If psychopath recruits know they are going to be offed, it hurts recruiting them to the dark side.

AROK: American military bases and schools teaching soldiers and students to use proper sexual pronouns and holding drag queen shows. Teaching sexuality to kids. Dressing up kids in the opposite gender. Even having penis pouches for little girls to wear. People like Tucker Carlson of Fox News are man enough to call this out. Paul Craig Roberts too.

Western Civilization is erasing its own history, destroying its heritage, demonizing its native White population, turning children against their parents, welcoming hordes of hostile immigrants across an open border, women against men, and neighbor against neighbor. Schools destroy knowledge. Doctors put big pharma and profit over the well-being of patients. Courts break the law. Law enforcement is not allowed to protect the community because politicians favor the criminals as a way to intimidate opposition into silence. The Military is depleted in pointless wars overseas to fill the coffers of contractors and Fortune 500 companies. Children grow up fatherless and babies aborted. Women are taught to use and abuse men for sex. To hate their fathers, brothers, and sons. To mutilate their bodies.

The West is the only civilization to have developed nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons to deploy against people on the other side of the world, who have done nothing to harm them. Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Libyans to name a few. What should be done with such a genocidally insane civilization that lives off the blood, sweat, and labor of the rest of the planet. I’ll tell you what. It should be destroyed. Unless there is a miraculous turnaround and sane people like Donald Trump come back to clean up the sewer rats hiding in every nook and cranny of the house, Western civilization itself has got to go.

It is only the goodwill, long-suffering mercy, and diplomacy of the Russian and Chinese governments that why the West has not been systematically genocided and erased from the map. Russia and China can not only defeat the US and its allies militarily, but they can also easily subvert the Western dominated financial system by dumping the dollar. If Europe, Australia, Japan, and ROK has any sense, they should decouple themselves from Washington and forge closer ties to China and Russia. Such a future will be a far more prosperous and peaceful one than the one we live in today.

Russia has reembraced its Orthodox Christian traditional values and as such, has been spiritually reborn as a great nation. The US has repudiated Christianity and blasphemed everything to do with God.

If the ROK forges closer ties to China, abandons the US, and sanctions on the DPRK are lifted – peaceful reunification will become a reality in a matter of decades, if not years. The future should belong to Asia! Asia has already long surpassed the West and left it in the dust. What will it take for this seismic decisive shift to happen? Because that’s what I’m hoping. That my brothers in the ROK as well as Japan and Taiwan see the Americans for who they really are

Jeff: What we are witnessing is the end of empire and Western civilization is cannibalizing itself in the process. The West has had a long, genocidal run: Ancient Greece and Rome, the Roman Catholic Church, Crusades, global colonialism and imperialism. Over the last 3,000 years, countless billions of souls have been exterminated, enslaved, with trillions upon trillions of dollars/euros in natural and human resources stolen and brought back to Eurangloland. Its time is up, but it will take a lot longer for the implosion to happen than we think. After Western Rome collapsed in the fifth century AD, it hung on in the East for another 1,000 years.

AROK: I just got back from Goseong in Gangwon Province. The most northern part of the ROK. Goseong is literally a stone’s throw away from the DMZ. Also finished X’s book two days ago. I subsequently purchased Understanding the War Industry, by Christian Sorenson from where I bought X’s book, the 911 Anthrax Conspiracy, and Disintegration. As long as Pro-American thinking dominates a given country, it is impossible to break free of the deception if people like us don’t get the word out.

Are your books available in PDF?

I’m trying unsuccessfully to get the word out. ROK and Japan should ditch the dollar and join BRICS. BRICS is not well known over here. If ROK and Japan decouple from the US and develop friendlier ties with Russia and China, it would go a long way towards defusing tensions on the Korean peninsula and normalizing relations with the DPRK. It would also fulfill the considerable energy needs of both Asian regional powers, considering neither ROK nor Japan are self-sufficient in natural resources.

This is really what the whole “fight against Communism” was about.

The Soviet Union/Russia alone has the resources to supply the energy hungry economies of Asia and Europe with oil and gas

Jeff: I’m working on your latest installment. My books are available as ebooks and audiobooks. What is in Goseong?

AROK: The northernmost point of the ROK. Me yelling into a tunnel. The tunnel leads to an army checkpoint. I can’t go inside of there or I get in trouble. The army checkpoint leads to an observatory tower. Beyond that, lies the DMZ, the northernmost part of the DMZ, since the DMZ curves upward northeast.

Jeff: Sounds like an adventuresome trip!

AROK: Slimy reptilian disgusting fucking Joe Biden is finally getting what’s coming to him, if Republicans win the American midterm. What a vile, abominable, loathsome, hateful little man. Four years of peace and goodwill under Trump. ROK and Japan should ditch the dollar and join BRICS.

Jeff: The US constitution is written so that corruption and rigged elections are guaranteed. There has not been an honest vote since George Washington to Biden, and that goes for legislatures and state governments. “Honest judge” is an oxymoron in the West.

AROK: What is your opinion of LGBTQ, Mr. Brown?

Jeff: Homosexuality is a part of every animal species, at least mammals. Due to sexual recombination at inception, some people are born with male bodies and female brains, and vice-versa. Talk to any gay person and they will tell you they knew they were different, even as a child. Bisexuals’ recombination is somewhere in between.

We know that all this is genetic, since the percentage of each group is consistent across the planet, regardless of culture, religion and traditions. Put all together, LGBTQ adds up to less than five percent of humanity, about as many as there are with green eyes and/or red hair.

My wife and I have gay friends and asked a gay couple to be the co-godfathers of our older daughter and am not against gay marriage, knowing they were born that way.

The problem now is that the West’s techno-fascist elites are using sexuality as the worst kind of identity politics, to divide society and keep people hating each other. The Woke movement is an extension of the WEF’s goals to make people feel isolated and fearful, while pushing parents, children and the public into homogenized transhumanism, with AI, big data, medical procedures, drugs, endless “vaccines”, embedded microchips, track-and-trace people’s whereabouts and more.

Notice I say the West. I do not think that communist-socialist peoples around the world, like China, Russia, DPRK, Iran, Cuba and others have to worry nearly as much as the global capitalist world.


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