TIMELESS TRANSCRIPT: Brave and Crazy: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva discusses her courageous exposés on Western imperial crimes. China Rising Radio Sinoland 180918


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Ms. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva reporting in a location that Westerners and/or Israelis are destroying and where they are killing countless numbers of fellow humans. It’s called empire.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Our original interview with audio and video podcasts, her English language documentary, celebratory songs, plus tons of follow-up and contact information are here,

Brave and Crazy: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva discusses her courageous exposés on Western imperial crimes. China Rising Radio Sinoland 180918


Jeff J. Brown- Good evening, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown China Rising Radio Sinoland Shenzhen, just south of the Tropic of Cancer. And I am so excited tonight. I have a very special guest on the show. Her name is Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. How are you doing, Dilyana?

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva- I’m fine. Thank you for having me on your podcast.

Jeff- And let me tell you all about it. Can I call you Dilyana? Is that okay?

Dilyana- Yes, of course.

Jeff- Ok, this is her biography. This is her official biography. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva is a Bulgarian investigative journalist and Middle East correspondent. Over the last two years, she has published a series of revealing reports on weapons smuggling to terrorists in Syria on 350 diplomatic flights. In the past year, she came under pressure from the Bulgarian National Security Agency. And after refusing to disclose her sources, she was fired from her job at the Bulgarian newspaper Trud Daily without explanation. Despite this, Dilyana continues her investigations.

Her current investigation provides an overview of the Pentagon’s vigorous development of biological weapons. And wow, amazing stuff. And as I have gotten to know, in fact, this is the first time Dilyana and I’ve ever talked together but we communicated by email. And after you all listen to this, the friends, fans, and followers of China Rising Sinoland listen to her tonight, and you’ll find out why she is an actually courageous, courageous woman. So, thank you for being on, Dilyana.

Dilyana- Thank you, too.

Jeff- Hey, Dilyana, first off, please tell us about yourself and growing up in Bulgaria. It’s sad to say, but outside of Europe, many world citizens, especially in North America, would be hard-pressed to find your home country on a map. So, tell us about yourself and growing up in Bulgaria.

Dilyana- Well, yeah, I know that people are not much familiar with my country. Bulgaria is a former communist country and I don’t have much memory of that time. I spent almost six years in communism. So, I can safely say that this legacy of communism is not something that I remember. That is why people think that here in my country in Bulgaria, we are somehow pressurized or we are an underdeveloped country. This is not true. What they can say is that the main issue in Bulgaria is freedom of speech. Probably this is the main issue everywhere.

I used to work for Bulgarian TV and the press. But after my last investigation into weapons supplies to terrorists in Syria, my former boss decided that it was not good for him to be and his team. So, he not even asked the press secretary or the secretary of the newspaper where I used to work to send me my resignation letter and so on and so on. But I’m very thankful actually for what happened because now I’m a freelance journalist and I work on my own and I can investigate whatever I want, wherever I want, and can reach all audiences like yours. And I can communicate with people like you and your audience, which is great. Before I did have this opportunity. This in short.

Jeff- How did you get into journalism, Dilyana?

Dilyana- This was my childhood dream. To be honest, I wanted to become a journalist or a surgeon. There was a point in time when I wanted to become a surgeon.

Jeff- Okay.

Dilyana- But somehow, I don’t know, I just feel that my future must be journalism because I don’t know, this is what I dreamt of, and I am very happy that I’m a person with at least one dream that’s come true. I’m very happy about that.

Jeff- Well, you didn’t become a surgeon on people, but you’ve definitely become a surgeon to take apart Western Empire because your reporting is absolutely amazing. We’re going to get into that. Before we get into your two big investigations, a lot of fans out there like to hear an explanation about how I mean I’m sure when you were growing up, you probably had a very idealized version of the West and that it was a shining temple on the hill as they say, and it was great and good and that it was out to change everybody to be great and good like the West.

Dilyana- Yeah.

Jeff- But obviously, obviously, at some point in your life.

Dilyana- Yeah.

Jeff- When did you become aware that Western media is what I call the Big Lie propaganda machine and that our governments are not what they portray themselves to be? Was your arc of understanding like a slow realization? Or was there an event too that caused you to have an epiphany?

Dilyana- It wasn’t a slow process. You’re absolutely right, because when I was young, Bulgaria, my country turned to the West. Bulgaria joined NATO, the European Union. We are totally separate. I mean, the Bulgarian governments totally separate all relations with Russia and we were told that Russia is bad, and the West is our future. So, all of us, believe that this is our future. But the process of me realizing what’s actually going on. I was in Gaza and then Libya and then Syria.

Jeff- Oh my gosh.

Dilyana- Because I was an international correspondent at that point in my early thirties. No in my late twenties, to be honest, now I’m thirty-five. So, in the last eight years, let’s say since I started to cover international news and when I saw myself on the ground was the reality. For example, in Gaza, in Libya, the so-called revolution, wasn’t a revolution at all. But I can give you an example in Syria, for example, last year, what I mean when I say I saw myself on the ground, is I saw how Western journalists work.

I don’t want to say about a Western journalist. It is not about geography, it’s about the population of huge corporate media outlets. It’s not all about the West, you can find corporate media in my country as well. You can find such corporate media everywhere. And they push the official agenda of these huge corporations. That’s hiking interest to invest money in media and in propaganda and lies.

So, when I was in Aleppo, it was in twenty sixteen, I will never forget what happened. It was at that point when hostages managed to escape from the besieged area that was under the control of the terrorists. So, while running away and running out of the area, they met journalists. We were waiting for them to interview them.

There was one child and there was a CNN reporter interviewed this child. Actually, we all interviewed this child. The child said, “We were afraid that we were going to die of hunger.” The CNN journalist that the translation: This child says, we were afraid that we were going to die of the Bashar Assad’s bombs. It was not true.

The child didn’t say this. Because the child spoke in Arabic and probably this CNN journalist thought that nobody understood Arabic, probably 200 million people understand Arabic around the world. But anyway, for this CNN reporter, what he says is what people will know. But no, it was a blatant lie. And later on, he was ridiculed on social media because people understand Arabic. I mean, 200 million people understand Arabic and they caught him lying on camera. Anyway, this is just a small example. But in general, the general picture, what I saw in Syria in particular was devastating for me.

For example, we stayed at a hotel in western Aleppo. The terrorists, I mean, all foreign journalists, because we were told that this was the safest place possible. And if something happens, we will be more protected if we stay in this hotel. So, we all stayed there. This was the venue for the journalists. So, the terrorists were located in eastern Aleppo. These were al-Qaida terrorists, no matter whether mainstream media presented them as rebels, fighters, or revolutionaries fighting for democracy or whatever these were al-Qaida terrorists or these were terrorists from the so-called Al-Nusra Front, which was at that point the official representative of Al-Qaida in Syria.

Anyway, there was a case when a rocket fell next to us and beheaded a mother and her child in front of us. We rushed to see what happens. I mean, me, my cameraman, my translator, and other Arab journalists, Western journalists didn’t bother even to go to see or at least to help because there were victims, people suffering that needed help. They didn’t bother even to report on this beheaded mother and her child because the rocket came from eastern Aleppo where they reported were revolutionaries’ freedom fighters.

And they couldn’t say, look, these freedom fighters, these revolutionaries, they killed and beheaded this mother and her child by a hundred and twenty-two-millimeter grad rockets. And this grad rocket or all these rockets happen to come from my own country. I was shocked when the jihadis from the al-Nusra Front retreated from their positions in eastern Aleppo, I had that chance. My cameraman and I got inside underground warehouses full of heavy weapons with Bulgaria as their country of origin.

And when I go back to my country and trace back these shipments, it turns out that these weapons were just a small part of a bigger international scheme involving many countries. It wasn’t only Bulgaria. Bulgaria was used as a supplier of weapons, producer, or manufacturer of weapons.

But the scheme was organized by the Pentagon, by the U.S. Special Operations Command, and Saudi Arabia and other United Arab Emirates on diplomatic flights provided by the zero-state run companies to Kuwait Airlines. And this is how I understood, actually. So, I saw myself as the real truth.

The West, my country included Eastern Europe, other sorry to say, but the puppet governments, because this is not my country. This is the Bulgarian government. They facilitated terrorism in the Middle East in order to push the Western government’s agenda that’s what was going on in Syria a revolution.

It wasn’t. It was terrorists coming from eight to six countries to Syria or to the middle, foreigners who had nothing to do with freedom or revolution. They were foreign fighters, well prepared because you can’t expect somebody in his twenties just takes a gun and goes to fight in Syria.

I interviewed such jihadists. I had that chance in the beginning and I interviewed them and they were very straight and honest. They explained who killed them, where they were trained, who provided the weapons, everything, the whole scheme. They were well-prepared young foreign men coming from Western Europe, from the Balkans as well, Kosovo, Albania, looking up from Bulgaria, and many other places, eighty-six countries around the world. This is not a coincidence. You can’t hit people from eight to six countries coming simultaneously to Syria.

This was a well-prepared and organized scheme funded, facilitated, and organized by these countries that wanted to topple the government of Syria because the government of Syria didn’t let them build or develop the oil pipes and projects that they wanted. That was the point in Syria so I saw myself, what was this all about?

Jeff- Yeah, and of course, the ringleaders of all this were the United States, NATO, Israel, working with Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf states. And so, yeah, it’s shocking when you realize that these terrorists are actually American and European terrorists because there are the Americans and the Europeans who are paying for it, organizing it, shipping them around, moving them around, and then calling them freedom fighters in order to destabilize and destroy governments that are not puppets of the United States and NATO, etc. It’s just it’s like turning reality on its head, isn’t it?

Dilyana- Yes. I wanted to explain something which struck me. While interviewing these jihadists, some of them, happened at the beginning of the war, probably in 2013. So, I was able to interview them in a safe location and in Lebanon because some of them came from Lebanon.

So, I met them and interviewed them. They were totally brainwashed. I just watched and I couldn’t believe these people talked seriously to me. One of them was from a group that had published previously a video of one of their members or fighters eating the heart of a Syrian soldier.

When I asked, “why”? “Why and how is that possible?” This is cannibalism. He said this is our way to send a message to the Syrians and to everybody, we are ready to do everything. And the second time when I had the opportunity to interview jihadists, it was interviews with prisoners that were in the prison in Damascus. They were totally brainwashed. You see their eyes and their eyes are empty. No emotions, no feelings, nothing. I even interviewed a father whose five-year-old child was also with him.

He took his whole family from Turkmenistan to Syria to impose Sharia law and to live in this Islamic State caliphate. But while driving his car full of explosives in order to bomb himself up with his five-year-old child in the car, he was arrested by Syrian soldiers and was in prison. But his child was taken care of by the Syrian authorities. So, I wanted to meet this child and see what the truth was. I wanted to be absolutely objective.

I didn’t believe this story because I was told by the local and local journalists that there was such a case a father took his five-year-old son to blow them up. I didn’t believe it. So, I wanted to see myself when this so how this father reacted to seeing his child walking around. No emotion, no regrets.

And he said that he wanted his child and his son to become a martyr to live in heaven and to die in name of their perverted and twisted ideology. At that point, I realized this is a very serious program. This is not just geology, this is well organized and this is done by people who are well prepared not only to recruit foreigners but to brainwash them to delete all their emotions, all their dignity, more moral ethics everything. It was really shocking.

You can’t imagine how well-organized this war in Syria was, or at least what I saw, it wasn’t just a coincidence everything, weapons, terrorists, propaganda, fake videos, everything on a large scale. The thing is that Western people don’t know that and there are not guilty that they don’t know and don’t realize because they don’t have access to real news. And this is something that I fight for the truth and for more people to see the truth.

Jeff- Well and also, everything you just brought up. I mean, you don’t do this for five or ten dollars. I mean, this cost billions of dollars. And that money is coming from the CIA, Western governments, departments of state, ministries of foreign affairs, NATO military, etc. I mean, they’re spending untold billions again, as you said. Tell us about the amazing investigation you did where how the United States and its allies use their embassies and diplomatic pouch privileges to transport tens of tons of weapons to distribute to terrorist groups in Syria.

And for people who don’t know what a diplomatic pouch is, this goes back hundreds of years in terms of the protocol of embassies around the world in that patch of land. For example, the Russian embassy or the American embassy in a foreign country is like the land of that country and a country where it is like the U.S. embassy in Japan cannot be inspected or invaded or violated by the Japanese government. And therefore, the embassies have the right to bring in what’s known as a diplomatic pouch or diplomatic mail.

They can bring in anything, and seal lock bags, and the host country cannot look at it as long as the embassy claims that it is for diplomatic purposes. But as you pointed out in your extensive investigation, this has been grossly abused by and explain about the airline companies they set up and they made them diplomatic airlines and that they couldn’t be inspected and they were basically western embassies were arms dealers shipping arms all over the place to try to destroy Syria. Go ahead.

Dilyana- When I go back to my home country, I traced back the shipment that I had previously and I started a series of reports. And six months later, I received the leaked documents originating from the Azerbaijani embassy in Sofia. After verifying their authenticity, I realized that it was a huge international scheme involving diplomatic flights with weapons originating from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Israel, and many countries.

The Azerbaijani embassy to Sofia did confirm that they had been subjected to a cyber-attack so there was no doubt about the authenticity of these documents. And I counted three hundred and fifty diplomatic flights full of heavy weapons carried out by the Israeli state-run companies silk way airlines. The leaked files included correspondence between the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of Azerbaijani to Bulgaria with attached documents for weapons deals and diplomatic clearance from overflights and landings in Bulgaria.

In many other European countries, also, the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, to name a few, it was a huge, huge story. So, I published these documents. And in brief, I want to say how the scheme worked. Silk Way Airlines provided this service for diplomatic flights for weapons. So, the U.S. Special Operations Command to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, because these were the parties that paid for these flights and these Weapons.

Interestingly, here in the scheme, we have private American companies involved. I’m tasked with the transportation of the weapons. Private American companies had been awarded at least one billion dollars.

Jeff- That’s incredible.

Dilyana- At least one billion worth of dollars’ worth of weapons. And they are among the main customers of the diplomatic flights for weapon service provided by Silk Way airlines. These American companies supplied the weapons to the U.S. Army and U.S. Special Operations Command. The common element in these cases is that they all supply non-U.S. standard weapons. Hence the weapons are not used by the US forces. And when you see the end-user certificates in the end-user certificates, the end user is not indicated, which is a gross violation of international law of everything.

I don’t know how Bulgarian authorities and other Serbian, Albanian, and other foreign governments, I don’t know how they accepted these end-user certificates and how they approved them. But anyway, when you have such a huge international scam involving the Pentagon and CIA, Saudi Arabia and others feel that nobody cares about international law. Well, they care is money obviously.

Jeff- Yeah, of course, yeah.

Dilyana- They are working on about one billion dollars’ worth of weapons. When they first showed my footage from Aleppo with Bulgarian weapons inside the warehouse of Al-Qaida, the Bulgarian authorities said, no, we don’t export weapons to Al-Qaida. Of course, no. And nobody expects the Bulgarian prime minister would have signed a contract with Baghdadi or Jelani, the leaders of al-Qaida and ISS. We don’t expect to find such a contract. The scheme is different.

But because I didn’t provide such a contract between the Bulgarian prime minister and the leaders of Al-Qaida and ISS, the Bulgarian authorities said, no, this is not on the evidence. This is not the evidence. And Bulgaria is not involved directly. It is not involved directly. But Bulgaria is the manufacturer of these weapons. And Bulgaria has accepted the end user certificates that are totally fake because we don’t know where these weapons go.

You are not allowed to sell them and to allow the export of something that Bulgaria and other countries did. They just turn a blind eye to the fact that these weapons were shipped on diplomatic flights to terrorists in Syria. Not only in Syria but in many, many, many others.

Jeff- Yeah, yeah. I remember reading Gene Sharp, the mastermind going back into the 80s, he was the mastermind of the CIA, the mastermind of all the color revolutions. And the first one was Tianjin Tiananmen in 1989. And he was actually sent to either I think it was Tajikistan or Uzbekistan and he was pulled out of retirement. And I think they sent him there hoping to try to trigger a color revolution there. And after he got there under a diplomatic pouch, 1500 tons of God knows what landed at a military base that the U.S. manages there in that country.

And you can’t tell me that compact disc players and food and stuff, it was undoubtedly arms and material to try to destabilize the country. So, yeah, I think this has been going on for a long, long time. And I mentioned Tiananmen Square during the 1989 CIA-orchestrated Tiananmen Square protests in China. Tens of thousands of imported tents and camp stoves and lamps and fuel and sleeping bags and walkie-talkies and radios were readily available to all these penniless students, none of which was available in the local market at the time.

And then later minivans full of loaded Kalashnikovs ammunition belts magically appeared around the square in the West’s last desperate attempt to create a government overthrow. And also, ditto NATO’s military bases used to ship heroin out of Afghanistan, cocaine out of Columbia and elsewhere for the CIA and MI6 drug network to smuggle in the stuff to Western, and other markets.

So, for example, one of the most famous cases is everybody knows that MENA, Arkansas in the United States was and is a CIA cocaine airport and distribution point. But no local or even national authorities can intervene. So, you mention that this wasn’t just Syria, but I feel like this has been going on a lot longer than we realize at least back to 1989 with Tiananmen. And you’re saying you seem to feel that it’s much more widespread than just Syria.

Dilyana- Yes, because in the documents that were leaked to me, I found many diplomatic cargo shipments with weapons to Africa. Africa is a region that is as we all know rich in natural resources and gold and diamonds. The so-called blood diamonds and Saudi Arabia paid for these diplomatic cargo shipments with weapons to different African countries such as Burkina Faso, Congo, and many other places in Africa, Somalia as well, where there are terrorists now fighting. So, they probably got weapons. I’m talking about 2015, 2016, and 2017, they’ve got weapons originating from the Balkans and paid for by Saudi Arabia.

I mean, in the documents, it’s written that the sponsoring party was Saudi Arabia, but these weapons never ended up in Saudi Arabia. They ended up in Africa. What’s the logic? I mean, why was Saudi Arabia buying Eastern European weapons that were not compatible with its military standards Eastern European weapons are non-US standard weapons, and no need to standardize weapons. And Saudi Arabia and its army use U.S. standard weapons.

So, all these non-US standard weapons from the Balkans or from Eastern Europe ended up in Africa and in Syria, also, in Yemen and wherever you can think of different destinations and I can give another example. There was a flight to Burkina Faso. One week later, there was a military coup in Burkina Faso. Its coincided weapons supply to Burkina Faso coincided or proceeded by a week, the military coup in Burkina Faso. It is not just a coincidence.

Jeff- Yeah, well, not to mention at least going back to George W. Bush and probably before but the White House, well, this is something that Obama used ruthlessly. The White House has something like 135 special operations armies, battalions that they can secret all over the world. And most of them there are in Africa and I’m sure that these diplomatic pouches are used to supply them with arms and the soldiers probably come in dressed as civilians. And then they get all of their war materiel and C4 explosives and guns and everything through the embassies, through the diplomatic pouches.

So, Douglas Valentine wrote a great book, The CIA is organized crime. And you really cannot understand Western governments and you really cannot understand the way Western capitalism slash. I hate to say it, but democracy slash geopolitics works unless you look at it as like just one big criminal enterprise, and your work shows this in spades. I mean, it’s just I mean, these are crimes against humanity.

But the West is absolutely imperious and can do whatever it wants and get away with it. So, bravo on all your work on all the illegal shipments of arms through U.S. and European embassies and their Middle Eastern allies. I actually learned about Dilyana. I actually learned about your courageous work when helping found the Bioweapon Truth Commission. And you were kind enough to give us permission to catalog your work and its global online library. And I mean, if what you just described is bad enough, I mean, the West’s aggressive use of chemical and biological weapons goes back to World War One.

And it has been in high gear ever since. Our bioweapons press commission has records going back into the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. And then you pick it up and today in real-time the West’s use of biological and chemical weapons. I mean, it’s planetary, it’s massive. I mean, it’s relentless and it’s costing untold billions of dollars in euros and millions of lives. So, please tell us about your discoveries from the bioweapon investigation, because it’s just stunning when I read your reports. I was just like my head was spinning when I got finished.

Dilyana- Yeah. My head was also spinning. People ask me why I take interest in bioweapons. I’m from a younger generation that doesn’t have that much memory of biological weapons. So, for me, it was quite a shock to get into this investigation and this topic. But while checking the military programs of the Pentagon in Georgia, because I had information that terrorists in Syria came from Georgia, I mean, they weren’t Georgians. They were foreigners trained inside Georgia. So, I was checking what programs were running inside Georgia.

And this is how I understood actually that the military programs in Georgia didn’t and only to the Syrian conflict. They were a lot more sinister and dangerous, not only in terms of Syria but the whole of the world. And one of these programs was actually one military laboratory, which is located just 14 or 15 kilometers from the US Vaziani military air base in the capital, Tbilisi. This is a secret military bio laboratory funded by the United States, funded by Pentagon.

What they discovered was that, again, we have the same diplomatic cover, the same use of diplomatic immunity provided to private companies and U.S. military scientists to perform experiments on viruses, toxins, bacteria, and insects. Abroad, what I discovered is fully based on leaked documents that I received from Georgian insiders. I don’t want to go into detail about them, but they are linked. They are high-ranking and they are linked to the Georgian government. I trust what I received. I verify the authenticity of these documents.

And they implicate the U.S. embassy in Beleza in the trafficking of human frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for this secret U.S. military program. These internal documents prove that Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and given diplomatic immunity to research into diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center or the Pentagon by the laboratory in Georgia’s capital.

There are many shocking facts, experiments, and documents. Some of these prove that during one of the American programs on hepatitis C in Georgia, there have been registered 100 death cases of death. In the documents, it is written that the cause of death is either unknown or not related to a new experimental treatment where free medicines are provided by an American company. This American company Guillet is the main shareholder in this company. This is the former minister of defense Donald…

Jeff- Donald Rumsfeld. I read that. This is like you can’t make this stuff up. It’s just like, it’s like bad. It’s like a horror movie from Hollywood. It’s just incredible, Dilyana.

Dilyana- What was really shocking was people from Chechnya sent me a video of white powder or traces of white powder being spread over a village near the Russia-Georgia border. They said that they noticed a drone disseminating white powder over them. And when I checked, it was a probe. The possible reason or origin of this drone, it turned out that the United States has patents on a toxic mosquito area release system, which means that somebody who turned out to be not a real person.

I checked and looked for the inventor of this toxic mosquito control system. They turned out to be a fake person, a fake name. That such a person doesn’t exist. I reached out to the lawyer who filed the application to the U.S. Patent Office and Registry, and I was denied any comment. Anyway, such invasion drones can release toxic mosquitoes, just it is like a horror movie, but it is written. And what is even more shocking is that it is written in detail in this patent.

What the probable use of this drone could be? It could be used by the U.S. Special Forces and other intelligence agencies to incapacitate the enemy, whatever that means. How is this possible? But it is possible. And also, if you read the other documents originating from the U.S. Federal Contracts Registry, such drones that can simulate biological weapons have been tested since 2012 at Dugway Proving Grounds.

This is the military facility of the U.S. Army in the state of Utah, where biological agents are being produced and tested for their dissemination via aerosols, powder, or even by explosives. And this is really happening. The U.S. Army officially denies the development of biological weapons. They say this is not an offensive program. This is defense. They say, yes, we test, we produce with such biological weapons inside the United States at this military facility because we want to know how to protect the next states and our troops if such a biological weapons attack happens.

But if you hit the military capabilities to produce in order to test biological weapons, then there are capabilities to use them against the enemy. It is the same. It doesn’t make a difference and especially when you have military bio laboratories in the United States in twenty-five countries across the world because the Lugar Center in Georgia is just one of the main laboratories in 25 countries across the world.

This is a two-point one billion dollars program military program. And this money has been invested in offshore bio laboratories or officially, they say, the health of the population, the local population. How is that possible? I don’t believe that the U.S. government will spend two point one billion dollars on the health of foreign people instead of the health of its own citizens. And this is U.S. taxpayer money and the U.S. taxpayers must know how their government spent their money, but they probably don’t know.

Jeff- Well, the Bioweapon Truth Commission and I’ll put the link in Article for our interview. I mean, we demonstrated I mean, the United States has been working since World War Two. I mean, aggressively to learn how to use bio-weapons to kill people, millions, hopefully, as long as they’re communists and socialists. And the United States blatantly used bioweapons with insects during the Korean War.

And it just simply has not stopped. I mean, I submitted an article. I wrote an article. I mean, they’ve tested biological weapons in subways, and on people. Its tens of hundreds of thousands of Americans were used as guinea pigs. Subway systems and cities have been tested on their own people and not to mention, as you say around the world, the Zika virus is owned by the Rockefeller Foundation, the United States sprayed the swine flu virus over Cuba and wiped out 800000 pigs.

They had to completely rebuild their entire swine herd. The United States sprayed dengue fever over Cuba. This all back in the 70s and 80s and killed thousands of people and made sick tens of thousands of people. It’s not yet dengue fever. And what’s the other one? I’m having a brain burp. The one where they had the outbreak. Anyway, it’s so upsetting, I forgot. It’s a virus anyway.

Dilyana- I can mention the Ebola virus.

Jeff- Yeah, Ebola. The patent is owned by the U.S. military. Yeah, the Ebola. Yeah, it’s just unbelievable.

Dilyana- And there are three military bio laboratories of the United States, Pentagon bio laboratories located, exactly, at the epicenter of the Ebola crisis. One of the Pentagon contractors working under this military program happens to work also in Sierra Leone.

And interestingly, this private American company Metabiota was awarded a huge amount of money to do work to perform work for the Pentagon. Three years before the Ebola outbreak in Africa, it is not clear what work this private American company had to perform for the Pentagon. But this happened three years earlier before the Ebola crisis. The same company has projects for the Pentagon under this program in Ukraine and in Georgia as well.

It received around eighteen million dollars for work in Georgia and Ukraine. In Ukraine, the Pentagon has been operating eleven military bio laboratories, while 11 eleven military bio laboratories. Ukraine is not such a big country, but it’s very important for the United States and its borders as well as Georgia on the U.S. main rival, Russia. Many of these are bio laboratories, if you see at the map, they are located in countries that border Russia and also, Iran and also, and China.

Jeff- Yeah, of course. And they can move it all around. They can move around all these toxic viruses and chemicals and other germs. They can move it all around from embassy to embassy, a diplomatic pouch. And that is incredible.

Dilyana- The scheme is exactly the same scheme that they used to traffic, whatever illegal they need to transport or to transfer under diplomatic immunity. It is the same as the weapons, the conventional weapons for the terrorists. The same happens with biological weapons. I don’t say that they have developed biological weapons meaning we have munitions or something like this. I’m talking about new types of biological weapons. You can’t see them. You can’t sell them.

They are new types of biological weapons that we even don’t know yet that have been invented or developed. But these secret projects that have been performed, raise a lot of questions. For example, why has the Pentagon been collecting Russian Army and Navy officials? Why are these military scientists studying Russian strains of anthrax for which Russia has a vaccine? Also, the Russian strain of chromium, Hemorrhagic fever, and the plague-only Russia strain, which for the Pentagon doesn’t hit soldiers in Russia.

I mean, it is not full protection for American soldiers. It doesn’t make sense, even according to instructions by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which oversees the program, it is written in case of importation to Russia. This biological material must be shipped in a diplomatic pouch. I don’t know what this biological material could be. But transported to Russia in the diplomatic pouch by diplomats. This raises a lot of questions.

Jeff- Yeah, yeah. It’s just shocking. The good news is that your work is starting to get some recognition. And your report about Georgia, by the way, for those who are not really familiar with Asian geography, Georgia is a small country that used to be a Soviet republic. In fact, it’s the home, the home country of Joseph Stalin, and it’s on the northeast corner of the Black Sea and it’s sandwiched between Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. So, it’s called the caucus.

And unfortunately, it’s now a loyal, loyal whore for Western interests. Anyway, you did some just I mean, brave and crazy. I mean, it’s just what your reports that you did on Georgia and the risks that you took and the dangers that you put yourself in front of you, you’re getting some recognition and you’re going to have a documentary that’s going to be broadcast on Al Maydeen TV. I heard on September 20th.

Dilyana- Yes.

Jeff- Can tell us about Al-Maydeen? That’s obviously a very brave media company. I recall Andre Vltchek may have done a documentary or two with them, but can you tell us about your documentary and about Al Maydeen and how can we watch it?

Dilyana- Al Maydeen is a Lebanese TV channel. It is one of the most popular TV channels in the Arab world. So, when they broadcast the documentary in Arabic, we’ll also publish an English version of the documentary because I originally did the documentary in English and I will publish it. And whoever wants to watch it can watch it in just a few days’ time. It cost me a lot of effort to film this documentary, but it was very important for me because I come from a very small country. Georgia is the same country.

Georgia is the same as Bulgaria. I mean, people globally even don’t know where we are on the map. And we don’t have the right to speak up or voice our concerns or be independent. I’m fed up with that. We are independent countries, Bulgaria independent, and Georgia independent country. And win for us and forever say that we don’t know foreign military bases on our territory or in the case of Georgia, not only military bases but also military by the laboratory. I talk to local people and most of them are very scared. Georgia is even poorer than Bulgaria.

And people say if we protest or take to the streets, we will either lose our jobs or they will threaten us. And we are very scared. But this must end and we must protect ourselves and our territory because, for example, in the case of Bulgaria, we have three military U.S. military air bases for free. They don’t pay for using our sovereign territory. They are here for free. How is that possible? I mean, for example, in Turkey, at least, Turkey takes millions of dollars or billions from the United States for providing its territory for military bases in Bulgaria.

We do it for free. It’s not about money. I’m talking about the principle. In my opinion, I’m maneuvering. I’m against any military based here on my territory, my country. It is not about the money. It is about mentality. It is about this sense of this slavish way of thinking that small countries have. No, we are sovereign countries and we must stand up and protect our territory. That is why this documentary was very important for me so that I can help the Georgian people and let the Georgian people realize the importance of speaking up and protecting their own territory.

And by the way, this project, the Georgian government knows very well what this military bio laboratory is all about. It is against Russia because Georgia is in a state of actual let’s say, not war, but the conflict, confrontation with Russia due to their territory on the west, on the north side of Georgia that Russia recognizes as its own territory. But Georgia doesn’t recognize them as Russian territory.

And the local population of Abkhazia, for example, recognizes them as Russian. So, it is a border issue. And that is why Georgia allows the Georgian government allows the United States to have such a military laboratory on its territory because they’re not just against Russia. They know very well. I don’t have any doubts. That is why they have left foreign military scientists to do whatever they want under diplomatic immunity on their own territory. I don’t have any other explanation. It could be either this or corruption.

By the way, a few days ago, the Georgian National Security Agency announced they had launched an investigation into a possible corruption scandal related to the American program on hepatitis C that had resulted in one hundred death cases. I hope that this investigation will implicate the real culprits, those who are responsible for the death of all these people in Georgia.

Jeff- Well, so when it comes out on September 20th, Dilyana, it’s going to be in Arabic, right?

Dilyana- Yes, it’s going to be in Arabic.

Jeff- When will it be out in the English version? Would you think that’ll be out?

Dilyana- The next week.

Jeff- Ok, if you promise to send me the link, I mean, I’d like to have the link in Arabic because there are Arab-speaking sinolanders around the world. And I’d like to if you can find out the link or tell me how to watch the program on the 20th and then please send me the link on how to watch it in English. And I’ll do another article about that so people can follow up on that. And because I want to see it for sure. And again, I think your work is I mean, you make more celebrated journalists like Seymour Hersh look like wallflowers. So, you’re really a very brave and courageous woman. And I tip my hat to you.

Hey, listen, before we sign out throughout all your reporting, you seem to have come across people working on the inside who are obviously against the evil deeds of their organizations are perpetuating. If someone wants to confidentially send you evidence of crimes being committed, how do they do so? Do you have some kind of encoded Dropbox or email address? What if someone has some information they’d like to send you, how would they go about doing that?

Dilyana- Yes, I have. I will send it to you. But people can easily just send me a message on social media that they want such a private contact. I immediately sent them.

Jeff- OK, like a secret Dropbox or something like that.

Dilyana- Yes.

Jeff- Ok, also, Dilyana has Twitter and Facebook. She’s got her own website and I put several links in the article. Hey, listen, Dilyana, you’re a real inspiration to me. And I think you’re probably I know you’re an inspiration to a lot of other journalists out there.

Like I say, as I was thinking about you and writing about you, I was thinking about a couple of songs called Brave and crazy by Melissa Etheridge and Tom Cochran, two Western singers, and you really are. I mean, you really put your life on the line for the truth. And that’s what makes your work very special. And I commend you.

Dilyana- I’m very thankful to you. And these words that you said mean a lot. I don’t know what to say. I don’t think that the way I think that’s what we all need to do. We must do it no matter what.

Jeff- Well, Dilyana, I’m going to get this thing posted, and let’s blasted out all over your social media and my social media. Patrice Grantville at the Greanville Post has already told me he’s going to post it and Sinolanders across the planet and Dilyana fans across the planet. Then Greanville fans, this interview will be heard by many tens of thousands of people. And your voice needs to be heard and your work needs to be more exposed. And I’m really honored to have an opportunity to do that with you.

Dilyana- Thank you very much. It was such a pleasure to talk to you and to your audience. Thank you.

Jeff- Ok, Dilyana, as soon as I get this up and running, I’ll let you know. Thank you so much and bye-bye.

Dilyana- Thank you. Bye.


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