TIMELESS TRANSCRIPT: Dean Henderson on 44 Days Radio Sinoland, with Jeff J. Brown 15.11.26


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Dean Henderson and in the corner, yours truly.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Dean Henderson on China Rising Radio Sinoland, with Jeff J. Brown 20151126


Note before starting: this was one of my first podcast interviews with a guest. Reading it in print, it stands the test of time…

Original intro,

Jeff is honored to have on his show today, Dean Henderson, author and geopolitical analyst, based out of the Ozark Mountains, in Missouri, USA. They discuss whether Western bankers have infiltrated the Chinese Communist Party and are in fact in control of China’s banks, as well as Russia and China cooperating in Syria together to fight NATO. https://www.youtube.com/embed/MC2Bnzl10-k




Jeff J. Brown (Host) – Good morning, everybody out there, all our fans for Radio Sinoland 44 days and the four continents, five continents across the world. We are very, very pleased to have today a special guest, Dean Henderson, in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. How are you doing today, Dean?  

Dean (Guest) – I’m good, John, how are you?  

Jeff- It’s Jeff. I’m sorry. It’s Jeff.  

Dean- Jeff. Sorry, Jeff.  

Jeff- It’s ok. Everybody calls me that. 

Dean- OK Jeff.  

Jeff- No worries about that. Let me tell you a little bit about Dean. He has got quite a resume. Dean was raised on a cattle ranch near Falkland, South Dakota. He earned his bachelor’s in liberal studies at the University of South Dakota and has an MS in Master of Science and Environmental Studies from the University of Montana. He founded, published, and edited one of America’s first political magazines, the Missoula Paper in 1990 in Missoula, Montana, where he was also a regular columnist for the Montana Kaimin.  

His Left Hook columns, which you can find on his website, have appeared on Infowars, Global Research, David Icke, and many other websites. His print articles have appeared in the multinational monitor in these times, paranoia, and several other journals. He is a featured columnist for Veterans Today and Rence.com and appears regularly on Press TV, which is where I found you, Archie, and other international stations.  

A self-described revolutionary and traveler to 50 countries, in 2004, he won the Democratic nomination for Congress in Missouri’s 8th District, where he and his wife operate a self-sufficient homestead. And he has authored five books. His first book, Big Oil and their bankers in the Persian Gulf Four Horsemen, Eight Families and their Global Intelligence, Narcotics and Terror Network has become a global cult classic among conspiracy researchers, and all of these are available on CreateSpace.com.  

His second book “The Grateful and Rich Revolution in 50 Countries, chronicles insights gained from a lifetime of overseas travel”. His third book is German, and it does kind of tell their federal union, which is again about the Federal Reserve. His fourth book, “Sticking It to The Matrix, is a practical guide to dropping out of the evil Illuminati system and kicking it in the nuts”. I like that. And I guess you’re self-sufficient. The homestead has a lot to do with that.  

And his most recent book, The Federal Reserve Cartel, reveals the owners of the world’s private central banks and offers a solution to end their global hegemony over the planet and its people. And I am Jeff J. Brown 44 days Radio Sinoland in Beijing, China, and we are really happy to have Dean on today. And thank you for connecting with me, Dean.  

Dean- Oh, yeah, likewise, Jeff.  

Jeff- Hey, listen, thanksgiving morning here, thanksgiving eve afternoon halfway across the world in the Ozarks. And by the way, I’ve been there several times, it’s just beautiful. And anyway, let’s talk about China. I find China to be one of the most under-reported under misrepresented world powers today.  

And as a person sitting there, a committed revolutionary in China and in the United States just give us your political geopolitical take on China today around the world with a special focus on the USA, the West, Russia, China’s Asian Neighbors, and the developing world. Take it away.  

Dean- Sure. Well, I think, there’s been some significant developments of late, the Shanghai Cooperation Council being probably the biggest thing, which is China, Russia, India, and all the stands. Of course, there’s also been a great deal of cooperation between the BRICS nations in general and between Russia and China in particular with the natural gas deal so far. All my take on China politically, I was there once a year was nineteen ninety-two or three maybe. 

Jeff- Oh I was here. 

Dean- We took actually a ferry into Shanghai from Japan and then went to Wuhan and went to Guilin and Yangzhou and then somehow made our way to Hong Kong, I think, yeah, down the road.  

Jeff- Wow. 

Dean- Yeah, it’s cool. I just remember asking a few people at that time, just villagers and stuff. You have free education, these kinds of things, and they told me they did. So, there’s this whole thing Mao I think the revolution, the Cultural Revolution was generally a good thing for their excesses. I’m sure. Everyone should read Mao’s Little Red Book. And when it comes right down to it, Marx established this theory about capital-labor that applied to sort of Europe, urban Europe. 

Jeff- Industrialized Europe. 

Dean- All these things. And Mao took that to the next level and basically said, well, no, it’s actually it’s going to be about the workers in the countryside, the peasant farmers that will be the heart of the global revolution.  

And if you look at what’s happened in history, Mao is right. And so, you’ve got to give him that for one thing: the revolution will not start in the cities, it will start in there in the rural areas from farmers who know how to shoot guns and these kinds of things. The one thing, which is one of the reasons I live in the rural Ozarks is going to happen in Berkeley. But so there wants to be that. I think Deng Xiaoping might be the interesting piece here because this is one detente that was signed with Kissinger seventy-three, seventy-five, or was it something like that?  

And there was a lot of interesting stuff, BBC moved into China at that time. Seems to me maybe the Rothschilds moved into China at that time. Some things were privatized. Mao did call them  capitalist roaders when he wrote about him, he didn’t like him and he get kind of take some edge off the revolution at the very least. And I think now what we’re seeing is kind of almost a reversion with this new leader, he seems to be more left-wing.  

I don’t know, it’s hard to read China, like you say, it’s sort of reported. But I did read an article about the Tiananmen Square massacre and my take on that, Jeff, was that the people that were actually killed were communists who were protesting to turn to the right in the Chinese government, not the other way around.  

Jeff- Absolutely. 

Dean- It is massive disinformation by the Western media regarding Tiananmen Square. That was not some young entrepreneurial capitalists who are rising up against the communist government, that was communist protesters who were being mowed down by, as I said, I think now bought off Chinese officials, Rothschild Tools, whatever they are. So, we got to be really careful going forward with this brick stuff and this is why, because China is kind of the enigma. And, for example, this Asian infrastructure bank, just announced AIIB.  

I’m kind of leery of it because I heard it’s all private banks led by Hong Kong Shanghai, I’m sure Standard Chartered, the Chinese opium British banks. So, are they going to try to charge pull this ruse where they said? Oh, the United States is the Anglo-American Empire is dying and we’re going to go to China and then they really don’t because it’s really the same British banks as were in Hong Kong now behind the new Chinese government.  

So, it’s very complicated. But I think in general, the media about China is negative and that’s unfair because there are many good things that the Chinese have accomplished for sure. And so, but there’s always got to be the bogeyman. And China definitely in the last 10, or 15 years, it’s been nothing but negative press about China, nothing but the negative press. And they go along with that.  

They don’t do anything much because they also realize that, for example, the rise of Walmart is, it’s connected with the rise of the Chinese economy inextricably. I mean, 90 percent of the freighters that come into Long Beach, California, which is the biggest port in the United States, are Walmart freighters from China. I mean, it’s really like that and it’s far out. But so, Walmart wouldn’t exist without China, China wouldn’t exist without Walmart. So, there’s that. So, it’s basically been this low-wage platform, I think, and used as this low-wage platform in the world that the capitalists could use to manufacture cheap goods and try to sell.  

But this whole experiment now is sort of being proven that it’s not working. It’s played itself out. There’s a real estate bubble in China. It’s something’s got to give because you can’t really ever win this race to the bottom where you just try to pay workers less and less and less and expect that to turn out in a good way because people need to have money in their pocket to buy stuff. Henry Ford himself knew that paid his workers to get into the Ford plants because they could buy his car.  

And this is what this sort of greedy billionaire class that runs the show down seemingly forgotten, and so you have Greece and so you have Podemos in Spain and Portugal and you have, I think a new left kind of emerging in the world led by the South Americans who were way ahead of us because Bolivia, Chavez, Correa and Ecuador and even in Nicaragua, you have Daniel Ortega back in power, the Sandinista.  

So, yeah, there is this new left going on, but it’s so you wouldn’t know it by listening to the mainstream media, that’s for sure. But here we have Bernie Sanders and they have Corbett in the UK. And there is actually a little bit of hope even in America nowadays. Don’t know what you do last time you were back yet. But it’s actually a moment of, I think, hope for me anyway because Bernie Sanders is tearing it up and he could win this thing.  

Jeff- Is it true, I’ve even heard, though, that Bernie Sanders is also dishing on China, it’s becoming so popular now that even he’s going after China? 

Dean- And I haven’t heard that if somebody saw that or could verify that, I’d like to see it. I doubt it. I just saw a really good video he did at Georgetown’s speech called Democratic Socialism. Everybody should watch just Google Bernie Sanders’s Georgetown speech. He gets after Saudi Arabia. I’ve heard people say he’s in bed with Saudi Arabia. He said nice things and a lot of propaganda about Bernie Sanders. 

Jeff- A lot of disinformation.  

Dean- Be careful because he is a genuine hope finally and not everybody’s part of the evil cabal once in a while, somebody slips through and that’s Bernie Sanders. So, everybody needs to get behind him and vote for him. I’m not kidding. I’m 50 years old. I’ve never seen an opportunity like this to actually take political power in the United States peacefully with a revolutionary candidate. And anyway, Bernie, the speech he’s going after Saudi Arabia.  

He’s going after the Qataris for funding ISS. I mean, things like that. I mean, he used the word oligarchy in one of the debates, and he uses the word revolution. He’s serious and he’s not a pro-Israel, he’s Jewish, but he’s more pro-Palestinian than anything and any other candidate in either party by far. And so, no, I would be surprised if Bernie was really getting after China. I mean, look, there are some things that the Chinese get after they’d like their currency. I mean, it’s rig and they really do need to devalue or increase some sort of the value of their currency.  

But this isn’t probably, I don’t know if they even control that. I mean, it’s Rothschild’s money game that controls, I think. But that’s the one thing that China does need to do. They don’t play fair. And you can ask the neighbors, Vietnam and Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. I’ve been to all those countries. I’ve been to the last several times, Cambodia several times. And they just don’t like China because it is kind of a bully in the neighborhood and it has done some bad things in the neighborhood, too. China is not perfect either, just to be clear.  

But they do need to play fair because we all know if China doesn’t increase the value of its renminbi, Yuan, whatever it is, this thing can’t work. Its global economy won’t work because you’re undercutting labor unions everywhere. And knowingly or not, it’s not a communist idea. It’s not a revolutionary idea. It’s a very capitalist globalist idea. And if China just continues to represent that and not stand up for its people more, then that’s not good either.  

Jeff- Well, the one good thing about China’s banks is that they’re a hundred percent state-owned. And so, they can’t control their own destiny. I’ll be honest with you I’m not as convinced as some maybe as you are that the Rothschilds are controlling China. I’ve just based on everything that I have seen and read, I feel I mean, if they are, they’re very bad students and don’t obey. They seem to not really care about the international banking community.  

I don’t think they could do AIIB and the other things that they’re trying even the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has done some financing, although those are probably Chinese banks. But to have that patina of internationalism, they’re going to have to obviously include Western banks.  

I tell you what, if it is true that the Rothschilds do control China’s banks, I think it’s pretty much all over but the shouting. The reason that I think that the bank that the Rothschilds may not control the Chinese banks is, Mao ran out the fascists. He ran out the capitalists, he ran out the colonialists, and those that were left, he shot.  

Dean- Yeah, that’s Taiwan, correct?  

Jeff- Yeah, Taiwan escaped. And so, I think, maybe it’s just because it may be wishful thinking. I don’t know. But I just I would love, I would hate to think that the Rothschilds in London were calling the shots here, but if they are, they’re doing a very bad job of it. 

Dean- Yeah, I would be the first time. But I hope you’re great. I hope you are great. And you would probably have a better sense than I would because you live there. How long have you lived in China, Jeff?  

Jeff- A total of 12 years. I live there from 1990 to 1997 and then came back in 2010. Where do you think Russia fits in all this? If all sorts of Vis a Vis China.  

Dean- Well, I mean, it seems like, again, Russia and China are moving closer together, and that’s good. And that’s always been good. That’s ever since the Cold War, that’s been a good thing. When that happened and it’s kind of gone back and forth when China was a leader in China, they were close to the Russians. And again, when Deng Xiaoping took over that kind of work anymore and friction. And I’m sure the Western intelligence agencies were creating that friction too. 

Jeff- Just like Tiananmen Square.  

Dean- Yeah. For example. But in general, I think Russia at least with Putin as its leader is really planning the leader of the BRICS, of the G20, of the just of the people. I mean, all of us people. when I include myself in that he’s our leader, Putin, almost, because we got nothing else. And finally, we do have a leader who has nuclear weapons. And all again, Mao was right about that Power comes out of the barrel of a gun. And he just does. I mean, I don’t like that. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. Now that the gun has been invented. It is.  

Jeff- By the way Chinese.  

Dean- So it is. So, you can play it or can you go sit in your corner and play politically correct. But in the end, we’re lucky to have Putin as its leader that has the guns behind him that is stepping up and challenging this, I think, global banking monopoly on behalf of the people. And that’s the way I would put it.  

And Syria’s where he should have intervened because they tried to beat him in Ukraine and he didn’t take the bait. But he knows the Middle East is what they’re really after Central Asia. So, look on to Syria. And what are you going to do about it? Well, the Turks did shoot a plane down. They were going to see what happens. But I mean, at least it seems like he’s honest. It seems like he’s really for the people.  

And it’s kind of amazing really. I mean, in my lifetime, I don’t remember a leader like this. I’m sure there were leaders like this in Third World countries whom we didn’t hear about very much. But as far as on a global stage, to hear Putin saying some of the things he’s saying and out, wouldn’t some of the people he’s out? And it’s pretty refreshing. So, but it’s we’ll see what happens.  

Jeff- A lot of people don’t know this, Dean, but China’s very sort of back door, but the Chinese actually have a ship, a destroyer parked in the port of Tartus on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, and there are actually Chinese military experts in Latakia in Syria with the Russians working with the Russians. 

Dean- That’s interesting. Yeah, I heard. 

Jeff- Providing some sharing human intelligence, signal intelligence, and satellite intelligence.  

Dean- This is being reported in the Chinese media. 

Jeff- Yes, yes, it is.  

Dean- But I’ve heard these but I didn’t know if this was true or a rumor. But good. Good. That’s true.  

Jeff- That was true, six weeks ago, a couple of months ago. But I don’t think that ship they’re using that ship in Tartus as a logistical and resource base. But I can’t imagine why they would be leaving especially now with what’s been going on with Turkey and everything else.  

Dean- It’s interesting timing because the Russians did have military exercises this past weekend in the Mediterranean. I’m sure the Chinese were part of that if they were there.  

Jeff- Well, back in September, Dean, the Chinese and the Russians had Navy military exercises in the Mediterranean.  

Dean- Yeah, that’s what they had on this last weekend in the Mediterranean.  

Jeff- Ok. 

Dean- And then in Taiwan Putin met with Tsai Ing-wen. So, then the next day is when this Russian plane gets shot down. So, I just think it’s interesting timing. They don’t like what’s going on, these bankers. And they want to get shot down. They come out and say, well, they are bombing these moderate rebels close to Turkey, blah, blah, blah, like not even saying we’re sorry. So, this is going to be the problem if the United States is going to be like this.  

I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Turkey better watches out together better watch out because Putin’s got just as much right. Turkey continues to be belligerent. He’s got as much right to start bombing in Turkey as he does ISS. If you ask me, just don’t shoot people’s planes now, it is in the airspace for seven seconds. 

Jeff- Yeah, I heard 17 seconds. 

Dean- 17 seconds, yeah, but you just don’t do that. I mean, you just don’t do that. So that was an act of aggression. And if Putin chose to retaliate, it would be reasonable. So, we’re getting into kind of uncharted waters here, and the United States response next. I don’t know. It’s just these people are not very smart in this country and its neocons are not very smart. They are so full of their own, they’re just arrogant and they think they’re invincible and they don’t understand these things like you just told me, the Chinese and the Russians are working together.  

They don’t even understand how I don’t even think they’d win a war, a Third World War, these people anymore or flat out. I mean, just military and military. I don’t I do not think the Anglo-American empire would win that kind of war. And I don’t think they get that. And so, it’s just a classic case of a bully in a schoolyard jab.  

How do you know, you can sit there and talk nice to the bully all you want, but it just seems like until somebody comes up and punches him in the nose, which is what I heard in the last, you know, was a year ago over Syria, the US parts of Tomahawks Russia shot that down that’s what I heard that might have happened again like that. But they got it. They got it from ISIS. This is the linchpin of the banker’s little global scheme right now is using these fake Islamists, whatever they call al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daesh, whatever. It’s all the same people.  

They’re trained in Afghanistan by the CIA. Osama bin Laden was an emissary from the House of Saud with the CIA, between the CIA and the House of Saud. That was Osama bin Laden. That’s who he was. And the Saudis have always funded the CIA, British intelligence, Mossad even operations. They’ve always been the paymaster. They’re doing the same thing now they’re paying ISIS. So, Bernie Sanders said that the other day in a speech and it’s true. So, this all needs to be exposed and destroyed.  

And we need a whole new set of allies. The United States, we have put aside the United States, which side we’re going to side with, because we’re kind of always, in my opinion, been used as sort of this praetorian guard has this mercenary force for the British oligarchy is what the city of London crowd, whatever. I mean, Israel’s been used in the same way. It’s not a Jewish homeland.  

They’re not trying to protect Jewish people, they’re trying to set up outposts in the Middle East to control the Rothschilds’, Rockefeller oil patch, which is what it is because these families owned most of the shares in foreign oil, I call them, which is Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Royal Dutch Shell, and PPMO. And these families own the shares. That’s just the facts. And also, two of the families of the eight own the Federal Reserve. So that’s what they’re doing with Israel. What they’re doing with the US is Victorian Guard stuff.  

So, what China also has to be careful of is don’t become the next Victorian guard for the Rothschilds, because what I sense sort of is they’re trying to drop the US over the side, like Noriega or Saddam or whatever. They use this up. They bloody their nose and they black bloc in their eyes. They burned our cash rate in Trinidad. All our kids have died in every war since World War Two or World War One for these explicit expletives.  

And now they’re just going to drop us over the side and sort of declare bankruptcy in the U.S. and then maybe the China Sea becomes arbitrary guards. That’s I think China has to be very careful because all they need is the military to take care of their global affairs. It’s not the people, our country, they protect its oligarchy that protecting and they just need a country that’s willing to do that. Up to now, the United States is been that country, sadly since World War Two, at least. 

Jeff- I would like to go back to Turkey. I don’t think, Turkey is a member of NATO. And NATO is basically the United States. I don’t control it. I don’t think that Turkey would have shot the plane down without orders from the United States. I think it was NATO and NATO forces.  

Dean- It’s absolutely possible, which is even worse.  

Jeff- And then so anyway, yeah, it’s very troubling times. I’m probably a little bit more of an optimist about China maybe than some other people are back in the States and maybe even you. Well, it’s OK. And I see their behavior. I see their behavior as much more anti-Western, much more anti-Western bank than most people probably do in the West. I personally don’t think that if and I think there will be a collapse. I think there will be an economic collapse of some sort and the dollar will go with it.  

I personally do not see as long as the Communist Party of China is in power, I do not see them jumping in bed with the Western banks. China had the world’s largest economy up until 1872. And they have 5000 years of civilization in history, and I think especially at the leadership level, I think they hate the West. I think what the West did to them for one hundred and ten years from 1840 to 1949 with the Opium Wars and enslaving 100 million Chinese to opium and the Western colonialists and so I’m hanging my hat on China being the world’s salvation in cooperation with Russia.  

I think Russia and China are cooperating much, much more than the West wants to admit and as you say these neo-fascists that are running the Western governments right now, are just too full of hubris and arrogance to even see it. And they’re so busy doing false flags like Paris and Charlie Hebdo and 9/11 and everything else that they can’t see the forest from the trees. So, I hope my optimism is well-founded.  

Dean- Yeah, I hope so, too.  

Jeff- I do have a friend Dr. Moti Nissani. He’s he has a couple of fascinating interviews on my SoundCloud station. And he does the same kind of research that you do Dean. And he’s very big into the banker sassing out the evilness of Western banks.  

Dean- What’s his name again?  

Jeff- Moti Nissani. 

Dean- Chinese? 

Jeff- No, no, he’s actually he was a professor in Michigan at Wayne State University. Anyway, just go 44 days on my website, he has a couple of fascinating interviews.  

Dean- Ok. 

Jeff- He is convinced that the Russian banks are Rothschild and he’s going to expose that in an article upcoming. I was like going, yeah, I was like so happy he was going. But I still am not convinced about the Chinese. So, I’m hoping that he will come out and say that he cannot find proof that the Chinese banks are in bed with the Rothschilds. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s not true.  

Dean- Yeah. And these need to be studied. So, anybody like yeah, I don’t know how you do it, I know how you would do it here because I did it. But I don’t know how there are ways to do it. So, people studied who lived in China, citizens of China should study that. But I know there is a huge bestselling book I heard in China about the Rothschilds and everything. And so, I know there’s anti-banker, anti-Western sentiment big time.  

And why not, after all the crazy stuff, I mean, any cogent, coherent person, I would have the same attitude. I have the same attitude toward these guys too. So, the Chinese just seem a little smarter. So, I hope you’re right. And I think you probably are right. And this is just, again, always caution flags because we’ve seen how these people the first thing I mean, they started way back in rolling it out and way back in Egypt before that, and they moved to Scotland.  

They just have this way of sort of, they get kicked out of somewhere and they pop up somewhere else. So, I’m just saying, you have to really guard against not letting these guys pop up anywhere anymore, just like Jay Leno, and not abide by anybody. And yeah, it’d be great if the Chinese were not in bed.  

And India is another big player that hopefully, we’ll see India always been a really huge force as far as the jewel in the area, the socialism, and the spread around the world. And I led the nonaligned movement many years ago hugely influential. So, let’s hope India goes back to those days when they were. Because now we have not at all. And we have, I don’t know, the Congress party. It’s really kind of lame and they sometimes go along so they need to stick to what they should be.  

That’s why the Shanghai cooperation council to me is the most important thing because this is what unites these three countries. And if you read US CIA memos and policy papers, it’s always been their goal to divide these three countries India, China, and Russia, to keep those countries at odds with each other and there’s a reason for that.  

Jeff- Divide and conquer. 

Dean- So, they need to come together.  

Jeff- Absolutely. Dean, what are you going to do for Thanksgiving tomorrow?  

Dean- Oh, just go to some friends. We were going to drive up to family in South Dakota, but it’s going to snow and ice collapses in South Dakota, so now we will see him another time. We’ll go with some friends. And how about you Jeff? Did you have something like a house or whatever?  

Jeff- Well, it’s Thanksgiving morning here. Actually, it’s Thursday morning here. It’s four thirty-six in the morning and I’ve probably awakened. My wife, even though there are two closed doors between us, and anyway tonight, we’re going to go to there’s a local pub called the Irish Volunteer and they put on an annual Thanksgiving. They do a nice job and we’ve actually cooked Thanksgiving dinner here, but it’s a lot of work, we’re busy. And so, we’re going to go with our daughter, who’s going to the university here.  

Dean- Oh Great.  

Jeff- Chinese and her Chinese boyfriend. And we’re going to have the four of us have Thanksgiving dinner tonight.  

Dean- Oh, great. That sounds really great. Are you going, I mean, are you in China definitely and are you going to stay there? 

Jeff- Well, we would love to. I’m going to turn 62 this year. My wife is going to turn 60. And so, the visa situation becomes a little bit dicey. But, yeah, we would love to stay. We’re trying to stay in Beijing at least in China. So, I think I mean, I feel like Beijing is the tables are tilting. The table of power is still tilting towards the east.  

Dean- Yeah.  

Jeff- I feel like Beijing is sort of like the center of the world. But in terms of geopolitical influence so. 

Dean- Yeah, yeah. Good.  

Jeff- This has been a wonderful interview. We’re going to have to have you back on. And next time we’ll talk about what you want to talk about. We talked about China today. 

Dean- It’s good.  

Jeff- Let’s do it again. And you and your wife have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  

Dean- You too, Jeff.  

Jeff- And I’m going to have a wonderful thanksgiving tonight.  

Dean- In Turkey, China. All right. Thanks a lot, and have a great Thanksgiving. 

Jeff- Bye, bye. Take care. 

Dean- Bye, bye. 


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BIG Red Book on China: Chinese History, Culture and Revolution



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44 Days Backpacking in China: The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass


China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations


BIG Red Book on China: Chinese History, Culture and Revolution


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Why and How China works: With a Mirror to Our Own History



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