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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: that’s DPRK on the left and ROK on the right.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Note before starting: I continue to be impressed by Korean AROK’s passion for studying and seeking the real truth about how the world functions. If only more young people were like him, the future of humanity would be much more reassured.

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AROK: The strange name of the history of the name of the DPRK.

The DPRK’s name in the original Korean language is Joseon Minju Inmin Gonghwaguk (조선민주인민공화국).

This translates in English not to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but to the Democratic People’s Republic of Joseon. Joseon is the name of the last imperial dynasty of Korea.

The other irony is that Joseon’s capital was Seoul, not Pyongyang.

Pyongyang was the capital of Goguryeo, a large and powerful kingdom that not only controlled some 2/3rds of the peninsula, but also ruled a large portion of what is now Northeast China (Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang) as well as Primorsky Krai of Russia.

The DPRK’s history classes actually portray Joseon in a very negative light, accusing it of being a servile and sycophantic client state of China. It also criticizes the royal household of Jeonjoo Lee, the household from which all of the dynasty’s kings originated.

Because the center of power was in the south, northerners were marginalized and discriminated against by southerners. Northerners had a harsher life due to the more mountainous climate, whereas the fertile farmland was primarily in the south.

The DPRK also criticizes the southern kingdom of Silla, which vied for control over the peninsula alongside Goguryeo as well as another southern kingdom called Baekje. Silla succeeded in conquering Baekje and later defeating Goguryeo with the help of Tang China, but was unable to unify the peninsula. Goguryeo’s people survived as a kingdom called Balhae, which similarly controlled much of northern Korea as well as much of Northeastern China and Far East Russia. This is why is called a treasonous collaborator state responsible for the fall of the Goguryeo Kingdom, preventing it from unifying Korea.

Balhae’s successor, the kingdom of Goryeo, eventually defeated Silla and unified the peninsula for the first time. The capital moved to Kaesong, which was part of the ROK prior to the war, but changed hands to the DPRK after the ceasefire line was drawn.

The whole point is that DPRK more closely identifies with Goguryeo and Goryeo than to Silla, Baekje, and Joseon. Goryeo is where the name Korea comes from. So, it should actually call itself “Goguryeo Minjoo Inmin Gonghwaguk” meaning Democratic People’s Republic of Goguryeo.” It makes sense since Pyongyang is the capital of Goguryeo, widely regarded as Korea’s most powerful kingdom.

Yet the DPRK still officially refers to itself as “Joseon”, a nation that its own history books call a sycophantic client state of China and whose capital is in the enemy territory of Seoul!

Jeff: Thank you for a wonderful lesson on Korean history. I know the fans will really appreciate too.

AROK: The conspiracy to break up Russia.

AROK Conspiracy to breakup Russia

Jeff: The West has been trying to break up Russia since the Great Schism. As Putin likes to say, Russia gets invaded every 50 years. The West covets its fabulous natural resources.

AROK: I finished A Capitalist in North Korea by Felix Abt and Patriots, Traitors, and Empires by Stephen Gowans.

Very powerful books. One can scarcely imagine what kind of country Korea would have been if it was never colonized, invaded, occupied, and divided against its will.

Gowans in particular confirms what I suspected. Had America not dropped the atom bombs, but allowed the Soviets to defeat Japan and sign surrender on its terms, Japan would have been a Communist country aligned closely with Russia, China, and Korea. The four would form a very powerful, people-oriented Communist East Asian bloc that would have been impossible for America to exercise dominance over.

Jeff: I think Gowan’s thesis is absolutely correct. I wrote about Japan’s surrender. It surrendered to Russia in Manchuria, not Uncle Slaughter after Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

AROK: Another excellent site exposing the globalist agenda.

Jeff: Thanks, I added it to my favorites.

AROK: Fall of the Cabal 10-part documentary series

Evidence that our world may be in the grip of Babylonian Luciferians.

Jeff: As we have discussed, the West has a millennial history of Satanism and its accompanying pedophilia. This website has a hugely complete history of it,

AROK: The Soviet Union should have taken over Europe after WWII.

The Soviet Union shouldn’t have stopped at Germany. It should have taken over all of Europe. We’d all be in a much safer place today.

The dumb fucks in Europe effectively suicided themselves as a civilization once they became an American colony.

I’m starting to think the US, as a country, should never have existed.

Jeff: Stalin and Roosevelt were men of their words and tragically trusted genocidal, imperial Churchill. Ten months later, Winston launched the Cold War with his Iron Curtain speech, in a desperate bid to save Britain’s bankrupt colonial empire.

AROK: Pedophile freak and congressman John Podesta has artwork depicting the sexual torture of children in his house.

Babylon never actually died. It merely moved places.

podesta-kunst-kinderen.jpg (750×683) (

gloria-vanderbilt-dream-box.jpg (750×498) (

vanderbilt-dreamboxes.jpg (800×343) (

pool-biltmore-estate.jpg (750×498) (

Jeff: All true. The Western royals families, churches and elites are eaten up with Satanism and pedophilia.

AROK: On Western Terrorism by Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek.

AROK West terrorism

Isaiah 14:12-15 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15- And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Sounds a lot like the behavior of the United States!

Spreading death, destruction, lies, and poverty wherever it goes while masquerading as a guardian angel of light.

Jeff: Ibid.

AROK: Can you recommend any alternative email service providers?

I don’t want to use Microsoft anymore.

Jeff: Had surgery and have been submerged preparing for my French written driving test, which I just passed today.

I’ll get to all you have sent in the coming days.

The best non-MSM email is ProtonMail. They have a good free plan. But, they are all compromised by the CIA/MI6 deep state.

AROK: Alright. Will give it a try.

Sorry to hear about your health.

Been sending a lot of emails to various people because I’ve been reading so much and have a lot on my mind.

A day of reckoning is coming for all of us very soon.

I pray that my country will be ready.

Jeff: If and when Taiwan declares independence, 1.2 million ideological, highly trained DPRK troops will storm across the 38th parallel, after tens of thousands of precision missiles have rained down on ROK. Maybe immigrating to Russia is not such a bad idea, after all!

AROK: The Mark of the Beast and the Satanic Empire of the end times.

The US or Europe seems to be most likely ones to impose the Mark of the Beast talked about in The Revelation of the King James Bible

But I must wonder how the US, weakened as it is, will be able to muster the military and economic strength to best Russia and China, its most powerful enemies, to impose the mark onto the world.

Neither US nor Europe nor its Asian allies are militarily and economically capable of checkmating Russia or China.

Unless Russia and China are the ones to impose the Mark of the Beast and the Satanic Empire onto the whole world. But this just seems really unlikely.

Jeff: China and Orthodox Christianity do not have this history of Satanism and pedophilia like in the West.

AROK: Debt Cancellation in the Ancient Near East by Economist Michael Hudson.

AROK Debt Cancel

The real reason why the Bible forbade charging at interest.

Jeff: Michael Hudson is excellent. David Graeber’s book, “Debt: The First 5,000 Years” really gets into the deep history of debt and its notions in Native cultures. Not the same thing.

AROK: Why is Russia still unable to defeat Ukraine?

Russian Military supposedly has super weapons capable of bypassing all American air defenses and annihilating an area as large as Texas.

Yet after a year of fighting, it’s still unable to secure a decisive victory in Ukraine and continues supplying Europe with gas!

Jeff: Russia is killing NATO with its Rope-A-Dope strategy. You can relax.

Did you see this?

AROK: I didn’t know about this until today.

There was a similar scandal several years ago where President Park Geun-Hye (the daughter of deceased President Park Chung-Hee, the man credited with the rapid economic success of the ROK) and Choi Soon-Sil, whose father was also into the occult.

Speaking of, I just read Democracy the Most Dangerous Religion by Larry Romanoff.

Do you know of him?

Jeff: Larry Romanoff is terrific. We have communicated a few times by email. He work on exposing the totalitarian Covid Plandemic is really good.

I’m compiling all your posts.

AROK: The Soviet Union should have taken over Europe.

The Soviet Union shouldn’t have stopped with Germany. It should have taken over Europe, installed Socialist governments in every country favorable to Moscow, and signed security agreements with Moscow guaranteeing Soviet nuclear protection from the US. The Warsaw Pact should have included all of Europe.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union is the very thing that worsened and encouraged America’s predatory behavior.

David Ray Griffin’s book The American Trajectory confirms that the US, decades before WW1, had plans to not only replace the European empires as the supreme sovereign, but also subject them to its every whim as helpless vassals.

The US, not the Soviet Union, was the true villain all along.

Jeff: As mentioned earlier about Churchill, once MI6 assassinated FDR and got their boy toy Truman in office, who was putty in their and the CIA/MIC’s claws, the Cold War was ON.

AROK: I just read Bernays and Propaganda by Larry Romanoff.

Can the United States of America really be considered a nation when it is not unified by a common history, language, culture, religion, or creed?

Except for the Native Americans, almost every “American” is from somewhere else.

Russians are from Russia. Chinese are from China. Koreans are from Korea. Japanese are from Japan.

Most “Americans” are a mix of European, African, Native American, slave, and free. They aren’t the original stock of people.

Also, the name “America” is itself misleading. America is the name of two continents.

Why do only people from the United States get to call themselves Americans?

Are Canadians, Brazilians, and Mexicans not Americans in their own right?

Can the countries of South America form a “United States of South America?”

Jeff: Bernays got his ideas from Cecil Rhodes’ Secret Society founded in 1891.

The two books by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty essential reading to understand today’s Western headlines,

AROK: The Big Lebowski. Have you heard of this movie?

Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, Julianne Moore, Tara Reid, and Sam Elliott are all in it.

Jeff: I sent you an email with three photos.

Yes, I saw The Big Lebowski and loved it. But to be honest, I forgot the plot.

The cast is incredible!

AROK: I’m reading it now.

The Big Lebowski is about Jeff Lebowski aka The Dude, an aging, unemployed, middle-aged guy who likes to smoke pot and bowl with his friends Walter Sobchak and Donnie. The Dude attacked by thugs who mistake him for a millionaire of the same name. The millionaire Lebowski’s young trophy wife owes money to a loan shark. The thugs find out he is the wrong Lebowski and leave, but not before urinating on his rug.

Dude goes to see the millionaire Lebowski, who accuses him of being a bum looking for a handout but allows him to take one of the mansion’s rugs.

Later the rich Lebowski’s trophy wife goes missing because 3 guys calling themselves “Nihilists” want a ransom of a million. The rich Lebowski asks the Dude to deliver the million to the Nihilists.

Later a woman and two goons break into the Dude’s house and take that rug. It turns out the woman is the rich Lebowski’s estranged daughter who took the rug because it was a gift to her from her late mother, her father’s first wife. She says her father is not actually rich but is living off the money of his deceased first wife and also stole a million dollars from the foundation under the excuse that the Nihilists are demanding extortion money. She thinks it’s bullshit and that “this compulsive fornicator is taking my father for the proverbial ride.”

Walter Sobchak, the Dude’s best friend played by John Goodman, has a plan to scam the rich Lebowski by keeping the money and not giving it to the Nihilists.

You can more or less guess where it goes from here.

Jeff: I did not know the movie came from a book. I love John Goodman, Steve Buscemi.

AROK: I’m on my 16th book this year- Queen of Chaos by Diana Johnstone and it’s about Hillary Clinton.

Have you read any of David Ray Griffin’s books?

Jeff: I have shared a French table twice with Diana and interviewed her,

Diana is an amazing woman, author and journalist.

AROK: At the rate things are going, I wonder if we will all make it to 2023.

Putin’s unwillingness or inability to the Ukraine conflict quickly with conventional weapons has given US-NATO sufficient time to escalate the conflict to the point that they’re too heavily invested to disengage from the whole thing.

Russia continues to supply gas to Europe.

The Soviet Union should have taken over continental Europe and made it Socialist/Communist.

A socialist/communist Eurasia would have solved many problems today

Jeff: Enjoying F. W. Mote’s “Imperial China: 800-1800”.

A brief section on Korea…




































































AROK: It’s been some time since I studied Korean history of that period, but the article makes a few mistakes.

Silla did not control all of Korea. Its territory was larger than that of the modern-day ROK, but did not include Pyongyang.

Goryeo, not Silla, is the first kingdom to unify all of Korea. Joseon expanded the borders to what you presently see. So, yes. For about 1000 years, Korea was one.

Is Korea really the 2nd oldest civilization in East Asia? That’s quite a subjective term.

Does East Asia just mean Northeast Asian countries of China, Korea, and Japan? Or does that also include Mongolia and Far East Russia?

Does East Asia also include Southeast Asia (Philippine archipelago, Indonesian archipelago, Indochina peninsula, Malay peninsula, etc.).

Korea’s territory borders changed many times. There used to be 4 kingdoms on the Korean peninsula in the past.

Korea’s historical ties to China stretch back thousands of years before USA or Japan ever entered the picture.

True, there has been antagonism between the pair, but China usually respected the sovereignty of Korea compared to Japan and USA, who wanted to use Korea as a springboard to strike China.

China entered the Korean War in self-defense. The USA entered the Korean War for money and profit.

China’s original goal was the taking of Taiwan, the elimination of the KMT, and the unification of the mainland with the island. It would leave Korea to Kim Il-Sung to take care of.

Chinese volunteer troops were specifically ordered by Mao himself never to harm civilians and to treat the Koreans as they would their brothers due to the sacrifices of Korean Communist guerillas in helping China fight the Japanese Imperial Military.

There was no invasion from the DPRK. The term invasion makes no sense. How do Koreans invade Korea? The 38th parallel is not an international boundary. The USA drew the border without consulting anyone and neither DPRK or ROK accepted the border.

The ROKA initiated the majority of attacks across the 38th. The ROK president was highly unpopular and won through separately held and rigged elections rife with intimidation and violence.

The DPRK government helped poor farmers with land distribution and persecuted wealthy landowners, Koreans who had collaborated with the Japanese, and Christians. These people went south and supported President Lee for his anticommunism. Had separate elections not been held, Lee would have lost quickly.

Lee intentionally provoked the DPRK into attacking. America would not defend ROK if it attacked DPRK first. So, he had to bait the KPA into attacking first. He wanted this war to happen and was willing to accept the nuclear destruction of China if that is what it took.

Both DPRK and ROK later participated in Vietnam, but DPRK fought on the side of the Viet Cong, who were fighting to free their country from the tyranny of US-backed dictator Ngo Diem. ROK fought on the side of the USA against the Communist guerillas and committed civilian atrocities, which it is only now admitting.

Jeff: Great Korea lesson. Thanks.

From a fan,

The average Korean works 69 hours per week and there are pension problems –most men forced off job in 50’s and have a decade of Nothing.


AROK: That’s democracy, for ya. The ROK is an extremely densely populated country, even more so than China or Japan. Gyeongi Province has 26 million people, which is roughly half the country and the entire population of the DPRK. Seoul itself has 10 million people or a fifth of the country. The ROK is essentially a city-state, for better or worse.

In the Japanese occupation, the south served as the agricultural breadbasket of the peninsula while the north was utilized for heavy industries due to its abundant mineral resources. So, it’s still very dependent on US aid and imports because of that.

The US could sanction and cripple the ROK because their economies are tied together. It can’t do that to the DPRK because the DPRK is already economically decoupled from the dollar system and shares a land border with China and Russia, who will help it bypass the sanctions anyway.

The only reason DPRK is still sanctioned and refused entry into the nuclear club is for political reasons. The lifting sanctions and the acknowledgement of DPRK as a nuclear weapons state by the US would, in the ROK’s eyes, be seen as a political defeat and betrayal. The ROK would lose faith in the US alliance and would likely get nuclear weapons itself if that happened. Who knows.

And that’s democracy for you, sir.

Jeff: It must be said that most of the Global Majority works much harder than the Global Minority, especially in Asia.

AROK: Re: The Big Lebowski.

“This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass, Larry.”

  • John Goodman as Walter Sobchak

Jeff: Goodman is priceless. I love him in Raising Arizona.

AROK: Democrats trying to arrest Trump- AGAIN.

The Demon-rats are only going to succeed in making a martyr out of him and uniting the right against them.

Jeff: It’s leftists who transmogrify into fascists the fastest, not conservatives. The latter have principles grounded in historical foundations.

AROK: Emanuel Pastreich’s opinion on Korean unification.

AROK Emanuel P on Korea

Jeff: I interviewed Emanuel.

Amazing linguist. He’s fluent in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and his arc of awareness is quite remarkable.

AROK: China vs USA. Who is the real villain?

It’s really quite stunning how the US has convinced itself and people of its vassal states that it is the good guy protecting them from evil Communist China.

In the US, anyone with a pulse and a rich family can get into Congress.

A person has to be within the top 1% percentile in the Gaokao (China’s college admissions exam) and must have decades of proven experience and recommendations to gain entrance into the CCP

Anyone who is of legal adult age and is a citizen can vote in the US.

In China, you only get a say if you really know the ins and outs of what it takes to run Asia’s largest economy.

China has been around for thousands of years.

The US has been around for less than 300.

The US has been at war for nearly its entire short history. Since 1945, it has invaded over 30 countries and killed over 20 million people and still remains the only country to use nuclear weapon in a war against a country that didn’t have one (and has continued to threaten its usage against non-nuclear nations)

China has been through long periods of war, tyranny, poverty, and strife for sure. But its current form as the PRC is the most peaceful and prosperous the country has ever been in a long time. It has never attacked another country except in self-defense.

The US military is offensively oriented and goes to war on the behest of a tiny group of ultra-wealthy oligarchs.

China’s military actually defends the homeland and has never attacked another country except in self-defense.

The POTUS is a front-man for the financial oligarchs.

The Chinese president is the head of his administration and the buck stops with him.

The US expands its empire for the sake of resources, greed, and imperial power. First, it had to take the continent. Then Central America, Caribbean, and South America. Then Asia-Pacific and Europe.

China has a large territory for internal security reasons. The Gobi desert to the north, the Takla Makhan desert to the west protect it from nomadic raiders. The Himalayas act as a barrier to India and is the water source for China’s rivers. China has been content to stay as a regional power, not really expanding beyond its borders.

Chinese soldiers in the Korean War avoided attacking the Korean civilians and even treated their POWs with decency.

American soldiers in the Korean War shot anything that moved.

Jeff: Very informed and accurate mini-essay.

AROK: Finland just joined NATO.

You know what?

Russia should just let Ukraine join NATO so it can be used an excuse to finally do away with it, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and all the others who are barking and cheering for this conflict to continue.

The world can live without these maniacs.

Tell me. What exactly does Europe offer to the world?

Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing.

Jeff: Living in Europe and being half French, I cannot help but agree with you.

AROK: Larry Romanoff’s website

Check this out.

Jeff: As mentioned, Larry is terrific. He lives in Shanghai and spends his retirement researching and writing.

AROK: Demonic possession.

Is it possible for an entire country, no, an entire civilization to be demon possessed?

Jeff: Absolutely. Nazi Ukraine for starters.

AROK: The schizophrenia of the American mind.

The schizophrenic, double-minded way of thinking that enslaves the average Western mind is stranger than fiction.

On one hand, Americans tout their democracy as the best system of governance and that every human in every nation ultimately strives to be like them.

On the other hand, Americans have no shortage of grievances and complaints about how much they hate their country.

It’s like both sides of the brain are disconnected.

Jeff: I have read that Confucist-Daoist-Buddhist Asians have about 2-3% psychopaths. Western-monotheists have about 15-25%. I think this explains much about humanity’s history and headlines.

AROK: Why exactly does Taiwan oppose unification with the mainland?

It is purely due to American propaganda?

Jeff: Suppressed and censored national polls in Taiwan show that around 50% of the citizens are ready to return to the Motherland.

AROK: Another theme for Putin

Barry Lyndon, Trio op 100 (Schubert)

Jeff: OK, gotta go with something from my formative adolescent years. I first heard this when I was 14, back when it was legal for restaurants to hire youngsters that age. I was washing dishes, busing tables and peeling potatoes. This song came on the radio back in the kitchen. I cranked it up and set a land speed record peeling those spuds! I went the next day to the record store and bought Led Zeppelin I, vinyl back in those days, and rocked on…

Led Zeppelin, Good Times Bad Times,

AROK: The real causes of ROK’s population decline.

I think there are 5 causes,

  1. Less young people are getting married and having kids, meaning that the death rate is higher than the birth rate.
  2. This also means a shrinking base of young people are paying higher taxes to support the elderly.
  3. Strict immigration rules. Unlike Europe, the ROK is strict about who is allowed into the country. So, foreigners are not replacing the domestic population unlike the US, for better or worse. In the US, foreigners are replacing the Whites, who are dying out. This is not the case in Korea.
  4. Individualism- Korean society was traditionally, historically, a family oriented and communal society. As recently as my parent’s generation, men and women usually got married when they came of age. Now they don’t because the self rather than the community, takes precedence. Marriage and children are seen as a burden.
  1. Lack of self-sufficiency- The ROK is too dependent on imports to sustain its basic needs whereas in the past (even as recently as my grandparents’ days), many Korean families lived in the countryside and had a family farm.

Ultimately, the only solution is long-term cooperation between Seoul and Pyongyang. But it is unfortunately more important to be politically correct and against Communism in Seoul rather than to find common ground and consensus.

Jeff: Population reduction is historically a problem for all advancing economies. It is now a global problem for all countries that genetically modified their people with the West’s mRNA bioweapon.

AROK: Jordan Peterson on IQ.

Is America’s IQ really 98?

It can’t be that high.

It’s got to be significantly lower than that.

Closer to 85

Jeff: I don’t now about the USA, but Chinese are consistently five IQ points higher than Westerners.


Gotta smile…

AROK: There is no justification for my country to be a participant in a conflict that we have nothing to gain and everything to lose by angering Russia.

Jeff: Remember DPRK’s Mutual Defense Treaty with China.

AROK: Thanks for ruining my day.

Is there some way I could do a voice call with you if not Skype?

I wish we could meet in person.

Jeff: I’d love to meet you too. Please send me your phone number and I’ll call you on Skype.

AROK: Do capitalist countries ever get tired of war?

I’m in Goseong again. Some nearby army base apparently started firing artillery rounds for practice. It ended today.

Don’t Capitalist countries ever get tired of going to war?

Their solution to everything- more money for more ways to kill more people.

Jeff: I created this flow chart,

Nothing has changed in the West for 3,000 years.

AROK: Was Stalin unable to totally wipe out the Neo Nazi sentiment in Western Ukraine during WWII?

How did these people come back?

Ukraine as a country shouldn’t exist. The Western half hates Russia while the Eastern half is basically an extension of Russia itself.

The only solution I see is to partition the country into two, divide it in half, and station Russian troops and weapons on the border to protect the Eastern half of the country from the Kiev war maniacs.

Jeff: The West has been cultivating and using fascists since the 19th century. Why? Because capitalism and fascism are two sides of the same genocidal coin. James Bradley and I have done several shows about it,


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44 Days Backpacking in China: The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass

China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations

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