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Great to catch up with Rainer. If only more young people got involved in making the world a better place and fighting for the 99%, what a difference humanity’s existence would be today.

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19-year-old Rainer Shea is a proud American communist, shouting it out- Robert Frost’s road less traveled! China Rising Radio Sinoland 191214

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Rainer Shea: Hello, I’m Rainer Shea and I’m a writer. I’ve been writing for many years now. The last time I came on this program was in January of 2020, and at that point, I had only recently become a communist. I had only recently become pro-China, and these were quite transformative experiences for me. Since then, though, I have learned quite a few more things, and I’m here today to share them with you.

Jeff J Brown: Well, Rainer, it’s great to be with you. And gosh, it’s been four years since you were on my show last. So, a lot’s changed. So, what’s on your mind for 2024?

Rainer: What’s on my mind for 2024 is we’re in a new era now—the post-Ukraine era. A couple of years ago, the Ukraine conflict that the USA instigated escalated to a new phase in which Russia was able to prove itself as capable of militarily defying Washington, not just militarily, but also politically and economically. And that has shown that if you are pro-China then you should be pro-Russia as well because what Russia has been doing is advancing China’s interests by accelerating the transition to multipolarity.

Russia’s special military operation has strengthened the Belt and Road Initiative, has strengthened the economic network that the world which defies Washington is building, and that alone shows Russia to be in the right if you’re coming from a pro-China perspective. Now back to my own history. And this totally relates to the events of the last few years. In 2020, I learned the basics of communism. I had come to know that supporting China is essential for advancing the Marxist-Leninist agenda.

But at that point, I had not yet learned the nature of the left in America because I assumed that if somebody calls themselves pro-China, then they’re going to be acting principled throughout the rest of the class struggle. But as soon as the Ukraine conflict escalated, we saw pretty much all of the left including the predominant parts of the communist movement in the United States, come out against Russia’s operation. And it’s not just about Russia the complaints that I’m leveling against these formations, it is also about the nature and role of China and how we should view China’s role within the global class struggle.

Jeff: Well, I agree with you. And of course, Russia and China are tremendous allies right now. In fact, I include with them Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea, DPRK, and I call those four countries the Asian quad. And because they’re all connected together geographically and they all help each other, they all work together and they all need each other and they are all promoting not only multipolarity, but they’re an invincible force against Western Empire, which at this point is NATO, the City of London, the financial City of London, and Wall Street. And we can even throw in Big Pharma and so I think yeah, you cannot support Russia without supporting China and you cannot support China without supporting Russia. And I think that also goes for DPRK and Iran as well. What do you think?

Rainer: Oh, absolutely. Now here’s the ideological basis understand for this position that you can be pro-China, but anti-Russia. See, there’s this very weird attitude that Americans tend to have about other countries. The American Exceptionalist ideology tells them that it’s their business to solve the real or perceived problems of every other place, and this absolutely can apply to the left as well as to the right. And what the left-wing imperialist NGOs within China have been doing is exploiting real or perceived contradictions in China when it comes to LGBT issues.

Now, the predominant wing of these NGOs tries to portray the Communist Party of China as homophobic and transphobic, essentially the same as the US Republican Party, which is totally absurd. And of course, they use that to advocate for the overthrow of the Chinese government and create wedges, and destabilization within Chinese society. But there is another wing of this left-wing NGO network that I think is more insidious. And in ideological terms for communists, I think, more dangerous. This wing of the NGO network doesn’t try to portray the Communist Party of China as anti-LGBT.

It tries to portray it as a perfect cutout of the left wing of the American cultural war. It tries to portray China’s social and cultural conditions as equivalent to those of the United States so that it can turn China as well as the DPRK into tools for the left wing of the US culture war. And how this relates to Russia is seen in this strange view of the world that they have constructed, China is portrayed as the good guy on the side of the left wing of the US culture war, whereas Russia is portrayed as the bad guy.

And a lot of the individuals that I’m talking about view Russia as a fascist state. So, you see where I’m going with this? They are portraying Russia as the bad guy by building up China to be something that it’s not. The predominant view of Russia within the American left right now is that Russia is a cultural threat, that Russia is behind the rise of Trumpism, that Russia is a cultural enemy, and that is the way that they’re trying to drive a wedge between Russia and China.

Jeff: Yeah. First of all, China is in fact, much of the world including Iran, DPRK, Africa, many parts of Asia, and basically the global South, the global majority are quite socially conservative. They’re culturally conservative. In fact, I used to work with a guy who had a sex change operation in China. And now he changed his name to she.  And she dressed like a woman, and she had done her sex change operation, and nobody said a thing. But the difference is, is that outside of especially in the United States but also, in Europe to a great extent is that the rest of the world does not want the LGBT agenda, this Wokeism idea to take center stage in the daily lives of the people. China does not have gay marriage yet.

I mean, it’s very conservative. It’s a very socially conservative culture. But then if someone and they’re sure not grooming grade schoolers like they are here in Europe and the United States for sex change operations but if someone an adult legitimately wants to get a sex change operation, they can do it. There are gay bars everywhere in any city that’s of a certain size, there are gay bars everywhere but there are no gay pride parades. It’s not being flaunted on television. It’s not being foisted on the people by the media etc., etc., etc. The Chinese accept it but it does not dominate the movie industry like it does in Hollywood now. So, it’s just different.

I mean in fact, Ramin Mazaheri, who is Iranian-American, says that Iran, which is supposedly this closed-minded ultra-Muslim culture he said that Iran has one of the highest levels of sex change operations per capita in the world. So, everybody else around the world, although there are some African countries who are really, really high mainly fundamentalist Christians who outlaw homosexuality, like Uganda and a few others. But for the most part, across the rest of the world, it’s a fact of life. Nobody makes a big deal out of it, but it is not a front-and-center issue for most people. And everybody gets along very, very well.

Rainer: Right now, I don’t consider the American situation in the schools to be grooming. I don’t see it within that framework. I just think that US imperialism is exploiting the issues and the pain of American trans and gay people to promote a highly destructive agenda throughout the majority of the world. And, like you say. And most of these places, there’s not really an equivalent to the discriminatory policies that we increasingly see within the United States. It’s more so that in these places, gender and sexuality are simply not viewed as too important.

It’s viewed as so important in the United States, I think, partly because of how Christian of a country we are and because religion is such a big deal here that has been able to create the conditions for an incredibly toxic culture war. And increasingly in the United States, the far right of our political sphere is waging this war against some of the most vulnerable people. And that’s really troubling. But what these left-wing actors are trying to do is use that as a tool against their geopolitical targets. And like I said there are two wings of this.

There’s the wing that is totally against China. But then there’s also the wing that claims to be pro-China but is actually trying to use China as a wedge against Russia, and that is having corrosive consequences. Now, I do not believe that this ploy is going to prove to be effective at undermining the Communist Party of China. China is not going to be destroyed like the Soviet Union was. Instead, I think that this could be a lot more effective at undermining the class struggle in the United States because what we’ve seen in the last few years, in the last couple of years, in particular since the Ukraine escalation is there’s been such division between the anti-Russian and pro-Russian wings of the socialist movement.

We’ve seen the anti-Russian side viciously target the pro-Russian organs, including some of the pro-Russian war organs that had worked with them. And again, the essence of their smear narratives has to do with culture. It has to do with attacking their opponents as far-right reactionaries because they’re attacking these pro-Russian organs in the United States on the same basis that they attack Russia. They’re saying that Russia is fascist. They’re saying that pro-Russian communist groups are fascists. It’s really dishonest.

Jeff: Can you tell me a little bit more about these? Because I just don’t really see them at least here in France. If I hung up a Russian flag in my window, I would be arrested. So, if I put a Palestinian flag up, I would be arrested. Probably even if I put a Chinese flag up, I would be harassed for sure. So, I just am curious, can you tell me a little bit about these pro-Chinese and pro-Russian groups? Are they on the left or are they on the right? Are there a lot of them? Because I also see in Western media what I call the mainstream media, I call the Big Lie Propaganda Machine. I just see relentless anti-Chinese, anti-anti-Russian propaganda. Tell us a little bit about some of these groups that are that are pro-Russian and pro-Chinese.

Rainer: Now, last year almost a year ago, a group of communist organizations along with the Libertarian Party and the People’s Party, came together to have the Rage Against the War Machine rally and the communist participants of this rally were all pro-Russian. There was the American Student Union, there was the Center for Political Innovation, and there was the Party of Communist USA. All of these works are pro-Russian, and the Libertarian Party isn’t exactly pro-Russian, but it’s certainly not anti-Russian.

And the very fact that it’s willing to work with pro-Russian communists says a lot about it. So, I gained a lot of new respect for the Libertarian Party in recent years for that reason. Now, these pro-Russian communist organizations, by the way, those three I just talked about aren’t the only ones. There’s also the African People’s Socialist Party, otherwise known as Uhuru. Uhuru is being targeted by the Department of Justice right now for supposedly facilitating Russian interference.

And the other Communist Party in the US that says it’s pro-Russian, though I’m kind of skeptical of this as the World Workers Party is that more marginal due to its history of opportunistic activities. Also, the World Workers Party opposed the Rage Against the War Machine rally. So, that makes its intentions less clear. The ones that I respect the most are the American Student Union PCUSA, Uhuru, and CPI. These organizations have been attacked by the parts of the American communist movement that claimed to be pro-China but have at the same time opposed Russia’s special operation and rage against the war machine.

What happened last year was after the Rage Against the War Machine rally, the Party for Socialism and Liberation decided to have its own Anti-NATO rally the next month in reaction to the Rage Against the War Machine rally because PSL only does things that have been proven to be politically safe. Initially, PCUSA was quite willing to help PSL put on this anti-NATO rally because PCUSA wants to avoid sectarianism wherever possible. But then what PSL did was use its own rally as a means for spreading propaganda against the Rage against the War Machine rally.

And that’s what caused a major split or a notable split within the American communist movement because one side had shown itself to be dishonorable and the other side was not going to tolerate that kind of disrespect. And also, this is really unfortunate and ridiculous. But PSL has also disrespected the African People’s Socialist Party by deciding to hold its Palestine rally on the same day as Uhuru’s rally against the DOJ persecution on November 4th. And Uhuru called that out as an attack against the black community.

So, the running theme within these dramas is a dynamic of opportunism, a mentality that makes it feel like communist organizing is not supposed to be a means to an end when we’re all working towards the same goal, but a competition where people who run the predominant organs feel like they’re entitled to everything like they’re entitled to this monopoly. But no, you’re not entitled to a monopoly. You need to earn the respect of the people. You need to earn the right to have that role.

And this all relates to these issues with Russia and China because what the PSL side is doing is exploiting it not just exploiting real or perceived contradictions with LGBT issues in Russia, it’s also jumping on the bandwagon that the American ruling class has been brought about over the last decade or a ruling elite have made it so that wokeness is now the predominant means for their narrative control efforts. Just 20 years ago, this wasn’t so much the case. Just 20 years ago, the Republican Party was the main tool of the ruling class.

But after Obama, they’ve really pivoted towards portraying themselves as a progressive force within history. I’m talking about the US ruling class. They portrayed the American imperialist system as necessary to support in order to be an ally to oppressed peoples which is totally deceptive. And what these anti-Russian communist groups are doing is tallying that narrative effort by the Democratic Party, essentially portraying themselves as more radical versions of the Democratic Party.

Jeff: The sounds to me, I mean, and this has been a problem in progressive movements all over the world that throughout history, we can at least start with the French Revolution is it sounds to me like maybe the PSL has been infiltrated because that’s what the secret services and the police forces and the judicial system does best around the world is to infiltrate what they perceive to be anti-establishment enemies and get them to I mean, the Black Panthers are the perfect case of that, unfortunately.

And they’re just incessantly infiltrated by the FBI, the CIA, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Oakland Police Department, the Chicago Police Department, and every Philadelphia Police Department. They were just constantly infiltrated and when that happens, it’s almost impossible to progress. Whereas in China, they were through tremendous reeducation and tremendous social and cultural programs. They were able to avoid it. They also had a lot of problems with infiltration, but they were able to weed the people out and keep the people in the party on message. But its infiltration and subversion of popular movements have been a problem for centuries.

Rainer: Absolutely. Now, I believe that the Communist Party USA has been infiltrated and it was infiltrated many decades ago during the 50s. I think that that’s when it started to become a real tool for the FBI. But the PSL is a lot newer, so I think it does not need to be infiltrated. It’s just a product of an opportunistic ideology, that is the ideology that the camp of Brian Becker, the PSL leader has created to follow Marxism. Now Marxism does the ideology of Sam and Marcy, one of the major socialist organizers in the United States of the 20th century.

And Sam and Marcy’s politics are actually a lot better than those of the modern PSL. Naturally, most PSL members don’t really know about Sam Marcy. Now, Sam Marcy did a lot of things right, but one thing that he did wrong was assume that the liberal section of American society was the section that necessarily had the most revolutionary potential, and this was more understandable during the Cold War era. But at some point, there was going to be a political reorientation wherein more segments of American society came to have anti-imperialist consciousness.

And what we’ve seen since the 20th century is that a lot of the people on the libertarian right, and even in the MAGA movement have become closer to an anti-imperialist stance. In 2019, a poll came out showing that the bulk of the opposition towards the occupation in Syria was coming from MAGA voters, whereas the bulk of the support for the war in Syria was coming from Democrats. And this was three years into Trump’s presidency when Syria was definitely Trump’s war. So, that shows how much this political reorientation has come to have significance, come to have staying power within the consciousness of the people it’s affected.

So, the liberals have become in large part obstinately pro-imperialist against Russia, whereas many on the right have come to a lot closer to an anti-imperialist consciousness. It’s been a spontaneous consciousness shift. It’s something that’s incomplete, more of a proto-anti-imperialist consciousness. But every consciousness shift is needed to start somewhere. And that pertains to another argument of this imperialism-compatible element of the left which is that supposedly any section of American society that has conservative social views should be treated as fundamentally reactionary.

And that forms the basis for their belief that only left liberals should be treated as if they have revolutionary potential, that only left liberals should be allowed into a coalition. That was really the essence of the dispute over the Rage Against the War Machine rally, that supposedly we shouldn’t expand antiwar coalitions beyond that left-liberal niche, and that’s never a good idea to confine yourself to only one element of the masses.

Jeff: Well, especially since most, in my opinion, most of the so-called left are just cardboard liberal, cardboard progressives, and very, very hypocritical. Tell us about the pro-Chinese groups. You mentioned a few pro-Russian. Who are pro-Chinese?

Rainer: Oh, right. I kind of forgot. All the pro-Russian groups are, I think, by definition also pro-Chinese. PCUSA, CPI, ASU, Uhuru, they’re all pro-China. I don’t think it would make much sense for somebody who calls themselves a communist to be pro-Russia but anti-China. You really only see that on the right. But here’s the interesting thing about that. PSL also claims to be pro-China, but PSL is pro-China in a way that is sort of fishy because they claim to be pro-China, but they’re opposed to Russia’s recent action.

And the more that the class struggle has developed, the more hostile that they’ve proven to be towards the pro-Russian groups, and here’s an important piece of context about PSL and its ostensibly pro-China stance. PSL is connected to Roy Singham, the American millionaire living in Shanghai who has been funding a number of ostensibly pro-China groups. Now, why would a US millionaire be living in Shanghai and funding his supposedly pro-China groups? It’s because he represents a wing of the imperialist NGO network that rather than opposing China, it’s trying to infiltrate China.

It’s trying to influence China from within. He’s literally in China in order to drive a wedge between China and Russia. And I get the impression that in the ideal scenario of Roy Singham and the organizations that he supports, China is going to become fully liberalized both in a cultural sense, it’s going to fully incorporate the American exceptionalist model of wokeness and thereby start to become hostile towards Russia, which is it sounds absurd but that’s clearly what they’re doing, given the ideological basis for their positions and given the positions that they take.

And this is not going to work. There’s no way that the Communist Party of China is going to start becoming hostile towards Russia on the basis of cultural issues. China and Russia have both gotten to a point where the only way that they can go forward is by continuing to strengthen their partnership by continuing to oppose the United States ardently.

Jeff: That’s for sure. I didn’t know about Roy Singham. I wonder what he does for what his purported business is. I’ll have to check him out. But I can guarantee you if he gets politically involved with anybody in China, the Chinese of course are probably very well aware of him and I’m sure he’s unavoidable. So, I’m sure they’re keeping an eye on him. And how do you spell it?

Rainer: Singham.

Jeff: Okay. I’ll have to check him out. All right. Because all I see in the Western Big Lie Propaganda Machine is basically the Democrats, it’s Russia, Russia, Russia, and the Republicans are just China, China, China. Between the two of them, the portrayal of both countries in the West is abysmal and largely false. I did an interview with a radio host and he’s in Fresno, California, by the way, and he made the comment, “Everything that is said about China in the West is a lie”.

I just saw a short video where they said that the United States has spent $90 billion and I don’t know what the time frame was but $90 billion for counterfactual propaganda against China. And I remember reading about this special program where the United States government trained journalists and media people. They spent $1.5 billion to teach media people how to discredit and tarnish China’s image.

So, I see it as just relentless, and although the organizations you mentioned are not very high above the horizon it’s nice to know that there are at least a few of them out there that do support China. The other odious group that is fervently anti-China on the left or the Trotskyites. Because they cannot accept the fact that China has used Marxism and Leninism to create socialism with Chinese characteristics and a socialist market economy.

And they can’t stand the fact that China is not trying to foment revolution around the world everywhere at the same time. And so, they’re particularly obnoxious because they come across in their articles as being pro-China, but it’s very backhanded and very, very insincere. And all they do is just complain and bitch and moan about how bad China is as a communist-socialist country. So, I don’t know what the next step will be with these groups. What is rage against the machine? I always thought they were sort of anarchists. How did they get involved in this thing?

Rainer: Well, they have nothing to do with this. Rage Against the Machine is a band that is not connected to Rage Against the War Machine.

Jeff: Oh, it’s not the band. Well, I heard about this thing where the libertarians got together with some left-wing groups and had meetings and discussions and everything and so yeah, I actually subscribe to the. Oh, I’m having a brain burp here. Lyndon LaRouche, his wife, Helga somebody has carried on the torch of the Lyndon LaRouche Foundation. And they have some really nice ideas.

Not everything is black and white. And I really enjoy the Schiller. That’s what it’s called the Schiller Institute. And I get their newsletter and they write nice articles about China and even though they’re libertarian and so I think the only success that the left in the West, at least the only hope they have is to have a big tent and accept as many people as they possibly can. What do you think?

Rainer: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean well, LaRouche wrote in the 80s, and I think it was when they renounced Marxism that Lyndon LaRouche renounced Marxism, all the things you said though are true. I mean, we should credit them for their anti-imperialist contributions. And the thing about coalition building in the modern United States especially is there’s so much sectarianism and so many sectarian impulses.

And when you enter politics, in a way of social media, then you become incentivized to level unprincipled critiques against other kinds of anti-imperialists. And the effect that this often has is to put people who are ostensibly pro-China and pro-Russia into situations where they’re now effectively pro-imperialist because all that they do all day is denounce other anti-imperialist elements.

And LaRouchism and the Schiller Institute as well as CPI, that organization I brought up earlier, those things in particular have become standard boogeymen for the imperialism-compatible left. If you go on social media, you’re constantly or if you go into these parts of social media I’m talking about, you’re constantly hearing these leftist social media accounts denounce anti-imperialist projects by saying it’s all controlled by LaRouche and CPI is sinister.

And then there’s the way that they portray Caleb Moppin, which is a ridiculous villainized caricature. And here’s the thing about my development. Originally, I was actually within the camp of PSL. I was within these circles of the left. The only reason why I had not yet come to a better interpretation of Marxism, I feel, is because the struggle was not yet at a stage that had compelled me to develop beyond that.

So, at the last time that you interviewed me, I was pro-China, but I had not yet been confronted with the question of whether we should support Russia, should take more drastic action against the US empire. As soon as the communist movement in the US was confronted with that question, I came to see that the PSL camp was in the wrong and that the Moppin camp was in the right. And the PSL camp has for a long time been denouncing Caleb Moppin and everything that he does. No matter how much of a good anti-imperialist contribution that he and CPI make.

Jeff: What does CPI stand for?

Rainer: Center for Political Innovation.

Jeff: Okay, Center for Political. Is that his outfit?

Rainer: Yeah.

Jeff: Okay. You know, a long time ago. This was back when he, I don’t know if he still lives in New York, but Lord God, maybe I think it was even before you and I had that show four years ago Caleb and I got together and did 4 or 5 sort of many shows where he just explained the difference between capitalism and socialism and communism and anarchism. And there was one other there was a total of five. But we’ve lost touch since then. Are you in touch with him at all? Do you all do you all communicate?

Rainer: Yes. And that’s directly because of the Rage Against the War Machine Coalition. It allowed me to form these connections.

Jeff: Okay. Yeah, we lost contact shortly thereafter, I went to New York and tried to have a cup of coffee with him, and it didn’t work out, and since then that would have been, gosh, maybe 2017 or something like that. So, I think, those five shows we did or 4 or 5 shows we did were probably back around 2016. But I see him on the internet, on YouTube, and in places like that. So, I know he’s very, very active. Is he still in New York?

Rainer: Yes.

Jeff: Okay. He was working for a Newspaper or a TV station at that time, and, maybe it was Press TV. I think maybe it was even press. I can’t remember, but anyway, I know he’s very active. And the Greenville Post, Patrice Granville has published quite a bit of his stuff and I’m an associate editor of the Greenville Post. So, what else do you have on your mind?

Rainer: Well, to summarize the essence of what I’m saying, there is a contradiction within the American left right now and within the communist movement in particular, a contradiction which has been revealed by the escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Ukraine has shown that there is an element of the left that claims to be pro-China but is really an unreliable ally. And there’s also an element of the global communist movement that is a reliable ally to both.

And the way that you can tell who’s a reliable ally is I think, whether they’re honest about the conditions of China because the narrative that I’ve been seeing about China from these left actors, particularly since the pandemic is that China supposedly vindicates all of the positions that the modern American left predominantly embraces because the pandemic created a lot more Marxists who are pro-China.

And that’s good because they saw that China had this Covid success story. But a lot of these Marxists were also misled about what that really means, because yes, China had a success story on Covid, but that doesn’t mean it’s right to support the policies of our government in our conditions when it came to Covid. China didn’t have an equivalent of the American vaccine mandates. And China’s Covid lockdowns were only able to work because China’s government was willing to provide the people with the necessities within that situation.

All that our government did was give people a check of less than $2,000 and screw them over otherwise. The reality is that this made for a really tyrannical deadly pandemic policy that the predominant elements of the American left embraced. And that makes the pandemic in the vaccine mandates another one of these culture war issues that these elements of the American left are using to drive a wedge between Russia and China and also to create this false image of China, in which China, as well as the DPRK, are portrayed as a perfect embodiment of what American leftism means.

Jeff: First off, a lot of people don’t know this but I talked to many people in China. I was just there for a month in September, and I was there for a month in May, and I’ll be going back in a couple more months. No one in China was forced to get jabbed. No one. There was social pressure. There was a lot of social pressure to get the vaccines. But if you said no, in fact, there was even an edict that was broadcast across the country that no local, no village, no town, no police, nobody could force anybody to get a COVID-19 vaccine and of course, their vaccines were much safer because they were the classic attenuated virus vaccines like all the others in history.

Whereas of course, the ones in the West are genetic mRNA shots that have killed a lot of people and injured a lot of people. And, so yeah, that if you want true fascism and true totalitarianism, what the West did to its citizens by forcing people which is against the Nuremberg Code to force people to submit to a medical procedure against their will. And then one other comment is that I’m reading volume number four of XI Jinping on the governance of China.

Actually, I’m listening to them as audiobooks. Chet Osmond has a YouTube channel. He does readings of Chinese books and has subtitled some movies. And so, I’m actually listening to volume four while I do my Aqua gym to stay in shape. Just yesterday I was listening to one chapter and XI Jinping said that Marxism has changed China as much as China has changed Marxism and that the whole point is that you cannot be ideologically rigid. You have to constantly have to constantly adapt Marxism and Leninism to the times and the changes and everything.

Not the way that Khrushchev did it, that’s for sure. He was the Gorbachev of his generation. But you mentioned we were talking about Marxism and I love that quote that for China, Marxism and Leninism are a living, breathing, philosophy, that can be adapted and used and applied in an infinite number of situations. Because you’ve got these really rigid Marxists in the West this is what the book says. It’s like the Bible for fundamentalists, you can’t question it. So, I think China has shown that by using Marxism and Leninism to develop their country and put their people first.

In fact, it was Mao Zedong who said his famous motto, serve the people. So, it’s a people-centered, it’s a people-centered bottom-up democracy in which the people control the destiny of the country and control the leadership. Well, listen, this has been a great conversation. And believe it or not, we’ve gone, we’ve talked for almost an hour, so maybe we’ll have to do this more often instead of every four years. What do you think?

Rainer: Yeah, well, I felt the need to reach out to you because I’ve learned so much over these last four years. Because of the conditions that have been developing, the struggle has been developing in such an unprecedented way. And it’s taught so many things to those who are willing to learn those lessons, those who are willing to look at the things that are going on around them because the problem with the organizations that I have criticized is they’re not willing to learn those lessons from history as they experience history. They’re only willing to do what a certain dogma says. They want to stay within a bygone era of American history where the right was the main tool of the US Empire.

Jeff: And now it’s the Democratic Party and the broad left. It’s just unbelievable. Well, listen, great to talk to you. And looking forward to you. I’ll produce the show and I appreciate you reaching out to me. And do you have a website or anything? Do you write? Do you have a blog somewhere? How do people find out about what you’re doing?

Rainer: You can look me up on Rainer Shea at Substack.

Jeff: So, it’s Rainer. Oh, I’m yeah, it’s Rainer Shea. I’m pretty sure I’m subscribed to you. I don’t know if you’ve subscribed to me. That’s where I see your stuff. I see it in my inbox. All right, I see I also see you on Twitter X. I don’t know how active you are but I’ll include your Substack and your X account. Do you also use Facebook?

Rainer: Yes.

Jeff: And what is that, just Rainer Shea also?

Rainer: Yeah.

Jeff: All right. Is Shea Irish?

Rainer: Yes.

Jeff: Okay. Yeah, I think it’s a classic Irish name. So, you’re also on Facebook. What else?

Rainer: I’m also on Instagram and I post at least one picture every day.

Jeff: Oh, really? Okay.

Rainer: Yeah. In the last couple of years, a friend has helped me set up a website called newswiththeory.com.

Jeff: Is that your platform?

Rainer: Yeah, it’s one of my platforms.

Jeff: Alright. Well, I’ll include all. I’ll find you. I’m also on Instagram so I can stay in touch with my daughters because they love the new generation. How old are you, Rainer?

Rainer: 23.

Jeff: 23. Yeah. My daughters are a little bit older, but for people in my daughters are 26 and 29, something like that. And so, but yeah, the people in their 20s and 30s, they love Instagram. So, I’ll find your Instagram, I’ll find your Facebook and I’ve already got your Substack and I’ll also confirm www.newswiththeory.com. So, people can check you out. All right. And so, what are you getting your college degree in?

Rainer: Political science with a minor in journalism.

Jeff: All right, well, good for you. And where are you going? What school are you going to?

Rainer: It’s at Cal Poly Humboldt.

Jeff: Humboldt County okay. That is so beautiful up there. So, I’m sure you’re enjoying your life up there. For all of you who do not know, Humboldt County is in northwest California. And for decades, it had a history of being the marijuana-growing capital of California. But now that it’s been pretty much legalized, I don’t know what’s happened since then, but it’s really beautiful. A lot of forests and rivers and it’s just really a spectacular part of part of Northern California. Well, Rainer, thank you for reaching out. Thank you for contacting me. I’m glad you’re over your flu and feeling good and kicking butt and taking names, and let’s stay in touch.

Rainer: All right.

Jeff: All right. Talk soon.




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