Jeff Kaye exposes another shocking Guantanamo Gulag “suicide”. Western psychopaths never look back. China Rising Radio Sinoland 190311

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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: a slide from a PowerPoint presentation for Guantanamo training, an exhibit in the AR-15-6 release, disclosed by Dr. Jeff Kaye. Even though it was unclassified, they still redacted the subtitle below Joint Detention Group, where it is marked (b)(7)(E). Notice the HONOR BOUND. Psychopaths love to serve empire and glorify their inhumane crimes.




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Jeff Kaye has again done masterful, thorough and convincing research into the supposed sixth suicide at Guantanamo Gulag, this time in a detailed article he just posted ( This is a follow-up to his must read Sherlock-Holmes-esque exposé book, Cover-up at Guantanamo: The NCIS Investigation into the “Suicides” of Mohammed Al Hanashi and Abdul Rahman Al Amri (, which destroys the government’s claim that two other prisoners “killed themselves”. Jeff talked about his book in a recent interview on China Rising Radio Sinoland. It is sobering, yet essential listening for all world citizens to fathom the macabre machinations of Western empire (

What is so chilling about all the evidence Jeff explains is how clinical and methodical Guantanamo Gulag’s masters and minions are. But, psychopaths always are, aren’t they? It’s like reading John Fowles’ book The Collector, about a man who kidnapped, imprisoned and eventually killed a young girl, or Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs. These chilling characters are obsessive, even meticulous about their routines for torture and the slow, agonizing death of their victims. They portray real life psychopaths, people who intellectualize, compartmentalize and rationalize the terrible agony they commit on fellow humans or other animals. They are incapable of feeling any sense of remorse or guilt, as they torture, maim, rape and slaughter their victims. Why? Because in the minds of a psychopath, they deserve to suffer and die. It’s their fault. They brought it on themselves.

The US government hierarchy above and in Guantanamo Gulag works exactly the same, and Dr. Kaye exposes this institutional sickness in spades. Video and audio evidence miraculously gets lost, files are purged on computers, pages of reports are censored and redacted to protect the executioners, all in order to perpetuate a vile, inhumane nightmare that will go on as long as Western empire exists. In spite of their tireless efforts to hide the truth and no matter how methodical they may be, psychopaths always leave clues and evidence. Jeff Kaye takes the time to comb through reams of documents to piece together what really happened and is happening in Guantanamo Gulag to this day.

Factotums have gleefully filled volumes detailing the horrific torture and death of billions of innocents during endless, expansionary European wars, going back to Ancient Greece and Rome, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades and ongoing capitalist-colonial genocide around the world. It’s something Westerners love to extol, since their racism and cultural pathology reduce its thousands of years of victims to sub-human, soulless vermin, who deserve their fate, and are, Thank God being put out of their misery, for simply existing in their perceived “primitive” state (

There have been many documented cases where Western soldiers paraded body parts of the innocents they have butchered, proud of their racist genocide. In the book An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, author Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz described how Indian killers wore necklaces of Native breasts, vulvas, penises, scrotums and paraded in front of applauding, sold out theater crowds across the country. You can rest assured they were all God-fearing, Jesus loving Christians and Jews. US military men have practiced this same sick fetish in every war they have participated in: Korea, Vietnam, elsewhere, and you can count on “human souvenirs” being brought back today from empire’s many invaded and occupied lands, on every inhabited continent, packed right next to their Bibles and Torahs.

Jeff Kaye deserves plaudits for exposing Guantanamo Gulag, one of the many cogs in Western civilization’s millennial, paranoid, pathological foundations, what I call its Six E’s of Racism: Expansionism, Extermination, Expropriation, Extraction, Enslavement and Evangelism.


Why and How China works: With a Mirror to Our Own History



JEFF J. BROWN, Editor, China Rising, and Senior Editor & China Correspondent, Dispatch from Beijing, The Greanville Post

Jeff J. Brown is a geopolitical analyst, journalist, lecturer and the author of The China Trilogy. It consists of 44 Days Backpacking in China – The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass (2013); Punto Press released China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations (2016); and for Badak Merah, Jeff authored China Is Communist, Dammit! – Dawn of the Red Dynasty (2017). As well, he published a textbook, Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English (2015). Jeff is a Senior Editor & China Correspondent for The Greanville Post, where he keeps a column, Dispatch from Beijing and is a Global Opinion Leader at 21st Century. He also writes a column for The Saker, called the Moscow-Beijing Express. Jeff writes, interviews and podcasts on his own program, China Rising Radio Sinoland, which is also available on YouTubeStitcher Radio, iTunes, Ivoox and RUvid. Guests have included Ramsey Clark, James Bradley, Moti Nissani, Godfree Roberts, Hiroyuki Hamada, The Saker and many others. [/su_spoiler]

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