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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: staring us in the face are uncountable trillions in assets being stolen from the 99%, via the Western trillionaire dictatorship’s plan for massive eugenic outcomes. 

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Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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I will release my Covid+Vaccine Nightmares and Hopes data dump later this week.

Many thanks to Isabelle Ait-El-Hocine in Paris, who has been a close friend since 1985, for sharing this video.

It is Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, a well-known and respected geneticist, in a one-hour interview on the French language channel

Dr. Henrion-Caude says she is privately consulted by ministers, legislators and high-level medical authorities, but they ignore her. Why? I can add that they are surely compromised by the imperial toolbox: bribery, blackmail and extortion.

Her truth telling videos get blocked on YouTube, so I uploaded this one here to be safe, shown above. In fact, Twitter blocked me posting it when I tried, thus the raison d’être for my cryptic article title.

The good doctor bluntly and courageously tells the truth and paraphrasing, if you don’t speak French or don’t take the time to watch it,


I hope my loved ones avoid the current Western vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna. AstraZeneca is so poor that a number of countries are refusing to use it. How bad? South Africa is trying to give it back or sell their purchased stock. Why risk your life and health taking an unproven vaccine that appears to not even work (

Pfizer and Moderna have nanoparticles and mRNA. Unidentified nanoparticles can stay in your body God knows how long and doing God knows what. They are not even vaccines, since the mRNA CREATES pathogens, which can kill, maim or sicken you. Diabolically, your immune system is then supposed to create antibodies for these God knows what Franken-bugs multiplying in your body. If you survive or don’t get maimed soon after, Dr. Henrion-Caude says there is a long list of contraindications, including all men and woman who want to have children.

From Pfizer notice disclosure. Outtakes from Dr. Henrion-Caud’s interview,


She says she knows these vaccines’ mRNA can replicate in your body and enter your DNA, with no assurances for what will happen to you 1-2-3 years down the road. Once in your DNA, you could be looking at cancer, autoimmune attacks, heart disease and on and on.

They can also produce deformed babies. In fact, it has already started. See this shocking official data below. Add up Deaths, Permanent Disability, Office Visits, ERs, Hospitalized, Birth Defects and Life Threatening. That comes to a 59% chance of reaction regret, meaning Russian roulette with three of the six revolver chambers loaded with bullets (Search Results from the VAERS Database ( How do you like your odds?



One-third of these Covid vaccination-caused deaths happened within 48 hours of injection, so if you take one, you better give your bucket list two days to complete, just to be safe (!

Not to mention fetal deformation, miscarriages and stillbirths (Search Results from the VAERS Database (Search Results from the VAERS Database (,



Even Harvard says only 1% of all vaccine reactions are reported, so you can multiply these numbers by 100 (

Here is a translation from the French of one of Dr. Henrion-Caud’s video graphics,

For RNA to be found in DNA, you need a reverse transcripitase, explains Frederic Rieux-Laucat. This enzyme exists in certain viruses, for example HIV. It is an RNA virus which copies a DNA that will fit into our chromosomes. This is called a retrovirus, capable of retrotranscribing its RNA into DNA.


There are 1030 virus species and variants on Earth, with tens of trillions in every human body, most of them unidentified. Just check out my chapter in the WHEN CHINA SNEEZES book (

How many of your trillions of viruses contain the enzyme to retrotranscribe your virus’ RNA into DNA? You’ll never know until you are dead, handicapped, chronically ill for the rest of your life, can’t have children or they are born sick and/or deformed.

I know how hard it is to do and how great is the cognitive dissonance, extreme denial and our brains’ desire to self-protect by compartmentalizing the truth, but we all need to face reality. This is not health care. This is profit- and eugenic-driven genocide. These are shocking crimes against humanity.

It is also geopolitics, with global capitalism being humiliated and bested by Russia and China. These latter were years ahead in ongoing antibody response research and are providing classic, much safer Covid vaccines for a fraction of the cost, with both offering them at highly discounted prices or as donations for the poorest countries ( and For the West’s lizard brain deep state, fighting their perceived Cold War against communist-socialist-anti-imperial (CSAI) enemies justifies killing, maiming and sickening millions of people around the world. Nothing has changed about this since 1917.


My suggestion is to tell your employers you are trying to have children and can’t take the vaccinations, or study their three exclusion clauses, part of which are posted here, to find a reason to not take any of them. For example, say you are taking medication to prevent Covid, or you had severe allergy attacks when you were a child. Use their public information to your advantage, to stay healthy and be able to have children who are also healthy. No one can say anything if it is “official sources”.

If you already took any of the Western vaccines, refuse all booster shots.

My mother-in-law was forced to get the Pfizer shot a month ago in her nearby nursing home. It may be a coincidence, but I have remarked that her capacities have really diminished in the last couple of weeks.

If I am forced to get a Covid vaccine in order to travel, I will go wherever I can get a non-Western brand. I do not think that Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, with their vaccines, are participating in the Western trillionaire dictators’ Fascist Police State Lockdown Covid Great Reset Eugenic Plandemic. In fact, I think they are doing everything in their power to protect their citizens from it.

With caring concern for all my loved ones, friends and the whole human race.



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