Is Russia in Ukraine because of the USA’s 13-plus exclusive-use WMD germ warfare laboratories there? Not to mention Ukie-Nazis killing 10,000s of their own citizens for the last eight years? China Rising Radio Sinoland 220228


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: how would Americans feel if Russia put even one bioweapon lab on its borders? The USA has done it at least 13 times to Russians.


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It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal. – Henry Kissinger, 1968

According to reliable reports, when Russia entered Ukraine this week, the United States was getting ready to activate two more weapons of mass destruction (WMD) germ warfare laboratories in Ukraine, one in the capital Kiev and the other in Odessa, in addition to at least ten more that are already in production. Three of them are right on Russia’s borders, in Kharkiv, next to Crimea and Lugansk. We can assume that the last one has already been destroyed by the breakaway Lugansk People’s Republic, now liberated with the help of Russia (

How would Americans feel if Russia built WMD labs right across their borders in Canada and Mexico? Outrage, fear and condemnation, nothing less. The USA would do exactly what Russia is doing – protecting its people from genocide.

Russia announced it has destroyed 118 military installations in Ukraine ( All of the USA’s exclusive-use WMD bioweapon labs are controlled by the American Department of Defense, i.e., military. We can assume that this list of 118 includes most, if not all these WMD germ warfare centers, which could easily be wiped out with precision missiles. If true, the whole world can thank Russia for destroying these WMD bioarm development/production facilities, over which Ukraine has no say whatsoever about their operations.

Ditto in “independent” Georgia, also right next to Russia and full of US WMD bioarm development. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has done fearless investigations into these war crimes. She is one of my inspirational heroines. I interviewed her and you should take a look at ( and

Is it any surprise that Russia would want to wipe these menacing, WMD criminal scourges off the map, right next to its borders?

The United States is a signatory to the international Biological Weapons Convention (, yet it is estimated that since the 1950s, the US has spent over $100 billion developing WMD biological weapons, in flagrant violation of international laws. Uncle Sam maintains scores of WMD germ warfare labs across the globe, including within the USA, such as Fort Detrick, Maryland and Dugway, Utah ( Many are in Africa and no surprise, close to Russia and China ( Is it any wonder that these two countries asked the United Nations to investigate the West’s WMD bioarm capabilities ( as well as making their concerns publicly known in Western media (

Beyond WMD germ warfare, Ukraine’s hapless citizens have been further diabolically exploited by the West. Since their “independence” in 1990, Ukraine has been used by the rest of Europe as a festering coffin, being dumped with tens of thousands of tons of banned and/or outdated chemicals and pesticides, in thousands of toxic depots across the territory. The European Union has done nothing to help clean up this global environmental disaster, now that it is unburdened by all of this poisonous death and noxious illness back home ( It would cost tens of billions of euros to clean up this crime against humanity, but in Western eyes, Slavs are not really human, so who cares, except fraternal Russians (

I am co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission (BWTC) and its archival curator. It is the largest (and free) online assembly of documents, books, videos and images on these many WMD war crimes – 95% of which are directly attributed to Eurangloland (NATO, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel) – the other 5% being (pre-WWII) imperial Japan. Thus, please spare me the “moral equivalence” argument that “everybody does it”. Not true, therefore be sure and check it out,

What the USA is doing in Ukraine for WMD bioarm development is reason enough for Russia to clean the place out. Hordes of USA-European financed and protected Ukrainian Nazis in control of the country, who have committed eight years of genocidal war on their own citizens, massacring tens of thousands of their own, are another good reason (, what Putin announced as de-nazification (–neo-nazism-in-ukraine-1093401313.html).

Nevertheless, for all of humanity, including you, WMD germ warfare is even worse.


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