Spot-on, perceptive observations of a young Korean: North+South, China, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and more, PART 3. China Rising Radio Sinoland 230206


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: The flag of DPRK (North) on the left and ROK (South) on the right.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Spot-on, perceptive observations of a young Korean: North+South, China, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and more. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220927

Spot-on, perceptive observations of a young Korean: North+South, China, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and more, CONTINUED. China Rising Radio Sinoland 221113


AROK: How is this as Vladimir Putin’s theme?

To download this song and all the others, copy and paste each link in a new tab, then right click on sound bar and “Save audio as…”,

Jeff: powerful Toccata and Fugue.

Putin may prefer a Russian composer. This guy is German?

AROK: The music is the theme of Wolfgang Krauser, the main antagonist of Fatal Fury 2 the animated movie.

Fatal Fury 2 “Krauser’s Theme” GABRIELS ON ORGAN!!! – YouTube

I downloaded it by mp3, sped it up x2, and then sped up and raised the pitch by 1.1.

Jeff: Its origins make more sense now…

Did you see our latest?

AROK: Have you heard this OST?

It plays at the beginning of the 1984 movie The Return of Godzilla.

In the 60s and especially the 70s, Godzilla movies were geared towards kids. He was a full-time hero defending the earth from aliens and other monsters using comic-book-like superpowers

After 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla in which Godzilla defeated an alien robotic version of himself, Toho studios retired the character for nine years before bringing him back as a force of nature, an unstoppable nuclear juggernaut immune to mankind’s weapons of destruction.

The movie also plays on the Cold War tensions of the time with American and Soviet military generals urging Japan to allow the usage of nuclear weapons against Godzilla.

In both American and Japanese releases, the Soviets are shown in a negative light, with the Kremlin pressing hard for Japan to allow the Russians to deploy nukes against Godzilla. The Americans are more restrained. The Japanese PM manages to keep a cool-head and say that he will not usage allow nuclear weapons in his nation’s marine and air space. Nor will he make them.

In the American release, the Soviet officer intentionally defies the Americans and Japanese and launches the nuke.

In the Japanese release, the sub is damaged by Godzilla and the launch mechanism activated. The Soviet officer, injured from the blast, tries in vain to stop the launch, but dies of his injuries before he can stop the nuke.

The Americans manage to intercept the Russian nuke fortunately.

Jeff: What are you reading now?

Godzilla was a big thing, back in the late 50s and early 60s, when I was a young child. There were even low-tech movies. I think most came from Japan. Compared to today’s CG, they were very cheesy, but we loved them. I even glued together a big model of Godzilla!


Sad music from Return of Godzilla (1984)

The music plays during the ending of the movie. Humans lure Godzilla to the mouth of an erupting volcano with transmitters mimicking bird calls (the movie’s explanation is that as a dinosaur, he responds to the migratory calls of birds).

Once Godzilla reaches the mouth of the volcano, the humans detonate the explosives strategically placed there and he falls into the volcano.

Godzilla roars angrily and defiantly first. But as the ground gives way and he begins to fall headfirst into the volcano, he screeches of fear and sadness. The kind of noise an animal would make in a slaughterhouse before it is killed. The humans watch with serious somber expressions as Godzilla falls into the depths of the earth

Godzilla 1985 ending scene (Godzilla’s scream) – YouTube Godzilla falling into the volcano

Godzilla 1985 Ending – YouTube Raymond Burr was added in the American release and gave this speech.

In the first Godzilla movie in 1954, Godzilla was almost indestructible because conventional weapons couldn’t harm him. The only weapon capable of killing him was Dr. Serizawa’s Oxygen Destroyer.

About 14 movies were made after the first one as part of the “Showa” continuity. Godzilla’s most famous opponent was King Kong in the 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla. The two would not meet again on the big screen until 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong.

Showa was straight-forward and easy to understand except for a confusing break where King Ghidorah the 3-headed space dragon is killed in Destroy All Monsters, yet returns in Godzilla vs. Gigan (the explanation being that vs. Gigan takes place before Destroy All Monsters even though it was theatrically released afterwards).

The Return of Godzilla (1984) was released 30 years after the 1st one and ignores the continuity of the 14 movies in between, establishing the Heisei continuity.

Heisei reinstates Godzilla as a serious, threatening enemy of mankind, but its first movie is very vague as to whether this is a new Godzilla from the one that attacked Tokyo in 1954, or is the original. The original 1954 attack is referenced, but that’s it. Nobody says whether this is the original one or if it’s a new one.

The American release was retitled Godzilla 1985 and goes to great lengths to imply that this new Godzilla is the original one who somehow survived. Raymond Burr says, “For the record, a body was never found.”

A sequel, Godzilla vs. Biollante, was released where the first one left off. Godzilla was trapped in a volcano in the previous movie, but released by terrorists. At the same time, a scientist accidentally creates a plant-Godzilla hybrid called Biollante. The battle ends in a stalemate. Godzilla collapses before he began finish off Biollante and Biollante dies of her injuries. Biollante is physically the largest opponent Godzilla fights in the movies, towering over the latter and with a mouth large enough to swallow his head whole.

It isn’t until Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, the 3rd movie of the Heisei series, that it’s confirmed that this Godzilla is an unrelated one to the one that attacked Tokyo in 1954. But the explanation involves time travel and is extremely convoluted. I won’t get into it.

Vs. King Ghidorah is also full of bizarre ultranationalist imperialist Japanese themes. By the 23rd century, Japan has become a global superpower that is literally buying up entire continents and the US created King Ghidorah to destroy Japan.

Jeff: I can now appreciate how popular Godzilla was and still is in Asia!

AROK: What’s your opinion of Japan, Mr. Brown?

Jeff: Good question.

Japan was a relatively peaceful country and good neighbor in the region, being Confucian-Daoist-Buddhist starting in the 6th century, until the Meiji Restoration began in 1866.

To become an industrial power, it adopted the same methods as the West. Unfortunately, like the West, capitalism can only survive by enslavement, natural resource theft and war, which means colonialism and imperialism outside the country, which is exactly what Japan did: Korea, China, Taiwan and then later SE Asia.

So, now the West has its honorary White genocidists in Asia, to try to contain China, Russia and DPRK.

Japan will not be able to return to its pre-Meiji Asian roots until the fall of Western empire.

As a Korean, what do you think about Japan?

AROK: Japan currently has the world’s 2nd biggest debt after the USA.

I don’t hate Japan. They should be our fellow Asian brothers alongside the Chinese. It saddens me that they’ve thrown away their heritage and sought to emulate Westerners.

Consider the following demographics of Northeast Asia alone.

Mainland China alone has 1.4 billion, over 4 times the population of the USA (330 million). Its little island brother Taiwan adds a further 23 million to the already huge count.

Japan is a distant 2nd from China at 125 million.

Korea has 75 million people. ROK accounts for 2/3rds of that number at 50 million. while DPRK has the remaining 25 million.

Mongolia is the metaphorical baby brother of the bunch at 3 million.

Add all those numbers up and you get about 1.6 billion people.

Compared to a tiny 330 million in the US.

An independent, sovereign, and united Northeast Asia in which China, Korea, and Japan all enjoy good relations is too powerful to ever be constrained by Western hegemony.

The Soviet Union, of course, would supply gas to all these countries, which makes it the master of Eurasia.

This, in turn, would have made the Soviet Union the world’s dominant energy and military superpower by a long shot.

Jeff: I think long term, this Asian scenario will bear itself out. Nevertheless, it is going to take time for Western empire to fall, and that is a prerequisite for this to happen.

AROK: Here is one more. Here is one more. The Soviet Union’s anthem sung by the Red Army.

I downloaded from YouTube and raised the speed and pitch by 1.1.

Jeff: The Red Army Choir is outstanding.

AROK: Southern Korea’s kingdoms have never managed to unify the peninsula nor fight the northern kingdoms without outside help.

Silla and Baekje needed to ally with one another or enlist help from China and Japan to fight Goguryeo. They could not individually attack Goguryeo. It was too strong for them to militarily defeat.

Silla was unable to unify the whole peninsula. They were stopped short of Pyongyang. The northern kingdom continued was Balhae.

Balhae’s successor Goryeo finally unified Korea, something that Silla was unable to do.

Joseon moved the capital to Seoul and further expanded Korea’s northern borders to the DPRK borders we see today. But Joseon’s founder, King Taejo Lee Sung-Kye, was a northerner. Lee was from Hamgyong Province.

Jeff: It is a simplistic explanation, but maybe surviving in colder, more mountainous Northern Korea made the people tougher. Harder to conquer too, compared to the more agricultural South.

AROK:The goals of Kim Jong-Un are:

  1. Sign a formal end to the Korean War.
  2. End sanctions against his country.
  3. Remove American troops from the peninsula.
  4. Others may disagree, but evidence I have seen suggests he wants to establish a confederation in which Korea is ruled by representatives from both sides, but where Pyongyang will ultimately have the greater say and can veto decisions it perceives as hostile to its long-term interests.
  5. Make Korea into a major regional military and economic power that can resist domination from Russia, China, Japan, and USA.
  6. Promote traditional Korean values uncontaminated by foreign values.

By contrast, a ROK-unified Korea would see greater American economic and military involvement, forced Americanization of the northern half of the country, and class discrimination against northerners who will be treated as unwelcome backward strangers.

This is the fate that the DPRK wants to avoid.

The DPRK government has seen the fate of those that have tried to negotiate on good terms with the Americans, from the Soviet Union, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Libya, and of course Ukraine.

Henry Kissinger once said, “To be an enemy of America is dangerous, but to be an ally is fatal.”

Jeff: One only has to look at the sorry fate of Eastern Europe, to see what a US takeover of Korea would mean. However, with such open racism against Asians, the fate of North Koreans would be much, much worse.

AROK: NATO continues to drastically escalate the proxy war against Russia. Latvia is in favor of giving long-range missiles to Ukraine so that Ukraine can strike targets deep inside of Russia.

Such an attack has already happened. A missile hit a base deep 250 miles inside of Russia and killed several soldiers at an army base.

This is a classic repeat of the Korean War. The ROK President Lee Seung-Man wanted the US to escalate the conflict into a nuclear attack against the China and the Soviet Union

Most NATO countries are militarily insignificant, offer nothing of value to the alliance, raise the risk of a shooting war with Russia.

Jeff: Western elites are making billions off Ukraine, both in governments and business.

AROK: Many nations have fallen and submitted to economic, financial, cultural, and military dominance from the West. But not the DPRK.

I believe I now know the reason why.

Despite being sovereign nations opposed to American hegemony, Russia, China, and Iran are weakened from within by American-backed NGOs who serve as a fifth column trying to destabilize their countries from within. Large numbers of Russians, Chinese, and Iranians have been educated in the West and share Pro-American sentiments.

The DPRK does not send its students to study in Western nations so they can come back and spread pro-American ideals and organize US-financed NGOs to act as a fifth column.

Russia, China, and Iran are very large nations in terms of land size and extremely ethnically diverse, sharing large borders with many other neighbors. This gives the Neocon warmongers of DC opportunity to exploit racial, regional, religious, political differences and inflame anger against their governments.

The DPRK is a homogeneous nation, quite possibly the most homogeneous nation on the planet. It has an extremely strong and unified sense of national identity and patriotism. The DPRK shares small borders with the ROK, China, and Russia. This allows strong information and immigration controls.

Iran does not have nuclear weapons. Russia and China have them, but are less likely to use them in a war than the DPRK since they are much larger and more powerful than all their neighbors.

The DPRK is surrounded by powerful nations that outnumber it and have much larger economic capacity to wage military or economic war against it. This is why it maintains a large standing military and nuclear weapons hidden underground. This allows it to maneuver and play its stronger neighbors off against one another, winning concessions while giving as little in return. Being surrounded by stronger nations also gives it an incentive to use nuclear weapons first in the event of a war, which further ups the stakes of taking military action against it. This keeps its enemies guessing. It might resort to a first strike. It might not.

Jeff: DPRK remembers what happened to Iraq, Libya and Syria after they got rid of chemical weapons being used as a deterrent from outside threats. All three are basket cases and two are occupied by Western forces. Thus, DPRK will never fully give up its advanced nuclear weapon arsenal and technology.

AROK: Another theme for Vladimir Putin.

How is this?

I’m picturing him ball-dancing with a beautiful woman in a grand palace overlooking the Black Sea, as this plays.

Jeff: They’ve filmed Putin riding horseback, practicing judo and playing with leopards, so why not?

AROK: A recent DPRK drone evaded all ROK defenses for a full 7 hours. Sad thing is, the ROK is militarily one of the stronger American vassals. I mean allies. Most NATO countries have no military ability. Except for UK, France, and Turkey, maybe.

Jeff: The problem is the West has been able to rape and plunder most of the planet for the last 500 years practicing piracy, and got fat and lazy doing it. Western kakocrats cannot how much the rest of the world has changed and gotten stronger. Laziness and arrogance make a bad combination.

AROK: “Died Suddenly”

It’s on Bitchute.

COVID vaccinated people are dying because of the disgusting tapeworm like blockages that are suffocating and killing their organs.

Recently, Lindsey Graham called for the assassination of Putin.

Ukraine was about regime change. Thanks for confirming it, Graham.

Insane warmonger neocon Lindsey Graham is now openly calling for the murder of Putin and regime change in Russia.

Wholly ignorant of the fact that the US has no defense against Russia’s missile systems, which have ICBMs carrying up to 10 heavyweight warheads that can destroy an area the size of Texas.

This is the same warmonger who once tried to get Trump to attack the DPRK.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot be allowed to remain in power.” Joe Biden about Putin.

Oh, I agree, Joe. YOU and most of the aging Boomers in Washington should have retired a long time ago.

Jeff: Yes, “Died Suddenly” should be watched by everyone. James Bradley and I did a short report on it ( It has been republished in many places ( I’ve read that the original film on Rumble been watched over 12 million times. I hope so.

Everything you say about Western empire is true. Its kakocrats create their own bubble of self-reinforcing, fake news that they believe in.

AROK: I’m going to Goseong again next week. Have you read this book? I’m only a third of the way through. It’s a very lengthy book.

Downloadable PDF file,

War Industry

I read 23 books this year.

Was too tired to finish this one. I’ll do it next week.

This book exposes the magnitude of evil that we are all up against when we talk about Washington. It should shock and enrage every man on the planet.

Jeff: No, never heard of this book. It should be titled “Capitalism”. Let’s try to have a Skype call this weekend.

AROK: Sure. I’ll make time.

It’s good to talk to someone who knows more from the alternative media side of things.

My dream is that between now and 2030, Korea will be unified or at least achieves some sort of peaceful coexistence.

When Washington lays down its arms, the world will know peace.

The current conflict is not about Ukraine. It’s about American inability to accept multipolarity.

The mere existence of Russia and China is intolerable to insane neocons like Lindsey Graham because of the economic and military power they possess to challenge American dominance.

Russia and China have the military ability to end the Ukraine and Taiwan situation within weeks or days if they chose to. The problem isn’t that America will lose in Ukraine or Taiwan. It’s that America will resort to nukes to save face. America has a first use nuclear policy and has shown its willingness to use them against nations that didn’t have nukes themselves.

Jeff: Empire, be it Roman or American, can never accept anything less than full spectrum dominance. And yes, this is the $64,000 question: as the West loses wars with Russia and China, will it be so desperate as to use nuclear arms? Ditto Israel versus Iran and Hezbollah. It is very, very scary.

AROK: The day is long overdue that NATO should have been forcefully broken up and smashed to pieces. The biggest collection of warmongers and fanatics ever to plague mankind.

Individually, most NATO countries are militarily useless and a millstone about the neck of the American taxpayer.

Out-gunned, out-trained, out-ranged, and out-motivated by their Russian peer.

Taiwan would be encircled and taken over within days or weeks to China’s PLA Navy.

Japan has a pipsqueak military of less than 300,000 active-duty service members and the world’s 2nd highest debt at 15 trillion.

The Republic of Korea, as Doug Bandow said, is militarily the strongest of America’s allies. Yet it is vastly outnumbered by its northern brother in both manpower as well as hardware.

We will all learn the overwhelming consequences of choosing to be America’s clients, the likes of which we will never have experienced if someone doesn’t come up with a fucking miracle in the months ahead.

Jeff: One only has to look at how pathetic Europe is right now, totally unable to stand up to Uncle Sam’s demands to bankrupt itself. Empires can be like hypnotic flames that moths cannot help but fly into.

AROK: USSR Anthem from 1917

Jeff: Very powerful and inspiring.

AROK: Do you read

Jeff: When I have time. He published one of my pieces a while back.

AROK: I was reading the comments of the summit between former ROK President Moon Jae-In and DPRK President Kim Jong Un.

Most of the people who were happy that the two held the summit were foreigners while the Korean commenters were outraged and cursing, even wishing for the deaths of both men.

Just makes me scratch my head.

Tells you how little people here know about what goes on in the world and how much is censored over here.

The DPRK won’t give up its weapons program as long as the Americans are on the peninsula and on Japan.


When asked about general views of China, 81 percent of South Korean respondents expressed negative or very negative sentiments. That is (substantially) more than in any of the 56 countries surveyed worldwide as part of the Sinophone Borderlands project. What makes South Koreans so negative about China? And what are the foreign policy implications?

AROK: I am well aware of this article. The ROK believes China seeks to dominate the whole peninsula. I must admit. I used to hate China myself until quite recently.

I don’t hate China now, but am somewhat wary of it. The Biden family, especially Hunter, has compromising financial ties to top CCP officials and to Chinese military contractors, who have stolen American military technology. I am clear-headed enough to realize that America is the far greater evil than China. It is within the ROK’s greater interest to strengthen ties to China and Russia, which in turn, will go a long way towards improving Inter-Korean relations since the two Asian superpowers have the most influence over the DPRK.

It is also worth noting that historically, the Americans and Japanese have behaved far more brutally towards the Koreans than have the Chinese and the Russians.

The Chinese and Russians honored Korean sovereignty.

The Japanese and Americans wanted to subjugate Korean independence.

Jeff: James Bradley and I have done extensive reporting on the US Democratic Party being knee-deep in corruption, especially in Ukraine ( You can’t blame the Chinese for agreeing to take Hunter Biden’s money, given how much it gives them access to the highest levels of American power.

AROK: Consider these numbers- again.

Mainland China has 1.4 billion people. Over 4 times the population of the US.

Its little island brother Taiwan adds a further 23 million to that already massive number.

Japan comes in a distant 2nd at 125 million.

Korea has 75 million. The ROK has 50 of that 75 million. The DPRK has the remaining 25 million.

Add all that up, and you come out to around 1.6 billion people. That is an incredible number over 5 times the population of the United States.

If the Soviet Union never broke up, you can add another 290 million people to that number. As with Europe, the Soviet Union has the vast resources to supply the economies of China, Korea, and Japan with oil and gas.

A peaceful, united, and harmonious East Asia in which the Soviet Union, China, Korea, and Japan are on friendly terms with one another would be a DEVASTATING blow to American plans for global dominance.

When you can’t beat your enemy, divide and conquer.

Jeff: We can add the Philippines too.

AROK: Many of the borders of Asian, African, and South American nations were not decided by their own people but by Westerners seeking to cause as much division and chaos as possible.

Jeff: So very true. The European carving up of the Middle East was especially cynical.

AROK: Do you know this song? Hearts on Fire from Rocky IV.

Jeff: I’ve heard it on the radio, but don’t know who the artist is.

AROK: Robert Tepper.

The above song is not actually from Terminator. It’s from Fatal Fury. But it sounds like something that would play in a Terminator movie. The scene where the T-1000 chases John Connor in a truck.

Jeff: Gothic overtones in the beginning and then it cuts loose. Great music to get a speeding ticket!

AROK: What about this song?

I first heard it in The Longest Yard when Stone Cold Steve Austin air guitars to the song while saying, “That’s how a White man plays guitar!”

Jeff: That’s wild. Memory lane for me. It is a group called Mountain, late 60s-early 70s, from Long Island, New York. The guitarist was named Leslie West, a monster of a man. This song is called “Mississippi Queen”. I saw them in concert in about 1970 and of course heard them play this smash hit.

Super busy Elliot. Sorry for not responding sooner. I’m going to get your latest post out this coming week.

AROK: Alright. Got it.

Currently reading a book from Daniel Kovalik on Nicaragua and America’s 170-year war against this tiny Central American nation that has done nothing but seek to chart its own nationhood.

Jeff: 170 years? Western civilization has been applying its Seven E’s of Racism for 3,000 years,

Expansionism, Extermination, Expropriation, Extraction, Enslavement, Epidemics, Evangelism

Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Roman Catholic Church, Monarchy-Feudalism and Imperialism-Colonialism, the last being rebranded Global Capitalism up to today, ongoing.


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