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Great to meet Cat McGuire and be back with Kevin Barrett, many times on his Truth Jihad Show, this the first on False Flag News Weekly.

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Kevin Barrett: Welcome to a False Flag Weekly News Special. We are talking today about who’s behind the war on China or what’s with the war on China. Are we pivoting to war on China after Ukraine and genocide in Palestine? Well, I’ve got a couple of great guests to pose those questions, actually, I guess, Cat McGuire, my False Flag Weekly News co-host and uppity upstart Substack genius, will be posing the questions. And then Jeff Brown, our resident China expert, will be answering them. So, hey, welcome, Cat.

Cat McGuire: Thank you. Yeah, glad to be here for this unique conversation with a China expert. I’m so excited.

Kevin: All right. And welcome, Jeff.

Jeff J Brown: Thank you very much and nice to meet you, Cat. And, of course, Kevin and I have known each other for years, and I feel like I’m talking to an old friend.

Kevin: Yeah, we’re troublemakers from way back. I think we helped sort of launch the whole Covid-origin business thing before it was a thing. So, let’s get into our slideshow. So, here’s the what’s with the war on China slideshow is that Uncle Sam, or is there an Israeli flag over his head? And these are some of the questions that Cat had, which she sent me. And so, I have a slightly edited collaborative version of Cat’s Questions for Jeff.

But first, let’s start with this news story. This was like yesterday or a recent news story. The EU has moved the Holocaust-style memorial to the Tiananmen Square alleged massacre from Hong Kong to the EU capital. And now there it is in Brussels as the EU capital. And look at those Giacometti-style screaming people buried on Earth. It’s quite horrific at many levels. Jeff, what’s your take on this?

Jeff: Well, I actually know that I actually have photographs of this. It was actually at the Hong Kong University outside one of the faculties, I think, the Faculty of International Relations or something like that. It’s god-awful. It’s just the worst kind of propaganda. The only reason that it left Hong Kong is because China in 2020 after waiting 20-something years for the Hong Kong EEZ to get their act together, forced them into a national security law. And it is just now being passed this week. They finally agreed on it after all this time. So, that got rid of it because it’s just garbage, it is a hoax.

Kevin: It got found a new home.

Jeff: It’s got a new home, right? As you joked, it’s following me. I was in Shenzhen across the river, and in Hong Kong, and now I’m in Normandy, France, and it’s after me. Now, it’s in Brussels. Oh my god.

Kevin: A few hours’ drive away there. Oh, man! And just to quickly fill in the viewers the story of this Tiananmen Square massacre is quite clearly grossly exaggerated and distorted. The Western, in fact, there’s a possibility that really nothing like that happened. I guess some people got hurt in the area during those protests, but the official myth is just as ludicrous as kind of 40 beheaded babies and gas chambers. Well, I would not say that, that sort of thing.

Jeff: Well, I will send you the link. I’m sorry. Let me just say one quick thing. I have on my website the largest collection of Tiananmen Square history, videos, books, articles, images, and hyperlinks. And so, I will send you that link. It’s the best collection on the internet (

Kevin: Let’s hope the EU doesn’t make it illegal and make it send you to prison as a Tiananmen.

Jeff: I’m sorry to interrupt. What did you say?

Cat: Well, I was just going to ask you if you would consider this, for China, a prong of a color revolution and an effort to try to jump-start.

Jeff: Oh, of course, of course, Cat. Up until the security law, Beijing which has the right under the treaty with Britain, they asked Hong Kong East to independently pass a national security law because Hong Kong was crawling with CIA, was crawling with MI6, was crawling with FBI. There were 1000 people working at the US consulate in Hong Kong, and they were not there to eat dim sum and chop suey. They were there to do bad things sending stuff into China and sending bad people into China. I’m sure that the swine flu and avian flu outbreaks from 2017 to 2019 were coming through with the people working at the consulate there.

It was just a nest of color revolution. And of course, starting in 2014 and going up until 2019, there were riots and the phony umbrella revolution, the color revolution. The whole thing was orchestrated by the CIA and MI6. And that’s all gone now because the national security law has gotten rid of most of them fled to the United States where they’ll get six-figure shares at Ivy League schools and trusts and foundations and NGOs. And some of them are in jail now the CIA operatives, the local operatives. But yeah, it was all color revolution to destabilize China.

Kevin: It’d be nice if the Chinese could crack some of these biowarfare cases that we may have to wait.

Jeff: Well, yeah. Yeah, that’s a whole nother bailiwick. I probably not in the scope of it, but I just finished Robert F. Kennedy Jr. S Book “The Wuhan Cover-Up and the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race”, which I can show you. That’s the cover, the books on the floor. And I’m going to have that out by next week to talk about China’s role.

Kevin: Where’s the cover?

Jeff: Right. Can you see it?

Kevin: Okay, we got it now.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I just finished it and it’s going to be a massive monumental book review because it’s a massive monumental book. It’s really amazing. I don’t agree with some of the things that he says, but it’s an amazing body of research, contextualization, and analysis. So, I’m very impressed even though we may disagree on a few points.

Kevin: Okay. Well, let’s move into Cat’s questions then. So, we’ll get back to the slideshow. There we go. Where’s our first question from? Will the ultimate civilizational war be between China versus neocon Zionist Jews presented to us in euphemisms as the multipolar world versus the unipolar world? So, this is the big question. Cat, maybe you can kind of tell us what was on your mind as you were composing this question, which, of course, I edited.

Cat: Well, at the highest level, the reason I have so many questions for you, Jeff, is because I kind of have my own little theory. We know that the mainstream media gives us completely propagandized versions of everything, but I think that’s on steroids with China, my theory is that almost everything that comes to us about China comes through a circus mirror version of reality. And even from the alt-media, we’re still getting that.

So, we can’t even assess these most important questions in this one about what’s going on between the multi-polar world and the unipolar world. How do you assess that when all of the data points about China, I believe, are completely distorted? But nonetheless, I think that one is the ultimate pivotal question because that is the class of civilization that we thought was going to be against maybe the Christian world or against Russia.

But I think when everything falls by the wayside because I believe that the Christian culture that had run the West for so long has been pretty much decimated at this point that the cabal that is running this country, the Zionist-occupied governments that are running the West, the Zog we’re no longer in the running. I, as part of Christian culture which would include everything that the United States stands for and certainly Europe.

And so, at a big level, how can we assess this if we don’t know so many of the data points that lead to such a monumental question? And that’s what so many of these questions are going to be about. The little data points that I have come to the conclusion that the ultimate clash is going to be with Zog the Zionist-occupied countries going up against China. And China would, of course, include the whole what is being called the global majority Russia and all the global South, after they’ve seen the horrors of what the US is doing, there’s no way, shape or form that it can be justified from Ukraine to certainly now Gaza with the genocide mask fully off.

So, what do you think about where all of these wars that are going that seem to have so much elite Jewish cabal influence behind them and China being stepped up as probably the next world’s power? Is China going to be able or is the Jewish cabal going to be able to infiltrate it, or is that going to be a clash of ultimate civilizations, as China understands that you do not want to be Zog?

Jeff: Yeah. Well, I thank you. It’s a great question. I don’t know if I’m up to the task, but I’ll do the best that I can. China, of course, is not Manichean. They do not think in terms of, you know, us versus them. They’re very holistic. They’re very Daoist, Confucius, and Buddhist. They’re multi-polar and they’re very circular. They’re very elliptical in the way that they work with people. So, I don’t think that China is at least as far as Zionism and Jews. I don’t think China at all, even that doesn’t even register with the Chinese.

But Western imperialism and global capitalism are definitely in the minds of the Chinese. And I think they identify the world’s problems through the lens of Western imperialism and global capitalism. Now, how much Western imperialism and global capitalism are affected by Zog you as you say? I had not heard that before. So, thank you for teaching me that. I always say the Anglo-Zionist Empire. But how much that group of people is affecting Western policy would be sort of behind it. But they don’t think about Jews.

They don’t think about Zionism. Although I will say that the Chinese are absolutely revolted, I mean, absolutely disgusted with what’s going on in Palestine. And they’ve tried so hard to do what they can in the UN and going to the Middle East and meeting people and trying to get it to stop. But I don’t think they won’t be able to stop until the United States decides to stop it. And that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I don’t think. I hope, I answered your question.

Cat: Well, I do have more granular questions on that, but well it might be helpful if I frame what I’m seeing as Zog and even when we call the United States because people are constantly saying well, it’s the United States against China. The United States is doing this, the United States is doing that. The United States as it has long been known, no longer really exists.

And I think if we look at it as a huge arc of history certainly starting in 1913 when our Federal Reserve was taken over and into international Jewish cabal financier Hans, and then the next major step would have been in 1963 when Kennedy who was taking us into a whole different direction with nonalignment connections with people and especially with countries and especially with his anti-nuclear proliferation commitment.

And especially because of Dimona that he was highly opposed to, there are people who believe that the Kennedy assassination was Zionist masterminded. And 911 I know Kevin is on board with believing that the Zionists masterminded 911. So, by 911, clearly, they have taken over our country. And I believe that this 1% that we have after 1913, 1963, and definitively by 2001, the Jewish cabal wing of the 1% has taken over the 1% and is controlling it.

So, when we say, “US is going after it”, this is not US, it’s not the West, it’s the Zionist wing that now controls the US and the West. And so, this unipolar world versus the multipolar world are two very different personalities. Kevin has been at the forefront of helping Westerners understand a Talmudic mindset, as Kevin was an editor of Lawrence Gianos’s magisterial work from Yahweh to Zion that helped understand the mindset because I love the quote from Sun Tzu that if you can’t ID who your bottom-line enemies are psychologically understand how they operate, how can you possibly defend yourself? Let alone take them out.

And so, part of what I am impressed with you is your deep understanding of Chinese psychology, which you brought forward saying how they don’t even begin to understand Chinese don’t even begin to understand what we’re doing here, what actually is happening in Gaza. Because I do believe along with you that in their deep DNA, they have a Confucianism as opposed to what is the DNA of the Zog Jewish cabal that is occupying the unipolar West. And I just heard an interesting concept. I was listening to some kind of interview about China.

The concept of Patient Capitalism that China has seen for years is that maybe a country will pay them back as opposed to trying to go into various countries and just put the predator capital vulturism right on countries like Ireland. It’s just being totally by these big hedge funds, which are almost all of this cabal run by this cabal, whereas China sees things in the bigger picture. I wonder if you would confirm the wonderful phrase. I don’t know which Chinese leader said that when he was asked, “What do you think about the French Revolution?” and supposedly said, “Well, it’s too early to premature to answer.”

Jeff: Yeah, that’s Zhou Enlai. That was Premier Zhou Enlai because he was quite a character. I will say this Cat, what you’re saying is likely true but the roots of Western hegemonic, expansionist, exploitive, enslaving kind of economy, the racism, the dreaded other that goes all the way back to the Greeks and the Romans and so the DNA was there, I think, long before the Zog, but Zog has especially after seeing what’s happened in Palestine has augmented it. It’s almost like it’s become like a bioweapon. It’s become like a superbug as it were. And so, China has never been hegemonic. They’ve never been expansionist. Their Racism is different from our racism.

Kevin: Yeah, let’s talk about that quickly. We have a slide to go with that one, which is that there are among the racialists, some of them think that Jewish ethnic nepotism is kind of at the root of Jewish power in the West. And then there’s a critique that China also likes Jews, Chinese people are very good traders and have ethnic links in their trade networks that enable them to become very, very strong in places like Malaysia and Indonesia and so on. So, there’s a caricature from the racialist set. What’s your take on that?

Jeff: The Chinese are racist. Everybody is racist. Africans are racist. The Native Americans are racist.

Kevin: Ethnocentric is nicer.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, ethnocentric. The difference between the Chinese and the Greeks and the Romans and then as Cat is talking about Jews is that the Chinese never consider anybody in the world not human. Everybody is human and that is a big difference. They do not dehumanize. They do not dehumanize people, even the most dreaded, the lowest of the low on their totem pole was the white smelly Europeans with their bad teeth and bad complexion and everything else and their arrogance, they never, ever considered them to act like animals.

And of course, I’ve been reading the text from the Talmud and of course, the Pentateuch in the Old Testament is not much better. It’s just not as graphic. So, this Judeo-Christian idea that you can literally animalize your enemies and turn them into monsters. This goes back to the Greeks. I mean, they always thought that’s where they had this Cyclops and the Titans and all these monsters, the people across the horizon were not human. They were monsters and animals. That does not register for the Chinese. So that everybody’s a part of the human race. And that really raises the threshold dramatically in terms of doing ugly things to other people.

Kevin: Very interesting.

Cat: I would agree to that. And I think it’s really important to understand that the Chinese do it at their core identity of who they are, have very different worldviews. I have two points. One is that everything we’re hearing about China, just that cartoon was so interesting. It’s all thrown back at us through the lens of those who own the means of communication, which is for our media is almost 100%, 99% Jewish elite Jews who own our media.

So, all the Hollywood, everything that gets thrown back to us about how Chinese think are just projections of what in the Jewish mindset typically projects what they’re going to tell you what you are is really so often what they’re doing. So, we have that kind of projection that we can’t even see the Chinese as who they are. They would never see themselves like this. Because in their DNA is as you said Confucian. So, we’ve got that bit of confusion on that that we can’t really see them for who they are. We only get what they’re saying.

The other thing about what you said that I think needs decoupling in order to understand China not that China is a monotheistic kind of culture. But our culture now is kind of combined with this concept of Judeo-Christian. I think that the Portmanteau Concept was created purposefully. I think it’s very important that the West begins to decouple from it’s just the US and try to understand. Wait, what that supposed Judeo-Christian culture is that you say does go back to the Greeks, which is true.

At this point in time, it has been hijacked by another culture that is kept cryptic. So, it all seems like, well, this is just the way the Greek Christian culture is. Whereas in reality, especially for now, here today, at this point in history we have a whole other culture that has taken over this typical Judeo-Christian culture, jacked it up on steroids, and presented it back as us. Meanwhile, it’s a different mindset, it needs to be decoupled and then is now throwing a Chinese mindset at us through their projection.

Jeff: Yeah, I would like to get back to what Kevin asked about the cliquishness about why the Chinese are so successful at business and trading, etc. They are not racially grouped. The Chinese are clan-grouped. Everything is based on family clans. And they are very tight. I mean, there are still villages, many, many, many, many villages in China. And everybody in that village has the same family name.

They all have the same last name because they have a family temple, they have a family ancestral temple in that village that goes back 5, 10, 15, 17, 20 generations of Gals or Jongs or Lius or Wangs. And so, they are in that sense. They do stick together. And then when there’s a Gao and a Xiong and a Liu and they’re in Africa, they stick together. So, that’s one of the reasons that they do so well because they are very first off, family-oriented. And then secondly, they are not marble men.

I’m going to go it alone and do it on my own. They believe very much in cooperation, seeking synergies, giving a little to get some back. As you said capitalism in China, they will wait for five times longer or ten times longer than any Western company or business will to turn a profit. It just stuns me as to how they have such a long-term vision of success. And this gets back to the supposed ghost cities. There are no ghost cities in China. They think in terms of developing that empty city that they’ve built, it’s going to get filled in 20 to 30 years.

Kevin: We’re going to get to that later in the slideshow.

Jeff: Yeah. That’s how they think. They think so a long time and they’re so visionary. And so, when leaders like Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping and Deng Xiaoping are thinking as Cat said, they’re thinking decades, they’re thinking a hundred years from now. And all the West can think about is the next quarterly report on the stock market on Wall Street. What’s going to happen when our report comes out in two months? It’s our quarterly report. That’s where the Westerners are. They’ve got their field of view at the end of their nose. And the Chinese are thinking about the 22nd century.

Cat: Who has Hyper-pushed that kind of thinking? Blackrock. Thank you, Kevin. Blackrock and Fintech. Yes, it’s a Western way of being. But so much of our Western culture has been what Israel Shahak has said called Judea-sized. My grandfather was a banker. He was a pillar of his community. There was nothing wrong with bankers, but now their vulture capitalists have gone into our whole banking system. Who is it who’s really doing this? Who’s corrupting? What’s wrong with entertainment and movies?

Well, who owns it and has had Judas’ eyes corrupted in negative ways that they’ve also done with our banking? So, we constantly are saying, well, the West is doing this and the US is doing this. Wait, we have been infiltrated by what some call a parasite and it’s taken over the host and hyper put it on steroids are the worst aspects because they’re very easy to take control of in a psychopathic way.

And so, my big concern with Blackrock and these other fintech companies that are now certainly in China are they going to burrow themselves in and judicious size China. How strong is China that China goes back thousands of years really with this DNA? I love how you explained it of being tight-knit and working together.

But they definitely needed Western financialization help. And I read that somebody’s got to them to change their laws so that businesses can now be 51% owned by foreigners. And Blackrock and the like these fintech people who have been invited to China are on a frenzy trying to take over as much of China as sacking the pension funds which they’re really trying to do, and changing Chinese culture to fit the script that they’ve done to the West.

Get us all into debt slavery and using advertising which is social engineering and trying to do the same play script on China. To what extent is China going to say, okay, we need some of this? Are they going to or we can keep the parasite at bay who does that? Or are they going to get subsumed as well? How strong is their culture versus this other culture that totally took over ours in ways that now people think it’s us who are doing it just because it’s been put on steroids in a way of all the negative version of it?

Jeff: Well, that’s a great question, Cat. First, to address your question about business ownership in China. When my wife and I were there from 1990 to 1997, the best you could do was joint ventures and the joint ventures could be 50 50. Since then, you can have and we’ve left and had a lot of adventures and come back 14 years later or 13 years later. And they allow wholly foreign-owned ventures. But let me finish. This is for smaller businesses. This is for manufacturing. This is for service industries.

This is for a retail McDonald’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, Ford Motor Company. They can have wholly foreign-owned ventures. In fact, I have a wholly foreign-owned. I have a limited liability company in Shenzhen. And it’s all mine. Of course, there’s nothing in it. It has zero capital but I can own a company in China. I do want to point out to you that you really have to throw every concept that you have about ownership and finance out the window to understand China.

The first thing is the financial system in China is owned by the people. All of the banks are people-owned. And the four largest banks in the world are Chinese. I think six of the ten largest banks in the world are Chinese. They are all publicly owned. Now some people will say, oh, but the Bank of China has listed itself on Wall Street. Well, you need to understand that there are two kinds of shares. There are two kinds of shares in China.

There are A shares and B shares. And the one of them is for foreigners. They are allowed a very limited amount of stock that they can buy in China, and that capitalization that they may have done in Hong Kong or in London or in New York on Wall Street, the total non-people-owned capitalization of all of the banks, all of the insurance companies and airlines, ports, service industries, manufacturing steel, total capitalization cannot be more than 20% of the total capitalization of the country.

So, people will say, “Oh, well, the Bank of China public is a private bank”. No, it’s not, it’s a public bank that allows 20% of its capital to be invested by private people. And the vast majority of those are Chinese, the vast majority, that 5 billion IPO, or that 10 billion IPO that a state-owned company in China did on Wall Street or in London is a pittance compared to the value of that company. I mean, these banks in China are so massive and so profitable because again, they don’t have private interests.

They have public interests. Now, I do want to point out that even much of the investment sector in China is publicly owned. There are a lot of them that are private, but almost all of them are in Chinese hands. It was really interesting that in November, and October, China made a much-ballyhooed. The announcement was that Goldman Sachs was going to be able to open an office in China, Shanghai, and start “Doing business”. Well, there are already a lot of foreign banks in China, but they can only do business with non-Chinese.

And I could go to Sberbank the Russian bank in Shenzhen and open up a bank account there because I’m a foreigner, but a Chinese can’t. So, it’s highly segregated there. There’s a tiny sliver that is foreign. And 95% of it is publicly owned by the people. I can tell you about the fintech in China, I call the Chinese government Baba Beijing. Baba Beijing has a proctoscope up the backside of every fintech company of any importance. They are just all over them. They are highly regulated.

They have practically wiped out the shadow banking sector. And so, it’s just not going to happen. The People’s Bank of China is the largest, richest, most successful central bank in the world. They print their own money. They mint their own money. They don’t have the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Morgans, you know loaning the government money to pay interest on. So, it’s just not going to happen.

They have seen what has happened in the West, not just with banking and insurance, which are all publicly owned in China. Another thing to remember, all the dirt in China is publicly owned. You cannot buy a square centimeter of land in your own name. You can only lease land for 70 years. And so not having private land deeds removes a tremendous amount of it, it eliminates the ability to concentrate wealth.

So, it’s just not going to happen in China as long as China maintains, as long as China remains a communist-socialist country and respects its constitution and follows the will of the people, there’s no way Blackrock. Larry Fink probably goes to bed every night depressed that he cannot suck on China’s vast wealth and $3 trillion in foreign exchange. And so, I saw some guy, a Wall Street guy, who said recently that he thinks it’s closer to 6 trillion.

They claim they only have 3500 tons of gold. And there are some really smart people who claim that if you really track China’s gold the influx and x flux of gold in China. It’s the biggest gold-mining country in the world. If you add it all up, they actually have closer to 25,000 tons of gold. So, it is the richest country on earth. And even with the official statistics, nobody’s going to be able to touch them as long as the Communist Party is the vanguard party and keeps a watch and does what the people tell them to do.

Kevin: Well, Chad, you also had a question about the public banking model that many such as Ellen Brown, say is so successful in China. And Jeff agrees. No relation to Ellen, but you still agree with her. There’s been mainstream propaganda in the US saying that this public socialist model doesn’t work. An example of that is the Chinese real estate crisis with all of these empty buildings and the Evergrande fiasco and so on and so forth. And, Cat, you had a question about that for Jeff.

`Cat: Well, I was just concerned about what happened to that, because it was supposed to ripple outward and that even American press was saying this was going to be a big housing crisis like we had in 2008 on steroids. So, clearly, they figured out ways to fix that. What it brings to me is a bigger question that I’d like to ask you. Is the role of the Chinese billionaires who are deep in bed with the Western financiers, which is basically elite Jewish capital versus the degree that XI Jinping as head of the People’s Party and looking out for the people, to what degree is butting off heads?

Were the Chinese billionaires who are helping to bring in the financialization were they the ones who had whispering in their ears? The West saying, oh, do it like this because this looks just like 2008. So, on the one hand, the People’s Party has to leverage Western knowledge and financialization knowledge. But where’s that delicate balance? And are Chinese billionaires kind of the proto-potential color revolution within China? How’s the balance of keeping that class? The Chinese billionaire class is integrated because they can own the land that you were talking about. They can be the proxies for Western financialization inroads and doing things like an Evergrande 2008 housing crisis for China that fortunately never came to pass.

Jeff: Well, first off, even a billionaire cannot control or occupy any land in China for longer than 70 years, and they have to renew the lease. So, you cannot buy any green land. You cannot get a deed to anything. You can only get a long-term lease. But like in the West, like McDonald’s in your town whatever city you live that McDonald’s on the corner of that street outside of a shopping mall likely has a 99-year lease. Most of the real estate in England is 99-year leases because the royal family owns it all.

China is the same way, except instead of being owned by the royal family or a private person who gives the knight who sells the 99-year lease to McDonald’s. The land in China is owned by the people through various public entities that go back in history to, 1949 and after the Mao era. I would like to point out that there is not going to be any meltdown in China. China has not had a recession. I want you all to let this sink in. China has not had a recession or a bubble that has burst since 1976.

And even that one was only about GDP went into recession by about 4 or 5% and bounced back the next year. So, name me a country in the world that has not had an asset bubble or a recession since 1976, except China. I would also like to point out that the people own the banks because the people own the insurance companies because the people own the dirt that the buildings are built on and because there’s such a huge state-owned enterprise sector of the economy, the big one’s steel, avionics, airlines, trains, planes, you know telecom you all have T-Mobile. Well, China has four publicly owned telephone companies.

China has the world’s largest public utility the China grid, all the water, gas, and electricity are all people-owned. So, then when you have a government that is heads and tails, a better and more honest and more committed to the people than anything that you can think about in the West, things work. And in 2017, they had a bubble and a real estate bubble that increased by 50% in two years. Think about that. Your house today is worth $100,000, and in two years it’s worth $150,000. That’s a bubble.

In the West, that would as soon as it starts to go down, the economy would crash and there would be a huge recession if not a depression. Has anybody heard what happened in 2017? Nothing happened in China because Baba Beijing just let the air out of it, because they have all the levers and they can move assets around within the publicly owned companies, etc. Now back to the private one ever granted people, everybody, everybody in the West has a chicken little erection about Evergrande.

Let me explain to you what happens when private assets like Evergrande go belly up. They in fact, just declared it insolvent. And they just announced that Baba Beijing is claiming $78 billion in fraud out of the total $300 billion bubble. But here’s what’s going to happen. Of course, that’s not good news for the founder of Shu Jiayin, because people like that steal that much money in China tend to get a People’s Liberation Army bullet in the back of the head. They will usually get executed.

So, his days may be numbered. But until then, here’s what happens. First, the Chinese government Baba Beijing will go in and they will nationalize that company. So, they will nationalize Evergrande. Instead of giving it to greedy bank banksters. on Wall Street and in the City of London, they nationalized those assets, which means they go back to the people. Now for the people who bought apartments or signed or put down payments with Evergrande. And right now, they’re left holding the bag.

What Baba Beijing will do is it will separate the different investors in that company into groups. First off, all the foreign debt that Evergrande has, if they have any in Hong Kong or Wall Street or the City of London, they’re going to lose everything. They speculated in Evergrande and they’re going to lose. They’re going to lose it all. All of the Chinese investors who invested in Shanghai and the Shanghai stock market in Evergrande will lose everything.

Those people, who are buying their first house or apartment through Evergreen, Baba Beijing will make sure that they are made whole. They will get what they signed for. They will get an apartment or a house, and it will not cost them a nickel. The ones that are in purgatory are the Chinese speculators who have bought second, third, and fourth apartments to speculate in the market, for appreciation, for the real estate to appreciate. The speculation in the Chinese economy is a dirty word. They are despised. And XI Jinping has been telling the Chinese people not to buy an apartment or a house for speculation.

Do not buy it as an investment. Houses and apartments are to be lived in not speculated on. So, I suspect that those people and they’ve been warned. I mean, it’s just it’s in the media all the time in China speculating on residential real estate is a sin. And I suspect that those people are going to lose most, if not all of their investments, too, because they ignored the warnings for the last ten years. So then what China Baba Beijing will do, is they’ll take all of the remaining assets.

They will allocate those assets to people-owned, state-owned enterprises that are and most of them are doing incredibly well. I mean, there are now more Chinese companies in the Forbes Global 500 than there are in the United States. And most of them are state-owned people owned. And they will allocate those assets rationally, to solid companies that will realize the dreams of the people who were buying their first piece of real estate. And they will get what they asked for. And there will be no crash. There will be no recession and everything is going to go on.

And of course, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and everybody out in the West are pissed off because they’re going to lose their asset. They’re going to lose everything. In the states, they would move in and make sure that the stockholders got all the assets and the poor pukes who were the customers would be left holding the bag. And China is the exact opposite. The people who had their dreams will be realized and the thieves in London and New York will lose everything. And the thieves in Shanghai. Well, the Chinese investors, they’ll lose everything too.

Kevin: So, this actually explains why it’s geopolitically so intense. That is if the Chinese model succeeds in China becoming the world’s dominant country in the sense of the biggest and most successful, then other countries may follow that model. And the free ride these capitalist parasites have had in the West may be over.

Jeff: Well, but Kevin, China is already the biggest economy in the world. The World Bank and the IMF quietly, quietly announced in 2014 that ten years ago. They quietly announced ten years ago that in purchasing power parities, China had had the biggest economy in the world. And it’s just its bottom expectation is 5% a year and the West is plugging along at zero. Europe is practically in a recession, and the United States is 2 to 3%. And so, China, I’m sure in exchange rate terms, will officially be the biggest economy for the mainstream media by 2030, sure. So, and, I’m going back for a month in May.

I’m going to be there for an entire month in May. And I was there for a month in September, October. And I was there for a month in May. And of course, I lived there for 16 years. And you can just feel it. You can just feel the economic energy and the productivity and the output. It’s just it’s like nothing that you can compare it to I was in the United States in June and I was been the United States in September. And it’s like two planets and one is Pluto and the other one is Jupiter. And you’re right, there’s no competition. I mean, China is running away from the West. They are technologically innovative manufacturing infrastructure governance fighting corruption. The West cannot compete.

Kevin: So yeah, my point was it’s not so much like US versus China, nation versus nation. There are also two different systems.

Jeff: Exactly, exactly. The Greek-Roman slave expropriation, expansionist model that we are using today and by the West is still using and Cat is saying that it’s now been usurped by Zog. Just that all we can do is piracy. We’re just we’re great at being pirates and slaughtering people and stealing land. But we can’t compete with a country like China that, on a level playing field has the kind of vision that they do and the kind of commitment they do to the people and not to the 1%. So, that’s the difference.

Cat: Well, some people would say the critics, especially the conservative Chicom. We have to be worried about the Chinese Communists especially now as they grow and reach their full potency of strength and become a hegemon, become the world’s hegemon, that some people say, well, their true colors are going to surface, that we saw what they did with Covid.

When you have that much centralized power and they don’t have their heads on straight, they don’t really care about their people that it’s just, their way of solidifying power and that the dangers of China that are very involved in the World Health Organization, that they’ve bought into all of the Sustainable Development Goals. And to that, I would say I go along more with what XI has said like conferences like Val di and the hallmarks, the multipolar direction such as thriving.

She has talked about how we’re going to improve the well-being of all and uplift everybody. So, I believe that’s the direction they’re going. But what happened in Covid is really concerning. And in terms of being in alignment with global organizations like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization, I think China can take not just the Sustainable Development Goals, those SDGs that in the West portend, oh my God,1984 Big Brother control in the hands of the East who have their heads on straight. they can develop them in good ways.

And it’s the same thing with the technology. China has surveillance. It’s a high-surveillance state. That’s in my opinion, the psychopathy of Zio’s projection onto China of what these technologies and these systems’ SDGs can do. I think in their hands they’re going to handle them like they say it, like Xi says in his white papers, we want everyone to thrive. And that’s what the multipolar world is looking like. But there are those who say, well, once they get the power, their true colors will come forth. What do you think about that?

Jeff: Well, you can go back 5000 years of continuous Chinese history. China, just to give you an understanding of how big of a footprint China has had on humanity. Well, the one I commonly quote is from 200 A.D. when Rome was at its absolute mastering of the whole Mediterranean, the Middle East, Europe, etc. at that time, the most powerful Western empire in the world. In 200 A.D., China had six times as many people and nine times as much land. Or is it I may either, I think, maybe it’s nine times as many people and six times as much land.

In the 1200s when Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo were traveling in China or around China, China had 50% of the world’s population, 50% of the world’s GDP, economic productivity, and 80% of the metropolitan city dwellers. And that pretty much continued, although India came on really strong in the 16th and 17th 18th centuries, and they ended up with about 25% of the GDP, and China had about 25% of the GDP. But at that point, the West was in single digits it was dispersed all over the rest of the world.

So, China has been massively superior economically, technologically, and infrastructurally to the rest of the world for 5000 years, except from 1839 to 1949 when England, the United States, and France got their hooks into China. Forced opium, morphine, and heroin on them for 110 years and raped and plundered the country for 110 years. Their maritime superiority, their weaponry were hundreds of years ahead of the West, and all of that weaponry and all of that maritime superiority was adopted by the Europeans to come back and destroy China. The Chinese were sailing at least officially.

They were sailing all over the Indian Ocean, Africa, Arabia, and India, three generations before Columbus. And they knew where they were going. Columbus thought he was in China when he landed in the Bahamas, he thought he was in China. The Chinese knew where they were sailing, and they had. Just to give you an idea of why we’re not speaking Chinese today. When China was three generations in advance of the West with Columbus, their flotillas were 300 ships. The ships were over 330ft long and over 100m long.

Their first flotilla that took off had 30,000 people. I want you to let that sink in for a while. Their first flotilla had 30,000 people, half the population of London, rolling across the Indian Ocean. And nobody is speaking Chinese today. They came with books and diplomats and scientists and artists and they wanted to trade and they wanted to exchange culture and exchange information. They brought princes, diplomats, and scientists back to China to live in China to share information. They gave libraries of books.

They had 200 volumes, of course, they were in Chinese, but they had 200 volumes, sets of books that they would give to this port Gao and or Goa in India and in Arabia and in Africa. Why are they not speaking Chinese today? Why are most of the world’s people speaking English, French, and Portuguese, Spanish? Because of the fact that the West is expansionist and does go in and take over wherever they go. So, they could have they had weapons that were so advanced 300 years before the West, that they could have rolled across Asia.

They could have landed in Africa and rolled up into Egypt and overwhelmed. I mean, back then the West, Europe was practically swinging from the trees. And the Chinese had this incredibly advanced culture, incredibly advanced science, innovation, etc. They could have taken over the whole fricking world. But they didn’t because they didn’t have the DNA. So, it’s just like, okay, well, they haven’t done it in 5000 years, but they’re going to do it now. I mean, come on. It’s just it’s absurd. It’s not in their genes. They don’t do that.

Kevin: Well that leads us to our Cat’s next question sure involves this geopolitical clash that we’re seeing, which as we’ve seen is really a clash of cultures and philosophies and in a sense, socialism versus predatory capitalism. So, Cat was wondering about Taiwan. Obviously, the empire would like Taiwan to be China’s Ukraine. Cat, do you want to pick up on that?

Cat: Yeah. Because at first, I’m sorry, I have to go back to something that you said, and then this is a very important question that I do want to get to about Taiwan, but this is a perfect example of talking about the Opium Wars and how the West went in and controlled China. It’s been very suppressed in our history that, yes, the West was the front-facing doing it, but actually, the Sassoon family that came from Iraq and decamped in India basically controlled everything that was going on in China. That’s a Jewish family that controlled it, just like it’s coming out more and more.

Jeff: And the Rothschilds, too. The Rothschilds were knee-deep in opium too along with their ancestors. So, another Jewish.

Cat: We have our front facing, just like we had our front facing with 911. But who was really running it? The neocons are almost all Zionist or Israeli first or Jews. And we see it with the slave trade in the West. It’s coming out that the slave trade is almost wholly dominated by Jews. During high holy Jewish days, the auctions were shut down. So, that history that you gave is that classic example of how we perceive, oh neo-colonialist West is going there.

Yes, they are, but I contend if we really peel back history, who was actually underneath it followed the money and who has really controlled the money throughout going back at least 500 years. But now to get to the question of Taiwan, I’m feeling in part that these neocon Jews who are stoking the war in part because they can’t access the I think it’s up to the $15 billion pension plan that pensions that China has.

All of that money is just sitting there. China is not opening up the keys, not giving them the keys to the kingdom, the people’s bank. And so, I think what they’re doing this is my little theory is what they’re the neocons are doing scenes that they can’t open up China like they forced China to do back in the 1800s is that stoking them with war and then really getting to the negotiating table, like with the Versailles negotiations where they were really able who was really running the site negotiations?

It looks like all the Western countries, but people don’t really know the history of who was really running it. And I feel that they want to get China in a position where they have to negotiate about Taiwan. And it’s at the negotiating table that these people do their best because they don’t really have their own standing army. And is China going to capitulate? Or more importantly, is Taiwan going to see that? are they going to be Ukraine 2.0?

Jeff: Taiwan is its last bastion. It’s the last. Well, you have Japan and South Korea, but in terms of direct I’ve written about Kevin has Taiwan stands with Ukraine, I’ve written about I wrote articles back the back when they were having all the CIA, MI6 riots, and color revolution in Hong Kong. Ukrainian Nazis went to Hong Kong and went to Taiwan. it’s just incredible. In fact, they called it the Sunflower Revolution. Some people were calling it the Sunflower Revolution with a nod to Ukraine being the world’s biggest sunflower producer.

But the United States since communist socialist liberation in 1949, has not been able to get its paws on China, its assets. Some people will make a big deal out of the fact that John Rockefeller loaned the Communist Party $5 million. I don’t remember when back in the 30s, but they loaned him $5 million and, oh, they the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, they own the Chinese. Well, the fact of the matter is they paid him back with interest and never to be heard from again. So, they failed before independence.

They had failed in Tibet. That has been a huge belly flop. They have failed in Hong Kong. That has been a complete and total failure to try to get as you say, their hooks into China. It has failed in Xinjiang where the vast majority of China’s Muslims live in the Uyghur population and I just wrote an article about that, I saw the attack in Moscow. I thought, well, gosh, poor Russia China has not had a terrorist attack since 2016. And so now the last gasp hope of getting their hooks into China is Taiwan and it takes a j-17 fighter jet 30s.

It takes them 30s to fly from the coast. Well, maybe one minute. Maybe a one minute, you know with takeoff. It takes some one minute to get from the mainland of China to Taiwan. The supply lines for Ukraine and Palestine with NATO and Palestine can get stuff to Israel. In fact, I found out that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan are all cooperating to ship goods overland by truck to the Zionist entity lying through their teeth about their care and concern. So, getting supplies to Palestine and Ukraine or a snatch?

But for the United States, they have an 11,000-kilometer supply line from Seattle and Long Beach. And those two ports are practically defunct. They’re in such decrepit shape. So, it’s China or even a US military magazine recently placed the Chinese ahead of the United States in terms of military power after Russia was obviously the first. China doesn’t have to go to Los Angeles. It doesn’t have to go to Seattle and attack.

It doesn’t have to go to Honolulu. It just has to defend its sphere of influence, which for Taiwan is 200km. So, they can try. Let them try, but it’s not going to be like Ukraine. I can tell you this is Mao. Mao was one of the greatest military geniuses of all time. And he patiently waited and patiently waited and patiently waited and tried to avoid war and tried to avoid war and tried to avoid war. But when the Chinese decide to go to war, they don’t fuck around. It is a massive attack.

Kevin: They did that in Korea.

Jeff: Yeah, they did that in Korea and they did it with India. So, they don’t screw around. That is Mao’s military strategy. They overwhelm MacArthur and almost run him off the peninsula. They humiliated India. You don’t fuck with the Russians and you definitely don’t fuck with the Chinese. And they’re not going to do what the Russians are doing village by village. They will overwhelm the island of Taiwan. They have 1300 aircraft carrier killer missiles. It is so absurd that the 1 or 2 aircraft carriers that are in the Western Pacific have to stay 1500km away from the Chinese coast because that’s how far their aircraft carrier killer missiles can fly.

But the problem is, is, is that all those F-16s and American jets on those aircraft carriers can only go 750km because then they run out of gas, they have to come back and get refueled. So, the two aircraft carriers that are there are useless. And as soon as they come within range of China’s missile technology, they’re going to be gone in ten minutes. China has hypersonic missiles. The United States does not.

And then the other thing I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to Kevin, but China and North Korea have had a mutual defense treaty since 1961, and they just renewed it. So, if the United States triggers a hot war with China, guess who’s going to be an ally of China? The North Koreans, there are 1.2 million Marxist soldiers who would flood across the border of North Korea into South Korea and overwhelm them.

And Korea has hypersonic missiles. Korea has thermonuclear weapons that can take out Washington, D.C., much less Los Angeles and Seattle. So, Cat, I am sorry I hope you’re wrong. It’s just lunacy. It’s lunacy against Russia. It’s proving to be a bleeding lunacy against Palestine and it would be absolute suicide because it would draw North Korea into the war. Russia has a 12-kilometer border with North Korea, with railroad tracks and roads and everything else.

How long would Russia be able to stay out of that war if North Korea was sending hundreds of thousands of missiles all over Japan and, possibly Taiwan? I mean, it’s just. I don’t really, I don’t think they. But while they’re psychopaths. So, what can I say? They’re just psychopaths. But it will be a massive failure. What scares me is, is that they will lose so badly in a few days. It would be such a humiliation that they’ll use nuclear weapons. And that’s what really worries me. And they won’t hesitate to do it. That’s what really scares me.

Kevin: Well yeah Jeff, I think that’s a good point. As the West loses in Ukraine, they would lose even bigger and faster in Taiwan. And it’s all heading in that direction. They are losing one way or another. So, now we have a new world order shaping up. But is that the scary new world order that some people are so worried about? Loss of personal freedom, COVID lockdowns and jabs, and things like that. So, Cat, maybe you could ask Jeff what rephrase this question that you drafted for him.

Cat: Right. Instead of a so-called Pax Americana is the peace the multipolar? I would love to see a thousand years of peace that the multipolar world brings in with Russia’s strong military might and resource might. But more than anything, China’s, deep history of inner Dao and Confucianism that’s there that we truly have peace moving forward with the multipolar world and you’re right about the psychopathic nuclear Samson are they going to pull that? I just have the greatest respect for XI and Putin and the multipolar world.

But here we are stuck in the unipolar West where they are tearing out the copper wiring and doing everything, they can to repress us and the Chinese are alight for may they reign for a thousand years. So, do you see China as really the true democracy that can take forth in a different way you know democracy with Chinese characteristics, because as China becomes the world hegemon and their DNA is what controls the world?

Is that really going to be a true peace and a true democracy? How do they work? We just see it through a different lens. And then that lens gets ideologically weaponized when it’s propagandized to the West. But how does that explain what happened during Covid? That was pretty scary. Or were we just seeing a circus mirror version of that? Or can we expect with the Chinese as the hegemon, that we’re going to become more Daoist and democratic?

Jeff: Well, first off as far as COVID, you have to understand, China has a real concern about bioweapon use. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese were destroyed or murdered by the Japanese from 1935 to 1945 Unit 731. And there was even another one using bioweapons, the United States borrowed. Well, basically, they took all the Japanese scientists to Fort Detrick, and immediately turned Fort Detrick into the world’s biggest bioweapon production center. The United States also brought in 1500 Nazi scientists and engineers from Europe and Operation Paperclip.

So, all of those people were also working on or most of them were working on bioweapon production. And then, of course, the United States attacked China and Korea with bioweapons which, of course, is all denied in the West. Deny, deny, deny. The Chinese also know that Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which chemical warfare and atomic bomb is chemical warfare were right on their doorstep. Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Agent Orange, and other chemicals. Today China is surrounded not only by military bases but by Department of Defense bioweapon production labs in countries like Thailand, and of course, South Korea, they got caught in South Korea denying it, but there was a leak.

So, China has bioweapons in South Korea on its doorstep. It has Thailand. One of the stands I can’t think of which one it is. They have a bioweapon. Oh, no, it’s Kazakhstan that has a bioweapon lab. Georgia, 330-something US military bioweapon production facilities around the world. And a number of those are surrounding China. So, they have a real bone to pick. They know Cuba has been attacked repeatedly, relentlessly by the United States with bioweapons since the 1970s.

And they knew that from 2017 to 2019 after Trump got elected and wanted to put the hammer down on China even way before Covid, there were waves of attacks of avian flu and swine fever across China that practically wiped out their national herds. And they were epidemiologically impossible to have spread the way they spread without their being without them being spread intentionally. And I reported on all this back at that time. So, they consider bioweapons to be war. For them, SARS was a US bioweapon attack in 2002, and 2003. And Sars-Covid-2 was a US weapon attack in Wuhan.

I don’t have time to get into all the details. It’s fascinating. But it was released by the American soldiers who were participating in the Military World Games in Wuhan and October of 2019. So, they ironically adopted Bill Gates and George W Bush’s pandemic preparedness unit. They were the ones and the World Economic Forum adopted the massive lockdowns, the masking, the forcing people to get vaccines in order to have their freedom, etc. The Chinese did not force anybody to get a shot. I know lots of Chinese who did not get the injection.

Cat: Oh really?

Jeff: Yeah, I know lots of them. You don’t have to. There was pressure. There was pressure, and there was a lot of social pressure, but nobody was forced to get the vaccine. Not only that, but the vaccines in China are not genetic mRNA modification shots like Pfizer, Moderna, etc. they are the old-fashioned analog attenuated viruses that have been around for centuries. and nobody was forced to get one. No one lost their job. I know well, even some of the students I teach, never got a shot. They never got shots.

I know Chinese teachers who didn’t get it. They didn’t have to. And the mRNA production that they’re doing. Moderna is being exported. They refused to let the Chinese even touch mRNA injections because they knew they were poisoned. They even tried to get the Taiwanese to not use mRNA injection. I even did an article on that about a week ago. And the and the Taiwanese ended up getting I think it was Moderna. And now they’ve got all the death jab symptoms in Taiwan.

So, they adopted this because this is what they have done since the 1930s, when the Japanese were killing hundreds of thousands of Chinese wearing masks, cordoning off areas that had been infected. The other big thing, Cat, is that in China, they would only quarantine a building or a set of buildings. If someone had COVID-19, they would block that building, but everything else was back to normal. So, in France, I don’t know about the United States, but in France, they quarantined the entire freaking country.

The whole country was under lockdown, under curfew, from sunset until sunrise. The entire 65 million people were all quarantined simultaneously. That did not happen in China. Were there some excesses? Yes, I’m sure there were some excesses. I’m sure that there were some zealous people in Shanghai who went overboard. But there were Shanghai was locked down, but the rest of the country wasn’t. So, it’s not nearly as bad as its massive psychological deflection and trying to destroy China’s image that they’re totalitarian, etc.

During the Covid lockdowns, China was much, much less totalitarian than the West was ever. As far as surveillance, yes, China is sure to survey there with cameras, etc., but the people made the laws. They were very upset about the tech companies using their data, their personal data. They were very upset about facial recognition. It came from the bottom up. The people demanded that there be changes to laws to protect their private information and to protect their facial images, and those laws were passed.

We don’t know what Google is doing. We don’t know what Facebook is doing. We don’t know what Instagram is doing. We don’t know what the National Security Administration is doing. The CIA, MI6, what we do know, they are vacuuming every piece of data on planet Earth, including the Chinese, and processing and analyzing all of our purchases, all of our movements where we go, etc.. 24/7 what we watch, who we send emails to, all of that is being vacuumed up by Western intelligence. Put into computing massive databases and data banks in Utah and analyzed as we talk.

In China, the social credit system. I have a credit score. I have a social credit score. I’m not going to take the time to get my phone out and show you, but I have a credit score of about 580 in China, which is okay. It’s not great, but I haven’t borrowed any money, so that’s why mine can’t. If I borrowed $1,000 and paid it back, it’d go way up. However, the Chinese demanded a social credit system. They were tired of scamming. They were tired of crooks. They were tired of corruption in the government. They were tired of environmental violations.

They were tired of local governments taking people’s land against their will. They wanted to demand the social credit system because the social credit system does get the bad guys, is to get the crooks, is to get the people polluting, the people stealing, the people not paying their child support, the people not paying their alimony, and people not paying their taxes. Corporations are fraudulent and produce shabby goods. That’s what the social credit system is going after.

And it made China a much, much nicer place to be and to live in. So, we know what we have credit scores, Experian, and what are some of the others but they’re private. We don’t even know what Experian, my credit score, and all of my credit information. I don’t even know what they’re doing with it. But the Chinese know what their information is being used for because it’s been legislated by the people who demanded it. So, it’s the West that has the panopticon. It’s not China.

Kevin: it’s privately owned by billionaires in the West.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Kevin: It’s the difference. It’s public in China.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s public taught.

Kevin: We’re taught that if the government does it, it’s bad. The corporation is okay. Well, we have to pick up the pace a little bit here because where we want to get this posted more or less in the time frame that we promised all of our big weekly news audience people. So, anyway, the question about the new world order, when the geopolitics shifts and China is, is clearly way bigger than the US how will they be misusing that? And of course, XI Jinping says no. and Jeff agrees. So, here’s another question, though, how are Zionist or neocon Jews involved in multipolar world projects like Belt and Road? That’s another Cat question.

Cat: Yes, especially because advisers from the Zhao Cabal go back to at least Mao, if not before, because the Jewish people have been in China, I think at least a thousand years, if not longer. And that doesn’t mean that the whole time that they were maybe being, um, in an advisory capacity. But Mao was very much advised by them who knows the degree that they helped him plan the Great Famine. Why does that happen?

I’m just really concerned about the degree to which they are involved now in the Belt and Road problem project initiative through the construction bank, where they have a lot of deals going on. And that’s partly why they want to take over. Israel completely owned it, because that became the grand chessboard, the center of power at the trade routes and even going down into Africa. And so, I’m just really concerned about the degree that is they’ve already gone from Russia to Europe. Now they’re in the US metaphorically tearing out the copper wiring.

So that they’re queued up. I mean, Kissinger started it with the opening up of China. They’re queued up for China. To what degree is their involvement? And they are very involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. To what degree through China are they going to hijack it and will China remain strong and yet not henchmen strong, but, in a Taoist way, strong? And be able to keep this, these people always figure out a way to infiltrate at the highest levels. And to what extent is China really going to be able to keep them truly at bay?

Jeff: Well, I can’t answer about whom the Chinese are cooperating with outside of China and the Belt and Road Initiative. 150 countries have signed up. The only ones that practically haven’t signed up are Western Europe, except for Portugal. Italy signed up and the Anglo Zionists, strong arm them to pull back out of the Belt and Road initiative. All of the Eastern European countries are a member of the Belt and Road Initiative. And again, what influence Jews have outside of China, I don’t know, but inside of China zero again.

The public footprint in China is so massive. The Communist Party of China is heads above any Western government in terms of honesty, probity, fighting corruption, and working for the 99%. It was Mao Zedong who said, to serve the people and the West. It served the elites. I mean, that’s a huge difference. So, let’s just say there’s a project in Israel and it’s a Belt and Road Initiative project. Of course, it’s now been mothballed because of what’s going on in Palestine. But what are they going to do?

I mean, China might loan them some money. They might build a port, they might build an airport, they might build a high-speed rail or a railroad or a metro or a hospital or a school or a stadium or a port but I just cannot see any way that they can have an influence on China via the Belt and Road Initiative because the Belt and Road Initiative is initially externalized from China. But of course, China wants a win-win cooperation and mutual benefit. So, I just don’t see it. I don’t see how it could happen. What was the other part of your question, Cat?

Cat: Well, the China Construction Bank, it’s my understanding that it’s through the China Construction Bank that entities like Blackrock are deeply involved in that, and maybe even China allowed private wealth institutions to open up that are more than 51% owned by the likes of Western hedge funds. And China Construction Bank is very much in working with Western financiers. I’m just really concerned that it’s going to get away from them. They always think you can control it, but before you know it, the parasite is eating the host.

Jeff: Well, you’ll have to send me your links about. China Construction Bank is one of the biggest banks in the world. How it can be. And I know it. Yes, there are wholly foreign-owned ventures in China, but they have to be manufacturing services, goods, trade, import, export, fintech, and finance and insurance. They can’t. Well, private people can own up to 20% of a public bank or insurance company in China. But Baba Beijing maintains control. So, send me what you said, what you’re talking about.

But given that the CEO and all of the officers at China’s banks are fire-breathing members of the Communist Party of China and answer to the party and the people. I don’t think they’re making much inroads. I mean, Goldman Sachs has been constantly making contacts with all of these banks, and I’m sure Blackrock is too. They’re always putting out feelers and stuff. But with the way laws are written and the public ownership structure in China, they can fish all they want, but I don’t think they’re going to get very much.

They’re not going to get anything much out of it. But send me after the show what you’ve learned about China Construction Bank, but the agricultural Bank of China ICBC is another one. Bank of China is another one. In fact, I have bank accounts at ICBC. I think I have bank accounts at three of the ten largest banks in the world. And so, I don’t see it, but please send me the information about the China Construction Bank. Of course, they’re big in financing construction projects in the Belt and Road Initiative. But how that’s coming boomeranging back into China, I don’t know and I don’t see how.

Kevin: We can get updates in the comment section, maybe at the Substack posting.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah, yeah, please. Yeah, please.

Cat: Okay. Well, I think one of the important things that you have conveyed is the degree that China is really far more democratic than we are far less surveillance, even though they might have been the prototype for testing so-called surveillance technology. But I like how you say it’s to help really get the criminals and not actually go after political enemies. And even in terms of protests, I’ve heard that the Chinese actually do get to protest and are not completely shut down.

So, I really appreciate you having lived there, and being able to explain that we may see it differently and it comes to us through funhouse mirrors, but China is actually really democratic. They don’t surveil to the degree that we do here, even though they might use the same technology. And they do let their people protest and be deeply involved in the running of the businesses and their whole society really. It’s not this hierarchical elite really running it as we see in the West, and we just are projecting that on them. Is that a fair indication of what you’re trying to impress upon us?

Jeff: Well, yeah, this is true. This is an absolute fact. China has 300 to 500 public protests a day. Multiply that by 365. They don’t get maced, they don’t get beaten, they don’t get shot, they don’t get run over, they don’t get imprisoned, they don’t get tear-gassed. The difference in China is you are welcome to publicly protest, but it has to be for a concrete reason. It has to be about corruption, pollution, bad service. This local government is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Kevin: Here’s an anti-censorship protest in China.

Jeff: Oh, well, no. Yeah, that is.

Kevin: it’s a local government that was censoring, apparently.

Jeff: Yeah, Yeah, I protesters in Beijing. Gosh, I don’t know. I’d have to see that. And I saw that. Yeah, I did see it now. No, that was in Hong Kong. Those people holding up white pieces of paper were in Hong Kong. That’s another thing they show people being punched in the face and all that, and then you find out, oh, that’s a picture from Burma in 1972 because Westerners can’t tell the Asians that apart. Japanese, they all look the same.

They’ve all got slanted eyes. I mean, it could be the white pieces of paper. But if it’s public, it was public. As long as it’s something substantial, holding up a placard on Tiananmen Square and saying, fuck XI Jinping or fuck the Communist Party of China is not considered to be constructive, and it is considered to be a loss of face for the community and it’s considered to be a loss of face for the leadership.

I have used the system in China. I have gone to my local mayor’s office and made a couple of complaints while I was living there. So, everybody can do it. And now they have all these online portals where you can report corruption, you can report environmental violations. I tell you how democratic it is. We were living in a subsidized housing neighborhood in Beijing, 200m away from a giant Muslim, a Hui community in their mosque, another hundred meters further away.

Jeff: Everybody liked each other and everybody did business together. But every week, on our door as we would go into our tower to get, we were up on the, I think the 11th floor I think it was. There is a saying there in Chinese women, please come to the mayor’s office and tell us about how your access to pap smears or women, please come and tell us about access to mammograms. And then they would have another one. Please come and tell us and complain about the garbage collection.

If there are any problems with the garbage collection. This goes on every day everywhere in China. They did the same thing before computers I mean, this goes back thousands of years. Chinese have always had the right to go to their local government and complain. Where some people may be mistreated because of it, but they’ve always had that right. And so, it’s all bottom up. Before computers, they would put newspapers.

We would see them in our neighborhood, these big glass cases, and they would put the newspapers up with all the proposed laws that were being that were being put forth at the National People’s Congress. Please go to your mayor’s office and comment about these laws. There is no law in China that is going to be passed if the people are against it. They’re going to table it and they’re going to go back to the drawing board, and they’re going to rewrite it until the people are happy.

Cat: Well, Jeff, then what is so upsetting to I’ve encountered many Chinese here in the US who are very upset. And then the conservatives who have Chicom derangement syndrome. But there are a lot of Chinese who I’ve actually talked with who are saying how bad it is in China. What is their POV that they can’t see? What you’re saying is really a more democratic society than what we have here.

Jeff: Well, you know Cat, I’ve traveled all over the world and I have met ex-pats all over the world, you know Russians and Chinese and other nationalities and they all typically have an antipathy against their home country. They all have a bad attitude about their home country. I think they’ve left they’ve moved there, they’re away and there’s a sense of superiority, etc.. Not 100% of the Chinese agree with the Chinese government, but 85% do.

Even Pew Trust, which does international surveys all over the world, and 85% of the Chinese. And this is a Western survey. 85% of the Chinese think are happy with their government. And the way that their country is run, and 75 or 85% of them think that the country is moving in the right direction. You ask those same questions in countries like France and the United States. It’s 20, 20, 30, maybe max 40%. So, not everybody is going to be happy.

And I’ve met some disgruntled people and on my last trip, I met a couple of people who were disgruntled. That’s going to happen. I mean, it’s not going to be 100% unanimous, but the vast majority of the people support the government, support XI Jinping, support the Communist Party of China because they bring home the bacon, they deliver the goods. They do what they’re told to do. The people say this and they do it. They listen to the people.

Kevin: As long as they’re not bringing home the bacon to the Uyghurs.

Jeff: I just want to say democracy in China is bottom-up from the people to the top. Western democracy for 3000 years has been elitist, aristocratic, authoritarian, monarchical, top-down, and telling the people what to do. In China, the people tell the government what to do and the government listens and that’s the difference.

Kevin: Well, the people on TikTok are certainly telling a lot of governments that they shouldn’t be supporting genocide.

Jeff: Yeah.

Kevin: And here’s Cat asking about China being one of the first countries to recognize Israel. Why was that? And tell us about the relationships.

Cat: If you know the history of it, I would be interested because certainly now China has come out opposed to Israel and supportive of Hamas. So, I wish their support would extend to maybe some more military help for Hamas. But if you do know any of the history of the recognition of Israel by China, that would be appreciated.

Jeff: Well, actually, China was a deal they didn’t recognize Israel until 1992. And China just came out at the International Court of Justice. They said and put it on record. Palestinians have the right to resist Israeli occupation, and they have the right to do it with arms. They have a right to raise arms because of the injustice of what has happened to their people since 1948. So, I think the Chinese are trying I mean, they’ve tried everything they can in the Security Council, but you’ve got the three imperial ogres the United States, France, and Britain versus China and Russia. So, what can you do?

One veto torpedo it. So, it is the Chinese who got the Saudis and the Iranians to shake hands last year and work together. It’s the Chinese who worked to get Saudi Arabia and Iran into BRICs. Iran joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. China and Russia have done much, much more for peace and stability in West Asia than the West has. And it’s the West that is sending billions of dollars of weapons to Palestine for NATO to kill the people there. It’s not Russia China or Iran or North Korea.

Kevin: It looks like we got this wrong, man. So, China wasn’t probably one of the first countries to recognize Israel.

Jeff: No, it’s 1992.

Kevin: And here she is probably wearing a joy buzzer as he shakes hands with Netanyahu.

Kevin: Okay, so that leads us to the thousand years of Jews in China. We talked a little bit about that, but there’s a deep history of Jewish traders arriving by way of the Silk Road and so on and so forth. That leads to Jewish advisors in China in the modern post-Mao era. And are they as well integrated in China as they were during the World War period in America? So, this is a couple of questions about the history of Jews in China.

Jeff: Well, how much time do we have?

Kevin: Let’s do this. Get the short version of a thousand years.

Jeff: Well, oral tradition has that the Jews were going to China in the first century after Jesus Christ. And because the Silk Roads went back to 200 B.C., they were trading with everybody Germans, Romans, Greeks, Palestinians, Turks, Egyptians. So, Jews were there and so they were trading with them, too. However, there is physical evidence that they were there in the Tang dynasty from 600 to 900 AD, thanks to some Arabian travelers and letters from Persia, etc.

By the 1400s there was a community of Jews in a city called Kaifeng and Zhengzhou and to make a long it wasn’t very big, but the emperor gave them several names that they could call themselves, including stone and gold, which is quite ironic. The Chinese couldn’t tell the difference between the Muslims because there were a lot of Muslims by that time, in the 1400s, there were a lot of Muslims all over China also trading and moving and going back and forth. The Chinese couldn’t tell them apart.

They called them all the same name, the Huihui, one who takes the sinew out of the meat, which is the sciatic nerve for Kosher, and the Huihui who don’t eat pork. And then the Huihui. They even called the Christians the same name, the Huihui who worshiped the cross. And so, there were a few thousand in Kaifeng. And then, unfortunately, on what date was it I wrote it down?

In 1642, there were 4000. In 1642, a massive flood in Kaifeng wiped out much of the Jews. Only a thousand were left. All of their prayer scrolls were wiped out in the flood. After that, the Jewish community in Kaifeng, the biggest in China, atrophied. They started because Muslims were closest to them in terms of thought and belief. They mostly intermarried with Muslims although with some Chinese too.

If you see photographs of the 600 or so remaining in Kaifeng who claimed to have Jewish heritage, they all look Chinese. They ask for minority recognition which the Chinese will never give them because they came from far away. And the only minorities that are recognized in China are the ones that are indigenous. There were Jews that came into Harbin up by the Russian border during the Russian imperial period when there were anti-Jewish pogroms. They escaped to Harbin. That community now has pretty much disappeared.

Jeff: They went to Shanghai, they went to Beijing, they went to Tianjin but they never really had a presence as they had in Kaifeng, where they were worshiping and prospering. There are only synagogues in Beijing, Shanghai, and Kaifeng. And out of the 600 people in Kaifeng who claimed to be Jews, only 40 or 50 of them actually practiced their religion at the synagogue there. There are now about 2000 or 3000 Jews in Shanghai which is the financial capital of China.

So, everybody’s there that that’s in banking and finance. I would say that at this point and then also, Cat asked about the influence that they had on Mao Zedong. Well, they didn’t really. I have my notes here and I’m trying to find it, but there were four. Yeah, there’s a Sidney Rittenberg. You put the picture up of Sidney. He was one of them, an American journalist. There was another Austrian who was the head of the medical corps of the Fourth Army of China.

And there was an English guy who was the head of the government’s international relations because he spoke English. That’s it. That’s all I could find on the internet. So, they’re not embedded in the administration of China. They never were in the history of Judaism. Of course, there was a big exodus during World War two and the so-called Holocaust. And there were 30,000 or 40,000 of them that moved to China especially Shanghai, as soon as the war was over and as soon as the communists took over, they all left, and they all went back to the United States or to Israel.

There are 25,000 mosques in Xinjiang alone, not to mention the six that I know of in Shenzhen and thousands more all across China, probably tens of thousands of more mosques outside of Xinjiang and there are three mosques, there’s one mosque in Beijing, one in Kaifeng and one in Shanghai that I know of and maybe one in Guangzhou. And that’s it. So, they have literally out of 1.4 billion people, they have zero influence. So, I hope that encourages Cat Sum.

Kevin: That’s good. Okay. So, Sidney Rittenberg here looks like he could make a movie of the revolutionary and have him played by Jack Nicholson. Although Nicholson might be a little old for that now.

Jeff: A member of the China Writers Group which I founded; he was a friend of Sidney Rittenberg before he passed away in 2019. He knew him personally. So, he’s quite a character. Go ahead Cat.

Cat: I was just going to say sometimes, quality trumps quantity there may be a small number of numbers who are doing the advising, but how much actual influence they might have trumps whatever the masses of higher numbers of others have, it’s just you’re deeply embedded.

Jeff: Send me what you know about what you’re talking about. I’ve spent quite a bit of time preparing for this discussion. Looked up a lot of stuff I didn’t know. I even looked up stuff in Chinese on the Chinese internet the Jews in Chinese and the role of Jews in China in Chinese. And I don’t see it. I don’t even see one, you know, that’s in Beijing that might be.

The biggest influence that anybody’s having on China right now or the Western embassies in Beijing who is bringing stuff in the diplomatic pouch and causing trouble and trying to stir up frivolous protests and bioweapons and attacking China’s avian and pork and swineherds that’s what really can cause China and also Covid in Wuhan. If they happen to be Jewish, it could be, I don’t know. But at this point, I don’t see it. Although I did find that. Doesn’t Biden’s cabinet isn’t like ten out of the 12 members of his cabinet are Jewish? Someone said that to me.

Cat: Yeah, exactly.

Do you make a minyan?

Kevin: Well, the Jewish Daily Forward reported that there are enough Jews in Biden’s cabinet to make a minyan.

Jeff: Well, so, it’s not those Jews in China doing it. It’s them backing the Western governments that are trying to destroy China. So, there is that separation. They’re not sitting there knocking on the door of Zhongnanhai where XI Jinping and the top leadership you know live and work and going to the National People’s Congress and lobbying. That’s not happening. And not only Jews, but Western capitalists, nobody can do that. There’s no lobbying. There’s no, it just doesn’t it just can’t happen. All they can do is comment on the internet. They can comment about laws and that’s it on the internet.

Kevin: It looks like Soros is pretty he’s pretty much of a China hawk, right?

Jeff: Well, he was the one who had all the NGOs in China that were causing all the problems until they passed the Foreign NGO Control Law. And George Soros was gone the next day. And of course, Soros is also the one who, along with NED and the USAID and all the other CIA cutouts, he was gone out of Hong Kong the day after they passed their NGO law to be their national security law. So, he has no presence anymore. And he’s out of there. He’s out of Russia. I mean, he had thousands of NGOs in China that were that had Chinese employees who were trying to try to do what Cat’s talking about, be termites in the wood. But they’re gone now. They are gone.

Kevin: And we probably should distinguish between people like Soros, who are kind of global liberal globalists as opposed to Zionists. I don’t think is particularly Zionist. Well, how about the I guess, Cat, you were asking about the investments, but we kind of already did that. How about the Chinese billionaires in bed with the Western billionaires? We talked about that, too sort of.

Jeff: The Chinese have a lot of billionaires. It’s a contradiction of terms, a communist-socialist country that can have so many billionaires. But when you go there, there’s so much money sloshing around in that country. It is so wealthy it just staggers the imagination. And so, there’s a lot of billionaires. However, I even wrote about it in one of my books, and I even have a picture in one of my books where I show a sheep that’s sheared on only one side.

And I made the comment that this was after XI Jinping was elected president in 2013 when are they going to shear the other half of the sheep and take their pound of fat or flesh? The fate of billionaires in China since Xi was elected is very proscribed. You know Jack Ma, Evergrande with all these you know Jack Ma was brought to heel his fintech company. All of the fintech companies in China are essentially state-supervised. They have someone and every one of those fintech companies watching what’s going on and watching every transaction.

Jeff: And it’s being reported back a pony ma of Tencent who has what, who has WeChat, and is the world’s biggest gaming company. He’s been brought to heel. They have been cut off at the knees. They know that Baba Beijing has a proctoscope up their backsides, shoved far and deep and they can’t get away with squat. Also, Baba Beijing has implored them to donate to charity, do good things, use their wealth, and help people.

And so now the billionaires instead of like the billionaires in the United States giving thousands and maybe millions of dollars, the billionaires in China are giving billions of dollars of billions of their billions. I mean, literally, billions of their billions doing projects to help the people at the grassroots level. So, again, the government is so watchful and so supportive of the people and so suspicious of the 1% that the billionaires are rich, but they are not going to let Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos take over the country. It’s just not going to happen here. It just cannot happen.

Cat: Kevin, I think we might be testing the patience of our viewership if we go beyond two hours and we’re still just halfway through the many questions, what about if we maybe end here and circle back at some later point when we have more questions?

Kevin: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, but right before we go, Jeff, I have one more thing to ask you, and that’s about the TikTok censorship issue. There was recently an interview with Glenn Greenwald around that, and Greenwald explained that we’ve seen there’s this big push to censor TikTok coming from the US Congress and so on. The usual suspects, presumably largely because TikTok is so pro-Palestinian. There’s been just a flood of pro-Palestine stuff on TikTok.

And so, the Zionists don’t own TikTok, apparently, and they’re not censoring it as draconian as they are elsewhere. So, anyway, Greenwald said that he actually had been censored on TikTok when he put up a video critical of American Ukraine policy, and it was taken down. And he was puzzled by that because the propaganda line is TikTok is a Chinese propaganda operation. He looked into it. He discovered that TikTok is a profit-making corporation that needs to be able to operate in big markets like the United States. So, TikTok agreed to outsource censorship to the usual CIA Mossad cutouts.

Jeff: Exactly, that’s true. And also 60% TikTok, there’s Douyin is the Chinese version. I’ve got both of them on my phone. TikTok is the international version of Douyin. So, Douyin is in China. And TikTok, the Douyin company is owned by the Chinese. Actually, 60% of TikTok, I think, is owned by Westerners. I mean, the investors are all Westerners. And you’re absolutely right. I’ve seen statistics and it has become a huge platform to fight the genocide in the Holocaust in Palestine. That’s what it’s all about.

It’s about the Zionists trying to silence any criticism of the Holocaust that they’re perpetrating on the Palestinian people. I would say NATO because it’s actually the Americans backing them. And they want to stay in the United States. It’s a big market. They will not sell their portfolio to anybody. I mean, it’s already 60% owned by foreigners anyway. But they want Mark Zuckerberg to buy it. That’s what they want. They want Mark Zuckerberg to buy it. And he’s CIA all the way.

Cat: And Steve Noonan is like gathering that cabal financing.

Jeff: And so anyway, it’s all about censoring pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish, whatever you want to call it sentiment. I’ve seen graphs. It’s just unbelievable. So, you’re exactly right. It’s all about Anglo-Zionist censorship. It has nothing to do with spying and all that. All of TikTok’s servers are outside of China. All of Douyin’s servers are inside China. Facebook and Google could be working in China today, but they refuse to put servers in China.

The United States expects foreign companies to put their servers in the United States but the Chinese are not allowed to ask foreigners to put their servers in China. So, that’s why Facebook and Google are not in China, because they refuse to put their servers for Chinese clients in China. So, they’d be operating today. They’d be heavily censored. You can bet that. It’d be heavily censored but they could be there today if they wanted to, but they don’t want to.

Kevin: Okay, well, as usual, everything the mainstream media is telling us is wrong and we’re going to leave it for today and we’ll come back and maybe do another special in the future to cover the rest of Kat’s questions. So, thank you, Cat McGuire and Jeff Brown. It’s been good.

Jeff: Thank you, Cat. Thank you, Kevin, thank you. And looking forward to promoting this show. on my end on China Rising Radio Sinoland. Thank you. I will give both of you a Buddhist bow with my Buddhist bracelets, with my Buddhist prayer bracelets and a Buddhist bow of humbleness and honor to have been with you all for the last couple of hours.

Kevin: Okay. Well, Assalam u Alaikum is a Buddhist Islamic reading.

Jeff: [Other language].

Cat: Thank you.

Jeff: Bye-bye.

Kevin: Bye-bye.



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