Shadow of Truth – Jeff J. Brown (in Beijing): China Confronts Western Thieves Led By Soros


Author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown, of China Rising Radio Sinoland, was honored to be a guest again on the Shadow of Truth Radio Show, hosted by Rory Hall in Nashville, Tennessee ( and Dave Kranzler in Denver, Colorado (

Today, their discussion revolves around George Soros recently announcing that he is shorting the Chinese currency, the RMB, betting that it is going to significantly devalue sooner than later. Jeff, being boots on the ground in China, helps explain how Baba Beijing and the Communist Party of China (CPC) are responding. They also compare this latest effort by Soros to take down the Chinese economy, to his financial plundering in Britain, in 1992, Southeast Asia in 1997 and Hong Kong in 1998.

Dave wrote a great article to set the stage here:

SoT – Jeff Brown (in Beijing): China Confronts Western Thieves Led By Soros

Then, you can listen to their show here:

If you prefer a downloadable, MP3 podcast, here it is:

Always lively, entertaining and informative, you will definitely want to read about and listen to this three-way Shadow of Truth Radio Show.


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