Neil McCoy-Ward can be forgiven for getting everything wrong about China in his video. He’s another member of the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine brainwashed masses. I should know. I used to be one too. China Rising Radio Sinoland 211116


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: an outtake of the China related video by Neil McCoy-Ward that I watched and analyzed.


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A good friend of mine, whom I deeply respect sent me this 12-minute video from a very popular vlogger named Neil McCoy-Ward ( With almost 300,000 YouTube subscribers, he obviously has the ears of many people.

Unfortunately, in this video, Neil gets almost everything wrong about Chinese history, the Chinese Nation and Baba Beijing – the latter being what I call China’s millennial government leadership. I say this humbly, because I too spent most of my life regurgitating the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) anti-China vomit, so I can easily forgive him, and all the others brainwashed from the womb with this stuff.

First, Neil takes pages straight out of Frank Dikotter’s fatuous, fictional “posing as MSM real history” book on the 1959-1961 Great Leap Forward (GLF), entitled “Mao’s Great Famine”.

When I wrote the first book of The China Trilogy, 44 Days Backpacking in China, I was still sucked into this well-paid CIA/Department of State/NED/Soros Sinophobic, anti-communist-socialist scar literature. As such, I made mistakes concerning the Mao Era, which were only 2% of the book. Be that as it may, after publication, I quickly realized my few, yet important historical errors. These were fully corrected in China Trilogy Book #2, China Rising and then filled out with more detail in China Trilogy Book #3, BIG Red Book on China (

Next, McCoy-Ward says that due to this Western, fake news, scar literature narrative, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked his 1.4 billion citizens to “be frugal”, by “restricting food consumption” and requesting that citizens “report on restaurants that waste food”. This gives his viewers the impression that Chinese people are expected to survive with less food, with the implication that there must be food shortages.

Again, hapless Neil gets it totally wrong. In order to cut down on food waste in restaurants, Baba Beijing recently promoted nationally the Clean Plate Program. Everybody across our Pale Blue Dot knows developed economies waste as much food as they consume. Communist-socialist China is the first country to do something about it, a noble and responsible goal indeed, beyond mere feel-good rhetoric.

Also, Neil gets it wrong about restaurants being on the hook to cut down on plate waste. It is the 1.4 billion citizens eating out, who are expected to order modestly, so as to not waste. Baba also passed a national directive to make America’s famous take-home doggie bags de rigueur. Restaurants can also fine customers for flagrant waste and are encouraged to conserve food in the kitchen and in the dining room.

For all this, kudos to the Chinese Nation for being environmentally and agriculturally conscious and again, I humbly forgive McCoy-Ward for his Sino-ignorance.

Not only that, but Baba Beijing is listening to its people, via China’s longstanding consultative, consensual democracy. Thus, it is passing many publicly reviewed laws and regulations that the masses are demanding. It is truly and incredibly amazing. You can read about here (

Next, Neil is hyperbolic or misinformed to say there was an “emergency decree” to the people to stock daily necessities for this winter, in case of covid confinement. It was neither emergency nor a decree. It was simply a seasonal notice to local governments (,

The Ministry of Commerce on Monday published a seasonal notice encouraging (local) authorities to do a good job in ensuring food supplies and stable prices ahead of the winter.

McCoy-Ward gives his fans the impression that this was a Communist Party of China (CPC) desperation, panic act, which is duplicitous at best. Nevertheless, notice the all-important adjective seasonal, highlighted above. In fact, this notice goes out every year, to all local authorities, as a mere public safety reminder,

(Local) government advice to residents to buy supplies ahead of the winter is issued every year, said Ma Wenfeng, an analyst at A.G. Holdings Agricultural Consulting.

Neil gives the impression that there was widespread panic across China, as 1.4 billion scared and “Great-Leap-Forward” conditioned citizens emptied the country’s supermarket shelves. I communicate with people across China on a daily basis and this is simply BLPM Sino-vomit. The truth of the matter is, other than a few chicken littles – and they exist in every culture – consumer life in China is going on as usual and Baba Beijing is using all its communist-socialist tools to make sure inflation stays reasonable, while energy and food supplies remain plentiful for the winter (

McCoy-Ward keeps hammering the word “emergency/emergencies”, giving the impression of possible doom and gloom. For millennia, responsible governments have always prepared for potential natural disasters, looming wars, and the Chinese are some of the best at it. Neil says that it is it highly out of character for governments to ask their citizens to stock food. He must be talking about the ones that don’t give a rat’s ass about their 99%, in order to protect their 1%. Baba Beijing cares deeply about its people.

Not to mention, knowing that SARS was – and Covid-19 is – Western orchestrated biowarfare on its people and economy, the Chinese nation is always in anti-imperialist/anti-global capitalist preparation ( and  Why? Because, China has been and continues to be at existential war with Eurangloland (NATO/Five Eyes/EU/Israel), since its communist-socialist liberation in 1949 (

Next, McCoy-Ward says inflation is going through the roof in Sinoland, due to unusually large and widespread floods. Talking to the Chinese about floods, droughts and earthquakes is akin to chatting with citizens across the US Great Plains about tornados (where I grew up in Oklahoma), or people in the Gulf of Mexico about hurricanes. As big in area as Canada or the United States and lots of mountains and coastline, China is always having floods, droughts and earthquakes!

In fact, between 108 BC and 1911 AD there were no fewer than 1,828 recorded famines in China, or nearly one each year. Since 1962, there should have been in China – if their historical average remained unchanged – 50 serious famines. Instead, thanks to their communist-socialist way of life, there have been zero (

Therefore, all of Neil’s floods and predicted freezing temperatures in China, which are going to create a spiral of Sino-inflation and starving the people into another famine is only for Sino-haters. It simply is not going to happen. In global capitalist economies, yes, war and its flip side of the coin, famine are a planned harvest of humanity. In China, no.

As far as that boogey-bear covid Delta variant McCoy-Ward cited, my Chinese friends say life is back to normal, except that 99.9% of foreigners are not allowed into the country, which will not change until at least after the Beijing Winter Olympics in February 2022. When someone does come down with covid or tests positive, the local authorities confine that person, trace back all contacts and then test them. Any positives are confined too for 15 days. Outbreaks are confined locally and efficiently, with a minimum disruption in people’s daily lives.

As I wrote recently, covid has not stopped the Chinese people from marching into the 22nd century, socially, economically, infrastructurally, militarily and technologically ( The West can hit them with Gamma, Epsilon, Zulu or Zany covid and it will barely temporarily slow them down!

War with the USA to bring back Taiwan to the Motherland? Sorry, Neil, I seriously doubt it. Uncle Sam would get its clock cleaned, knows it and as I wrote recently, Baba Beijing is avoiding it like the plague and can make reunification happen without firing even one bullet (

Then, there’s the supposed energy shortage scare. Idem for McCoy-Ward: as I reported recently, Baba Beijing is whipping coal suppliers into shape to make sure electricity prices and downstream supply chains stay stable this winter (

Lastly is that hoary propaganda chestnut, the Chinese real estate “bubble”. The BLPM has been getting China’s economy wrong since 1949, since they think like capitalists and China is communist-socialist. First, China’s real estate, finance and insurance sectors are all people owned (FIRE). No one, not even Xi Jinping can buy dirt in China. Chinese and foreigners can only lease it for 70 years. The world’s four biggest banks are Chinese and all publicly Sino-owned (, as are some of Global Fortune 500’s insurance companies.

When big Chinese private companies go bankrupt, Baba Beijing moves in to efficiently reorganize its assets among the country’s massively successful public state-owned enterprises (SOEs), saving jobs, while maintaining economic prosperity and social harmony for the masses. If there is corporate malfeasance, the officers and board directors face prison, huge fines and if citizens were seriously harmed, capital punishment is not out of the question. Given that the people own China’s FIRE, they can easily pass tax, occupancy and anti-speculation laws and regulations to keep the real estate sector humming, which in fact they do all the time (

Along these same lines, Neil piles on a lot of gloom-doom chicken little hysteria about the possible bankruptcy of one of China’s biggest real estate giants, Evergrande. I have seen many Evergrande housing projects across China. Most have been very successful, but they got too big for their Sino-britches. Its chairman, Hui Kayan is using his billions of wealth to keep it afloat, which you sure don’t see in global capitalist countries, where taxpaying corporate socialism bails out the trillionaire dictators (

What will happen to Evergrande if it goes south? The BLPM is predicting a global meltdown, the next 2008 Lehman Brothers, which could be true among global capitalist economies, but that won’t be the case for communist-socialist anti-imperialist (CSAI) economies, like China, Russia, DPRK, Iran and others. Baba Beijing will take control of all Evergrande in-country assets and rationalize them into the people’s SOEs, while doing everything it can to make whole those citizens who got shortchanged in the process (

Don’t forget that during 1997’s contrived Asian Tiger meltdown, which was nothing more than a global capitalist, trillionaire dictatorship asset harvest, as was 2008, the Chinese economy never broke a sweat either time.

In conclusion, let’s chalk up Neil McCoy-Ward’s horribly inaccurate video to being brainwashed since birth, by the West’s BLPM. I hope it is not true, nonetheless, if this video is a good example, it looks like he does not know the difference between shit and soy sauce, when it comes to the Chinese Nation. He has almost 1,500 Patreon patrons, so he must be an awfully good financial advisor, while rolling in the Benjamins.

Here’s my suggestion. For financial advice, go with Neil. When it comes to knowing the real truth about all things China-Asia-global geopolitics, support China Rising Radio Sinoland and China Tech News Flash! Contribution links are above, or buy The China Trilogy below. You will be glad you did.


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