TRANSCRIPT: Dr. Moti Nissani discusses his new online book, “Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations: The US/UK Smear, Harass, Blackmail, Bribe, Incarcerate, or Murder all Influential Dissidents”. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220923


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: The always interesting, informative and entertaining Moti Nissani, who does not flinch when speaking truth to power.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Wonderful to have Moti back on the show after all these years. During our discussion, I though it had been 3-4, but in fact, it was seven years ago! My, how time flies while Western empire, colonialism and capitalism keep destroying Planet Earth and humanity. This talk covers Moti’s new, free online book about Eurangloland’s assassination machine. We hope to do two more, on the second big section of his website (see below). One on how to deal with the West’s trillionaire dictators and the last on how to change our systems of governance and leadership, to neutralize these psychopaths, for peace, justice and social equality. Enjoy a wonderful continuing discussion.

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Our three first discussions in audio, with transcripts are still just as timely and relevant as they were in 2015, even more so today.


Jeff: Good afternoon, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown China Rising Radio Sinoland on the D-Day beaches of beautiful Normandy in France. And I’m only going to have to go five hours back into time to the beautiful country of Argentina and go to Patagonia with my old friend Moti Nissani. How are you doing, Moti?

Moti: I’m doing very well, thank you. I’m delighted to be here.

Jeff: Moti and I several years ago. I mean, this was back when I first started podcasting and blogging and stuff. We did three audio interviews. We didn’t even have cameras back then, and this was back when I was not as popular. And whereas someone else might get hundreds of views or hundreds of listens, Moti got thousands. I mean his three talks were the best listened to. He was so popular and we’ve stayed in touch and I finally said we got to get you back on. He has a new website and so thanks for being on. And now we’ve got cameras, Moti, can you believe it? So anyway, thanks for being on the show.

Moti: I am trying to do it. It’s not that the connection is not very, very good here. But we are doing our best. We are talking about the “Encyclopedia Of Assassination”. Is that our topic?

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. What we’re going to do is I’m hoping to do another hat trick, which if you’re into hockey, ice hockey, that’s when you score three goals or hit three home runs in American baseball. So, I’m hoping to get Moti to do another triple header. And the first one we’re going to talk about is his book that he has now published for free. And I will give you his website and you can download his book for free.

And this first installment, we’re calling it the Awful Truth. And then we’re going to do another one about another part of his website, and that’s going to be a Reality Check. And then the third one, we’re going to save the world by doing a third one on the Good Fight How to Save Humanity from These Awful People. So, Moti, just take it away. Tell us about your book. It’s wonderful. It’s obviously years of research. Just tell us what’s going on.

Moti: Okay. First of all, you call it the awful truth and it’s a very appropriate word. But somebody else that I’m going to quote in a second calls it the unspeakable truth, which is very close to what you are saying. And his name is James Douglass. And he says the following. “We live in a world where assassination has become an unspeakable, nationally approved out to frustrate fundamental change.” – James Douglass. And that is what my book, Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassination is setting out to prove.

And James Douglass wrote a book about the Kennedys, Father Milton, and many others. Many, many, many people wrote about the Kennedy assassination. And so, the usual approach is to focus on one case. What I did in my book in that encyclopedia is to take a bird’s eye view of the entire assassination field. And now if you just look at individual cases, you can say, well I think that let’s say, Jack Kennedy, President Kennedy, the probability is if you look at it, it’s probably 99%.

For example, I mean just one piece of evidence that James Garrison, the district attorney of Louisiana came up with many, many, many years ago is that 20 witnesses that he had summoned are dead. And he says, James Garrison, says, I sent it to a statistician to find out what is the probability that 20 witnesses just before they are supposed to appear are dead. And the possibility I forgot what it is it’s maybe 1 in a trillion or something like that. In other words, just that itself proves almost certainly that there is something foul about the assassination of President Kennedy.

Now, what I did, instead of looking, I looked also, the encyclopedia provides 50 case histories. So, that also and it’s kind of shocking or unspeakable or awful just to look at all these idealistic, wonderful people. Almost without exception, people who want to protect the truth just die prematurely. But my approach, apart from that, apart from providing something like 50 or 60 case histories, my approach is I look at it as a natural scientist or as a statistician. I’ve happened to, along the way taken quite a few courses in statistics and also natural science.

And there is a pattern that is absolutely conclusive that actually, the people who are amateurs, that routinely murder dissidents. And let me just give you one example. First of all, one illustration. How do you find out that tobacco kills? It is just one example that scientists or epidemiologists… Look at you take you, let’s say 100 smokers on one hand and you take 100 nonsmokers on the other hand, and you just check the longevity and if you compare them and that everything else is equal, but one group is smoking, the other one is not smoking.

And then you compare them and you find out that’s the way they will find out that tobacco kills. That the smoker group lives on average I forgot what it is maybe you remember something like eight years less. Okay, now you can do the same thing exactly for dissidence. Okay. The Kennedys, Pat Tillman, whoever it is you can do, or you can look in my case, look at Congress people. So, you can look at all you can just sum up all the Congress people that were strongly dissident, Huey Long, Bobby Kennedy, people like that on one hand. And then you compare them to fellow Congress People who were not at all dissidents.

So, you have here one group dissidents, the other one. And by dissidents, I mean people who are trying to curb especially the power of the Federal Reserve, people who actually say, well we need to really look at the assassination of President Kennedy. We really need to look at the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. We really need to look at the death of President Kennedy’s son. So, people like that. People who are posing as influential people. It’s important to know, to notice that if they are influential people even I, well, speaking for myself, I’m not influential, so they don’t bug me.

But people like the Kennedys or congressmen or people like that are. So, you take that group and then you take the group that is abnormal and you find out that dissidents that are opposed to the control of our world are a very dangerous thing to do. The dissidents overall, I forgot exactly the number, but I think I came up with the comparison. Like in tobacco, the comparison was 29 years less. That’s one piece. There are many other pieces of evidence we ignore. But that’s the most striking. If you take a holistic view, then you have to say that dissidents get killed.

Jeff: Yeah, three years ago you mentioned 15 years, and obviously since then you’ve researched many more people because back then when we talked three years ago, you didn’t have nearly as many people and now you’ve added substantially to your unfortunate list of people who have been assassinated and including musicians and cultural icons and many more. And we could, of course, add the Black Panthers.

They were just wiped out by the FBI and the CIA and local police. And as you said you get in the way of the deep state, the oil bankers, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Shiffs, and all the others you get in their way, they’re just going to kill you. They’re not going to blink an eye. You’re going to die. And what’s crazy is, is that they can make it look like a suicide. They can make it look like a heart attack. People have accidents, car accidents. Paul Wellstone, plane accidents. It just goes on and on and on and on. And it’s remarkable how pervasive it is, isn’t it?

Moti: Absolutely. And maybe a couple of points about the implications. First of all, we have to understand that the people who control our country, the United States, they control the world, really are really murderers. They are criminals. A second implication of that kind of study and we can look at the evidence a little bit more carefully later. But the second implication is the futility of traditional reform movements. You mentioned the Black Panthers. That was a massacre. There’s no other word for it. That was a massacre. One person mentioned in the encyclopedia is Fred Hampton.

Jeff: Chicago.

Moti: You’re familiar with the name Fred Hampton?

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. I interviewed his son, Fred Hampton Jr. I’ll send you the link ( It’s an amazing interview. I interviewed him and also interviewed Mumia Abu-Jamal ( He’s in prison. For murder, he was framed. He was framed up, of course. And he’s in prison. Yeah, Yeah, I got to interview Fred Hampton Junior. It’s just I mean, the stories he tells, it’s just relentless. It’s just awful.

Moti: So, just to repeat Fred’s story. They just entered. They had a spy as informer. The informer gave him some drugs, and then they entered the apartment and just killed him in cold blood. In that case, there is not even a legal proceeding later. They simply killed him in cold blood. And that’s what they did to the Black Panther Party. That’s what they did to the Wobblies, the Union, and the Radical Union that existed before. They do, too. So, the important point that I want to make is that we have reformers and humanitarians.

People who want to save the world and we are talking about saving the world because right now, apart from freedom and justice, we also have severe environmental problems. So, the only way we can do it is if we just organize, if we just march in the street, if we just establish a party, they will stop it in its tracks, like the Occupy Movement, that’s another example that is not going to work if we are. And that’s a very important implication of that kind of research. You’ve got to realize that you’re dealing with murderers.

They will stop at nothing. They want to be to enslave humanity, and they want to have as much money as they can. And that is simply the program. David Rockefeller is on record saying something more or less like that. So, by marching in the streets, by writing to our Congress People, by voting for one guy or the other guy, this is a joke. We have to find and we’ll talk about it if you feel like it, next time, we will talk about the toolkit. But that is a joke. A second implication of that kind of research is, for example, right now you’re in France.

And the most striking thing about the French, the Germans, all of them that they are shooting themselves in the foot. They are destroying their own economy because they are told to do so by the United States. They are supporting the Nazis of Ukraine. Ukraine is a dictatorship of the worst kind. If you are Russian and 30 or 40% of Ukrainians are Russians, they speak Russian. They are not allowed to speak their language. I mean, that’s how bad it is. And yet the French and the Germans, especially the Germans, are caving in.

They are going to I don’t know if France will have problems with heating homes, but they are destroying their economy. So, the question is, what in heaven’s name is going on? Why do these people, Schulz and Macron I know they are Frenchmen. They are actually French, Frenchmen, or German, right? Why are they destroying the economy? Well, that is the encyclopedia again, which explains part of the problem. You’ve heard all about Palme. You’ve heard about Aldo Moro. You’ve heard about Charles de Gaulle. All these people have been either assassinated, or nearly so, or Dag Hammarskjöld. Maybe you’re old enough to remember the UN Secretary-General, they’ve all been assassinated.

Jeff: Yeah. Dag Hammarskjöld was assassinated. They blew his plane out of the sky.

Moti: Absolutely, they blew up his plane because he wanted to bring justice and peace. And it was against I think it was in the Congo. So, those people know or let me give you another example. There was a guy by the name, I’m not sure how to pronounce his name, a German journalist. His name Udo Ulfkotte. Have you heard of him?

Jeff: Uko Ulfkotte, yeah. Believe it or not, you’re making a lot of connections. I interviewed the publishing company and the translator of his book was in German, and I interviewed them about the book when it was translated into English ( So, yeah, yeah. He’s another guy. Yeah, the German Journalist. Presstitutes were the name of his book. What did you say in oh, in the pay of the CIA? Presstitute: In the Pay of the CIA, which rhymes.

Moti: The sequel. What happened to Mr. Uko Ulfkotte?

Jeff: He supposedly had a heart attack. But who knows?

Moti: He said outright against the CIA. And he said we are not really journalists. We are but journalism journalists. And the CIA gave us an article. We polish it a little bit, and that’s what we do. That was a direct affront to the CIA. Two years later, the man is dead. Somebody asked him, aren’t you afraid to confront the mother of all assassination squads? That’s my words. But somebody asked him, aren’t you afraid? And he said, yes, of course, I’m afraid. But look, I don’t have children and I feel that writing I have to do. And if they kill me, they kill me.

So, now to go back to the European quagmire or many other quagmires that are happening right now. Why? Because they blackmailed Macron and all these guys. I mean, we know that they listen to the conversations. Merkel was tapped, okay? They’re smeared. They would get pushed out of office. They can give money to the opponent. And if they stick to their principles, they will be killed. So, the implications, just to recap, the implication of the assassination story is enormous. We have to find a better way of fighting back. And it tells us it explains to us why so many people act against the best interests of their own country.

Jeff: You reminded me of what Uko Ulfkotte said that first off, the CIA uses flattery. They try to flatter you and make you feel important and make you feel really like you’re doing something for the good of humanity and passing you supposedly secret information and giving you scoops so that you can be the guy or the gal to write the article about this really wonderful topic. He said, most of the time that only flattery will do it.

He said the second one is, is bribery money, junkets, trips being flown all over the world in first class, doing reports, which is basically bribery because the whole thing is set up to present the story that they want you to present. He said, then if that doesn’t work, he said, then they come knocking on the door. Two guys in black suits with briefcases show up and knock on your door. And they open up the briefcases and they’ve got photographs of your wife. They’ve got photographs of your children leaving their schools.

They use extortion. We know where your children go to school. We know where your wife shops. Do you really want to see your family survive? So, they use extortion, they use blackmail, drugs, child pornography, honey pots, prostitutes, et cetera. And bribery is just out-and-out money in Swiss bank accounts or Bermudan bank accounts. And then you say, they’ll do all that and then and if that doesn’t work, you’re dead. And he died.

Moti: Yeah, absolutely. And just a case in point, I was listening to the other day, a guy by the name of Scott Ritter is a weapon inspector. And I know I think I mentioned him even in Encyclopedia as a candidate but didn’t know that he actually sat in prison for three years. I mean, this intelligent wonderful guy sent in prison on charges, on false charges. And they tried to. They didn’t kill him but he did actually sat in prison. And it goes back a long time. It’s not only the CIA. I think Rockefeller initiated the entire process.

There is a wonderful book that really everybody should read, going back to 1919 by Upton Sinclair. It’s wonderfully written much better than all the stuff that everybody talks about Chomsky. There is no comparison between the Brass Check by Upton Sinclair. He talks about one of the cases of his dasy. There was a judge who was not following Rockefeller’s orders, so they did exactly the same thing. They framed him and said that he was a child molester. So, it’s really an old, old tactic.

And we’ve got the horror of it is that they killed Bob Marley’s let’s ask, how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? And that it’s a moral question for us, for all of us, for at least for the few of us who are awake that cannot continue. We should not allow that. It has this kind of Murder Incorporated. We really need to blow as Kennedy said, President Kennedy, we need to blow the CIA and FBI to smithereens. But that’s not going to solve it. We need to change the political system. But that’s a long, long shot. But maybe if you want, I can give you a little bit more evidence.

Jeff: Let me ask you, what’s the name of Upton Sinclair’s book? I didn’t quite catch the name of his book.

Moti: The name of the book. It was published. It’s freely available. Public domain book. It’s called The Brass Check. It’s the kind of thing that you do.

Jeff: The Brass Check.

Moti: The Brass Check. And he talks about that basically the media in 1919, earlier, it’s really prostitutes. Or as Michael Moore says, “hoes”. They are just jumping jacks. As somebody else has said, they are jumping jacks. I don’t read the New York Times or anything. It’s a lie factory. But the surprising thing is that most people and it’s so obvious I just don’t get why most people go to CNN or Fox or New York Times and they don’t see through the lies and the manipulation. But anyway, the book is highly recommended.

zzzIt’s also highly recommended because it’s so well written. It also talks about the Ludlow massacre organized by the Rockefellers where the Rockefellers indirectly killed, the striking miners, and then Sinclair. And that’s an interesting story, too. Sinclair organized. It says, okay, we are going to shine at the Ludlow massacre. We’re not going to Colorado to do anything. We are going to shine the light on Rockefellers. So, they are demonstrating. There is a quiet demonstration after the murder of many, many children were murdered.

Women were murdered in that Ludlow massacre. So, they are demonstrating in front of Rockefeller’s house. Okay. The Rockefellers know how to deal with stuff like that by themselves. By self, it is an extremely interesting story. There is a guy by the name of Arthur Kern and two of his coworkers died in an explosion. Okay. That’s how the Rockefellers fix it. But, of course. And people at the time knew perfectly well what. But the media, the total media said he was an engineer guy. He died. But the explanation is that he was preparing to bomb the Rockefellers.

It’s totally false. But that’s a story that goes back more than 100 years ago. So, we are dealing with horrible, horrible people. And that’s the way they go about it. The Rockefellers, it’s really Ida Tarbell, one of the famous muckrakers, said that this country, the United States, is so much worse because of John D Rockefeller. And then they started taking over medicine. That’s why we have the Corona business. They took over education. They took over everything. And the problem is, how do we wake up our fellow human beings or fellow Americans because that will make a very big difference. But apparently, it’s not simple.

Jeff: Moti, the Rockefellers also created the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization was created by Rockefeller. And we know what it is. It’s just a shill for big pharma and the vaccine industry. You said there was a muckraking journalist. What was his name who said something about Rockefeller?

Moti: Ida Tarbell. She wrote a book about Rockefeller. And that book itself, I am citing extensively in the Encyclopedia. That book by itself tells you everything you need to know. They are clearly the way Rockefeller, the original Rockefeller, and his children and grandchildren kept going on the same line. The way he made it, the way he made his billions or trillions or whatever it is, is by murder. He was very smart. I mean, he was a genius, an evil genius. All the things that he did, I mean, I don’t think would be smart enough to take over the media, to take over the health profession, to take over the educational system.

He took over everything. So, he was very smart. But the way he rose to the top if you read Ida Tarbell Bell’s book, it’s clear that assassination was part of the agenda way of going up. And ever since it’s been like that. I’ve just been talking about Scott Ritter that he’s been framed. But look at, for example, another example of the Rockefellers in action. Now we’re talking about David Rockefeller, the late David Rockefeller, who lived to be 102. And he was the Spider-Man, the man pulling all the strings.

And I read in Naomi Wolfe’s book a very interesting revelation. He would go every week to visit presidents. Now, imagine a private individual goes every week to visit presidents, but one president didn’t want to see them. That president’s name, according to him and I can look it up and give you an exact reference, but there were a lot of presidents, surprisingly, who did not feel that they should see Mister David Rockefeller. That was Nixon. He refused to see him, and Rockefeller kept pressing. Nixon said, no, you set an appointment and maybe I’ll see you. Well, what happened later? Watergate.

Jeff: Watergate. Yeah, of course. Yeah, absolutely. You remind me. And you said, who was that wolf? What’s the lady’s name? You said Wolf visited all the presidents.

Moti: I think it’s Naomi. I’m not sure about it. I have to check it.

Jeff: Yeah, she’s got a Substack account. So, yeah, I subscribed to her.

Moti: She better be a little bit careful because she is now coming up about the Corona the so-called crisis and it’s a genocide.

Jeff: Yeah, she wrote about that on Substack. It was incredible. She just called it genocide. I was like pretty impressed. So, a brave lady. You mentioned Upton Sinclair. I’ve used his quote many, many times. He ran for senator. I think he ran for the US Senate. He was a socialist. For those of you out there who don’t know about Upton Sinclair, he was quite a guy. He was a great writer. He’s the one who wrote the muckraking book about the meat industry.

Moti: The Jungle.

Jeff: Yeah, The Jungle. They were forced to pass laws. The Food and Drug Administration was forced to pass a law. In fact, maybe the Food and Drug Administration was created because of him. And then they passed laws to clean up the meat-packing industry. And then he went after consumer products, like mattresses were being filled with dog shit and horse shit and dried feces and anything they could stuff mattresses with to make as much money as possible.

Moti: And human ???.

Jeff: Yeah.

Moti: Occasionally, if I remember correctly, I did many years ago. Occasionally somebody will fall into the big gigantic vats. Well, we need to stop them.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. So, he was quite a guy. And I love his quote. He said, “It’s hard to get a man to understand something, when his paycheck depends on him not understanding it”.

Moti: Absolutely. Yeah. And I think it was talking about.

Jeff: I actually know someone personally who had the same thing happen, like Scott Ritter. In fact, he has a website called Metallic Man and he’s a member of our China Writers’ Group. And it’s a long story, but he was in the Navy, then unfortunately, got sucked into one of these MK Ultra mind control programs. The Navy does a lot of that. Mk Ultra mind control. And he was basically a guinea pig for three years. He didn’t even know where he was for like three years, pumped full of experimental drugs and tortured, et cetera.

And then when he got out to complete his three years of being disappeared, they created an entire avatar, almost like an avatar they created. What he did during those three years is that he was a child molester. Because they can create, they can create witnesses. They can create fake documents. They can create fake police reports. They can create fake court documents, convictions, et cetera. And after that, he ended up spending the kind of like Scott Ritter did.

I think he maybe spent 3 or 4 years in prison after that to justify why he had disappeared for three years off the face of the earth. And so, he’s now living in China. He got as far away from them as he could. So, his website is called Metallic Man. That’s his handle. So, he writes about it all the time. He has to be a little bit, careful, he can’t go into too much detail about what happened to him during those three years but he does write about what happened to him. And then there was some other guy just recently, a well-known person, a senator or house of a representative or somebody in the United States was being arraigned for child molesting. And it’s just like…

Moti: Matt Gates.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. And then like R Kelly the rapper supposedly was a child. Yeah, he was a pedophile. And he still maintains his innocence. Bill Cosby still maintains his innocence. When someone goes through all of that and they’re still maintaining their innocence, you just have to sit there and wonder. And, of course, the significant thing about both R Kelly and Bill Cosby is, they both supported the Black Panthers. And if you support the Black Panthers…

Moti: Many, many others. Michael Jackson and many, many musicians come to mind. Would you like me to?

Jeff: Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix both supported the Black Panthers and they were assassinated. It just goes on and on and on.

Moti: Okay.

Jeff: Give us a couple of others cases, and then I’ll tell you something about it.

Moti: What I would like to do is maybe focus. Before I give you a couple of cases, there are many, many. One of the most shocking to me is Pat Tillman.

Jeff: Yeah, in Afghanistan. It was just unbelievable.

Moti: They put him up when he decided to go to fight after 9/11. He was a nice kid. They put him up.

Jeff: Telling us he was a linebacker for a professional football team? I can’t remember. I mean he was a famous football player.

Moti: So, it’s like a Greek tragedy. It’s hard to believe how bad these people are. He was a professional footballer. He gave up a $3.5 million contract. And after 9/11 and he bought the poor kid, bought the propaganda, and he along with his brother, volunteered to serve as an Army Ranger. I think that’s what it was. And he went to Afghanistan, but then he was intelligent, he was a great football, but he also was an intelligent young man. And somewhere along the line, some doubts crept in, especially about the Iraq war. Okay.

Afghanistan was supposedly about 9/11. The whole thing is just, of course, genocide for no reason whatsoever. That he wasn’t sure, but he was sure about the Iraq War. So, he was going to, just before he was killed, he was going to go to the United States to talk to some dissidents and find out what is really going on in this country. And he was going to run against George Bush. He’s going to campaign against him as the president. Now you know who George Bush’s Junior vice president was Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney.

According to Seymour Hersh, the journalist, Cheney had an executive assassination wing. Okay. So, now we’re going back to Afghanistan and all of a sudden, some snipers are shooting at Pat Tillman, who is on duty. They’re shooting at him. And so, he starts he’s shouting at them, stop, stop, friendly, stop. That’s the way the military friendly. In other words, I’m an American. Don’t kill me. Okay. So, they stop. He felt okay it was safe now. He stands up and they kill him at a very short distance. And then after they kill him, General McChrystal, I think his name is. They are telling the family that he died heroically.

Jeff: Yeah, the whole thing was a false flag.

Moti: His family at least got the fact to say that it was killed by American soldiers. But he was murdered. It’s clear. But let me just maybe kind of an overall view of why I’m certain. I’m just as certain that they killed. And that’s very important to convince people that it’s not just whatever the CIA’s term conspiracy theory, it’s a reality. They kill our best and brightest and most idealistic. So, if you don’t mind, let me just go over some of the evidence.

Jeff: Sure. Absolutely.

Moti: Many leaked manuals show that the CIA and FBI are actually assassination outfits. They simply engage. For example, there is a famous gun that is filled with ice and can poison you. You just shoot yourself with ice or a small red spot and you get a heart attack or you get cancer. That’s simply a fact. Now, a second line of evidence that’s actually what we are saying is true is that the United States kills foreigners routinely. If they don’t like foreigners, they just kill them. A couple of examples are Suleimani of Iran. They just killed him. They are not at war with Iran, they just went and kill him.

The famous most famous example is Fidel Castro. Nobody denies that they tried to kill him. I mean, to me, it sounds incredible that that number but that’s what they say. They tried to kill him more than 600 times. Now he’s the head of state. No. And, of course, John Perkins proves this over and over and over again. So, they are in the business of killing and as we said, about Aldo Moro and so on. So, they are in the business of killing foreigners. It’s not such a far cry to say that okay if they are capable of killing Dag Hammarskjöld, they are capable of anything. Why wouldn’t they kill?

Jeff: The Secretary General of the United Nations. Yeah. They can kill the Secretary General of the United Nations. They can kill anybody.

Moti: If they can kill Aldo Moro the Prime Minister. And his wife says that Henry Kissinger went to talk to him and she said, that’s all you need to know. She said, when Kissinger left, Aldo Moro was the Prime Minister of Italy, the Prime Minister of Italy. His face was as white as chalk as snow. That’s how scared he was. He kept going, What about this crime? He was thinking of entering into a coalition with the Communist Party. That’s the way. So, ask yourself. Ask yourself if they can kill Aldo Moro, if they can kill Fidel Castro, what right might they not like you? Might not be like Fidel Castro.

You might not like him. It’s up to you. But what right do you have to kill a head of state? What right do you have to go to Chile? Kill now, here’s no question. Salvador Allende was a Democrat. He was democratically elected. He wanted to bring some peace and justice to Chile. What did Kissinger do? They kill him and put a fascist in his place. That’s the modus operandi in Chicago. So, if they can do it overseas, why can’t they do it in the United States? Okay, another line of evidence is that if you look at the influential dissidents in the United States, how many of them lived to old age? I tried to sum it up, and I came up with only a few people of all the influential dissidents, there are hundreds.

The only thing I came up with seven actually lived to old age. Upton Sinclair is one of them. He lived maybe to his 90th. Why did they let him live? I don’t know. Pete Seeger is another one. But there may be Ed Asner is another one. Bertrand Russell could be another one. But there are very few very, very few. Albert Einstein is another one. But Albert Einstein was followed by the FBI for ten years. So, for sure all of these guys had a file that thick that the FBI kept. They arrest them. They did all kinds of things to them. But they don’t kill. But they are the exception.

Most dissidents just line up every dissident you can think of going back to Huey Long, the presidential candidate who posed who actually was from Louisiana. Presidential candidate dead. Bobby Kennedy, the presidential candidate who was going to win the election dead. John F Kennedy is dead. And you mentioned Brian Jones and Michael Jackson. I mean, look at the list. All the musicians posed the slightest threat. Why? Because they are powerful. They are influential. John Lennon. John Lennon could maybe start a revolution. So, Phil said that to start a revolution, you need an Elvis Presley, a dissident, Elvis Presley, something like that. And John Lennon came close.

Jeff: Who said that about a revolutionary?

Moti: Phil Ochs. Phil Ochs was a folk singer.

Jeff: Oh, Phil Ochs.

Moti: He was a wonderful singer and just guess talking about Phil Ochs. Guess what happens to Phil Ochs? He goes to Kenya. Somebody in Kenya cuts his vocal cords.

Jeff: Yeah.

Moti: So, he can’t sing anymore. And then later he dies young. So that’s another line of evidence. Another line of evidence strongly suggests that we are not conspiracy theories, but we are simply describing an ugly and awful truth or unspeakable truth of testimonials. It’s not one, it’s not two, it’s not five, many influential people said plainly, President Wilson very plainly said, people, are afraid. Most influential people in the United States are afraid. I forgot the quote exactly, but some sinister power that they are deathly afraid of. Ron Paul, the ex-congressman, also said there are many, many encyclopedias that provide a whole list.

So, it’s not just dissidents like us or people. It’s widely acknowledged that indeed the United States government and the British government, the British government is no exception. I don’t know who is controlling who. But certainly, the British are also guilty of the same thing. They’ll just Murder Incorporated. So, if you take it all, then what I told you before, you compare these dissident congressmen and non-dissident. It’s striking. Let me give you one more example. Do we have time?

Jeff: Of course.

Moti: Yeah. Okay. Let me give you one more example. Assassination Wikipedia, which is a CIA operation, but it still has to stick to the truth somewhat. The last time I looked, a list six congressmen who have been assassinated. So, I looked it up. And of course, the first for Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, first of all, are well known. But there were to my great surprise, there were two other names.

One was Allard Lowenstein, and the other one was Leo Ryan, two congressmen. I didn’t know anything about either one never heard of them. But I know now you’ve got to look it up. Well, both of them were dissident congressmen, for example, just talking about Lowenstein. Lowenstein had an interview on NPR. He had an interview where he said, we must, must dig into the Robert Kennedy assassination.

Jeff: He just signed his death warrant.

Moti: Yeah, it was a courageous, wonderful kind of thing. Before that, he is on record saying we get Bobby Kennedy into the White House and we’ll go after the CIA and the CIA knew that’s what he said. So, he’s dead. The second one also. So, the sixth was officially assassinated. All of them are dissidents. That cannot possibly be a coincidence that Murder, Inc. I also, many times I’m able to predict. You can predict, too. Okay. We can predict who is going to get into trouble. And I predicted it. For example, I’ll give you one example and I don’t have proof, but that’s a real story.

There was a guy, the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi. Yeah, Jackson, Mississippi. His name was Chokwe Lumumba. Now, he was a Marxist and he wanted to make his city different, but that’s not acceptable. I actually tried to get hold of him and tell him, just hire quickly bodyguards because your life is in danger. You cannot talk like that in this land of the free and home of the brave. They will get you. Well, somehow it didn’t get. You know, I’m not influential. So, even though I worked with as university professor, a short time later he is dead and that’s the way I can give you examples.

But if people look at the Encyclopedia, they’ll find many more examples. And that’s according to Karl Popper, one of the tests of the scientific theory is that it can make predictions that it’s falsifiable, in other words, that you can prove it wrong. Well, that theory, that fact of assassination, we can make a prediction. We know who is next. And usually, we are right. We can tell that they are not too many, but we can tell there is a certain pattern. I knew that when I heard Scott Ritter talk for the first time, I knew he was going to be in trouble. Well, he ended up in prison. Everybody knows it.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah. And I don’t know. Moti, if you have ever read the books by John Potash.

Moti: Yes.

Jeff: And I interviewed him for both of his books, “The Drugs as a Weapon Against Us”. And then the other his first book was “Tupac Shakur” ( And he just spent ten years researching all of these cultural icons, Tupac Shakur, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, the Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, they’re really, really, really good books. And I interviewed him for both of them. And then the second one is how they use drugs and the CIA used especially LSD to wreck dissident movements of the antiwar movement, et cetera ( They’re both really, really good books. And if you haven’t read them and if it’s possible to get them into Argentina, they’re really, really worth checking out and along with your book which is free of course John’s not free but yours is free.

Moti: Well, let me tell you. John Potash is heavily cited in my book. It’s one of the best of the subject cite heavily, especially in connection with. There is one chapter about musicians. And so, he’s cited heavily and maybe I should mention another again focusing on the book that I recommend. Another one is Alex Constantine and his book is “The Covert War Against Rock”. And he describes again, Jimi Hendrix, these people. So, these are all the books, these two come closer to providing a holistic view. They talk not about just one person, but they talk about quite a few. So, both of them are cited heavily. Now, I don’t have any problem.

Jeff: I’m glad to hear that.

Moti: I don’t have any problem with books in Argentina.

Jeff: Okay, well, but you obviously have John’s because you cited them.

Moti: Yeah.

Jeff: you already have John’s books.

Moti: Because of the Internet, I could not write that book. I could not write possibly written it 20 years ago. But now, John Potash downloaded it, Alex Constantine. I could get anything I want, actually. And very often it’s free.

Jeff: Well, listen, we’re going to call it a day. This has been, again, just like three years ago or four years ago when you and I couldn’t even see. In fact, this is the first time we’ve ever seen each other because we always were doing emails. And so, I will put your website. The book is free to download it’s a PDF book. I’ll also put it since I interviewed John Potash for his two books, I’ll also put those links and we’re going to get back together again.

And there’s another section on Moti’s website. We’re going to discuss the first half in the second interview, and then hopefully we can just in the third half he says, well, what can we do to solve this? You know, we can maybe try to come up with some strategies to make the world a better place without all of these psychopaths who are running it. I wanted to point out you mentioned Britain. Before we go, the French government does not deny having assassinated 23 African presidents.

And I listed them in my second book, China Rising when I was talking, when I learned about how evil the West is and I listed the 23 or maybe it’s 22. But anyway, the Secret Service of the French government has assassinated 22 or 23 African presidents. So, then there are a couple more recent ones that were against the vaccinations and they died. They were assassinated because they did not want the vaccines in their countries.

So, yeah, it’s Murder Inc. I mean, it’s just Assassination Inc. So anyway, Moti, thank you so much. We made it work with cameras from France to Argentina, Argentina to France. I’ll get this up and then maybe in the next couple of weeks, we can get back together and discuss the first half of another section of your website which shows some of the hurdles we have to go through to try to overcome this. And then in the third interview, we’ll scheme to make the world a better place. How’s that sound?

Moti: Sounds wonderful. It’s been a pleasure to talk to you and we’ll talk again.

Jeff: And a nice Buddhist Bow from France and enjoy beautiful Patagonia in Argentina. And sadly, they just tried to murder a Cristina Fernández de Kirchner the vice president. They just tried to murder her.. And then the guys said they were also assigned to kill the president. So, it never stops. All right. Thank you very much. Just as soon as I get this up, I’ll let you know. Bye, bye.


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