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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: that’s DPRK on the left and ROK on the right.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Note before starting: I continue to be impressed by Korean AROK’s passion for studying and seeking the real truth about how the world functions. If only more young people were like him, the future of humanity would be much more reassured.

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To download this song and all the others, copy and paste each link in a new tab, then right click on the sound bar and “Save audio as…”,

AROK: Love is a Lie, by Lion.



The theme of a vengeful boyfriend plotting a violent revenge that will destroy his cheating girlfriend.

Jeff: Never knew about the group, Lion. They remind me of Winger and Faster Pussycat.

My contribution,

Etta James, I Got the Will

I love blues and soul and Etta James is at the top of the list. She suffered much in her life, got off drugs and made an incredible comeback. I saw her in concert in Chicago and she blew me away. “Seven Year Itch” is her most hard rocking production. What a voice, what a band! Prepare to push your speakers to the limit…

AROK: Zero, Signal.

If Superman ever stopped holding back in a fight, this would be the music that plays.


My contribution, Little Milton, You Colored My Blues Bright

Little Milton is another giant of the Blues. Like Etta James, I think I have about everything he put out on CD.

AROK: DPRK’s Military, Economic, Technical, and Humanitarian support for Africa


Jeff: Like Iran, the West’s BLPM goes out of its way to deny DPRK’s long history of global, revolutionary resistance.

AROK: Re: New book: atrocities fabrication against China

I read the article. Atrocity Fabrications talked about this very subject in his last chapter.

It is worth noting that Americans accused China and DPRK of torturing American and ROK POWs in the Korean War.

Turns out, the opposite was true!

The PVA and KPA soldiers treated their POWs with respect, allowing them time to do chores and leisure activities.

By contrast, American and ROK soldiers treated Chinese and KPA POWs with brutality. There were many deaths by starvation, torture, denied medical care, and even human experimentation.

Torture was also used to terrorize Chinese and KPA POWs into not returning home after the ceasefire, but going to Taiwan or ROK rather than the PRC or DPRK for propaganda purposes.

If the ROK did hold separate, highly rigged elections rife with voter fraud and gangster intimidation, Rhee Syngman would’ve lost to Kim Il-Sung in a landslide. The CIA admitted it. That was why they had to prop up him with American money and Japanese collaborators.

Even before the Korean War started, Rhee’s government killed as many as 100,000 people and Rhee publicly stated that he would kill Communists and their families.

The book is described by top independent journalist Max Blumenthal as “a devas­tating exposé of the interventionist clique that has weaponized human rights in order to destabilize enemy nations and immiserate their populations”.

Jeff: I’ve read a couple of book reviews and it looks like a very good analysis of the “Real Genocidal West”.

AROK: Try to understand this chart.

AROK Absurdity

God the Father is not Jesus.

Jesus is not the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not God the Father.

Yet they are all God.

The God of Trinitarian Christianity sounds like a devious conman switching between three masks.

Fortunately, not all Christians believe God is a triune being.

Jeff: As much as the founders of Christianity have tried to expunge Roman polytheism and its holidays, they course through calendar: Christmas, Easter, May Day, All Saints’ Day, etc. The Virgin birth, Son of God, walking on water, feeding the masses with a fish and loaf of bread, rising to heaven and others all come from Mesopotamia. The Holy Trinity is a part of these beliefs.

AROK: US War crimes in Syria by Mark Taliano

What’s really amazing is that after all those billions spent on the latest high-tech weapons systems, this juggernaut coalition of US-NATO-ISIS was still unable to defeat the comparatively lighter-armed and numerically smaller Syrian Military and remove Asad from power.

This is a consistent on-going pattern in American wars. America is consistently unable to defeat enemies, who on paper, are far inferior in weaponry and technology.

Americans who fought in the Korean War included WWII veterans and the US military was at the peak of its power, able to project military might like no country could. Despite vastly outclassing its Chinese and Korean adversaries in technology, firepower, airpower, and projection capabilities, the US accomplished nothing other than irreconcilably dividing a nation and murdering millions of civilians.

Imagine if US-NATO had to fight a peer level adversary like Russia, who has hypersonic missiles capable of bypassing all NATO air defenses and nuclear submarines capable of hiding from the US Navy and taking out major cities all along the coastline.

Remember that the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union was the largest invasion force in history with 3-4 million Axis troops- and not only lost, but saw the Red Army push the Nazis back to Berlin despite losing some 20 million plus people.

Jeff: Illegal occupation and piracy are as American as genocide and apple pie.

AROK: Powerful trumpet music from 90s Korean drama, Legend of Ambition야망의전설.mp3

I’m picturing a revolutionary fighter, now a rugged young man in his prime, standing tall and proud over his homeland as this plays.

Jeff: My contribution, Gales Brothers/Eric Gales

Living Color gets a lot more attention being an all-Black hard rock outfit, but I think the Gales Brothers, headed by Eric is much better. All three brothers play left-handed and string their guitars like Jimi Hendrix: upside down.

AROK: Nicaragua’s awe-inspiring 170-year war for freedom against American oligarchy

AROK Nicaragua

Mr. Brown,

Send this book to your wife, your children, your friends, your colleagues, and everyone else you can think of.

Daniel Ortega and Nicaragua are a beacon of hope to the free world.

Jeff: It’s true. Venezuela, Iran, DPRK and Cuba get all the publicity, or infamy, depending on your point of view, but Nicaragua is right there with them. It would be wonderful if it can finish the big canal started by the Chinese, in competition with the Panama Canal.

AROK: A chemical spill in Ohio and nobody is talking about it!

AROK Ohio Disaster

Jeff: According to Ellen Brown, this was a false flag to get the whole area condemned as being environmentally dangerous, so that all the people’s houses and land can be bought for pennies. Why? Because there is a lot of cobalt and other strategic minerals under their ground. It’s a land grab. Capitalist theft pure and simple.

AROK: The criminal insanity of the United States by Larry Romanoff

AROK Insane

The US should never have existed as a nation.

Jeff: It’s not just the USA, it’s the whole 3,000-year history of what I call the West’s Seven E’s of Racism,

Expansionism, Extermination, Expropriation, Extraction, Enslavement, Epidemics, Evangelism

Uncle Slaughter is just the latest top Western dog.

AROK: Got myself a PDF copy of AB Abrams book The Immovable Object

The US military, despite overwhelming firepower superiority, was forced into a stalemate by ragtag PVA and KPA wielding WW1 and WW2 era rifles and no air support. And began shooting, burning, bombing, and even sexually assaulting civilians, southern or northern. The survivors were not allowed to tell their stories for decades because the Park Chung Hee Administration would not allow criticism of the US, his benefactor.

Either the above facts are not widely known by the ROK public or they are and people don’t give a shit. I don’t know which. Either way, it’s inexcusable considering none of this info is classified and it’s all up there for anyone to see

Jeff: I read this book too and learned a lot.

AROK, Your interview is doing very well and several people left comments across my social media. Congratulations.

I will keep your continuing comments for a future post.

AROK, will you do humanity a big favor? Joseph Needham’s “International Scientific Commission Report on Bacterial Warfare During the Korean War” was published in Korean. It is the only language version we do have for the Bioweapon Truth Commission ( Can you please find it in Korean on the internet, likely in PDF? That would make it available in all the original published languages in one place, free for the whole world.

Many thanks if you will.

Pax, Jeff

AROK: The American medical system is a special kind of hell.

AROK healthcare

Remember that VA scandal from the Obama Administration? What’s his name? Eric Shinseki?

Jeff: My veteran friends know that the VA is a one-eyed king in the valley of the blind. It’s bad, but compared to the rest of the US medical extraction and exploitation industry, it’s great. Shinseki was the first Asian 4-star general who was corrupt at VA and got caught.

AROK: I’ve been on a reading spree, going through articles from,, Eastern Outlook, PCR’s blog, RT,, and various other sources.

Also read a few pieces from Andre Vltchek. It’s unfortunate that I never got to talk to him while he was alive.

Jeff: Andre and I worked together and met several times before his death. It was he who inspired me to write China Is Communist Dammit!, he wrote the foreword and his photos were on the cover. In the interim, it is now updated and published as, BIG Red Book on China. Andre was insulin diabetic, smoked, drank worked 18 hours a day, with a very intense and demanding mindset. To be honest, it’s a miracle he lived as long as he did.

AROK: What do you think of this OST? Banjo.


For some reason, it brings to mind a family of bears emerging from winter hibernation and charging down to the creek to catch salmon.

Jeff: My contribution, John Renbourne, John Barleycorn

I’m a huge blues and soul fan, but love acoustic music too.

You have mentioned Trump. James Bradley did a great job telling this story and I think the video turned out really well. Transcript included, plus that famous JFK Dallas Zapruder video in slow motion…

Who is in charge? How the fate of three US presidents is a lens on postwar democracy. JB West and JB East Present: See You In The Hague! #49. Transcript and podcasts.

AROK: I watched it.

I am in no way jesting when I say that the callously willful ignorance and indifference of the collective Western world is an act of God.

The Bible literally has a verse in Thessalonians where Yahweh reaches a point where he finally has enough of people living in willful, habitual, unrepentant ignorance of who he is and what he commands them to do.

And he says, “I loved you, showed you the error of your ways, and warned you. But you did not listen. I’ll give you over to your collective delusions so that you believe your own lies and be unable to repent and come to the truth.”

Remember Pharaoh of Exodus? He originally had a chance to repent and let Israel go. He refused. So, God kept hardening his heart so that he was unable to repent, forcing God to keep punishing him further with worse and worse plagues. Until finally, his military perished under the waves of the red sea in a desperate attempt to recapture his former Israelite slaves.

And that’s what happening today with the American Imperium. A dying empire fighting against the will of God.

Jeff: Katherine Watt hits it out of the park!

Katherine Watt is preparing Nuremberg 2.0 vs. US Presidents, HHS and DOD Secretaries for domestic bioterrorism. Build the gallows! JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #50. Transcript and podcasts.

AROK: I just finished watching it. I never believed the lies either. But my family fell for it the first time.

They are now admitting that I was right.

Jeff: I hope that their health and longevity are not too compromised by the mRNA genetic treatment. Given the mass kill-off, if they are still alive, that’s saying something.

AROK: Barely anyone showed up to Biden’s rallies.

Mike Lindell put together a 2-hour documentary on the 2020 election proving that it was stolen.

Jeff: Here is the documentary,

Funny, France blocks Rumble, so I have to use a VPN to see videos there.

AROK: Article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution

Only Congress has the power to issue and regulate money. The very existence of the Federal Reserve is a mockery of the nation’s own constitution.

This is why ancient civilizations treated banking and money as they treated public property and governments periodically cancelled debt.

Interest debt and financialization is why Rome collapsed.

The West never learns.

Jeff: The West never learns because for 3,000 years, it has been controlled by reptile brained elites.

I’ll get to your songs and comments in the next few days. Be patient.

AROK: Alright.

I finished reading The Great Reset by Alex Jones, one of the few westerners who are alert and awake as to what is happening.

Currently reading The Real Revolution in Military Affairs by Andrei Martyanov

I don’t have a STEM background so its a pretty challenging book.

In short, he demonstrates mathematically that the US is wrong about how warfare is conducted and its wars are being conducted by people who major in fields that are not relevant to executing operational command in a war against peer level adversaries.

Weapons systems, logistics, accounting, air power, combined arms warfare- the US is now completely outclassed by a superior Russian military.

The failures to defeat much weaker adversaries don’t bode well in a war against a superpower like Russia.

The people drumming this war are law school, English, philosophy, history, and poli sci majors without the necessary engineering, science, IT, mathematical training to execute and win a war against a peer level opponent.

Jeff: Russia knows what it is doing. It is playing the Mohammed Ali “Rope a Dope” strategy. NATO is exhausting itself and draining its supplies with not even having to gain large areas of territory. Russia is advancing, but at a slow, meat grinder pace. NATO is playing into Russia’s tactics and losing big time.zzz

AROK: I saw your interview of Felix Abt

People here (the ones I spoke to), are still under the impression that the DPRK is poor, backward, and starving. Yet, there was a significant construction boom and the DPRK still finds ways to launch satellites into space as well as continue to build longer ranged missiles that can now strike the American heartland.

The sanctions should be lifted and relations between the DPRK and the ROK should be normalized. Both should just accept one another as sovereign states. American troops should leave.

I don’t think a security agreement with the US needs to be signed, since China and Russia have already pledged to come to the defense of the DPRK and have missile defense systems capable of intercepting American strikes.

As for the DPRK’s nuclear weapons? The US should denuclearize first, since the US is the only country to use nuclear weapons in a war and to threaten their usage against non-nuclear states. Once the US does so, Russia should be next since it has the largest nuclear stockpile of any country. China could follow suit. Once US, Russia, and China have gotten rid of theirs, the DPRK will likely get rid of its own nuclear program.

But the US, not the DPRK, should be the one to denuclearize first. The DPRK has no incentive to strike the US first. Why would it? It only has an estimated 50-60. The US has over 5000. The DPRK can’t survive a nuclear exchange with the US.

Jeff: Eurangloland and Israehell will not denuclearize until Western empire is brought to its knees.

AROK: I think the DPRK will be happy if Korea unified, but the ROK will be enraged and respond with violence if it happened. Many people in the ROK want the Americans to stay and the people who benefit from the American presence will try to stop unification.

The ROK hates DPRK defectors, yet accepts them only for political reasons to delegitimize the DPRK government and encourage fear and hatred of the DPRK.

People here in the ROK are becoming more Westernized. Very selfish, greedy, materialistic, opportunistic, individual, self-serving, scatterbrained, and morally loose.

I like it less and less.

I want to move to a country where traditional family values are upheld and honored and where people are not afraid to ask hard questions and discuss.

The ROK says it’s a democracy, but there are a lot of questions you aren’t allowed to ask, here.

People (at least, the ones around me) got upset when I criticized the US and said good things about Russia, China, and DPRK.

It’s more important to be considered Anti-Communist, I guess.

Jeff: Apparently thousands of Westerners, who respect traditions, religion and family are trying to immigrate to Russia. Why not look into it. You can even get a chunk of farmland if you promise to work it.

West Demands South Korea To Supply Weapons To Ukraine

AROK: And it is not to our benefit. We have enough problems to deal with without throwing away our money into the bottomless abyss that is Zelensky. He and Biden are the perfect duo to lead the world into World War III.

The Ukrainian Military, after tens of billions of aid; is barely holding up against a Russian military fighting at a fraction of its strength.

Putin just needs to give the whole rotting edifice a strong judo chop and it will come crashing down.

Of bigger concern is Taiwan, because it could involuntarily drag the ROK into a bigger conflict between USA and China (our neighbor and largest trading partner) on top of our usual problems with DPRK.

Taiwan should make haste and unify with the mainland while it still can.

President Putin wrote a long essay regarding the historical unity of Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians.

Ukrainians (those in the West) have thrown their lot with the Americans just as the Japanese and the right-wingers of the ROK have thrown in their lot with the Americans.

In Dante’s Inferno, the lowest circle of hell was reserved for the traitors. Those who knowingly, deliberately, and maliciously exploited, hurt, abused, and betrayed their friends, benefactors, family, communities, and even their entire nations out of selfish personal gain.

That is where degenerate whores like Zelensky belong.

Jeff: I just did a show about ROK being a vassal ventriloquist dummy for Uncle Slaughter. Sad but true,

AROK: Apparently Jesus Christ is back. And his name is Tyler Doka???

I’ve contacted him. No response so far.

Jeff: Many savants, probably a few who were/are crazy claim to be Jesus or a Son of God. Some end up being imperial puppets. Hong Xiuquan was a self-proclaimed brother of Jesus Christ and led the 1850-1871 Taiping Rebellion in China. His rampage caused the death of 20+ million citizens.

What you won’t read in the BLPM is that his was groomed and brainwashed by Western Protestant preachers in Hong Kong. Once Hong started his genocidal rampage of “resurrection”, Britain, USA and France kept him plied with arms and money for 14 long years, as a means to put pressure on the Qing rulers and weaken China even more. It was only when these imperial goons realized that Hong may topple the Qings, did they stop backing him. They already had a supine vassal that they were raping, plundering and addicting to opium (later morphine and heroin), so why risk the unknown of it being overthrown. Finally, the national army was able to crush the Taiping exterminators.

I wrote about all this in The China Trilogy.

AROK: The intro music of “Legend of Ambition” a 1998 Korean drama (heard above).야망의전설.mp3

I actually think this OST also fits Kim Il-Sung. I’m picturing him standing atop Mt. Paektu as this plays.

Jeff: One latter-day artist (by my 1950s-1970s standards) whom I really like and admire is Liz Phair. Her first album, “Exile in Guyville” would definitely be one of my desert island discs. This is a sardonic story called, Divorce Song,

AROK: Finally got myself a copy of A Capitalist in North Korea by Felix Abt.

I finally got myself a PDF copy of his book. Am on the second chapter.

Jeff: I read Abt’s latest book and interviewed him. Really interesting and informed man,


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