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Godfree Roberts researching and writing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Join China Rising Radio Sinoland host and author Jeff J. Brown for another rock’em-sock’em, informative and fun interview with Dr. Godfree Roberts. While writing his upcoming book, China 2020-Everything You Know Is Wrong, Godfree is an invaluable and knowledgeable resource for current events and geopolitics that affect our daily lives.

Today’s topic is the just concluded global Belt and Road Forum (BRF), in Beijing, where 29 heads of state joined Chinese President Xi Jinping, along with 1,500 delegates from 130 countries and international organizations, to plan for fairer economic relations, as well as a more prosperous, just and peaceful 21st century.

American President Donald Trump sent his special representative at the last minute, so at least the US showed up. If Hillary Clinton were president, we’d all be building bomb shelters for World War III. The European Union pouted like churlish babies and left China looking like fools. No matter. Thanks to China’s millennial vision and history of win-win, multilateral cooperation and commerce, the world is changing at lightning fast velocity, or at least as fast as one of China’s high speed trains. You wouldn’t know it in the West, where there has been and continues to be a virtual blackout and CIA-media censorship of this history changing initiative, and the positive impact it is having on everybody’s lives and future – including yours.

Here on China Rising Radio Sinoland, you can get the real news about how the world works and continues to evolve.

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End note:

  1. Godfree recommended this book: . Are you a busy boy or girl? At least treat yourself to the Introduction and Epilogue.
  2. Since the West’s owners have blacked out and censored the Belt and Road Forum, as well as much of the New Silk Roads story, here are some of the resources that Godfree and Jeff used for their interview:

China’s Belt and Road Initiative ushers in ‘Globalization 2.0’: experts – People's Daily Online

China’s direct investment in Belt and Road regions – Global Times

Xi to attend opening ceremony of Belt and Road forum in May

Feature: How one key trade port on the Maritime Silk Road changes the world – Xinhua |

Economic Watch: Key forum to rally support for Belt and Road Initiative – Xinhua |

China's investment along Belt and Road booms – Xinhua |

Report: B&R trade value hits US$953.59 bln in 2016 – China International Contractors Association – Powered by JEECMS

Xi to attend opening ceremony of Belt and Road forum in May

Few From West Drawn by China's One Belt, One Road Conference

China signs over 130 transport pacts with Belt and Road countries – CGTN

China signs deals with 46 countries, regions on mutual recognition of academic degrees – half are along Belt and Road – Global Times

Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation–People's Daily Online

What do we know so far about China's second aircraft carrier? | ChinaPower Project

The Prospects of China’s Great Silk Road Revival | New Eastern Outlook

China maps out ‘Belt and Road’ with action plan – Global Times

Beijing to offer scholarships to B&R countries – Global Times

Belt and Road Attendees List | The Diplomat

China confirms representatives from US, ROK, others to attend BRF – Global Times

How the Belt and Road initiative is bringing countries together – Global Times

Dim Sums: Rural China Economics and Policy: China's Agricultural New World Order

China hosts global Silk Road forum — RT News

PressTV-Trump’s Mideast tour about 'unity against Iran'

EU backs away from trade statement in blow to China's 'modern Silk Road' plan | World news | The Guardian

China Focus: Riding on fruitful forum, confident Xi takes Belt & Road to next level – People’s Daily Online

Next Silk Road summit set for 2019 as Beijing ramps up global drive | South China Morning Post



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